Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops Guide: What Are These Hidden Challenges?

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 18th 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is here, filled with content for players to complete across the singleplayer story campaign, the online multiplayer, and the Zombies PvE experience. There is a lot to see and do in the game, including the new Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops.

What Is Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops?

If you haven’t played a Black Ops game in a while or never bothered with it, you might not even know what Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops is. It is a special set of challenges that players can complete in the game for some unique rewards you can’t get anywhere else.

The Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops challenges the unique trick because you can’t see them at all in the game until you complete them. Even if you are close to completing a mission, like one objective away from finishing it, you will still have no idea what the task is at all.

That means that you are essentially going into these challenges blindly and will, hopefully, stumble upon the solution for it at some point, hence the Dark Ops name. This is unfortunate as it could mean that you could beat the story and play dozens of multiplayer hours and never complete one of these.

As such, I will go ahead and spoil all of the Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops challenges for you today in this post so that you know what you are aiming towards. In addition to giving you the actual missions that you need to do, I will give you some tips as well. Let’s get started.

Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops Campaign Challenges Revealed

Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops challenges all three main aspects of the game: the story campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies. I am going to break up all three of them by their category and list them all. The story campaign has the lowest number of Dark Ops missions, but that doesn’t mean they are super easy.

Here are the seven Dark Ops missions (via CODTracker) that you can secretly do in the story campaign:

  • Anti-Hero: Take out the marked enemies using takedowns in the Ashes to Ashes mission. Reward: A special calling card.
  • Awkward Chat: Answer both questions correctly while in the elevator during the Desperate Measures mission. Reward: Calling card.
  • Cover Your Tracks: Stash five bodies away as Belikov in the Desperate Measures mission. Reward: Another calling card.
  • Defiant: Try to jump off the bridge to your death in the Break on Through mission. Reward: Calling card.
  • Retro Gamer: Unlock every arcade machine. Reward: Calling card.
  • What Do the Numbers Mean?: Decrypt the floppy disk in the Operation Chaos mission. Reward: Calling card.
  • Dark Ops Master: Complete every Dark Ops challenge. Reward: An animated calling card.

As you can see, there is a nice mix of challenges that have to do with actually fighting enemies and doing some of the optional side objectives. And then there are obscure ones like jumping off the bridge that you might not have known about or even tried if you didn’t know this challenge beforehand.

Campaign Tips

Here are our tips for the Black Ops Cold War Dark Ops challenges in the story campaign. Starting with the first one, we have to take down the marked enemies in the Ashes to Ashes mission. This one is pretty self-explanatory but could take you a little bit.

In this mission, you need to ensure that you only take down the marked enemies rather than fight them normally. Takedowns require you to crouch and melee them from behind in a special stealth assassination. Make sure only to take out these marked enemies this way, or you will have to restart.

For the Desperate Measures elevator conversation, the correct answers to the questions are to let Zakhaev know that you arrived last week and that you are going to report to Commander Sobol. For the Cover Your Tracks mission, you need to make sure to move at least five bodies that are dead.

The Defiant challenge requires you to jump off the bridge near the end of this Vietnam Break on Through mission. When it comes to Retro Gamer, this one requires you to collect all of the minigames spread throughout the campaign.

They are sprinkled throughout, so make sure to interact with any arcade machine you find in the campaign. All you need to do is interact with them for a moment. The game will notify you that you have unlocked that particular game. Find all of them and you will be a Retro Gamer.

As for the floppy disc mission, this is one of the more involved tasks. You need to do the Operation Chaos optional side quest, which requires you to have the hidden evidence from the Nowhere to Run, Brick in the Wall, and Redlight, Greenlight missions. Once you have that done, you can decrypt the disc.

For this part, you need a password that changes for every player. You need to check the coded message and find the difference between each number that has the same color. From there, you need to listen to the Numbers Station broadcast to find the word that matches the numbers you got.

For the second part, check out the newspaper evidence that you found in the Redlight, Greenlight mission. The Numbers Station will give you a code that goes along with the city on the newspaper’s headline. Those two together will unlock the floppy disk.

Cold War Multiplayer Dark Ops

While the campaign only had a handful of missions, the multiplayer and Zombies sections have double that. These will give you a calling card and experience for your account as well that can help with the prestige system. Here are the multiplayer Dark Ops challenges in the game:

  • Back at You: Pick up a grenade thrown at you and throw it back to eliminate the person who initially threw it.
  • Brutal Killer: Earn a Brutal medal by going on a 25 killstreak.
  • Chain Killer: Perform seven rapid kills in a match.
  • Frenzy Killer: Earn a Frenzy Kill medal by getting five rapid kills.
  • From the Depths: Using a primary or secondary weapon underwater, get 25 kills against enemies on land or a ship’s surface.
  • Hard Wipe: Eliminate a squad of four players in a Fireteam mode on your own.
  • Mega Killer: Earn a Mega Kill medal by getting six rapid kills.
  • Nuclear Killer: Earn the Nuclear medal by killing 30 enemies without dying.
  • Nuked Out: Earn a Nuclear medal in a free-for-all match without using scorestreak rewards.
  • Relentless Killer: Earn 10 Relentless medals in total by getting 20 kills without dying.
  • Ultra Killer: Earn an Ultra Kill medal by getting seven rapid kills.
  • Underwater Ops: While underwater, plant C4 on an enemy vehicle to destroy it and kill its riders five different times.
  • Very Nuclear: Earn a Nuclear medal with 21 different weapons.
  • Dark Ops Master: Complete all multiplayer Dark Ops challenges.

Multiplayer Tips

The vast majority of the multiplayer Dark Ops challenges have to do with getting rapid kills or kills without dying. In all honesty, this will require a lot of skill to complete, as getting seven kills rapidly in a row without dying is pretty tough.

You will need modes, like free-for-all, where there are plenty of enemies, and you can go from one to the next, or you need the bigger team-based modes like Combined Arms, where you can hop in a tank and decimate whole teams in quick succession.

The Depths and Underwater Ops are interesting ones as you will need to likely do these on the Armada map only as we don’t have any other water-based maps at launch (though that could change throughout the upcoming seasons of content).

And then for Very Nuclear, this one requires you to get a Nuclear medal, or 30 kills without dying, with 21 different weapons in the game. That is a lot of weapons. Each of these medals you earn must have been 30 kills with that weapon only, or it won’t count for this mission. Complete all of these, and you will be a Dark Ops Master, earning 10,000 experience and an animated calling card.

Dark Ops Zombies Challenges and Tips

And then there are the Zombies challenges, which number the same as the multiplayer ones. Like those, you will get some impressive experience for your account for completing each of them, plus a nice little calling card that you can show off to your teammates and enemies. Here are all of the Zombies Dark Ops missions:

  • Another Round? Reach round 100 in Zombies.
  • Armed to the Teeth: Have two fully upgraded weapons equipped with ammo mods and six perks in a single game.
  • Box Addict: Buy every weapon from the mystery box in a single game.
  • Checkmate: Do every single trial in Die Maschine in a single game.
  • Evil Unleashed: Complete the main Easter egg quest in Die Maschine.
  • Good Enough: Reach round 20 using only your starting loadout and no upgrades.
  • Harbinger of Doom: Kill 50 enemies with a single support.
  • Invincible: Reach round 30 without being downed.
  • King of Silverbacks: In Dead Ops, earn a cumulative high score of 999,999,999.
  • Pristine Pelt: In Dead Ops, defeat Mamaback in the final round without dying.
  • Reaper of the Undead: Kill 1 million enemies.
  • Social Distancing: Reach round 20 without taking a hit.
  • The Anvil: Exfil a game only using melee attacks.
  • Dark Ops Master: Complete 11 of the Zombies challenges.

Zombies Tips

Zombies has a lot more variation in its objectives regarding the Dark Ops missions than the multiplayer portion. This will take some skill on your part and have a good team most of the time and excellent communication.

For starters, there is the task of reaching round 100 in Zombies. This will require the Endless variation of Die Maschine and an excellent team that knows each other well. Round 100 is no easy task and will take not only some impressive skill but a whole lot of time set aside for this as well.

For Box Addict, this is a tough one unless you are in a long match because you will have to spend all of your points on the mystery box. You are essentially throwing away your match money to do this challenge, so we recommend finding a party of four and taking turns, letting one person do this challenge per match, so it isn’t a total waste.

Good Enough isn’t too hard of a task, just surviving with only your starting loadout and nothing else, but keep in mind that you can’t spend your money on any upgrades for you or your weapons or buy new ones. Instead, focus on expanding the map. This is another one where taking turns with a team could be helpful.

For King of Silverbacks, you will need to play many Dead Ops to get that score, so keep that in mind, as the grind will be real for that one. The same goes for Reaper of the Undead, which requires you to kill a whopping one million enemies. Take your time as this is an intense grind, for sure.

The Anvil is interesting as you have to make sure only to use your melee hits on the undead instead of shooting them, so don’t accidentally pull out your gun. And then Social Distancing has to be one of the hardest challenges around: reaching round 20 without taking a hit.

Not getting knocked down once is one thing and can be done, for sure, but not getting hit at all is another story entirely. You will seriously need an impressive loadout, a good hiding place, and a team of players who are willing to barricade you in to protect you from doing this because running from enemies will likely only go so far. This is another case where swapping out with friends and helping each other complete this could work.


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