How Fortnite Can Remain on Top?

by in Fortnite | May, 10th 2019

It’s no surprise to anyone that Fortnite is basically the biggest battle royale game around. This has been the case for quite some time now, and it doesn’t look to change anytime soon. Even though new competitors have entered the ring like Apex Legends, no one has been able to truly defeat the giant.

In all honesty, though, no one has to beat Fortnite as the biggest battle royale game in the world. It can continue to reign as the champion as long as it makes some key improvements and changes in the future. I’ve got some ideas that I think will help this come to fruition.

I think there are some fixes, improvements, and additions that should happen in the future that will help Epic Games’ battle royale platform remain on top of the competition. I believe that it all begins with continuing to do more and more of what it’s already doing.

More of Everything

This first point that I have may seem like a weird one, but it’s also the most important thing that Epic Games shouldn’t change anything about. That is just continuing to do what it’s already doing, but much more of it.

I believe that Fortnite is so huge because it is a massive social platform that welcomes everyone. It tries things that no other game has tried or will try even today. While not all of these result in successes (see just about any new controversial item added to the game), they benefit the game more than not.

It’s a shame that almost every new item to be released has issues.

First and foremost, what Epic needs to do is bring more of this, not less or become stagnant. This means bigger battle passes than ever before with bigger seasons than ever before and even bigger events than ever before.

Releasing new items is great, but let’s see more of that. This applies to vehicles, skins, map changes, emotes, and everything else that everyone knows and loves about the game. All in all, this is a really simple first point, but it’s also the reason why the game is so popular. The worst thing it can do is decrease or start to feel stagnant.

Radical Map Changes

Fortnite is great about releasing major map changes at the start and end of seasons. This is a given and something that players come to expect as the end of a season draws near. There are even times throughout a season where the game will experience minor changes.

However, I’d like to see more radical map changes in battle royale. Stuff like snow showing up across the map and an erupting volcano is pretty awesome, but this is so predictable. You know what I think isn’t predictable?

A brand-new map. Yep, I said it. It’s high time for a brand-new map to appear in battle royale. It’s expected that the current island will get changes with each season, but why not add a second map to the scene?

I get that this could be a huge issue with the game having to balance two different maps at the same time, which is totally fine. If that’s a problem, then I think it would be good to just do away with the current island and give players something brand new that’s never been seen before.

I get that this is a very extreme situation, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. It can be for just one season alone and then the old map comes back the following season with changes of its own. From the current island, we can see the continent or other huge island across from it, so why not explore there?

There are so many crazy things that still haven’t been done in Fortnite. We could visit prehistoric times, have the entire battle royale game take place in a massive cityscape with complex skyscrapers, or a string of smaller islands with boats to take you between.

There is so much that is still unexplored when it comes to the map that would shake things up, give us something unexpected, and keep it as the biggest battle royale game around. But it’s not the only way to do this.

Permanent Events

I love the various events and crossovers that happen frequently enough like with Avengers, for instance. But there is one main problem I have with these events: they’re limited-time affairs. Look, I get it. They’re meant to last for a short period of time, but do all of them have to be this way?

Events like crossovers with the Avengers come and go so quickly that they can leave before many working adults or students in school have enough time to really savor them. It would be nice if at least one crossover is able to secure some sort of permanence instead of leaving within a week or two.

I’m okay with it not being totally permanent if it at least lasts for the entirety of a season or a year or whatever. I’m not greedy about this, but anything is better than the really short period of time we have currently for events in the game.

This provides a much-needed break from the usual modes as well. Some days I feel like being really competitive and trying to get as many wins as possible, but other days I want to play as Thanos and smash everyone around. This gives players both options, and I don’t see a major crossover event losing interest.

Free to Play Save the World Mode

This next point is a long time coming for Fortnite players around the world. Epic Games already confirmed a long time ago that the Save the World PvE mode will eventually be free to play for everyone, in addition to the battle royale mode.

I don’t claim to have any insider info on why this keeps getting pushed back, but I imagine that Epic is enjoying the fact that battle royale is doing so well for it even though it is free to play. I could see some concerns about splitting the audience and making those who paid for Save the World mad.

But at the end of the day, I think those things aren’t that big of issues, and it’s about time that Save the World goes free to play for everyone. I believe that this can only make the game more successful for Epic Games for a similar reason as to why I want permanent modes.

There are days where I don’t feel like competing against other players, and a free to play Save the World mode allows for that. Players can jump over and get a completely different experience that could actually keep players playing even more than normal.

Custom Battle Royale Matches in Creative Mode

Creative mode is one of the more recent additions to Fortnite, and it’s a great way to let players keep playing for long periods of time. You can make your own islands, locations, and cool courses for other players to explore.

This is a pretty awesome experience that can enhance how many hours you can spend in the game, but I think there is a great way to improve this. While you could probably invite players and have a little shootout in Creative, I think it would be great to have custom battle royale matches.

It would be so awesome if players could create their own battle royale islands and then invite a good number of players to join them for custom matches. There could be death traps, good hiding spots, and so on. The possibilities are endless for these types of matches.

Epic doesn’t even have to let players host 100 players in a custom match. Just having at least 20 or so would offer a unique type of battle royale experience that would help the game remain on top.

More Crossovers

This next point goes along with the one above about permanent events. Not only do I want to see longer events, but there need to be more crossovers, too. In fact, this point is so important to me that I wrote an entire post about this one subject.

As such, I won’t go into extreme details here since this is just one of my several points. Basically, though, we don’t just need longer events but more events, too. Avengers was awesome, but we got that two years in a row, and it’s the only real crossover thus far.

It’s more than a little surprising that this is the only crossover we’ve seen (even though it makes plenty of sense).

It’s time to see more franchises from across video games, movies, TV shows, and more in Fortnite. How epic would it be to see other players running around with lightsabers or dinosaurs attacking players around the island or even little Pokemon that players can capture around the map?

These crossovers don’t have to be forced, either, as they can naturally happen in celebration of a new movie, game, and so on. This is a great way to promote other media and, in turn, keep the game in the conversation. This is something Fortnite has over other battle royale games.

Next Generation Support

While the majority of these points can be dealt with rather soon, this is one point that is more looking to the future. I also think that this one is a given, but it’s still worth mentioning since it is so important to Fortnite still being the biggest battle royale game in the world.

Perhaps the most dangerous point at which the game could see its users decline and its popularity lessen is when the next PlayStation and Xbox come out. There could be fresh new battle royale games that could overtake Fortnite’s popularity due to its age at that point.

While I’m not saying that there needs to be a sequel or anything like that, it’s imperative that Fortnite be on the next generation systems from day one. In fact, it would only help if the next generation versions had something to offer there that can’t be found on the PS4 or Xbox One versions.

I’m talking about the expected stuff like perhaps better resolution, a much better frame rate in matches and, hopefully, everything bigger and better. It would be nice to see players get the option to make bigger creations in Creative mode and so on.

A No Building Mode

This final point that I have to go over is probably the most controversial one. Stuff like next gen versions, more crossovers, longer events, and even a second map wouldn’t be that big of a deal to most players. But there is no doubt that this final point is a controversial one, to say the least.

There are many players I’ve talked to, and the general consensus seems to be that the least-liked thing about Fortnite is either its style or the fact that building is such a big part of it. I agree that the building is a fundamental part of what makes it what it is, but I’m not a huge fan of it myself.

Though I play Fortnite frequently both for fun and for work, I’m not a fan of the building aspect. I’m not asking Epic to remove it because that would be outrageous, but I do think it’s reasonable to want a mode that offers the pure battle royale experience without any building whatsoever.

It’s just you looking for the best weapons, vehicles, and so on to take out your opponents before they get you. I think it’s totally fine for only one single mode like this to exist, since it would be a niche mode. At the same time, though, it could get so many players who like battle royale games but don’t like building to finally give it a try.

I don’t expect this to actually happen, but it would be super welcome. I think it could make a huge difference in keeping Fortnite as the biggest battle royale game on this planet.


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