Best Warzone MG82 Loadout: How to Unlock the Weapon

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 16th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone has acquired more than a hundred weapons throughout its time as a conduit for connecting with both 2019’s Modern Warfare and 2020’s Black Ops Cold War. To help with this, we have come up with the best Warzone MG82 loadout that we can think of. 

The best Warzone MG82 loadout is predicated on the fact that this is built mainly for the battle royale matches that you will be dealing with across Verdansk and, someday, other maps. With Vanguard on the horizon with its selection of weapons and a new map, you will want that sort of versatility.

Fortunately, the MG82 is one of the best LMGs that you can use in Warzone at the time of writing this, especially when it comes to the Black Ops Cold War side of the weapons. For fans of the light machine gun category, this is one of the main guns you should consider picking up. 

It is a very strong LMG that packs a punch when it fires at enemies, has a considerably large magazine that you can enjoy blasting through in battle, and a solid range to boot. Overall, it is one of the quintessential LMG weapons that you can find in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. 

This does come at the cost of the fact that this weapon is very bulky and will be one of the slower weapons that you can run around with. However, this does not matter much for some players, as you could easily offset that with some additional features. 

Best Warzone MG82 Loadout

Given how powerful the Warzone MG82 weapon is at this time in both of these Call of Duty games, it is no wonder that a lot of players, especially LMG fans, are gravitating towards this gun. It was introduced in Season 4 earlier this year as one of the two main weapons that headlined that season.

It is also one of the few LMGs that is even from Black Ops Cold War in the first place, let alone a post-launch DLC one. The popularity and power of this gun make creating the best Warzone MG82 loadout an important feature as you want to maximize your strength with it. 

As such, we have come up with the best Warzone MG82 loadout that we have been able to find as of right now in the battle royale game. It always has to do with five main attachments that you are equipping for the weapon across five distinct categories of attachments. 

For starters, in the best Warzone MG82 loadout, there is the optic that you should be equipped on the weapon. This is where the loadout is the most flexible as it comes down to your preference. However, in our opinion, the range is the most important part of the Warzone. 

In Black Ops Cold War, if you are using the weapon there, the range will not matter as much, but in the wide region of Verdansk, you want to be able to blast someone with this weapon from far away and take full advantage of the pretty impressive range that it is capable of. 

The optic that I recommend is somewhere around the 3x zoom range, so I recommend the Axial Arms 3x optic in this case. However, three times the magnification is a lot. That can be slow and too much for some players, so feel free to go less (or dare I say more), depending on your preference.

From here, the best Warzone MG82 loadout attachments are a bit more set in stone. When it comes to the muzzle attachment, what I recommend here is the SOCOM Eliminator. While many opt for the Agency Suppressor, that attachment kills much of what makes this weapon shine. 

However, the SOCOM Eliminator has few drawbacks. They are ones that you should not have much of a problem with, like in shooting move speed, which you should already be accounting for with this weapon. The barrel on this gun is another point of contention for the community. 

In my opinion, the best Warzone MG82 loadout has the 17.1” Match Grade barrel attached to it. This is another attachment that maximizes the best parts of this weapon while taking hits in the speed area where you are already expecting it to be horrible. 

For the underbarrel, I go with the tried and true Field Agent Grip. This is my go-to underbarrel attachment for almost every gun that I use in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War because it is just so good for taking care of any possible recoil for a weapon. 

And last but not least, we have the magazine. The attachment here is, without a doubt, the Fast Mag. You get 90 rounds of bullets with the MG82, which is not the best, but not the worst either. It is definitely enough to go for a while in a fight without any issues. 

However, when it comes to reloading, the MG82 is understandably one of the worst around. The Fast Mag will speed up this process and make it a little less painful. 

To recap, the best Warzone MG82 loadout is this:

  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x or whichever you prefer
  • Muzzle: SOCOM Eliminator
  • Barrel: 17.1” Match Grade
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Ammo: Fast Mag

In addition to these attachments, though, there are some other parts that you should know about when it comes to the best Warzone MG82 loadout. This is a very slow weapon, so you want something much faster for your secondary weapon here. 

In my opinion, you want something that is not only fast movement-wise but something great for close combat, too. In my opinion, an SMG or a pistol will work best here as your secondary weapon to run around with and then switch to the LMG when you are in the midst of a distanced fight. 

How to Unlock These Attachments

Part of the important process of handling the best Warzone MG82 loadout is unlocking the attachments for the weapon in the first place. Unfortunately, they are not just there for you immediately as you have to grind your way to the max level with this gun to access all attachments. 

For the optic that we recommend, you only need to reach level seven, which is not too bad and will take a little while to unlock it. The muzzle is at level 38 of the gun, so that will take longer with the barrel after it at level 39. 

The Field Agent Grip underbarrel only makes it worse at level 41, which is the worst of the bunch in our best loadout idea. The ammo attachment is not too bad as you can get the Fast Mag at only level 16, so you need to get to 41 to unlock all of these attachments. 

You level up the gun by battling other players with the gun, taking them out, getting assists for your teammates, and so on. However, there are ways to speed up this process so that you can unlock the attachments as fast as possible.

For this, we highly recommend using this LMG all the time in the game whenever you possibly can. I find that grinding the weapon levels is easier in Black Ops Cold War since you have stuff like Team Deathmatch and Domination where you can use it constantly. 

Regardless, you need to use all of your weapon double XP cards on this gun whenever you get them. This will double the experience you are getting with the gun, effectively halving the amount of time you spend unlocking levels and these attachments. 

How to Unlock the Cold War and Warzone MG82

As part of the best Warzone MG82 loadout process, perhaps the most important part of it all is how to unlock the gun in the first place. Sure, you can pick up the gun on the battlefield in matches, but you cannot make it part of your loadout and customize it without first owning it. 

It was quite easy to unlock the LMG when it was first introduced in Season 4 as part of the battle pass. This is something that is not available by default, and there are two mains to unlock it. It was free to everyone who could reach a certain tier level before the season ended. 

However, if you are reading this, likely, you did not play the game much in Season 4 or progress far enough in the battle pass to unlock it. As such, you are now in the category of players who deal with the alternative way of unlocking the gun in the future post-Season 4. 

This process is not as easy at all since you will have to complete an in-game challenge to unlock it now. You can find the single challenge that you must do to unlock the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone MG82 LMG below:

  • Kill three or more enemies without reloading across 15 different matches with LMGs

There are a few parts to this in-game challenge that you need to know about. For starters, there is the fact that it requires you to get three kills in every match that you do without dying. Furthermore, you must make sure to do without reloading your weapon at the same time. 

At the same time, it needs to be with an LMG, which makes sense and would be hard to accomplish with other weapons anyways. This is quite difficult on its own, but then you bring in the fact that you must do it in 15 different matches, which makes it even more of a pain. 

Tips for Completing the Challenge

As such, we have some tips for you when it comes to completing the challenge to unlock the MG82 LMG in Black Ops Cold War or Warzone. The challenge is the same across both games. You can complete it in either one.

If you own Cold War, we highly recommend doing this quest in that game, as it will be quite difficult to do it in Warzone. Not just because you have to get three kills but because you need to do it without ever reloading the gun at any point.

As such, Black Ops Cold War is the place to complete this task if you have this game. Do it in Team Deathmatch or any of the other chaotic game modes and be sure to use your bullets wisely. Do not spray and pray or waste them on cover fire.

Once you have three kills without dying or reloading your LMG weapon, you also need to make sure to complete that match. The progress will not count for the challenge if you leave the match early, so you will need to complete it to the end, which is why Warzone is also frustrating to do this in. 

It will take a considerable amount of time, but if you can get into the groove of getting three kills without reloading or dying with an LMG, you should be able to pull it off in every match that you do, so you will need to complete around 15 in total to make it happen. 

This is a considerable undertaking that will potentially take several hours of grinding in either Warzone or Black Ops Cold War. But once you have it unlocked in one of the games, you have it in the other game as long as you are using the same Call of Duty account. 

However, there may be a way to get it earlier and much faster if you are impatient. Sometimes there might be a weapon blueprint bundle for the MG82 that will appear in the store. If this happens and you can purchase it, you will automatically receive the gun instantly with that purchase without having to go through the entire grind to unlock it. But that is if Treyarch and/or Raven Software ever put the bundle up for sale again. 


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