The Biggest Esports Events in February 2021

by in General | Feb, 3rd 2021

January is all wrapped up, boys and girls! We’ve had plenty of esports action to enjoy, more than most of us expected for the first month of another COVID-restricted year. Online events were all the craze. From the looks of things, that’s the way it’s going to be for the season. Esports events in February 2021 bring forth more online extravaganza, several highly anticipated competitions, and a handful of seasonal circuits.

Esports Events in January 2021

There’s something for everyone, from CSGO and Starcraft II to Rainbow Six, Valorant, and Rocket League. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as esports events in February 2021 are concerned!

BLAST Premier Spring Groups

The BLAST Premier Spring Groups event starts Feb. 4 and is set to last through Feb. 14. Like last year, the group stage of BLAST’s seasonal circuit features 12 top-tier CSGO teams divided into three groups.

The groups are set to pan out in a double-elimination manner, with all matches scheduled for the best of three contests. Double-elimination finalists advance to the Spring Finals, while two bottom-placed teams from all three groups have to battle their way through the Showdown in April.

Astralis, Vitality, and NaVi are the favorites to win their respective groups. However, teams like BIG, G2, and Liquid will fancy their upset potential. These six teams should advance to the Finals, though last year’s group stage was packed with surprises, prompting another set here as well. One thing is certain: BLAST Premier Spring Groups marks an excellent start to even more awesome esports events in February 2021.

IEM Katowice World Championship

CSGO Event

Mark your calendar for Feb. 14 because that’s when the massive Intel Extreme Masters XV World Championship kicks off. Naturally, the stage is set in Katowice, but we’re looking at an online event here because of COVID restrictions.

Don’t let that faze you, though. IEM Katowice XV World Championship is bound to deliver top-tier CSGO action, and then some! It is nothing surprising when it features eight top-notch sites directly qualified for the main event and another sixteen contestants, more than half of which will pose significant threats later on in the event.

Starcraft II Event

Everything stated above reflects on the CSGO event, but there’s the Starcraft II event too! It’s nowhere as big as the CSGO spectacle but still features some of the world’s best players and $250,000 in prize money. While that’s not considered too high for CSGO standards, it is for a 1v1 game like Starcraft. If you’re an RTS fan, the action starts on Feb. 20, so make sure you tune in.

2021 Six Invitational

Now let’s talk about another tactical FPS. Rainbow Six, Ubisoft’s esports wunderkind, is about to host its biggest annual event named 2021 Six Invitational. Nineteen teams (Wildcard Gaming won’t compete due to COVID restrictions), two round-robin groups packed with bo1 matches – now that’s what I call tightly contested action.

The top eight teams advance to the playoffs, where the contest transforms into a double-elimination bo3 bracket. The grand finals are set for the best of five, further upping the tensions ahead of the grandest match of the game’s competitive season. And yeah, we’re talking about an offline event here, hosted in Paris. Feb. 9 is the start date, don’t forget.

The total prize money for this year’s Six Invitational is not yet known. The base is $500,000, but it will have an additional 30% of all Road to SI 2021 Battle Pass sales. The cap is $3 million, the prize pool of last year’s SI iteration.

All in all, the biggest spectacle in Rainbow Six competitive calendar ought to be a fair blast. The 2020 season was lively despite COVID restrictions, and we expect more of the same this year, too. Perhaps, even more, depending on SI’s viewership numbers. 

2021 FIFA eClub world Cup Regional Events

FIFA is a globally popular video game; everyone and their grandmother have heard about it, most have played it (or actively play it) too. FIFA esports, on the other hand, don’t enjoy such popularity. Still, they’re moving up globally and deserve a spot among other notable esports events in February 2021.

What exactly is on the plate this month? Regional 2021 FIFA eClub World Cup shenanigans, of course! We’re looking at six regional events with more than $250,000 in total prize money. Forty-two teams will be competing across six regional events, guaranteeing top-notch FIFA action that’s just around the corner.

European and South American events lead the charge, bringing forth more than half of the total prize pool but more than half of participating teams. These are the most significant FIFA esports events up until May. That’s when two significant events kick-off: eLaLiga 2021 Grand Finals with €250,000 prize pool and eChampions League with $280,000. If you’re a FIFA fan, these are the events you should mark in your calendar.

Valorant Champions Tour Challengers Stage

Tomorrow is a big day for all Valorant esports fans! The first Valorant Champions Tour Challenger kicks off in the game’s most developed region – North America. There’s $50,000 in prize money and eight top-tier teams ready to make their mark on the all-new Valorant seasonal circuit.

Here’s a quick look at the first-stage matchups:

  • Immortals vs. XSET
  • NRG vs. Gen.G
  • Envy vs. Andbox
  • Sentinels vs. Luminosity

The event is set to pan out in a double-elimination bracket, featuring bo3 clashes up until the grand finals. As you’d expect, the grand finals are reserved for a best of five encounter, well worthy of the $20,000 grand prize.

The top four teams get a direct spot in the second Challengers event that starts on Feb. 18, with the final (third) stage scheduled to start on March 4. Other regional Challenger events are just around the corner too. It’s nice to see proper Valorant action finally. The game’s competitive scene continues to develop ahead of the recently announced Valorant Champions 2021 event scheduled for late November. 

RLCS Season X Winter Majors

Yep, that’s Majors, not Major – it’s plural! The Major had to be canceled. I’m pretty sure you already know the reason. The regional switch had to be made, following in the footsteps of other esports titles out there.

Team BDS is still on top of Europe following exceptional performances last year. By far, they’re the best team on the old continent, with Vitality, Top Blokes and Giants Gaming battling it out for the second spot. As for the NA regional rankings, there’s a three-way battle for the top spot. 

Team Envy is at the top right now, but NRG and Spacestation are right behind them. The NA Major will be a proper contest. It will shake things up at the top of the NA rankings.

Wrapping Stuff Up

Well, I guess we’re all done here as far as esports events in February 2021 are concerned! As you could’ve seen for yourselves, February possesses plenty of esports contests worth checking out. No matter what your gaming/esports preferences are, February will have you covered, that’s for sure.

With those words, we’re all done here.

Let’s enjoy the upcoming esports festivals!


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