Best Street Fighter 5 Mods That Breathe Life Into the Game

by in Fighting Games | Jun, 9th 2021

Modding is not uncommon for fighting games and certainly not uncommon for Street Fighter. When it comes down to it, adding some mods to your favorite titles is something that keeps the game fresh and fun. We handpicked some of the best mods for you to try out for Street Fighter 5 and hopefully will be enough to breathe some new life into the game for you.

Character Mods

Here are five character mods that will make the game a lot more interesting if you want to spice up your street fighter roster.

Michael Jackson as G

For the man who calls himself the president of the world, no character mod is better than the King of Pop. This mod changes G into Michael Jackson himself, with eight color variations, 4k rendering textures, a custom HUD, and custom background music and sound effects. 

While a more out there mod for the game, it’s certainly a welcome and funny surprise to see MJ take down someone in a fight. 

If you want to download this mod, check out Ouji’s post on the SFV modder forums

Johnny Silverhand as Guile

Ever wanted to have a go about as Keanu Reeves in Street Fighter? This is about as close as you’re going to get. With this mod, Guile now becomes Reeves’ character from Cyberpunk 2077. While not as complex as the previous mod mentioned, the fact that you can play as a character from a game released this year, in a game released five years ago, is breathtaking. 

You can find the Silverhand mod on Dr-BlankPLS’ deviantart.

Ryo Hazuki as Ryu

This one is probably the best-looking mod out of the bunch. Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue joins the fight, taking the place of Ryu. With multiple colors and a lovingly crafted custom model fit for the art style of street fighter, this mod looks right at home in your character roster. 

For those who don’t know, Hazuki is from Sega’s Shenmue RPG game series, which is an open-world game with beat-em-up combat similar to Yakuza. However, Shenmue also focused on being a life simulator with day and night cycles and other things to do. 

One of the more infamous parts of Shenmue’s legacy was a two-hour walk to the top of a mountain in Shenmue 2, which the player had to complete in real-time. It was one of the staples of the Dreamcast era for Sega. While not part of the Capcom lineup, this mod certainly aims to please those who enjoy fighting games and Shenmue. 

You can find the mod on Khaledantar666’s DeviantArt; however, you’ll have to DM them to get access to it.

Fatal Cutie Terry Bogard as Lucia

Lucia from Final Fight 3 made her way into Street Fighter, but the modder BrutalAce took it a step further by dressing her up as Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury. However, this version of Terry is the one that shows up in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. SNK wanted to include Bogard on the roster. While they couldn’t at first because Bogard is a man, they just made a female version. They even changed the name on his iconic hat from “Fatal Fury” to “Fatal Cutie,” which in that sense of the word would make Bogard a femme fatale.

The Bogard mod looks like it fits right in the game, although you can’t get your hands on it just yet. The modder BrutalAce hasn’t uploaded any files to his YouTube channel. However, since the mod has been in production since last year, it’s bound to come any time now. 

Alphonse Elric as Zangeif

Zangeif gets replaced with the walking talking suit of armor Alphonse Elric from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. While Elric’s brother doesn’t make an appearance in the mod, Alphonse is one of the standout characters in the show, mostly because it’s a giant suit of armor with the voice of a child. 

Because Elric is also really strong, it makes for a really good pair with Zangief’s boxer fighting style. 

Those who want to show their love for Full Metal Alchemist can find the mod on MrTheBull’s DeviantArt.

Some Extra Mods For Street Fighter 5

Here are some extra mods for the game that might be of interest for you if you’re looking to change up some more aspects of Street Fighter 5.-

Replacing Rose’s Tarot Deck with Uno Card

Being a character who uses cards as part of their moveset, it seems fitting that mods which change what her cards look like would be in this list. However, the concept of a character using Uno cards to pummel their enemies is extremely funny and makes for some great fun if you happen to main Rose in Street Fighter 5. 

If you want to make your enemies Draw 4 before they’re KO’d, consider checking out monkeygigabuster’s DeviantArt.

Raccoon City Police Station Stage

While Street Fighter hasn’t included a Resident Evil rep in their game, modders have taken matters into their own hands, turning the Raccoon City Police Station from Resident Evil 2 into a fully-fledged stage for characters to fight in. While it doesn’t contain any zombies, the map does contain a lot of nostalgia for the original game. 

For those who want to throw down in this classic Resident Evil locale, check out monkeygigabuster’s DeviantArt.

Galaxy Main Menu and Character Select

While all the previous mods have changed some, this mod takes the main menu and character select screens out of this world, literally! With the galaxy main menu and character mod, players can get a nice change of scenery while picking their favorite modes and characters. 

If you’re playing with friends, they’ll know you did something to the game when it boots up, making it a perfect conversation piece while you show off some of the other mods you’ve installed for the game. 

If you want to take your main menu out of this world, check out Baniway’s DeviantArt!


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