Top 5 Players from the StarLadder Major Berlin 2019

by in CS:GO | Sep, 18th 2019

There’s still a bit of fuss going on about the recently-wrapped-up Major, so let’s build on it by talking about the five best StarLadder Major players. Yes, there are plenty of subjective lists out there, plenty of blogs and news sites chiming in with their opinions. Well, this blog post will take things a bit differently.

Yes, there will be subjective thoughts on each of these players, but the criteria ranking has been done with nothing but objective facts. This includes average damage per round, HLTV rating, number of matches, headshot potential, and the biggest of them all, overall team placement on the Major. Those are the numbers and stats I took into account when making this list.

Best StarLadder Major Players

The top spot goes to the 24-year-old Danish AWPer dev1ce. Not only did he lead his team to their third consecutive Major trophy (fourth overall), but he also won the MVP award and was among the most consistent fraggers throughout the event.

Electronic and ZywOo follow in his footsteps, although they weren’t that consistent in their displays. At the bottom of this Top 5 best StarLadder Major players are EliGe and allu. Even though 4th and 5th positions aren’t that flattering, and also though both of their teams got eliminated in the quarterfinals, EliGE’s and allu’s performances were on another level.

That’s about it as far as this introductory section is concerned. Let’s cut it short here and move on with more in-depth info on the best StarLadder Major players!

1. dev1ce

Dev1ce Esports Pro Player

Yep, Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz was the best player on the recently-finished StarLadder Major Berlin 2019. The 24-year-old AWPer is back in business after wreaking havoc on his opponents throughout the seven matches he played in Berlin.

Dev1ce’s stats are brilliant, although there are several players who, objectively, played better than him. Dev1ce tops the list because he earned the MVP title and his efforts (kills, assists, map presence and so on) contributed to his team’s trophy-winning campaign. If, for example, Vitality emerged as the winning team in Berlin, there’s no doubt the 18-year-old Frenchmen (who will not be named, although we know who he is) would take dev1ce’s title.

Be that as it is, dev1ce is at the top of the world thanks to brilliant performances, especially in the grand finals where he led the team with a surreal 1.71 HLTV rating. He finished the game with 42 kills with 102.3 average damage per round and +21 K/D ratio. Yep, we’re talking about dev1ce’s grand finals stats alone.

The guy is a legend.

2. electronic

Electronic Esports Pro Player

Next name on our list of the best StarLadder Major players is Denis “electronic” Sharipov. The 21-year-old Russian rifler had a proper blast in Berlin. Not only was he above S1mple according to most stats, but he was also their go-to fragger in the most crucial rounds. Especially in that match against CR4ZY when electronic’s composure and kills clutched more than a fair number of rounds.

Stats-wise, electronic was the best overall player on the Major. With 1.31 HLTV rating, 0.84 kills per round, and 92.5 average damage per round, electronic was in a league of his own. And it’s quite surprising, the 21-year-old’s brilliance emerged right before Berlin. Even though he had glimpses of excellence every now and then, his consistency in Berlin was something else.

Denis is still very young with a bright future ahead of him. It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll play with both Kane (coach) and Zeus stepping down from the team. If electronic can keep this pace up, I’m sure NaVi will come back even stronger and finally contest for proper titles in months to come.

3. ZywOo

ZywOo Esports Pro Player

ZywOo is the third name on our list. The 18-year-old French prodigy could’ve been higher if it wasn’t for his team’s surprising exit after their quarterfinals match against AVANGAR. Unfortunately for Vitality and the French CS:GO in general, their most brilliant fragger failed to show up on the first map which resulted in the elimination.

And I’m not even exaggerating here – Vitality lost 20 out of 21 maps in which ZywOo didn’t play up to his potential. One of such maps was Mirage vs. AVANGAR; a map ZywOo ought to never forget. Even though Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut ended the game with 60 kills on the scoreboard, it wasn’t enough for his team to go through.

Despite that, ZywOo’s general stats put him on the second position, right below electronic. 1.30 HLTV rating, 0.82 kills per round and 83.38 average damage per round represent the sheer mechanical prowess this 18-year-old has at his disposal.

And it’s not only that; ZywOo’s clutching potential looks more and more like that of Xyp9x and that’s an outright scary fact considering just how young ZywOo is. In a year or two from now, we could be looking at the undisputed legend of the game, capable of clutching, consistent fragging, and leading his team no matter the occasion.

4. EliGE

EliGE Esports Pro Player

When discussing the most influential players, the 22-year-old Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski is always in the conversation. Liquid’s rise to the top of the CS:GO esports scene is all thanks to this guy. You may think I’m exaggerating here, but I’m not. Team Liquid’s most popular players are Twistzz and Stewie2K, mostly due to their brand exposure and interesting personalities. However, the player that does all the hard work and gets little praise is EliGE.

Do you think I’m wrong? Well, let me prove my point – IEM Chicago, ESL Pro League s9 and DreamHack Masters Dallas are Team Liquid’s most significant trophies. Events that skyrocketed their success and put them on the pedestal as the best CS:GO team in the world. On all three of those events, EliGE was by far Team Liquid’s best player, and on all three events, EliGE got the MVP award.

As far as his StarLadder Major performances are concerned, EliGE was a proper beast. Even though his display against Astralis wasn’t that good, stats-wise, he’s still the tenth overall best player on the Major. 1.23 HLTV rating, 0.82 kills per round and astonishing 87.9 average damage per round. He was pretty good in pistol rounds too (33 kills), but it’s nothing to write home about.

5. allu

allu Esports Pro Player

As far as the best StarLadder Major players are concerned, we can’t skip allu. Stats-wise, he’s the fourth-best player, according to the official StarLadder Major ranking. And, generally speaking, his round-to-round contribution for ENCE was the critical factor in their Legends Stage success. Need I remind you, ENCE qualified as the top seed without a single loss, and allu was their driving force.

Often underappreciated, allu is a mechanically impressive player. His stats are almost always second to none, and his StarLadder Major performance is no different. More average kills and damage per round than ZywOo and dev1ce. That fact tells a lot, all on its own.

Yes, this means NiKo and S1mple couldn’t make it onto the list. NiKo’s displays in Berlin were atrocious, and I don’t want to waste many words on the former world’s best fragger. S1mple was a bit better, playing up to his usual form in several matches, but his overall round-to-round contribution wasn’t worthy of the list.


As stated earlier, dev1ce won the StarLadder Major MVP award, and rightfully so, if I may add. He was the driving factor behind Astralis’ groundbreaking performance, not only contributing with his kills but overall map presence too.

Stats-wise, electronic and ZywOo have been proper beasts in Berlin, averaging over 1.30 HLTV ranking and displaying utter dominance on the battlefield. The only player that was near their efficiency is Kjaerbye. The 21-year-old Danish rifler had 92.31 average damage per round across seven matches with 1.29 HLTV ranking.

Honorable mentions include kNgV and dexter who did their best to lead their team forward but ultimately failed in their intentions. CeRq is another outstanding performer, but his brilliance wasn’t enough to push NRG past Astralis in the semifinals.

I believe you’ll agree with me as far as my Best StarLadder Major players list is concerned. Objectively, those five players portrayed praiseworthy excellence and were the key contributors in their teams’ successes.


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