Best Warzone Verdansk Map Reskin Ideas: Future Verdansk, 1940s, More

by in Call of Duty | May, 3rd 2021

Call of Duty Warzone has become such a popular battle royale game for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones (literally) is the massive map that players play on known as Verdansk. As we have had the game for more than a year now, it is time to look towards some new Warzone Verdansk reskin ideas.

Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 Is Here

Raven Software has essentially shown what it is going to do with Warzone moving forward in how it has handled the launch of Season 3. This third season connecting both the battle royale title and Black Ops Cold War has resulted in some huge changes for Warzone. 

The main change has been the first-ever reskinned map for players to see in Verdansk. The main map is still here. There are many similarities between the original map inspired by Modern Warfare and the new one that we have now. 

It is known as Verdansk 84, and it takes place in, well, 1984. This is right around the same time as Black Ops Cold War. Therefore, it takes some inspiration from the Black Ops series this time around rather than just continuing the connections with Modern Warfare.

Verdansk 84 is by and large the same region but with some significant differences as it is around 35 or so years earlier than the version that we saw in the original one. If you want to see the full differences in Verdansk 84, be sure to take a look at my guide to the new and improved map

With Season 3 featuring the new Verdansk 84 map in Warzone, it looks like this will be the main map for the battle royale title moving forward. It has already been confirmed that there will not be any return to the original Verdansk map ever again. 

That is unfortunate for players who love the original Modern Warfare-inspired map (including myself), but, perhaps, not all hope is lost. I will go over the best Warzone Verdansk reskin ideas that I have come up with and would like to see in the future. 

How Will Verdansk Be Handled in the Future?

First and foremost, what is Raven going to do with Warzone and its main battle royale map moving forward? It seems that this is probably not going to be the last time we see Verdansk shift and change into something brand new. 

As such, there is a time schedule that we can come up with based on this. It seems that every year or so, there will be a new map that players will be able to see in Warzone. Most likely, the Verdansk map will continue but have new versions with new points of interest and styles in the future. 

This will also likely tied around the latest mainline Call of Duty game released and is connected with it. Like with Black Ops Cold War resulting in 1984 Verdansk, future mainline releases will likely also connect with Warzone and give us some new Warzone Verdansk reskin maps. 

For now, we would predict that you can likely look forward to Verdansk 84 being the main map for the next year or so. Next spring or so (or perhaps a little later than that), we should see a new iteration of the popular battle royale region appear for around a year or so. 

To help with this, I will go over the five main region ideas that I have currently for a Warzone Verdansk reskin and detail what I would specifically like to see here. These will tie into the games that we will have in the future and what I think will likely happen for the Call of Duty series. 

Best Warzone Verdansk Reskin Ideas: Future Verdansk

First up, we have my personal favorite Warzone Verdansk reskin, and that is future Verdansk. You could give us 2184 Verdansk, or something like that would be set soon or far into it. Regardless of how it is handled, I would like to see some major departures from what we have seen thus far. 

This future Verdansk reskinned map could include a sprawling metropolis expanded to cover most of the region overall. Instead of the main downtown area being the bulk of the city with some more rural and industrial areas in the outer regions, it could be an almost entire city. 

You could have the more cyberpunk downtown area in the middle that spreads out to more downtrodden neighborhoods and the industrial regions working on the sci-fi technology of the future. I think this would give off a very different feel for Verdansk than anything we’ve seen thus far. 

And to be honest, there are just not enough sci-fi futuristic battle royale games out there that dive deep into the neon, techno styles of it all. Sure, Apex Legends is technically a sci-fi game, but none of the maps thus far have taken advantage of that setting. 

This Verdansk map could do that and offer up something that is, hopefully, always at night. You could have a brilliant skyline and much-needed verticality and depth to the map that is still somewhat missing at this time with lots of high-rises and underground locations. 

Of course, the future Verdansk idea would have to come with something that ties directly into it. Sure, it seems like the futuristic Call of Duty settings are behind us at this time after several games set in the future, but I would hazard a guess that they will return at some point down the road. 

It is inevitable to me that there will be a futuristic Call of Duty game eventually. Maybe once Infinity Ward is tired of doing Modern Warfare games again, it will try its hand at either Infinite Warfare 2 or some other futuristic experience. 

Snowswept Verdansk

This next one is less of a specific map reskin but something that I would like to see for the map. One of my favorite versions of any battle royale map is when the entire area is covered in snow. This usually happens around the holidays and winter, offering a beautiful picturesque landscape. 

Verdansk has been covered in quite a bit of snow before, but I would like to see a version built from the ground up to include this snowy region. The problem with this is that the Modern Warfare map was already set in the winter, potentially hurting the chances of this one happening. 

Regardless, I want to see the entire region covered in snow and, potentially after an avalanche disaster has happened, reshaping the landscape and buildings around the map. I would like to see hills of snow and other obstructions of view that have popped up. 

I would also like to see all of the waterways frozen over completely, allowing players to cross over them this way. More importantly, I think this could lead to some sweet snow vehicles that we haven’t gotten yet that could change how players get around the map. 

As for how this could connect to a mainline Call of Duty game, I’m not quite sure just yet about this one. Perhaps it could be a connection to the next Cold War game (see what I did there?) or just a simple reskin for a limited time during the winter for any of the maps. There are a lot of chances for this one to appear at some point. 

Stormy Verdansk

Speaking of weather affecting Verdansk, the next idea that I have is also themed around weather but much more heavily. I want to see a permanently stormy Verdansk location under the effects of something like a typhoon, hurricane, or tornado. 

You don’t see weather ever really affecting a battle royale map itself, but I think this would be a cool way to handle the game. We could see a drenched and low visibility map where it is dark and pouring down rain at all times, leading to some crazy combat scenarios that are creepy and nerve-inducing. 

I mention the tornado part that could add a level of intensity to the map we have never seen before. Having a natural disaster on the map that you have to run away from, in addition to the normal dangers outside the circle, would make the matches more intense. 

The stormy Verdansk could also lead to some flooding around the map, resulting in some changes that would make the map interesting as existing locations could be off-limits while paving the way for new paths. Perhaps this is where we could get diving and have entire underwater sections to explore. 

As for how the stormy Verdansk would connect to the mainline Call of Duty game at its time, it could be any game. I think the general idea is that Verdansk will go through seasons, starting with winter first and now with Verdansk 84 that is currently in the spring. 

A summer iteration of the Verdansk map would be perfect for this stormy, destructive natural disaster version as that is when a lot of tornadoes and hurricanes happen in parts of the world. I could even see this map go the way of having an earthquake for a disaster that destroys some of the buildings mid-match and randomly happens. 

Ruined Verdansk

For the next version of Verdansk, I have a pretty bizarre one. I imagine it as a far-future one, but rather than the high-tech future Verdansk, I see this one as a ruined location. Though, technically, it doesn’t have to be set in the far future. 

Essentially, I want to see a post-apocalyptic Verdansk. The map has played around with zombies and the like, so there is room for supernatural elements that have rendered the map destroyed, or some nukes could even cause it. 

Regardless, I would like to see the ruined Verdansk be a wasteland where no one wants to live anymore. It could be dark, covered in hues of red, and a dangerous place with potential creatures waiting around the corner. This more hellish Verdansk could offer something fascinating and unique compared to what we have seen thus far. 

Much of the map would be in ruins, resulting in toppled buildings, holes in the ground, and more that would open up new pathways and places to find loot. Perhaps there could be some radiation levels or something else that players will have to watch out for across the region. 

As for which mainline Call of Duty game would connect with this one, any could honestly do here as well. Sure, we could get a far future Call of Duty game where the world is in ruins or get Modern Warfare 2, where it picks up after the 2019 title. 

Since it would be a sequel, this map could be a sequel to the original Verdansk map that was nuked at the end of Season 2. It would understandably be a dangerous place that is in ruins after the destruction that happened there before. 

1940s Verdansk

And, finally, we have the 1940s Verdansk. This is probably the most likely out of the bunch here to happen and one that would be a very popular destination for many Warzone players. We have already gone back in time some with the 1984 Verdansk, but why not go back slightly more?

There are rumors that the next Call of Duty game will be a WWII sequel from Sledgehammer Games that is still set in the second World War, and we think this is likely the case from everything we’ve heard. As such, it is all but inevitable at this point that the next map reskin will be in the 1940s. 

This retro WWII-era Verdansk would be an interesting place to explore, turning the time even further back on the region. It is unlikely that we would have the downtown area as big as it is currently and that there would be even more rural areas to explore. 

Furthermore, it would be great to see the region swept up in the war, with some trenches around and other wartime-like parts to it. There could be more tanks than ever before, with turrets and machine guns lined up in different parts of the map. 

I think the Verdansk map could be fascinating and give a very different feel to the battle royale games out there. I am all but certain that the next map reskin will be this one, but we just need to wait and see for now as the next Call of Duty game has not been confirmed just yet. 


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