The Best Moments From Jimmy Fallon’s Stream With Valkyrae, Corpse, and More

by in Entertainment | Apr, 8th 2021

A momentous occasion has happened as the latest celebrity has joined the game streaming hype train. The latest is Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, who recently hosted an Among Us stream on Twitch where he played the game alongside various personalities. 

Jimmy Fallon Stream Explained

The Jimmy Fallon stream was his first one on Twitch, where he showed off gameplay and matches of the extremely popular Among Us game live for millions of fans to watch. The stream had a dual purpose as both an entertainment segment but for charity as well.

The Jimmy Fallon stream for Among Us was meant to be a live stream that would then have some clips of it shown on The Tonight Show soon, but it was also there for the Feeding America charity as proceeds from the stream would raise money to allow for more food across the country.

Many celebrities and guests appeared for the Among Us live stream to help with the stream, including gaming personalities you likely know already. There was the host of The Tonight Show himself, Jimmy Fallon, and Tarik, Questlove, and Kirk. 

They were joined by the Among Us developer’s community director Victoria Tran and some well-known celebrities. There were the personalities that you might know of Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and Corpse Husband. But the group was also joined by some Stranger Things stars, including Galen Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp. 

How to Watch the Stream Now

The live stream went on for a total of just under an hour, with several whodunnit murder mystery Among Us matches that happened during that time for charity purposes. The 10 players in total competed in various matches on the original map for the multiplayer game. 

While the stream is over now, and there is no guarantee of when Fallon will return to his newfound Twitch channel to play some more games live, you might be wondering where you can watch the stream for yourself. Before we jump into some of the best moments and recap the whole thing, you might want to watch the action for yourself. 

The stream was hilarious, entertaining, and fun for everyone involved, including the fans who are watching. As such, you might not want to spoil some of the best moments from the Jimmy Fallon stream and see them organically for yourself. 

We understand that, and, thankfully, you can still watch the live stream right now in a couple of different ways. At the time of writing this, the Jimmy Fallon stream is still available in the past broadcasts section of his Twitch channel, which you can find here

Beyond that, there is also the likelihood that you will be able to watch some of the best moments from the stream on The Tonight Show next week when this segment airs on TV. We imagine that this segment will also be posted on The Tonight Show YouTube channel after that. 

So, it depends if you want the best parts of the stream or the whole thing. Whichever the case, you can still watch it at this time if you weren’t able to show up at the random time that the live stream happened earlier this week. 

Best Moments

Here is what happened for those of you who don’t mind being spoiled on some of the best moments from the Jimmy Fallon stream. One of the funnier moments happened early on in the stream when they first started the match. The stream immediately messed up, at least on Fallon’s end.

So, there is a big gap in what happens next, and then it jumps to see that the first body has been reported. This is the next great moment as the first person to die in the stream is none other than Fallon himself, who is taken out gloriously.

There are two imposters in total in the match. This first match is quite entertaining as the first killer is nailed down about midway through the match, but it is quite tough to figure out who the other is. The group is quite confused, leading to a narrow victory at the end of figuring out that Tran is the community manager for the game. 

Another great moment is later on in the stream when Fallon is a crewmate and is walking down the hallway by Admin. You can see the vent open in the corner, indicating that someone either left the vent in Admin or just entered it. 

Fallon seemingly doesn’t notice this happening but walks into Admin and finds Kirk standing atop the vent. He is immediately suspicious of this fact, calls a meeting, and Kirk is voted out as one of the killers. On the new Airship map, Fallon can become the killer for the first time alongside Kirk. He stumbles upon Corpse and Sykkuno in a room hiding together and kills Sykkuno to pin the blame on Corpse. It hilariously fails, though, resulting in Fallon voted out. 

In the final match of the event on Airship, it was quite funny that Fallon early on voted for Tran, noting that she was sus but wasn’t able to get everyone else on board. Meanwhile, around three dead people kept saying Valkyrae was an imposter, but no one listened, and in the end, it was both Tran and Valkyrae who were then able to win the final match. 


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