Best Streamers to Watch in 2021

by in Entertainment | Jan, 8th 2021

Twitch is growing and growing year over year, with more streamers than ever before trying to make it big on the platform or share their passion for gaming and streaming. As the platform grows even more, the best streamers will watch the 2021 list to know who to watch this upcoming year.

Here Are the Best Streamers to Watch 2021

In the past, I did a top 10 Fortnite streamers you may not know about list and shook things up to make sure that you have a variety of different personalities to check out, and that is the purpose of this best streamers to watch 2021 list. 

In 2020, the world experienced some wild changes and events that changed up everything forever. The pandemic and stay at home orders resulted in more gaming than ever before. As such, many were home playing games and getting into streaming with the free time on their hands. This has led to even more Twitch streamers out there who are worth checking out. 

It makes creating a list like this best streamers to watch 2021 list even harder to accomplish, so I made sure to include a varied group of content creators who each deserve your attention in 2021. Some are names you probably already know well, while others are, hopefully, new to you. 

I consider the best streamers to watch those who appeal to a wide range of fans and preferences. Some users are looking for upcoming streamers that are completely unknown to them to support them and their channel and have the bragging rights of being there from the start to the point where they go viral. 

This upcomer might be someone who is brand new, or they’ve been around for a while now, just waiting for their chance to shine. This year might be the one for them. At the same time, others on this list are veterans who you probably know quite well already.

If you’re looking for someone mainstream who has that professional appeal or someone who has a smaller audience that engages with them well, or someone in between, here are the best streamers to watch 2021 that you need to know about. 

Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order, other than the fact that I wanted to alternate between the five established veterans and the five newcomers I think you need to know about to have a bit of variation and keep things fresh. 

Best Streamers to Watch 2021: Valkyrae

Starting off this list, we have someone who was the definition of the content creator of 2020 and will likely be a massive streamer to watch in 2021 as well: Valkyrae. Valkyrae isn’t just one of the biggest streamers of all-time, but it has been proven that 2020 was her year. 

This was even proven that she could win The Game Awards 2020 award for the content creator of the year. We certainly think that it was well-deserved. Valkyrae was already an impressive content creator, but she skyrocketed into fame and success last year.

She has become one of the most prolific content creators around, actually playing with other established streamers like Pokimane, Corpse, and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Few have that honor. We can’t wait to see how she further grows this year. 

Upcomer: BotezLive

For the first upcoming streamer channel that we would like to include in this list, we have two streamers who make up one channel: BotezLive. This Twitch channel consists of the Botez sisters who work together to make one of the most intriguing and unique channels on the platform. 

While other Twitch channels focus on the trending games right now like Cyberpunk 2077, Among Us, Fall Guys, and the like, BotezLive sees these two sisters playing a game that has been around much longer than any of those: chess. 

Twitch has seen more and more categories pop up in the trending categories that aren’t related to gaming at all, like the always popular chatting, politics, entertainment, and, yes, chess. These sisters are chess experts. Being signed by Envy means that they will only grow more this year. Not to mention, they have great personalities that ensure they are entertaining to watch. 

Veteran: Rubius

There is one thing that all of the Twitch streamers on this list have in common, no matter their expertise. That is that they stream primarily or only in English. One veteran that I wanted to include on this list is someone who is established and speaks Spanish.

The best option for that is Rubius, one of the biggest Spanish-speaking streamers on the entire platform. For a long time, he has been around being a successful YouTuber long before he ever made his debut on Twitch. But now, he has taken over Twitch with one of the biggest audiences on there. 

Rubius is known for various popular games like Minecraft, Rust, and others that are fun to watch. The streamer is entertaining, engaging well with his audience, and having a lot of fun playing these equally enjoyable games to watch. 

Upcomer: Talia Mar

Talia Mar is someone you may have already heard of because she is successful on one particular platform: YouTube. She has a massive audience that enjoys the videos that she posts there, but she is a bit newer when it comes to Twitch.

That is the exact reason why she is an upcomer when it comes to streaming. Given her success already on YouTube, her transition to Twitch didn’t take long to start already gaining traction. She made some splashes by playing some of the greats out there like Pokimane and more. 

Talia Mar is known for playing some of the best games around, like Among Us, Fall Guys, and other entertaining experiences. More importantly, she is on the path to be one of the biggest streamers to watch in 2021 with her great engagement with the community. 

Veteran: DrLupo

DrLupo defines strong content creators who have dominated the mainstream conversation when it comes to veteran streamers. DrLupo is one of Twitch’s biggest streamers currently with well over 4 million followers and millions of more views across his frequent streams. 

DrLupo is successful because it comes down to his skill, expertise, and great personality. Lately, he is playing nothing but Escape From Tarkov. He is one of the best players you will find on Twitch when it comes to that particular game.

More importantly, though, he has a fantastic and kind personality that is a breath of fresh air in popular streamers not on this list who are angry, loud, and aggressive much of the time. He is entertaining to watch and someone who we highly recommend to watch this year. 

Upcomer: SweetAnita1

SweetAnita1 is a Twitch streamer on the rise. We imagine it will grow quite a lot in 2021. If you want to be part of her journey to fill a very important niche on the platform, we suggest checking out the content she often creates on Twitch.

SweetAnita1 is bold and honest, making it clear that she has Tourette’s Syndrome and doesn’t shy away from that fact. Her honesty and transparency are admirable, and she deserves the success that she sees because of that. 

Given that she has Tourette’s, it is worth warning that her streams can be mature but don’t doubt that she is a passionate and fun person to watch. She is one of the more chill streamers around, sometimes just chatting with people for hours and then occasionally hopping into matches in games like Apex Legends and others. 

Veteran: Enable

One thing that most of the streamers have in common is that they are simply content creators. They might be skilled at the games they play or know about the gameplay, but one of the exceptions to this rule is Enable. 

Enable is someone you likely know from his time as one of the most popular Call of Duty pro players who most recently was part of the Seattle Surge team in the Call of Duty League’s inaugural season. If you paid any attention to that team, you likely know how poorly they did. 

This led to Enable retiring from competitive play and streaming, instead, full-time. He has already found great success there in little time as a streamer for 100 Thieves. His talent, skill, and experience in Call of Duty is something that he uses to have a professional Warzone Twitch that is unlike almost any other you will find. 

Upcomer: ChairHandler

The name Chandler Riggs may ring a bell or two but not necessarily in regards to Twitch. If you didn’t know him already, ChairHandler is the Twitch channel for Riggs, best known for his role as Carl Grimes in one of the biggest TV shows of all-time: The Walking Dead.

With his time in the show over, it looks like he has turned to regularly streaming on Twitch. He is often chatting with his fans, playing games, and having a good time. The actor-turned-streamer is fun and hilarious to watch. 

Riggs’s Twitch account ChairHandler is a newer one that does get some solid views on it with most videos, but his channel is still growing and getting bigger. If you liked him in The Walking Dead as Carl, this is a great way to keep up with what he’s up to and be involved in his community. 

Veteran: Nickmercs

When it comes to mainstream Twitch, there are minimal examples that are better than Nickmercs. The content creator has been around for years and dominates the entire platform as not only one of the largest Twitch and YouTube personalities but also one of the best, making him one of the best streamers to watch in 2021. 

Nickmercs is synonymous with FaZe Clan, one of the biggest and best esports organizations around, and he is a force to be reckoned with. The 30-year old content creator is an absolute beast when playing battle royale games like Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite. 

More interesting than that, though, he has started branching out into showing off his fitness and health regiments live as well. If you want some motivation and/or entertainment to get better at gaming or workouts, you should check out Nickmercs, but the chances are that you already do. 

Upcomer: TiffanyGordonCosplay

One of my favorite things to do with lists like this one is go on Twitch, pull up the recommended channels that are smaller and deserve more attention, and then watch them for a while. I find the person who is live at the time that is the best that I found. 

For this particular list, the best smaller streamer that I could discover for the first time is TiffanyGordonCosplay. She has both a Twitch and YouTube channel that is small and deserves many more views than she is currently getting. 

She has a fun and engaging personality coupled with the professionalism that rivals that of the veterans on this list when she plays games like Genshin Impact and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. But it doesn’t stop there as her name doesn’t include cosplay for no reason as she creates and shares some unbelievable cosplay outfits that need to be seen. 


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