Black Ops Cold War New Features and Changes It Still Needs

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 8th 2020

There is no doubt that Activision, Treyarch, Raven Software, and the other supporting studios who worked on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War have crafted one of the strongest entries in the series in recent memory. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some Black Ops Cold War new features and changes that it still needs. 

Black Ops Cold War Is Out Now and Season 1 Is Almost Here

Black Ops Cold War is out now and has been out for nearly a month at the time of writing this. The one-month release of the game is noted by the upcoming launch of the first season of content that will greatly expand the game and allow for new maps, modes, and much more. 

Season 1 will be a momentous time for Cold War since it means that this will be the first massive release of Black Ops Cold War new features and content for the game since its launch. Sure, we’ve had some new content already since launch but nothing on this level at all. 

Thus far, the only other significant content drop was releasing the first post-launch and returning map in Cold War: Nuketown 84. This 1984 version of the map dropped only a few weeks after the game’s release, giving players something to look forward to in between launch and Season 1.

We don’t know the full details of everything that will come in the recently delayed first season of the game, but we know that we can look forward to a fan-favorite map from Black Ops 2, new game modes and playlists, and the return of Gunfight from Modern Warfare. 

There Are Still Black Ops Cold War New Features Needed

Even with the upcoming release of Season 1 for the 2020 Call of Duty game, there are still some Black Ops Cold War new features and changes needed for the near future. These aren’t just features that should happen someday but need to happen sooner rather than later.

Don’t get me wrong; I like Cold War. It is one of the most feature-complete games in the Call of Duty series to date. It more than makes up for the disappointing previous title in the sub-series, Black Ops 4, that had a severe lack of content at its launch. 

We have a story mode that is pretty good, multiplayer that is what we want from Call of Duty and some more, a healthy mix of maps and game modes, and much more. That is all before the remake of the original Zombies map, which is the fan-favorite game mode’s crux. 

However, as time passes since the launch of the game, it only clarifies that some gaps need filling in the coming months and seasons. Here is everything that you need to know about the Black Ops Cold War new features and changes that I would like to see come out soon. 

Where Is the Ranked Playlist?

Kicking off this list of changes and new features that I want to see is perhaps the most offensive one for players who care about the Call of Duty series’s competitive side. Black Ops has been synonymous with the competitive scene and isn’t likely going to change with the Cold War.

There is something crucial to the competitive community that is missing, and that is a dedicated playlist. There is no league play, ranked playlist, or anything like that in Call of Duty at the game’s launch.

It doesn’t even look like we will be necessarily getting it with the first season of content unless Treyarch keeps it a secret for now. That said, the weirdest part about this is that Black Ops is all about competition. Treyarch employees have all but confirmed that it was coming before launch even arrived.

But launch came and went without it in sight, which is disappointing since Modern Warfare was the previous game in the series. It didn’t have this mode release at any point during its lifecycle. I doubt that this will happen with Cold War, too, but it is sad to see it not here now. 

The worst part and perhaps the most concerning thing is that the hardcore playlists are here in full force, but they are not a replacement for league play or anything like that. Hardcore is highly competitive, for sure, but it isn’t the ranked game mode that many of us are looking for. Hopefully, Treyarch knows that and isn’t looking at it as a replacement for now. 

Zombies Mode Is Still Lacking

While the lack of ranked play is disappointing, the Zombies mode is another feature hugely missing in the game. There are several game modes and many changes for Zombies in the Cold War, but they aren’t substantial enough to keep this going.

There is only one map in total that you can do in Black Ops Cold War, unless you count the Dead Ops Arcade map, a different game mode that isn’t going to appeal to everyone who likes Zombies like myself. So, disregarding that, there is only one normal Zombies map for now. 

Like in the case of ranked play, it doesn’t look like this will be changing anytime soon with Zombies either, as the Season 1 content only mentions that there will be new Zombies modes and not maps. Modes are nice but what we need are new maps to play Zombies on.

The single map available at launch is a remake of the original Zombies map that was ever released. Treyarch did an excellent job with it. It is massive, complex, and detailed, being a great map overall. But once you have seen everything that it has to offer, there isn’t much reason to keep coming back since this is the only map in the game mode.

It only hurts more since the changes that have come to this version of Zombies are pretty substantial and welcome. The progression system has been overhauled, allowing players to level up no matter if they play this game mode or multiplayer. 

You are rewarded for whatever mode you like to play. You can even use your favorite gun from multiplayer here and still level it up to unlock more attachments and complete missions to unlock new skins. It is a strong system that would work even better if there were more maps to play on, which is another change that needs to happen soon, if possible. 

More Fireteam Game Modes

From here on out, these Black Ops Cold War new features and changes are ones that aren’t nearly as required but would still be quite welcome if they did happen soon. The first is for more Fireteam game modes to be released for one of the title’s biggest new features. 

Fireteam is one of the most significant parts of the Black Ops Cold War experience. It is a massive team-based mode that is like an objective-based experience in which there are 10 teams of four players trying to complete objectives together to blow up some bombs and collect uranium.

Dirty Bomb is the single Fireteam mode that we have at this time. You might think that this is it and this is all that we will get for Fireteam, but that isn’t likely the case at all. For instance, take Combined Arms is another new string of game modes started in this title. 

It has two different modes that you can do. It has a similar format to Fireteam in its naming, making it clear that there will be more modes besides Dirty Bomb. I like the Fireteam game mode style, but I will be honest that I don’t like this mode at all.

Unlike most modes in Cold War, I’m not a huge fan of this style. I imagine I’m not the only one. Unfortunately, you have other options in stuff like Combined Arms but nothing here. If you want to play the Fireteam squad-based experience, you only have Dirty Bomb. 

Hopefully, something else comes out in the future, like one that is about capturing points, getting eliminations, racing, or something weird and interesting. 

Combined Arms Could Use More Modes and Maps

Like the Fireteam game mode, there is a similar desire that I have to see more Combined Arms game modes released. This isn’t as dire of a problem for Combined Arms since we already have two game modes available for it in Cold War, but there is room for more options in the future.

I’m not as big of a fan of Assault as I am Domination, but both are solid game modes that are worth playing. I would like to see at least one or two more come to the game and keep the theme going to take existing fan-favorite modes and expand them to fit 24 players in one match. 

Like Domination that extends the objective-based mode and makes it all about five or six points and larger teams, I would like to see a similar approach for something like Search & Destroy. This game mode is popular and could work well with teams switching sides, maybe destroying two of four points or something like that in longer rounds. 

I would also like to see more maps offered for Combined Arms. We only have three right now, based on the traditional multiplayer maps. But the thing is that there are still several maps that feel like they are just begging to have a bigger Combined Arms version. 

For instance, Miami is a section of the city by the beach focused and feels like a slim portion of a larger map that could have boats and more, but it is up to Treyarch to offer that. It is a similar situation with Checkmate, where we are seen in the opening cutscene going across areas that look like a larger map. Hopefully, we get more maps and modes soon. 

Warzone Cold War Map

Last but not least, there is something that I would like to see released but not necessarily for Cold War. I would like to see Call of Duty Warzone get something in the future but a feature directly tied to Cold War. There needs to be a Black Ops-themed map and/or game mode for the battle royale title. 

Originally, Warzone was built for Modern Warfare and on the backs of that game, so the map that you play on there is understandably built around the ones you experience in the 2019 Call of Duty game. But the problem is that Warzone connecting with Cold War is only in name, progression, and weapons thus far. 

This could be further expanded upon with a map themed around some of the locations that we visit in the main Cold War proper. Fortunately, this is something that we do think will happen as we already know that a new map and mode is coming to Warzone in Season 1. 

Now, to what extent the connection will be is uncertain for now, but it would be great to see a battle royale map that takes advantage of places like Crossroads and maybe others that would work well in battle royale. 


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