Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall Event: Challenges, Rewards, More

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 21st 2021

Treyarch and Raven Software have once again teamed up to offer a new limited-time event in both Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone. The Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall event is here to start Season 4 explosively and excitingly. 

Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall Event Is Here in Season 4

The Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall is how Treyarch is kicking off Season 4, with the limited-time event immediately being available once the new season started. This new event is a rather special one as it does have some new content included with it. 

Unlike the 80s Action Heroes event in Season 3, this one changes the content with a new, permanent game mode in Cold War that players can check out, some new gameplay mechanics in Warzone for the battle royale fans much more. 

Of course, there is other expected new content, like the challenges you can complete in both games and their associated rewards. These rewards are exclusive to this event, so you will want to complete them before time runs out if you are interested in unlocking them for your collection. 

This is all in addition to the brand new Season 4 that just launched in both Cold War and Warzone battle royale. That means players have this new event plus all of the new multiplayer maps, Verdansk 84 map changes, game modes, and the entirely new battle pass with 100 tiers of items. It can be a bit overwhelming with everything going on, so here is everything that you need to know about this Ground Fall event. 

Fireteam Sat-Link and Warzone Satellite Crash Sites Explained

For starters, there are the major gameplay changes for both Cold War and Warzone that you need to know about. Additionally, to do well in the challenges for the Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall event, you need to know about the Fireteam Sat-Link game mode and its similar mechanics in Warzone. 

First off, there is the brand new Sat-Link game mode in Season 4 for the Fireteam set of modes. Fireteam is the large-scale warfare game mode in Black Ops Cold War where there are up to 10 squads of four players, each competing against one another on the massive multi-team maps. 

The Fireteam Sat-Link game mode is the latest mode to join this multi-team setup and is one of the most exciting objective-based ones to date. Sat-Link is essentially a game mode where you need to capture and defend a point to earn points towards winning the match. 

The most derivative comparison that I could give this new game mode is comparing it to a Fireteam Dirty Bomb and Hardpoint mix. On the one hand, you have the part where you need to capture and keep a point to earn points throughout the match. 

On the other hand, though, it takes cues from Dirty Bomb in that there are items that you need to collect throughout the match to keep earning points, much like how you need to deposit the Uranium you find in Dirty Bomb. 

How it works is that you need to visit one of the six or so Sat-Links available on the map, capture it as you would in Hardpoint, and then defend it while gathering up items. There are signal boosters that will ensure that you keep your signal online and earn points constantly while you have a point. 

Then there are the batteries that you can get to boost the signal even further and earn double the amount of points. The first squad in the match to earn a certain number of points will win everything. You can find the items for this Sat-Link game mode in supply chests and the like, just as Dirty Bomb. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the equation is the similar mechanic that has been released in Call of Duty Warzone for the Ground Fall event. To allow players to do this event there, instead of only in Cold War, there are satellite crash sites that have begun to appear on Verdansk 84

These crash sites are seemingly random in every match you do, but you can find them by looking for their noteworthy debris that has crashed into the map and shaped whatever location is there. You need to make sure to do this similar to the Fireteam Sat-Link, but a little bit more simple in that you need to capture the crashed satellite location and defend it from enemies. 

Cold War Ground Fall Challenges

With the baseline explanations for what is going on in both games out of the way, it is time to get into the heart of this Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall: the challenges. Several challenges are available for both games. They each have their objectives and rewards. 

In total, there are three missions that you can find for Black Ops Cold War during the Ground Fall, which does not sound like a lot compared to past events, but they are hefty ones for sure. You can find the full list of the Cold War missions that are in the Ground Fall event below:

  • Earn 1000 points in total from the captured uplink stations in the Fireteam Sat-Link game mode
  • Get a total of 250 eliminations on the maps Collateral, Collateral Strike, Hijacked, and/or Amsterdam
  • Get 15 kills in total using the Hand Cannon scorestreak

At first glance, these three missions may not seem like too much, but they are going to take you a while to complete potentially. The third one is pretty simple and only requires a handful of eliminations, but getting 250 in the second mission can take a while. 

Not to mention, there is the first challenge that will require you to play a good amount of Fireteam Sat-Link, which has proven to be quite the controversial game mode in Season 4. That said, we are here to help and will be sure to give you some tips on how to complete all of these. 

As for the rewards that you can get from these challenges, the first mission will grant you the Cosmic Commuter arcade game in Cold War, which seems to be one of the first new ones released for the title since its launch. 

The second reward you can get in the challenges is the Comrade Pupper emblem to show off to everyone. The third and final mission will grant you the Race to the Surface calling card. If you complete all three of them, though, you will potentially get the best reward: the Private Party weapon blueprint to use in matches. 

Warzone Ground Fall Challenges and Rewards

Next up, we have the Call of Duty Warzone Ground Fall challenges that you can do in the game right now. Like with the Black Ops Cold War challenges, these will grant you some special rewards that you cannot get anywhere else in the game. 

Better yet, the rewards that you can get from these missions are different from the Cold War ones, so this is great for those who may not own that game but can still partake in the fun of this limited-time mode and earn some nice items in the process. 

You can find the full list of the Call of Duty Warzone Ground Fall challenges below:

  • Secure five satellite uplink stations in total
  • Collect three rewards from the satellite locations
  • Eliminate 10 enemies in total while near the crashed satellite location

These challenges are not nearly as intense as some of the lengthier ones in Cold War, but that is likely due to this being an optional objective thrown into regular battle royale matches. Completing each of them will grant you a unique cosmetic item reward. 

If you complete the first mission, you will receive the Satellite weapon charm to show off your weapons. If you complete the second mission, you will get the Launch Time emblem, while the third and final mission will grant you the To The Moon calling card. 

Like with the Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall challenges, completing all three of them will grant you another reward entirely. However, this one is the same as the Cold War reward and is the Private Party weapon blueprint. This way, even if you do not own Cold War, you can still unlock this new blueprint. 

Tips for Completing the Challenges

It is time for some tips for completing the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall challenges. When it comes to Warzone, these missions are a bit more self-explanatory and might be easier for some players to accomplish. 

As mentioned earlier, the crashed satellite locations on the Verdansk 84 map are where you will want to go for all three of them. First up is the mission to secure five of the uplink stations at the crashed site. This is done by capturing and defending the point from any other players who might try to get it. 

This is a simple enough objective, but five of them in total that you need to do, which can take some time. That is why we recommend that you aim for one per match. You could get this done in five matches. While you are doing that one, you can also complete the other two missions. 

The next one is to get three rewards from crashed satellites. This is a pretty easy one as you want to be one of the first people at the location to get the rewards before anyone else. You will need to do it three different times, but that is all there is to this mission. 

Finally, the mission is to take out 10 enemies while defending the uplink or near the crashed satellite. Whether you are defending a point or attacking one, make sure to take out 10 enemies at these satellites. It will not be hard to find enemies at these popular destinations during this event, so bring your pals and the best equipment you can find to eliminate your foes. 

When it comes to the Cold War challenges, these are a bit longer and could take you a while to do. First up, you need to get 1000 points from the uplink stations in the Fireteam Sat-Link mode. I highly recommend that you have a full team of friends, rather than randoms, for this mission. 

One thousand points is a lot and can take several matches, especially if you play with strangers. While you could spread out and take over more than one uplink station, that will be difficult to manage, so find one and have your entire team do their best to defend it while finding the signal boosters and batteries to help out with points. 

For the next mission, you need to get 250 eliminations in total across all four of the new multiplayer maps (Collateral has two versions). That is a lot, but you could opt for several rounds of Team Deathmatch. You might be able to finish this off in just a couple of hours. Just make sure that you are only playing on these new maps. 

And last but not least, you need to get 15 kills with the new Hand Cannon scorestreak. This new weapon scorestreak can be equipped to your loadout and then used in matches. Fifteen kills is not hard, given that you have eight bullets. If you hit an opponent with one, they are guaranteed to die. It might take a few matches, but this one is fairly quick and simple compared to the others. 


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