The Biggest Esports Events in February 2020

by in General | Feb, 7th 2020

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – the most depressing month of the entire year is behind us. Wink, wink, it only gets better from now on. The same can be said about the esports sphere too since it’s bringing forth more than a few top-tier events that’ll pin everyone to the edge of their seats. As the title suggests, we’ll investigate the most popular esports events in February of 2020!

Yeah, we’re a bit late this time around. The first week of February is already behind us. However, the big esports events are yet to start, so we’re just in time to properly cover the action!

Biggest Esports Events in February 2020

Now let’s turn our attention to the actual biggest esports events in February 2020! It’s a short list but one that packs plenty of big names!

Rocket League Championship Series S9 EU & NA

Rocket League Championship Series Logo
  • Start Date: Postponed
  • Number of Teams: 10 per region
  • Prize Pool: Roughly $314,000 per region

The Rocket League Championship Series of EU and NA regular seasons was supposed to start last weekend. However, the first round of RLCS matches got postponed due to technical issues plaguing the servers. Five days later, we still have no concrete information on when will the first round of matches pan out.

The second round of matches is supposed to take place this weekend, but considering all the fuss this week, there’s no way we’ll see RLCS action anytime soon. Psyonix and Epic Games will have a lot of explaining to do, especially considering the gravity of the situation and no news almost a week after the initial postponement.

Six Invitational 2020

Rainbow Six Invitational logo
  • Start Date: February 7
  • Number of Teams: 16
  • Prize Pool: $3 million

Six Invitational 2020 starts later today. It’s definitely among the biggest esports events in February. The spectacular R6S event packs $3 million in prize money, which is a million above last year’s iteration. There are 16 participating teams, with the likes of Team Empire, Team SoloMid, and Rogue eyeing the hefty $1 million grand prize.

Just like last year, the event takes place in Montreal at the cozy Place Bell arena which accommodates 8,000 people. For those of you not following R6S esports, Invitationals are the bread and butter of the competitive calendar, featuring only the best teams and most lucrative prize pools.

Intel Extreme Masters XIV World Championship

Intel Extreme Masters logo
  • Start Date: February 25
  • Number of Teams: 16
  • Prize Pool: $500,000

Intel Extreme Masters is the only major CS:GO event in February. Perhaps that’s an overstatement since BLAST Premier Spring still has two more weekends to go, but it isn’t far from the reality. February 2020 is nowhere near as hectic as last year when we had one of the best CS:GO Major Championships ever.

As always, IEM XIV World Championships aims to present a proper spectacle for CS:GO fans all across the globe. The European capital of esports, Katowice, is the location of choice once again. The Congress Centre will host the group stage while the playoffs are reserved for the legendary Spodek Arena, a place that wrote many unforgettable esports moments.

The broadcast talent hasn’t been announced yet. However, there’s still time to go since the event kicks off on February 25. There’s $500,000 on the line, $250,000 of which goes to the winning team. So yeah, there won’t be a lack of motivation, that’s for sure!

DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020

DreamHack Open 2020
  • Start Date: February 21
  • Number of Teams: 8
  • Prize Pool: $100,000

The second DreamHack Open of 2020 starts on February 19. As the title suggests, we’re referring to DreamHack Open Anaheim. As usual, there’s $100,000 on the line with the winner getting a direct invitation for DreamHack Masters Jonkoping in June. A chance to participate in a bigger event is worth much more for these teams than the $50,000 grand prize.

There are several high-ranking names on the team sheet for Anaheim. ENCE is probably the most resounding one, followed by the likes of MIBR and the all-new Gen.G featuring automatic and daps. We expect a lot of close encounters and hectic Bo3s that start right from the group stage.

WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon

WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War Mad Moon logo
  • Start Date: February 19
  • Number of Teams: 8
  • Prize Pool: $300,000

The Concert Hall VDNG in Kyiv, Ukraine, will be the home of WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon. This $300,000 event will feature eight teams and spread across five days, starting on February 19. Winners of the previous WePlay! Events, Radiant, Dire Asia, Dire America, and Reshuffle Madness, will be accompanied by four directly invited teams.

There’s a good mixture of quality and popularity, so we’re expecting a proper show. We’re talking NiP, RNG, Infamous, and NaVi on one end and Team Secret, Gambit, and Nigma on the other. Yep, your math is correct – there’s still one TBD team that should be announced in the next week or so.

Biggest Esports Events in February 2020 Wrap Up

That’s about it as far as the best esports events in February 2020 are concerned. March is closing in, and it’s not just bringing Spring back. It’s bringing forth a ton of exciting new events for us to digest! The esports industry is still running strong. There’s a lot of ongoing events which is always a good thing.

Here’s to another fine month of esports!


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