Best Career Mode Players With High Potential in FIFA 22

by in Sports Games | Oct, 14th 2021

With another new FIFA game comes another set of high potential Career Mode players you can lure to your teams. This year, there are many changes to FIFA 22 CM, making player potential and growth options more dynamic than ever. You can also create your club, which has been a long-awaited addition. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s see which young players with high potential you should buy in your next FIFA 22 Career Mode run!

Best FIFA 22 Career Mode Players

We’ve divided 10 players into two categories based on their overall price at the start of the game. This will make it easier for you to pinpoint the players you’re going to buy. Let’s roll:


First off, we’re going to be checking out players that you can buy with lower-league teams without resorting to a financial takeover. These FIFA 22 career mode players are proper bargains. They have high potential and will develop into behemoths in just a few seasons. You can cash them out or keep them in your starting 11 – the choice is all yours! 

Jayden Braaf

We’re kicking things off with Jayden Braaf, a big future hope of the Netherlands and Manchester City. The 18-year-old winger has high/med workrates, 4/4 stars, and has a potential of 84. Best of all, he’s valued at just €1.6M and has €9K weekly wages at the start of the game. True, you’ll have to splash at least €2.5M to sign him, but it’s not that much when you consider his resell potential.

But, if you’re playing with a lower-tier team, this 64 OVR youngster should be in your squad rotation. He needs every minute he can get to reach his full potential. After roughly four seasons, you’ll be able to sell him for more than €20M, assuming you’ve given him enough time to play.

But, considering all his stats (especially wicked pace), if you’re playing with a lower-tier team, you might as well keep him. He’ll grow quickly, bring you much-needed penetration on the left wing, and score plenty of goals. He’s a proper bargain, one of the best Career Mode players this year, for me at least.

Dane Scarlett

Tottenham’s 17-year-old striker Dane Scarlett has 86 potential and is valued at just €1.5M and has €3.1K weekly wages. That’s superb, right? Yes, sir, it is, even more so when you consider his workrates are high/med. There are some downsides, though.

He’s rated just 63 at the start. On top of that, he has just three stars on both skill moves and weak foot. He’s not the best striker you can get for this money, but if you have a young team with plenty of squad rotation players, he’ll fit right in. Think about the resell value here – if you reach 80 with him in the next four seasons, he’ll be worth a ton!

Shola Shoretire

United’s Shola Shoretire is one of the most promising right-midfielders of his generation. The 17-year-old is rated 62 at the start but will quickly grow to 70+. If you don’t sell him at this price tag, you might as well keep him since he has great base stats for wicked box-to-box midfielders.

The four-star weak foot looks great, but three-star skill moves just can’t cut it for me, especially on the right side. Combine that with med/med workrates, and you’ll understand why I appreciate the resell value more than his actual in-game contributions.

Gregorio Gracia Sanchez

Espanjol’s 19-ear-old midfielder is rated 64 at the start but can develop to whopping 84. His release clause is set at €5-9M, which you’ll be able to quadruple within three(ish) seasons, even sooner if you give him plenty of time to play. 

The best thing about him is his pace. I know it’s not that important in midfield anymore, but the rest of his package is nicely rounded off, meaning his pace is what sets him apart from others. Develop it even further, and you won’t just have a golden boy on your hands but an important asset at the center of your midfield.

Aster Vranckx

We’re moving up in the world! This 18-year-old Belgian midfielder is going to be a valuable asset to every lower-tier team! Heck, even if you’re playing with a top-tier side, you can use this 67 OVR player in your cup matches or biweekly squad rotation.

His potential is capped at 85. He’ll set you back for €7M if you’re going to activate the release clause. Let me tell you right away; he’s worth every penny! Four-star weak foot, three-star skill moves coupled with high/high workrates, and impressive all-around stats, this guy can be turned into the next Witsel if given a chance, of course.

Expensive Long-Term Investments

If you’re starting with a top-division team and you’d like some long-term signings right away, these five players ought to be your cup of tea. Some of them are quite expensive, so you might have to use the financial takeover option to sign them right away.

Ryan Gravenberch

If you have around €50M for proper investment, Ajax’s Ryan Gravenberch will be worth your while. Flair, solid player, outside foot shot – three very important traits, and the 19-year-old has them all. Combine that with 4/4 stars and med/med workrate, and you got yourself an excellent all-around central midfielder.

That, combined with the fact he has just €10.5K weekly wage at the start, makes Gravenberch one of the best FIFA 22 Career Mode players! 

Ansu Fati

You ought to know Ansu Fati, the brilliant Spanish winger that aims to fill the void left after Messi’s departure to PSG. The 18-year-old has one of the highest potentials in FIFA 22, capping at 90. He’s just 76 at the start, though, meaning he won’t cost you a fortune. He’s valued at €17.5M, but you’ll have to splash out shy of €55 million to activate the release clause. Wages could be an issue since he’ll want a lot more than his starting €44K.

If you do end up signing him, though, you’ll be getting yourself a wicked futureproof talent. 4/4 stars, high/med work rates, and outside foot shot traits. He doesn’t have flair, though that shouldn’t be an issue considering the rest of his package.

Florian Wirtz

This 78-rated 18-year-old German midfielder has high/med workrates, 4/4 stars, and plenty of traits, including flair and outside foot shot. He’s a bit on the expensive side as far as the transfer sum goes, being valued at €29.5M. On the bright side, his wages shouldn’t be too demanding, leaving you plenty of room for maneuvers.

Wirtz is a joy to play with. His agility, balance, and vision are all over 80, and his dribbling, ball control, and short passing. His value will grow exponentially in the first three seasons and, with enough time to play and good ratings, you’ll be able to sell him for more than €100M. But he’s a world-class talent. I recommend using him in your starting 11.


I’m sure you’re familiar with Camavinga. The brilliant French central midfielder is the new Paul Pogba. He’s valued at €29.5M and has €43.5K weekly wages, but it will take roughly double that to sign him in your first season.

Overall, he’s not only a worthwhile investment for the long run. He’s also a great center midfielder who will control your matches’ tempo and create havoc with his passing skills. His overall is 78 but can rise to 89 in the span of just a couple of seasons. This 18-year-old might be an expensive investment, but with high/high work rates and great all-around stats, he’s a steal!

Gianluca Scamacca

Last but not least, Gianluca Scamacca. The 22-year-old Italian striker currently playing for Sassuolo in Italian Serie A is a good top-tier bargain. His starting overall is 74, with 84 potential. Valued at just below €10 million, he’s a great investment for your career mode club.

With proper training and playing time, you’ll be able to quadruple the transfer sum you paid for him. Realistically speaking, that’s the best-case scenario as he’s not the type of player that you’ll be able to score many goals with. 

He’s strong and good in the air, which is a plus if you’re a crosser, but if you love dribbling past defenders, Scamacca won’t be for you. He does have 4-star skill moves, but it doesn’t help his cause.


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