Best New Worlds Builds To Help You Dominate PvE and PvP

by in General | Oct, 1st 2021

New World is the latest MMO on the block, so new players everywhere are looking for the best builds to play with. There are quite a few options, and as someone who has been obsessed with playing it for as long as possible, I’ve got a few thoughts. Between my personal opinions, I’ve also done some research on what’s succeeding for other people. There are builds for leveling, for grinding out PVE content, and for PVP in New World. You won’t always want to use the same things, that’s for sure. One of the things I truly enjoy about New World is how flexible it is. I started my character for example, as a Sword and Spear user, but have since swapped to Spear and Rapier, then Rapier and Frost Gauntlet.

Before we get into the actual build ideas, some introductory information!

Weapon Levels, PVP Advice:

Now, Hatchet’s being heralded as the best weapon for pure, unadulterated DPS right now. It’s S+ tier. That said, I haven’t really come across many good ones, and the DPS I have on my other weapons has been good enough. Since each weapon has its own Mastery levels, you can have separate skills for all of them. That’s an important thing to know as well, before going in. If you decide you aren’t happy with a weapon, for now, you can equip something else. You can have two weapons on at once, and swap between the two at will with your 1 and 2 buttons (default). Killing enemies gives you Weapon Mastery, but you can’t just stay on the weakest enemies forever.

You’ve got to push forward to more challenging things if you want decent XP. Then when you go up a level, you can pick an ability. Each weapon has a pair of talent trees, and you can have three abilities at a time. They also have a wealth of passives to pick from, and an Ultimate ability. That’s a positive though. I’ve swapped around a few times while exploring, and haven’t been too disappointed. 

Ultimately, all the weapons are pretty good, but they have strengths and weaknesses. This isn’t to say you should never use the “low tier” weapons. Not everyone’s gonna agree with what the best or worst is. Muskets for example are mediocre, but they shine hard in Fort Defense. Rapiers are pretty great one on one damage, but for CC and AOE, they fall a bit flat.

One of the best things to be aware of, is respeccing is free until level 20, so you have a lot of time to really figure things out. 

PVP Tips:

While I don’t really PVP much in the game, I went and researched some useful tips that might help you. For example, going prone makes it so people can’t see your PVP flag, so you can ambush people easier. This is easier in areas with foliage. If you don’t want to get caught up in the Great Axe pull, you can’t just dodge out. If you have a movement ability (Rapier or Hatchet) for example, you can escape. You can also animation cancel in New World. After dodge rolling, you can cancel by swapping your weapon, holstering your weapon, or using an ability. So don’t spam them! You don’t lose momentum either. You can wait a few moments, to get back to 50+ Stamina again, so you can re-roll. Canceling attack animations takes some practice for my money, but do it the same way you cancel dodge rolls. 

But what are the best builds to use in New World? Let’s get to it! 

PVE: Hatchet/Life Staff Build:

Personally, I think this is the best build in the game, bar none right now. You combine the fast, intense damage of the hatchet with “You’re literally never going to kill me because I heal obnoxious amounts of damage”. It’s a simple build, but incredibly efficient. It’s great in PVE and PVP, if you ask me. We’ll be focused on the Berserk tree for the Hatchet, and the Life Staff uses abilities and traits from both of its talent trees. It’s so satisfying when your opponents try desperately to escape, Feral Rush closes the gap and deals damage. It’s an incredibly efficient, high-output build. It deals lots of damage, and also has perhaps the most important thing: survivability. If you’re playing by yourself, as I tend to, you’re going to want to be able to heal on the fly. You won’t always have healing potions or food to use to regenerate. 

The Hatchet:

The Hatchet’s Berserk Mode is amazing since it increases your damage and movement speed. It’s going to be very hard to get away once you’ve closed in on your opponent. Berserk Mode also has a passive healing effect, which is grand. These all happen through the traits underneath Berserk in the Berserker Tree.

We partner Berserk with Raging Torrent to make four fast attacks, and each deals 90% weapon damage. That’s not too bad at all. Finally, for people who are running away if you decide to PVP (or just to close the gap and fight faster), you can use Feral Rush. It’s a sprinting melee attack that leaps forward and hits twice. It does amazing damage, at 115 and 130% weapon damage respectively.  We use the synergy traits of Dispatch (If target is below 30% Health, Feral Rush deals 20% more) and Crippling Strikes (if it hits a target in the back, roots them immediately for 2 seconds)

Oh, and our ultimate ability, Defy Death! How can I forget that? When you drop to 0 HP, you avoid death and gain Immortality for 3 seconds. This has a 75s cooldown though. With the right healing abilities set up, you could just heal back and never stop fighting. Absolutely brilliant. That Feral Rush root from behind is amazing to secure kills in PVP too. 

Abilities Used: Berserk, Feral Rush, Raging Torrent

Life Staff:

We need to have healing, and so we have the Life Staff. Its primary stat is Focus, and I’ll talk about that later. It depends on what your main weapon is. LIfe Staff has two trees: Healing and Protector. We aren’t using the major heal, like Divine Embrace. Instead, we focus on ground heals, and a variety of other healing abilities. We’re primarily damaging after all. 

Sacred Ground is incredible because it sets a healing area down, and you and anyone else can step into it for reliable heals. The Holy Ground (Regen Stamina and Mana 100% faster in this) and Blessed (Healed 50% more from all healing in Sacred Ground) will make it a must-use in heated fights. The fact that we can also heal Stamina back helps our allies who are blocking/attacking heavily. Orb of Protection also shoots a light that grants 10% Fortify for 20 seconds and heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage. It also deals 146% weapon damage if it hits an enemy. 

If you’re focusing on Healing Staff as your weapon, this could be a solid way to burst things down or help you get there. The traits of Protector’s Blessing (Also grants Recovery of 10s to ally hit), and Shared Protection (If you heal an ally with this, you also gain Fortify and Recovery). We’re also going to use Beacon for dealing 146% weapon damage to enemies and attaches to the target. It heals nearby allies for 20% weapon damage each second, for 10s, so it’s a solid regen for your allies in melee range – or you! Plus our “Ultimate” ability, which grants all of your heals on an ally +30% more, if their health is 50% or less.

Abilities Used: Orb of Protection, Beacon, Sacred Ground


Hatchet Skills:

Berserk – On The Hunt, Berserking Refresh, Berserking Purge, Uninterruptble Berserk

Feral Rush – Dispatch, Crippling Strikes

Raging Torrent – Aggressive Approach, Final Blow

Misc. Talents: Enraged Strikes, Accumulated Power, Relentless Fury, Desperate Refresh, Fortifying Strikes, Against all Odds, Defy Death (Ultimate)

Life Staff Skills:

Sacred Ground – Holy Ground, Blessed

Orb of Protection – Protector’s Blessing, Shared Protection, Aegis

Beacon – Infused Light, Radiance’s Blessing

Misc. Talents: Absolved, Blissful Touch, Revitalize, Desperate Speed, Sacred Protection, Enhanced Justice, Intensify, Divine Blessing (Ultimate), Protector’s Strength, Bend Light


It’s hard to say for stats on this. If you are more focused on the Hatchet Damage, you’ll be dumping points into Strength, and Focus, if you’re more focused on the Life Staff. I’m seeing quite a few people just go 150 points into one of these stats, not putting stats on anything else – except 30 points into Con for health. Personally, my build currently isn’t done this way, but if you’re going to only use one set of weapons, might as well!

Final Thoughts:

This is probably one of the strongest – if not the strongest build in the game right now. There are others that come close, but you can easily melee anything down and heal yourself at the same time. I’m not going to promise you can solo every boss easy-peasy, but a large majority of the leveling experience is going to be incredibly simple and satisfying.

PVE: Hatchet and Sword+Shield Build:

This is a more balanced build, with a solid offensive and defensive option. If things get hairy, you can swap back to Sword/Board, build up your defenses, and slam someone into bits by swapping into Hatchet again. When playing Sword+Shield, you have to typically pick between being offensive or defensive. However, if you pair it with Hatchet, that is your DPS. When it’s time to be tanky, you can swap over, and as we said, swap right back and resume hatcheting people down. Some have suggested you could put the Spear in this build instead as well (as I did), but Hatchet just hits harder, hits faster.

The Hatchet:

Surprise! It’s another Hatchet build! Hopefully, this doesn’t get suddenly nerfed by Amazon Games. Hatchet’s are still the best weapon in the game though, for my (and many other’s) money. The Hatchet build we’re using here is slightly different. It does use an ability from the Throwing tree. Rending Throw throws an axe that deals 110% weapon damage and applies Rend. That reduces the target’s damage absorption ability by 10%, for 10s. Then, we use the Targeted Impact trait to increase that Rend penalty to 15%. 

One of the misc. Traits are pretty handy if you can deal debuffs – or if you have an ally that can. Refreshing Throws makes our thrown hatchets against targets with an active debuff, reduces all cooldowns by 5%! Then from Hatchet, we’re using the familiar Berserk+4 traits and Raging Torrent. But we aren’t using its passive traits. Defy Death is also used because it’s just amazing. Being able to stick around and fight can’t be underestimated.

Abilities Used: Berserk, Raging Torrent, Rending Throw


Sword and Shield isn’t bad damage, either. Two of our abilities are damage-based, and the other is a damage-reduction ability, Defiant Stance. It gives you 30% reduced incoming damage for 8 seconds. It also gives you a bonus if your sword has a Carnelian Gem. If you have that, this ability also causes a 6s taunt to all enemies within 8m of you. It also uses the trait, Final Count Down, which increases the reduction by 20%, if you’re under 50% Health. It’s a steep cooldown though, at 45 seconds. Use it wisely!

As far as Sword & Shield damage, we use Whirling Blade, which is a spin attack dealing 145% weapon damage. It also causes a 5% Rend for 10s, thanks to Opportunity. Can be great for Refreshing Throws. Reverse Stab is a stabbing attack with our sword for a meaty 175% weapon damage hit. Unstoppable Stab also now grants it Grit, so it can’t be stopped. We’re going to also want Tactician to reduce all of our Sword cooldowns by 25% on a successful Reverse Stab. That’s going to make it much easier for us to deal damage in this form. We’re also going to take advantage of our passive Ultimate, Leadership. It gives all group members a 10% damage buff, while you’re holding a sword.

Abilities Used: Reverse Stab, Whirling Blade, Defiant Stance.


Hatchet Skills:


Berserk – On The Hunt, Berserking Refresh, Berserking Purge, Uninterruptible Berserk

Raging Torrent – 

Misc. Talents – Against All Odds, Frenzied Purge, Fortifying Strikes, Defy Death (Ultimate)


Rending Throw – Targeted Impact

Misc. Talents – Critical Throw, On Fire, Rejuvenating Crits, Refreshing Throws, Exploitation, Boot and Rally

Sword+Shield Skills:


Whirling Blade – Opportunity

Reverse Stab – Unstoppable Stab, Tactician

Misc. Talents – Opportunist, Empowered Stab, Achilles Heel, Freeing Justice, Counter Attack, Leadership (Ultimate)


Defiant Stance – Final Count Down

Misc. Talents – Sturdy Shield, Elemental Resistance, Sturdy Grip, Defensive Training, Final Blow, Recuperation

Final Thoughts:

I like this build, but it’s not one I see myself using personally. Not crazy about being a tank, but I can see the value of it when soloing. Especially if you spend a lot of time making potions and food – you can heal with those, while swapping between weapon styles as necessary. Hatchet’s great, Sword and Board are also very good. I did this with Spear/Sword and enjoyed it if I can be honest.

PVP: Great Axe/Hatchet Pulls ‘Em In and Breaks ‘Em:

Frankly, I don’t do a whole lot of PVP in New World. But if I do, I want to make sure I have a few things. In PVP, mobility is king. You want to be able to dodge, roll, and block to get ready. You want to attack on your terms, not theirs. For this reason, the Hatchet is one of the best PVP weapons. It and the Rapier are the best for me when you consider how mobile they both are. Hatchet’s also incredible damage, but it’s no match for the brute force of Great Axe. The Great Axe can pull people in, rewarding your ability to move. You position and let your opponent wear themselves out or misplay, then pull them in and crush ‘em.

Great Axe is such an amazing PVP weapon, but you typically aren’t very mobile with something like that. When I think Great Axe, I think heavy plate, but that’s not ideal in PVP. You can, but I would much prefer being mobile. That means Light Armor, so you can actually roll away. It’s not bad for killing regular enemies too, but I’ve watched players just mash unsuspecting players to bits with something like this.

Great Axe:

The Reaper build is the sole domain we focus on for this build. It’s very much a “Smash something to bits” role, which fits for me. If you’ve played League of Legends, this is going to feel familiar. Hello, Darius! Reap has you thrust your Axe forward and pull any enemies caught within 5m to you, and deals 110% weapon damage. It can also taunt monsters if you have a Carnelian Gem. We need a few traits to help with this, though. Let’s make it stronger! 

The Collector increases our Reap range to 8m, so we’re going to snap people up much easier. Fatal Attraction adds a little more flair to Reap for extra damage! After you pull, you do a spin attack to deal 115% weapon damage. Hunger will also heal you for 30% of the damage Reap does, so we’re going to be in an excellent position. Charge lets us run people down or chase them when they flee, moving 10m forward and deals 120% weapon damage. This damage triggers when you hit a target, or you press LMB, so it can trigger earlier. It’s also good to know that Charge is unstoppable, so you just have to accept it when it’s coming. You could dodge this attack, but that’s about it.

Frenzied Momentum will make it deal more damage based on how far we’ve travelled (up to 140%), and we have Unpredictable Strike. When the charge is going, you can press RMB to execute a swing attack that deals 140-165% weapon damage, based on how far you’ve travelled. This sounds like it will take some practice to really hammer people with, but we’ve got so much damage going on. But what about a nice, quality finisher? Execute deals 200% weapon damage, or 300% if the target is under 50% health, so we can just obliterate our foes with little effort. 

Unstoppable Greed makes Execute have Grit, so it’s unstoppable. Executioner is also picked up to make our Execute crit 100% of the time versus any target below 30% HP. Good. God. I’m also a fan of the Ultimate ability, Blood Lust. It makes you move 30% faster and deal 15% more damage when looking at a foe within 15m. They will not escape.

Abilities Used: Reap, Charge, Execute

The Hatchet:

Tired of hearing about The Hatchet yet? I mean, it is pretty amazing. It’s not an incredibly high-tier weapon for PVP itself – more about what/how you can move with it. Especially if you cancel animations. You can cancel the dodge animation by swapping your weapon for example. Suddenly you go from Great Axe to the Hatchet, and now’s a great time to pop Berserk, for example. You can also then cancel your attack animation or skill animations by swapping weapons. So you can pop into Hatchet, use one of the abilities like Feral Rush afterwards. 

You can then cancel animations to get back into Hatchet, dropping a new skill for this blog, Infected Throw. This throws an axe that deals 150% weapon damage and triggers a Disease. It also weakens the target for 5s, and Diseases reduces targets healing efficiency by 30%. Weaken reduces the target’s damage by 10%. We increase the duration of both of these to 8s through Mortal Power, and Aerial Transmission makes the Disease an AOE on impact that sticks around for 3s. Since weapon trees aren’t exactly huge, there is only a trio of abilities per tree. That’s perfectly fine, but that means we’re talking about Hatchet an awful lot. The other New World builds won’t – maybe.

We’re using Berserk to increase our attack damage by 20%, and Feral Rush to charge people down if they’re getting away. Our Berserk traits will give us 20% more movement speed (On the Hunt), Health Regen up to a cap of 30% over 4 seconds (Berserking Refresh), removing our CC effects when we trigger Berserk (Berserking Purge), and our attacks can’t be interrupted while Berserked (Uninterruptible Berserk). I absolutely love this. When you can easily animation cancel, you can berserk, cancel into a different weapon, and begin stomping through people. Feral Rush has two traits and we use them both – Dispatch (20% more damage on people 30% health or lower), and Crippling Strikes (roots targets hit from behind for 2s).

Abilities Used: Feral Rush, Berserker, Infected Throw


Great Axe Skills:

Charge – Frenzied Momentum, Unpredictable Strike

Reap – The Collector, Hunger, Fatal Attraction

Execute – Unstoppable Greed, Executioner

Misc. Talents – Greed, Executioner’s Speed, Death’s Embrace, Critical Gains, Frustration, Keen Edge, Feed, Critical Condition, Blood Lust (Ultimate)

Hatchet Skills:

Feral Rush – Dispatch, Crippling Strikes

Berserk – On The Hunt, Berserking Refresh, Berserking Purge, Uninterruptible Berserk

Infected Throw – Mortal Power, Aerial Transmission

Misc. Talents – Accumulated Power, Desperate Refresh, Against All Odds, Defy Death (Ultimate), Aimed Throw, Critical Throw, On Fire, Exploitation


The build I was looking at focuses primarily on Strength – Big surprise. You’re looking at 136 STR, and 19 CON. Our gear will be focused on +STR and +CON. We’ll also be putting some points into DEX, which is just fine by me. I feel better with more CON (more HP), but this is a very much ‘Be Quick or Be Dead’ sort of build. I like how intense it is.

Final Thoughts:

I really like this PVP build. If I were to focus on PVP at all, I probably would run something like this. I’ve already put effort into Hatchet, giving it a try at random during the time I was writing this. It really changed my mind and I see why people love it so much. Great Axe looks like it can really put in work in PVP. Some people prefer the War Hammer, and I also see that being viable, but I like hooking people and pulling them in. If you get the drop on someone, you could also use that pull to get people while they try to escape. 

PVP: Ice Gauntlet and Rapier Bring the Hurt:

Rapier and Ice Gauntlet is a build I enjoyed in PVE, but I think it has a lot of potential in PVP as well. My build didn’t have much in the way of Intel, whereas this one focuses completely on Intel and Con. That’s because I personally was more focused on Strength/Dex damage, and experimenting. I plan on resetting my talents before 20, so I can figure out where I want to focus. This build uses both Ice Magic trees, and primarily the agility of the Rapier’s Grace tree. That’s where all the real jumping and leaping comes in. The idea feels like to me, we’ll set up an icy ground and ice damage, and use Rapier to leap in or out as necessary. It’s a build I’m vaguely acquainted with, but I used different abilities as I was still pretty green.

We’re going to overwhelm them with damage before they ever get to us. Ice Storm to hit them hard and slow them, Ice Shower to root them again and slow them, hitting them constantly. If they manage to get in, we can swap to Rapier and leap to safety, swap again, and resume the damage. If our CDs are lacking, we can use Entombed to be invulnerable/increase our mana regen. 

Ice Gauntlet:

Oh, Ice Gauntlet, it feels so powerful. It’s a gauntlet that fires a bolt of ice at a target, and we have a few ice magic spells to go with it. First up is Ice Storm, which hits for 17% weapon damage every .25s, and slows enemies within a 5-meter radius frosted area. It has a 25% slow, 20-meter range, and a 5second duration. Weakening Gust is one of the traits, and increases the damage by 10% for 3 seconds to enemies in Ice Storm if below 50% health. 

Storm Summoner makes the mana cost go down by 80% if you’re at full mana, which is an amazing start to a fight. Punishing Storm increases damage by 10% for each enemy in Ice Storm, making it great for PVE, or if you get overwhelmed in PVP – or you catch a group by surprise.

If we can follow up with Ice Shower first, it’s going to really add up. Ice Shower summons a shower of ice that makes a frosted area of about 1×5 meters. Enemies that enter it will be Frostbitten, which roots for 1 second, blocks all sprinting and dodging, slows speed by 50%, and will remain on the target for 3 seconds after exiting the Shower Area. So we put these two together for as much damage as humanly possible.

We can make Ice Shower last for 7s, thanks to Enduring Shower. Then we combine that with Quick Shower, which makes all allies (including you!) get a 25% speed boost for 2s when entering the Ice Shower. You set these up, swap to the Rapier if you want to go in and just slap them with damage, and bounce out. We also use Frigid Showers, which applies Rend to your target, reducing their defense by 10%.

Finally, our third spell is Entombed. We encase ourselves in Ice and are Invulnerable, also gaining rapid mana regen. It has a timer of 10s, and can also be destroyed. You can exit it early with RMB, or break out by pressing LMB. That causes a damaging knockback, for 20 mana. Depends on what you need more! We also use Strengthened Tomb, which increases the defense by 25% for 3s, after breaking out – so I guess we’ll want to shower people in ice way more often! Our ultimate ability for sure helps, Ultimate Chill. It makes our idea abilities chill targets. This increases ice damage they take by 35% for 3 seconds. Time to . . .Chill out.

Abilities Used: Ice Shower, Entombed, Ice Storm


Evade pretty much sums up our need for Rapier. We need to be mobile in PVP. Evade has us pop a sidestep in the direction we’re moving, and it cancels all activity and provides brief invulnerability. If you make a Light Attack during Evade, it’s done incredibly fast. We can use Breathe In with this, to gain 20 stamina immediately upon use, making it likely we can continue to roll. Allegro gives us 20% movement speed for 3 seconds upon Evading. Adagio gives us 15% increased damage on our next light attack if we Evade forward. This ends on hit or after 1 second. 

Crescendo gives our successful light attacks Cooldown Reduction by 30% for each individual hit. Nothing more frustrating than watching someone Evade over and over. Evade only has a 6s cooldown, so we can keep using it while poking. Riposte gives us a defensive stance for 1 second. If we’re struck during it, we counter, and stunning them briefly for 1.5 seconds, and are briefly invulnerable. This skill also has a 4s taunt if we’re using a Carnelian Gem. This is for monsters only. 

Fleche is our final ability for Raptor and has us Lunge forward for 10m, in a stabbing motion. It pierces enemies for 145%. We can also use this to lunch away if we turn in another direction. The Quick Lunge trait reduces the cooldown by 80% if we kill with this ability. Backside gives our next crit damage increased by 15% after using Fleche. This will stay around for 5s after using the skill. Finally, Interruption lets us use Light Attack during Fleche to stop the ability and perform a static, continuation attack for 115% damage. Should be interesting to see if you can cancel the ability right as the first hit goes through.

We also want to make sure and pick up Momentum as an ultimate. It gives us 25% increased damage on your next light or heavy attack after performing an ability. It rewards useful placement of abilities and ends on hit/after 3 seconds. Nothing like suddenly blasting someone with a single crit, because you lept near them.

Abilities Used: Evade, Riposte, Fleche


Ice Gauntlet Skills:

Ice Storm – Weakening Gust, Storm Summoner, Punishing Storm

Ice Shower – Enduring Shower, Quick Shower, Frigid Showers

Entombed – Strengthened Tomb

Misc. Talents – Gathering Storm, Critical Frost, Critical Rejuvenation, Cold Reach, Energized Critical, Heavy Freeze, Ultimate Chill (Ultimate), Quick Frost, Defiant Freeze

Rapier Skills:

Evade – Breathe In, Allegro, Adagio, Crescendo

Riposte – Insult to Injury, Priority, Lasting Consequence

Fleche – Quick Lunge, Backside, Interruption

Misc. Talents – Controlled Breathing, Engarde, Refreshing Strikes, Red Curtains, Swiftness, Momentum


Simple enough, this is an Intelligence focused build. We’re going to want 150 Int, 50 in Con, and the rest can be neglected. This will maximize our ice damage, and give us just enough HP to survive and kite people, so we’re safe. 

Final Thoughts:

This deck feels like a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed it in PVE, and I can see the appeal for PVP. You can drop a ton of ice to slow people and root them, leap in with a Rapier and just go ham on them with strikes. You can also just kite people with ice and slows, and if they get too close, swap to Rapier, hit a few times and bound away to safety. This build could grow to be infuriating.

PVP: What is a Paladin? Life Staff and Warhammer Seals the Deal:

If I’m going to PVP, I want to be secure in the knowledge that people can’t stop me from doing my job. I tend to play as support in games where I PVP. Heavy Armor, heals, big hammers. You know, a Paladin! You can do exactly that in New World, and it’s one of the more enjoyable New World builds to try out. It’s a Focus-supported build, where we’re after Heavy Armor and a decent amount of CON. Why the Warhammer though? It’s going to pair our heals with lots of CC to stop any other attackers or threats to our front line. That’s why I love it! We can go on the front line and help our friends as well 

We debuff the enemies (and break their faces) and heal our allies. On top of that, the Warhammer does awesome damage! The Life Staff will also deal useful damage, while also healing our allies – and that’s really what we want here. Efficient use of time. 


The Warhammer is awesome. It’s slow but hits like a bus. It has stuns, debuffs, and again, damage. We’re going to use abilities from both Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher, but the focus is going to be Juggernaut. Armor Breaker is a huge hit that ignores 35% of the target’s armor, and also deals 140% damage. With Indomitable, it gains Grit (Unstoppable), and Lasting Trauma will give it Rend on top of that. That makes the target’s damage absorption be reduced by 15% for 10 seconds. 

Then we have Mighty Gavel, which is a leaping attack that crushes our enemy. This is our big damage move, as it deals 160% weapon damage. Most of our talents for this build are here. Summary Judgment rewards us for hitting targets under 30% HP. It will increase the damage done by this attack by 20%. It also increases Stamina Damage done by Mighty Gavel by 25%, thanks to Impact Fracture. Expedite also grants you haste for 3 seconds by 30%, after a successful Mighty Gavel through Expedite. Our biggest talent, Justice for All is tied to this. You press Basic Attack during Mighty Gavel to add a second attack that deals a solid amount of damage.

Shockwave slams the Warhammer down which causes a 3-meter radius AOE earthquake for 80% weapon damage. It Stuns the targets for 2 seconds and also is Taunt Gem compatible. The Frailty talent makes the attack also cause Weaken, lowering the damage dealt by the target by 10% for 10s. Then we slap on Meteoric Crater, which adds a bit more range (increases the range for 4s). We get quite a few bits of control over our opponent, as well as slamming people around. But that’s not all we do in this build.

Abilities Used: Armor Breaker, Mighty Gavel, Shockwave

Life Staff:

We can also heal our allies for a significant amount! You’ll be familiar with Sacred Ground likely; we talked about it in previous New World builds. You create an Aura on the ground that lasts for 15s and heals 20% of your weapon damage every second. We also pair it with Holy Ground to regenerate Stamina and Mana 100% faster inside the field, and it increases all healing by 50% while in it, thanks to Blessed. Since we can target this where an ally is standing, we can keep people alive in the heat of battle easily.

Light’s Embrace is a targeted heal for 100% weapon damage. It also grants 30% more for each buff on that target, but we don’t do many buffs. If that person has buffs of their own, that will help for sure. Inspire is one of the two talents we use here, which grants 25 Stamina back to whoever is healed with Light’s Embrace. Connection also helps, so when we heal a target with this, you gain 1% of your max mana for each buff they have. 

Finally, Beacon is our third spell. We shoot a light projectile that hits 146% damage to enemies, attaches to its target, and heals the nearby allies for 20% each second for 10s. What an amazing spell for our up-close combatant allies. Slap this on an enemy, and our Hatchet-wielding allies swarm and chop someone down. Infused Light will make the area of effect 50% larger, Radiance’s Blessing will last 5s longer, and Speed of Light also grants 20% for 3s, when it heals a target.

Abilities Used: Sacred Ground, Light’s Embrace, Beacon


Warhammer Skills:

Armor Breaker – Indomitable, Lasting Trauma

Mighty Gavel – Summary Judgment, Impact Fracture, Expedite, Justice for All

Shockwave – Frailty, Meteoric Crater

Misc. Talents – Epitome of Bonk!, Exhaustive Attacks, Power through Pain, Facilitated Expedition, Concussive Impact, Prevailing Spirit, Acceleration, I Can Do This All Day

Life Staff Skills:

Sacred Ground – Holy Ground, Blessed

Light’s Embrace – Inspire, Connection

Beacon – Infused Light, Radiance’s Blessing, Speed of Light

Misc. Talents – Absolved, Mending Touch, Blissful Touch, Enchanted Justice, Bend LIght, Protector’s Strength, Magnify (Ultimate), Glowing Focus, Protector’s Touch


Easily enough, 200 points in Focus for maximum healing effects. Then you’ll want Strength or Con for the rest – for my money, put points in Con, so we can survive hits. Since we’re wearing heavy armor, it should have plenty of Con to help too. 

Final Thoughts:

I’ve got a lot of love for this build. If you aren’t wild about Warhammer, you could easily swap it for Sword and Shield, but I like the Warhammer. I like to use Sacred Ground on myself in this New World builds so I can keep stamina going and healing going around. Light’s Embrace can be sort of spammed, and Beacon is the spell we target enemies who are on the way/are in melee with your allies. This is such a filthy build, and I’m a huge fan of it. 


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