Best Games for Your iPad Mini 6: Apple’s A15 Bionic Excels at Everything

by in General | Nov, 19th 2021

It goes without saying, but Apple’s latest and greatest iPad Mini 6 really took the world by storm. We knew that a complete redesign was in the cards, but no one thought it’d look and perform as well as it does. And, naturally, a large number of people are wondering just how well does it handle today’s most popular games?

The short answer would be: with ease.

It’s a sublime tablet, really, one that is crafted with care and utmost attention to detail — as is so often the case with Apple’s products. And, even better, it comes with USB-C which is not only a welcome change but a wholly necessary one after years upon years of being “shackled” to Apple’s Lightning port, a proprietary solution that is neither practical nor fast.

And, as expected, most folks were immediately smitten by its looks, size, and overall performance. Now, in all fairness, the Mini 5 has very similar dimensions but the same cannot be said for its bezels which, of course, affect the “vibe” of the entire device. The Mini 6 is sleek and contemporary, with its forerunner sporting a noticeably more outdated aesthetic — one that was “old fashioned” even when it came out back in 2019.

Still, even though there’s a noticeable overlap between these two devices, most folks didn’t really try the iPad Mini from 2019 and have just now realized how phenomenal a small form factor tablet can be, a device that’s not only great for content consumption and web browsing but also a bit of gaming (or a lot, depending to your preference).

Performance for Days

With Apple’s A15 Bionic within its enclosure, the Mini 6 can trade blows with the very best mobile devices on the market and is no slouch when it comes to churning through the most popular titles out there — we’re talking about the Asphalts, Fortnites, and Genshin Impacts of the world.

With its bigger proportions, there’s a lot more room for the SoC to cool off or, rather, a lot more space for the heat to dissipate which, in turn, results in a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

And, frankly, with an 8.3″ screen, everything looks and feels better than it does on a regular-sized phone. It’s big enough for your content to “pop-off” and be legible, but still small enough for the whole device to be usable in one hand.

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The iPad Mini 6 feels better for gaming than regular-sized phones

Gaming on such a device is generally a sublime experience. Its IPS LED display might not be particularly jaw-dropping when compared to certain OLED panels but its blacks are still deep enough, its contrast ratios are still high, and with Apple’s True Tone and full DCI-P3 support, it’s more than sufficient for both everyday content consumption and hardcore mobile gaming.

Digital Card Games — A Perfect Choice for the iPad Mini 6

Playing games like Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and Magic the Gathering: Arena on the iPad Mini 6 is an astonishingly good time — it’s like the device was made for it! The A15 is incredibly powerful so there aren’t dropped frames and everything is as smooth as butter. Plus, with the bigger screen, your whole board is always sufficiently legible.

A tablet of this size is a much better fit for digital card games than any regular mobile phone — doubly so if you’re an MTG aficionado and tend to play drawn-out matches where the board becomes a barely discernible mess!

Anything That Falls Under the Battle Royale Genre

Unless you have a gargantuan mobile phone, playing battle royales like PUBG Mobile probably hasn’t been a spectacular experience. These games surely run well, but with your thumbs occupying nearly half the display, it’s probably a bit hard to see what’s happening in-game once the going gets rough.

Fortunately, a bigger display is more than enough to alleviate such an issue. And it’s not just the increased diagonal but the aspect ratio as well: Apple’s iPad Mini 6 sports a 3:2 ratio unlike most Android and iOS smartphones that hover around the 20:9 mark. There’s a lot more screen real estate at your disposal which, in turn, means you’ll have an easier time keeping track of what’s happening in-game.

A Stellar Way to Experience Genshin

The same goes for Genshin Impact, one of the most popular and graphically intensive titles on the market. Needless to say, it’s no match for the A15 Bionic, even on maxed out settings. We’re talking about a game that can bring most devices to their knees, but the A15 still has around 20% performance headroom even when those hectic battles commence and particles start flying around — a true testament to its sheer horsepower and overall efficiency.

Apple has once again created the absolute best SoC on the market, and there’s still not a game out there that can truly give it a “run for its money.” Still, that’s great news if you’re looking to buy an iPad Mini 6 as it basically means you’ll future-proof yourself for many years to come. And, well, more layered and graphically demanding games are on the horizon, so it’s good to have a bit of excess power — just in case.

Indie Titles Galore

There’s a truly staggering number of exceptional games all of which will run like a dream on the iPad Mini 6. That includes the age-old fan favorites like Minecraft, Call of Duty: Mobile, Alto’s Odyssey, Clash Royale, Monument Valley, Stardew Valley, Asphalt 9, Civilization VI, Among Us, Limbo, Dead Cells, Terraria, Inside, Don’t Starve, Bastion, Roblox, Brawlhalla, LoL: Wild Rift, Arena of Valor, and so on.

Not all of these titles can be categorized as “indies” but the point still stands: they’re all amazing and will entertain you beyond measure.

The only (temporary) “downside” is that most of them haven’t yet been updated for the iPad Mini’s unique resolution so you’ll have to live with black bars on both sides of the screen. Still, this is a minor issue and it should definitely be resolved in record time.

The iPad Mini 6 is an absolutely stellar option if you’re into mobile gaming although, to be fair, you could definitely save a few Benjamin Franklins and go for its predecessor (the one with the A12 Bionic), especially if you’re only looking to play “lighter” indie titles and digital card games. It might not be as sleek and beautiful, but it can still be found for cheap on the second-hand market so it’s definitely worth taking a look at.


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