Does Black Ops Cold War Have Splitscreen and How to Do It?

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 13th 2020

One of the most important parts of the Call of Duty series has been how it has featured one particular element that not many modern first-person shooter games have. That feature is splitscreen and you are likely here wondering if there is Black Ops Cold War splitscreen.

Splitscreen Has Been a Major Part of the Call of Duty Series

Throughout the well over a decade that the Call of Duty franchise has been around, it has been one of the biggest video game industry constants. Even before the whole annualized franchise deal was a big thing like it is today outside of sports games, Call of Duty was making it happen.

You were basically guaranteed for the 360/PS3 generation and now the previous generation of PS4/Xbox One to have a new game in the series launch at some point in the year, typically the fall. While all of these annualized games have a lot in common, splitscreen is one major feature that has stayed constant like the series itself.

Throughout the years, players have been able to purchase a single copy of a Call of Duty game and still play with their friends together in person, which is especially important for the massive Black Ops Cold War download size. Typically meant only for two-player splitscreen, you get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to multiple people playing the same copy.

This has made the franchise perfect for party games in many ways, at least in my personal experience, and is something that many users would expect to continue with the next game that is now here: Black Ops Cold War. That is what I aim to answer for you in this guide today.

I will go over whether or not there is Black Ops Cold War splitscreen available in the latest Call of Duty title and, if it is available after all, how you can make it happen and where it is allowed. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump in to take a look at our Black Ops Cold War splitscreen guide.

Is There Black Ops Cold War Splitscreen?

Before we can even go anywhere further, it is worth noting that we need to answer the most important question of all in this guide: is there Black Ops Cold War splitscreen or not? Well, the short answer is, yes, there is splitscreen available in this game for players.

It continues the trend for over a decade now and ensures that kids and adults everywhere can play together on the same screen and console without picking up another copy of the title.

That is especially great for any parents who are reading this as it means that you can save some money this holiday season by picking up one copy and your kids can hang out together in the game. But keep in mind that there are some restrictions involved with this that we will get into.

For one, there is the fact that there is only a two-player splitscreen at this time that we can find. You will not be able to have those classic days of four players on the same screen, dividing it up into equal squares and trying to hunt each other down and take each other out.

But you will be able to party up with one other player in person and hang out with them in various game modes. This is especially welcome since there are so few multiplayer shooters today that offer this option. Fortnite is one of the few other ones that I can think of, and that is, arguably, for a possibly different audience due to the art style and battle royale genre.

But the player count isn’t the only thing that you must keep in mind when it comes to playing Black Ops Cold War splitscreen. You aren’t able to do this everywhere in the game. There are only certain parts of it that allow this, so we will go over the main sections in this guide.

Does Splitscreen Work on All Platforms?

Here is the biggest question that might not have as positive of an answer compared to the last one: is there Black Ops Cold War splitscreen on all platforms? One of the reasons this year is one of the most confusing when it comes to this feature is that it is the start of a new generation.

Cold War bridges the gap between console generations, being available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC but also on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. That’s many platforms that Activision, Treyarch, Raven Software, and the other development teams working on it have to deal with.

As such, we are here to let you know that PC is once again not allowing for splitscreen in any form that we can see. Though the feature has been available on Black Ops games in the past, it doesn’t seem to be returning for this Cold War entry, which is unfortunate for those who play PC while on the couch.

Of course, it does work on the previous generation of systems, including the PS4 and Xbox One. But what about the new consoles that just came out this year at the time of writing this? Fortunately, we can confirm that the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will allow for splitscreen as well.

So long as you are not playing the game on the PC version of the title, you should have no problems whatsoever to play splitscreen on the console of your choice. Of course, you need to make sure to have two controllers that work. Here’s how splitscreen works for each of the main three game modes: multiplayer, Zombies, and the story campaign, as each of them, works differently in regards to this feature.

How Splitscreen Works for Multiplayer

First off, there is the subject of splitscreen for multiplayer. Except for maybe Zombies, I expect that this is the area where most players will use the splitscreen feature. After all, this is where players get joy from teaming up together or competing against one another.

Of course, splitscreen does work with multiplayer, but there are some restrictions that you should keep in mind. For one, there is the general restriction that you are only able to play splitscreen in multiplayer with two players, so none of that awesome four-player matches here.

The other restriction is for the screen size itself. We have found that no matter how you do it, there will be some black bars that will keep the screen size from being as large as you could have it. It is unfortunate but a minor setback for being able to have this feature.

You will be able to enjoy multiplayer in Black Ops Cold War using splitscreen in both the online and offline portions of the title. This is especially great since the game could have just had splitscreen multiplayer only available offline, but you can take your in-person partner online if you want.

If the two of you think you can destroy other players at game modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, the new VIP Escort, or even Gunfight, you can do that. But keep in mind that Gunfight isn’t here just yet but will be coming soon, but that will mostly be great for splitscreen since it is a mode entirely based around two on two matches.

Then when it comes to the offline game modes, this is where you have some freedom like competing against one another to finally set in stone who the better Call of Duty player is. You can also have some offline matches with bots if you would like to feel a full match but not play online with others.

For those of you parents and players who don’t have internet for your console, or at least reliable internet, this is great since you can play multiplayer with someone else without connecting to the internet at all with bots if you like to have a full match even.

How Splitscreen Works for Zombies

On the Zombies side of things, this is where things get a bit more complicated than it was for the regular multiplayer. I’m going to be honest with you: I can’t definitively answer in all honesty whether or not there truly is splitscreen for this fan-favorite undead game mode.

This may seem wild to those who have played Zombies with another person on the same scree but this is an issue to keep in mind. You see, when you go into the multiplayer lobby, you can press a button to connect another controller and have someone play with you.

It is as simple as that. Then, you can pick between horizontal splitscreen or vertical, depending on which one you prefer. But when it comes to the Zombies mode, it is a little bit weirder. When you head into this part of the game, you can find the same option to press a button and add another controller to your lobby.

Unfortunately, at the time of launch for Black Ops Cold War, pressing this button and adding a controller to your lobby will cause the game to mess up and not do anything at all no matter what you do. This is likely a bug that wasn’t meant to be there, but we aren’t certain.

Treyarch may fix this issue in an upcoming bug. You might not even have this problem by the time you read this. But at launch, at least, there is no way to play Zombies splitscreen. What makes this even more complicated is the online versus offline argument.

The ability to add another controller to your lobby for Zombies is only available in online play at this time. The option will not even appear if you try to do it offline, which is bizarre and concerning since I remember playing splitscreen Zombies many times offline in the past.

This could indicate one of two things: you can only have splitscreen in an online party, or the indicator to have splitscreen online is a mistake, and that’s why it doesn’t work. I hope the former is the case. Maybe Treyarch built the game for four players, so less than that is potentially unviable, hence the lack of offline splitscreen. We will have to wait and see for now, though.

Is There Splitscreen for the Campaign?

Finally, there is the question of whether or not there is any splitscreen for the main story campaign. This is a pretty easy answer as this campaign was meant to be singleplayer-only, so there is no splitscreen available for it, nor can you play it online with someone else.

If you want to experience this true sequel to the original Black Ops, you will have to play it alone or pass the controller around from mission to mission. While the Zombies situation is likely to change soon with a patch, hopefully, the lack of splitscreen in the singleplayer campaign will probably not change at all.


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