Best Pokemon BDSP Shiny Hunting Methods: Poke Radar, Masuda Method, More

by in General | Nov, 23rd 2021

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are out now, offering players some extremely faithful remakes of the original Generation IV games from the Nintendo DS. The new Switch versions include some new content to enjoy, including new BDSP shiny hunting methods for Pokemon.

Best Pokemon BDSP Shiny Hunting Methods

There are actually several different Pokemon BDSP shiny hunting methods that you are able to do throughout the games from start to finish, including the very beginning of the titles and the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl postgame, too. They each vary quite radically from one another, including a number of factors that affect the quality of using that method in particular.

There are some that are available right from the start of the game, without the player having to do anything else. There are others that take a bit of time in the main story progression in order to unlock them and then there are still more that require the player to even beat the game entirely.

The different Pokemon BDSP shiny hunting methods also vary when it comes to the benefit of using those methods. Some of them have absolutely awful odds and are not that recommended, while others are fantastic and can help players to get a shiny Pokemon in a rather short period of time.

As such, we have created a comprehensive guide to all of the Pokemon BDSP shiny hunting methods that you need to know about in the games. To have a little fun with the guide, too, I decided to rank them from the worst possible method in the game to the very best one that you can do.

While the actual fun of the method did have a part in deciding the rankings, it really just comes down to the odds that you get from that particular method of finding a shiny Pokemon. So, if you want the very best possible odds in the entire Gen IV remakes, be sure to scroll to the bottom.

However, you might find that that particular style may not work for you or, worse, you are not even able to do it at this time. If that is the case, you will likely want to check out the other Pokemon BDSP shiny hunting methods that we have listed for you. In total, there are four or five (depending on how you separate them) methods that you can use in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Here’s everything that you need to know.

Worst Odds: Basic Hunting and Resets

When it comes to shiny Pokemon, they are the different colored versions of your favorite mons. Some shiny Pokemon look better than their counterparts while others look arguably worse, but no matter what, having a shiny Pokemon is a badge of pride for many players out there.

In fact, there are even some players who will take the time to have an entire playthrough that is dedicated to just finding and using only shiny Pokemon during their badge journey to become the Champion of the Sinnoh Region. When it comes to the Pokemon BDSP shiny hunting methods, the most basic one is, well, full odds.

The basic full odds in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have, thankfully, been changed from their original Gen IV DS games to the more easier to stomach 1/4096. This means that you have approximately a 0.0244% chance of finding a shiny Pokemon without doing anything at all.

Simply playing the game as you regularly would can earn you a shiny Pokemon, but it’s going to take a long time

That is pretty abysmal and admittedly low on its own, which is why this is the worst method of shiny hunting. This just means going about your business or searching in the grass for hopes of a random shiny to appear, despite the terribly low odds that you have.

However, there are some players that use this method, especially early on in the games, and when it comes to resets. Resetting the game is one of the most important basic odds shiny hunting methods that you can do. This means saving your game and then closing it out when you do not find a shiny.

This is not necessarily for just searching around in the grass but for those beloved Gen IV starter Pokemon and any legendary Pokemon that are not shiny-locked. Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig can all be shiny right from the start of the game, but you are dealing with the basic 1/4096 odds.

What this means is that when you get to part where you have to pick a starter Pokemon to fight the Starly enemy. Unfortunately, the selection screen does not show if it is shiny as you have to select it and then go into the opening battle to see if it is shiny or not.

Fortunately, resetting the game over and over to select your starter to see if it is shiny is not too difficult; just time-consuming as you could go over 4000 resets and still not find one. Assuming that each one takes no more than two minutes, that is more than 133 hours of shiny hunting there alone.

Slightly Better Odds: Double Battles and Grand Underground Hideaways

If the thought of having such a time-consuming method of shiny hunting bothers you, there are, thankfully, many more options available to you, including two that give slightly better odds. The first of these is full odds hunting but with double battles, instead of regular single battles.

How you do this is by waiting until you get to the Eterna Forest part of the game or any other section where you are escorting someone through a dungeon area. Before the escort mission ends, every random encounter that you do with the person will be a double battle.

Grand Underground Hideaways can get you a better shot of finding shinys

This means that you will see two Pokemon at once, instead of just one, essentially doubling your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon in every fight you do. However, you are limited here to only the Pokemon in that specific area and that is really it, making it only good for certain Pokemon like Bidoof, Budew, and so on.

Having the same general odds of 2/4096, or basically 1/2048 odds, is the Grand Underground. Here, what you will find is that there are Digletts and Dugtrios that you can find in the pathways, and collecting them will raise a bar from zero to 40.

At 40, you have about four minutes solo or five minutes online to have 1/2048 odds of finding a shiny. The problem with this method is the time limit, though just entering a Hideaway will allow you to search every Pokemon in that room with these odds even if the time runs out.

The key part about this method is to play the game online as you can see the Diglett number shoot up quite fast if everyone is doing their part. It can even be helpful to get a full squad of friends together and only do this part, rather than the other possible features of the Grand Underground like digging, and you can have a decent method of shiny hunting.

While there are rumors that the Secret Base statues affect shiny odds, this is unconfirmed at this time and honestly unlikely but the statues do at least help you find the right Pokemon you are looking for.

Great Odds: Masuda Method

The next method is one of the best in the entire game and is one that carries over from the original games. The Masuda Method was birthed in the original Diamond and Pearl, and for good reason: for some odd reason, breeding two Pokemon together of different country origins resulted in higher odds for shiny Pokemon.

This is something that has not changed in BDSP and there are a couple of ways of going about this method. How to do it is to make sure that you have two Pokemon from different regions. For the purposes of making the job easier, the best option is to have a Ditto from a different country.

With Ditto, you can mate it with just about any Pokemon outside of legendary and mythicals to breed the exact same Pokemon as Ditto’s partner. If you have a different country’s Ditto, then you will also be guaranteed to be benefitting from the increased shiny rates every single time while knowing just what Pokemon you will get.

To do this, there are a couple of ways. You can, first, try to connect with players from other regions through Discord and the like to trade Dittos with each other. Or, you can create a new Nintendo account that is set in another region and then play the game that way, catch a Ditto, and trade it back to yourself. However, that would require access to two different Switch’s and copies of the games.

Once you have your foreign Ditto or other foreign Pokemon, breed it with whatever Pokemon you are looking to get a shiny for and then hatch those eggs. If you do this right, you are looking at an impressive 1/682.7 catch of that egg hatching and being a shiny.

However, it does not stop there as then there is the Shiny Charm that you unlock for catching all Pokemon in the Sinnoh Region’s basic Pokédex. Unlike other games, the Shiny Charm only works for the Masuda Method at this time. Couple the two together and you have a 1/512 chance of getting a shiny, which is almost 10x better than the full basic odds.

Best Odds: How to Unlock the Poke Radar

However, while the Masuda Method is quite great on its own, especially with the Shiny Charm, it is not the best of the overall Pokemon BDSP shiny hunting methods. That hands down goes to the Poke Radar that is absolutely insane in this game when it comes to shiny hunting.

Like in the original games, you can build up a chain of Pokemon with the Poke Radar and have absolutely bonkers odds of them turning into a shiny one in the end. This is the best way period in the game to find a shiny Pokemon and might also appeal to players who find hatching eggs boring.

Poké Radar - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
The Poke Radar is the best way to find shinys

However, in order to use the Poke Radar method, you have to unlock the item first before you can use it. Unfortunately, the Poke Radar is one of the several pieces of content that is gated behind beating the Elite Four and becoming the Champion of the Sinnoh Region.

Once you have beaten the Elite Four in BDSP, what you need to do is make sure that you have the National Pokédex in the game. With the National Dex in your possession, you will receive the Poke Radar and then be able to use the absolute best shiny hunting method that is possible in the games right now. Here’s everything that you need to know about how to use this method and easily get shiny Pokemon.

How to Use the Poke Radar

How it works is that you want to equip the Poke Radar and enter a patch of grass where a Pokemon you are looking for is located. You then want to use a Repel item that keeps the wild encounters from happening to you while you are using the Poke Radar method.

What this method is about is making sure to chain up the same Pokemon over and over to find a shiny one by building up a chain counter. To do that, you need to make sure to either defeat or capture the Pokemon while avoiding other Pokemon and wild encounters.

The Repel takes care of the wild encounters so that you only have the shaking patches of grass to deal with. There can be up to four at once in a single area and the catch, quite literally, is to catch the Pokemon rather than defeat it in battle, as it increases the chances of increasing your chain.

The max your chain can be is 40, which is what you want to reach in order to maximize your shiny odds. If you are able to reach 40 in a chain, you will have a 1/99 chance of getting a shiny. However, the fun does not stop there as it is actually possibly higher than that.

Since you can find four patches of grass at once, it is more like you have a 1/25 chance of finding the shiny Pokemon, which is absolutely insane. Better yet, you do not have to run into the Pokemon once you reach a 40 chain, either, to see if they are shiny since the patch of grass will sparkle to let you know it is shiny at this point.

The key point here is to make it to the chain of 40, which is easier said than done. Sure, you have increased odds all along the way but they do not outpace the Masuda Method until you reach a whopping 38 chain with that particular Pokemon at which each patch has a 1/400 chance of being shiny. The Poke Radar method is a bit confusing, challenging, and annoying at times, but is the most lucrative method if you can reach that highly coveted chain 40. Just make sure not to save and quit your game (only put it in sleep mode) or else you will lose that entire chain.


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