What Are the Biggest Esports Events in October 2021?

by in General | Oct, 6th 2021

Even though almost a full week of October is already behind us, proper esports action is just about to start! Earlier today, the LoL Worlds Play-In stage kicked off and enjoyed massive viewership. The same is likely to happen to the two other massive esports events in October. Yep, the big trio is set to have their biggest and most lucrative events all in a single month.

October is set to be the best month the esports industry has ever had!

Biggest Esports Events in October 2021

Between the three biggest esports events in October 2021, we will see a total of over $44 million in prize pool money. Of course, the biggest share goes down to the most lucrative event of them all – Dota 2 The International.

But, let’s not spoil all the fun information here. Let’s go through the biggest events one by one, so you know what to expect in October.

League of Legends World Championship

First things first – League of Legends World Championship. The play-in stage started earlier today and has set the esports world ablaze. But, this was just the first day of a month-long competition. The grand prize is just $500,000, roughly 22% of the total prize pool of $2.225 million.

Twenty-two teams will be competing in Reykjavik, Iceland, on this year’s LoL Worlds. The favorites, as expected, are Asian teams. Everyone and their grandmother believe FunPlus Phoenix will take this one home. But, the likes of DWG KIA, Edward Gaming, and RNGU are always tough to beat. As for Western teams, LEC’s MAD Lions and Fnatic stand as the most notable contestants, though nowhere near the above-mentioned giants.

Cloud9 played their first Play-In match earlier today. They defeated DetonatioN FocusMe in the opener and are on the right track to qualify for the group stage. The group stage starts on October 11, with the four Play-In Stage champions joining the rest of the group stage pack.

The business end of the competition, playoff, starts on October 22. The grand finals are scheduled for November 6 at 7 a.m. EST – oh, what a spectacle that will be! We’re talking about a single-elimination bracket with bo5 clashes from start to finish.

Dota 2 The International 10

When talking about the biggest esports events in October 2021, the first name that comes to mind is The International 10. The jubilar 10th edition of Dota 2 The International breaks the esports prize pool with more than $40 million.

The event is going to be held at the Arena Nationala in Bucharest, Romania. It was initially supposed to be in Stockholm, Sweden, just like the CSGO Major. But, due to COVID restrictions, it moved to Romania.

It starts October 7 and runs through October 17. Eleven days of world-class Dota 2 players doing what they do best. We already know all 18 participants. What we don’t know are the group stage seeds, though we’ll know more tomorrow.

PSG.LGD are the heavy favorites, though Evil Geniuses and Team Secret secretly fancying their chances. As far as dark horses go, I’d like to point out Invictus and OG. They could rise to the occasion if everything aligns correctly for them, though predicting the outright winner this early is almost impossible.

CSGO PGL Major Stockholm

The first CSGO Major Championship in two years is just about to start. October 26 – mark that date down in your calendar because that’s when the grandest of all CSGO events kick-off. This is the biggest CSGO major Championship yet, featuring $2 million (double the prize of previous Majors) in prize money and 24 top-tier CSGO teams.

As expected, it will consist of three stages with dynamic team tiers. Thus far, NaVi and Gambit have secured their spots as Legends. BIG and Spirit have secured their spots as Challengers, and VP, Entropiq, Sharks, and Renegades securing their spots as Contenders.

There’s still a handful of teams with an undetermined status that will be known after the end of their respective RMR events. In other words, we’ll know all the details in the next few days!

Stockholm hasn’t been replaced with Bucharest, as with Valve’s other big event this month, Dota 2 The International. The Avicii Arena will have live attendance, which is going to be a big plus. Remember, we hadn’t had a live audience on CSGO events since IEM XIV Katowice in February 2020. Live attendance will mean a lot, especially for teams who feed off of the crowd’s energy.

The PGL Major in Stockholm will be nothing like the dull (pardon me for the expression) online events we’ve been fed with lately.

Other Notable Events

These three are the biggest esports events in October 2021, no doubt about that. But, they’re not the only esports events this month. There are plenty of smaller contests going on across a variety of other titles.

But, CSGO dominates the playing field with two relatively big tournaments. But, we can’t forget about Riot Games’ FPS either. Here’s a closer look.

VCT 2021 Last Chance Qualifiers

Valorant Champions 2021 is scheduled for this October. It will feature 16 teams, 12 of which we already know. But, some notable absentees will have to climb their way through the Last Chance qualifiers if they are to play on the grandest of all VCT stages.

Valorant Champions Tour Last Chance qualifiers consist of four regional events for NA, EMEA, SA, and APAC. Each of these regions will deliver one last contestant for the December-bound season finals. The action starts next week; all four tournaments end on the same day – Sunday, October 17.

IEM XVI Fall Playoffs

The group stage of IEM XVI Fall regional events (those with group stages) is done and dusted. Now, we’re turning our attention to the business end of the final RMR. Only a few teams have cemented their spot on the Major thus far. There’s still a ton of matches to be played as well as several PGL Major slots up for grabs.

Bookies have been thoroughly covering these events from the very first matches. They had a wide variety of specials during the bo1s, which will only expand with the upcoming bo3s. IEM XVI Fall Playoffs will give us a better picture of some of the teams that will be competing on the Major. Use this opportunity to broaden your knowledge before the biggest CSGO event of the year!

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown

Finally, the last of our biggest esports events in October is BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. But, it’s in no way the least of them! The action starts on October 12 and runs through October 17, just like most VCT Last Chance Qualifiers.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown offers a similar experience too! It features two separate brackets. The winner of each goes to the Fall Finals. There’s also a hefty prize pool of $162,500. $30,000 goes to the winner of each bracket.

It might not be the most lucrative event this month, but with a solid array of specials (and futures) coupled with top-tier teams, proper CSGO action is guaranteed! Plus, many teams will use this event as a training camp for Major. Things will get chaotic, that’s guaranteed!


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