Top 10 Best CS:GO Teams Coming Into 2020 Season

by in CS:GO | Jan, 21st 2020

The DreamHack Open Leipzig, the first proper event of 2020, kicks off on January 24. Even though it’s not a top-tier event, the DreamHack Leipzig Open spectacle will still host a few solid teams, such as Renegades,, BIG, and North.

If DreamHack Leipzig is too small for you, then you’ll be focusing on the all-new BLAST Premier Spring 2020 season on January 31. That event brings forth the best CSGO teams out there, all of which belong to our comprehensive top 10 best CSGO teams in 2020 list located below.

World Power Rankings | Top 10 Best CSGO Teams

This is sort of like a top 10 countdown. We’ll start from the 10th spot and build our way to the best CS: GO teams out there.

I tried to be as objective as possible when making this list, but I’m still sure there are certain subjective thoughts etched into some of these entries. I’m also sure you guys will have strong opinions on my picks. It’s okay to have them as long as you’re not aggressively shoving them in everyone’s face.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the best CSGO teams in the 2020 preseason!

10. Ninjas in Pyjamas


Ninjas in Pyjamas’ 2019 season was a particularly messy one. Their biggest achievement came right at the end, placing third on BLAST Pro Series Global Final after losing to Team Liquid in the semifinals. Prior to that, NiP was basically invisible. Don’t get me wrong, they were always in the top 20, but rarely went better than top 10, especially in the second half of the year.

Plopski and twist are finally looking like the players we all know and love. Plus, now that THREAT has been assigned as NiP’s new coach (two weeks ago). Things are starting to look much better for the legendary Swedish side. Faruk Pita’s regime is done and dusted. It’s time for THREAT to rule over the coaching stick once again!

To finish on a brighter note, they’ll participate in the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring 2020 season, which ought to bring them back to the focus of top-tier CSGO.

  • Currently Ranking: 10th
  • Most Notable Achievements in 2019: 3rd on BLAST Pro Series Global Final
  • Key Player: F0rest

9. FaZe Clan

Faze Clan Logo

Thus far, we’ve been following the world rankings with perfect precision, two out of two. No worries, though. The entries start to differentiate right after this one. So, what can we say about FaZe Clan? Well, the European giant might not have been among the best CSGO teams in 2019 as it has been searching for a proper fifth man for the majority of the year. AdreN and NEO seemed like good options but were dropped in a timely fashion. Guardian’s departure took many by surprise, just like his replacement, broky, which was a relatively unknown name at the time.

The current FaZe Clan roster packs massive firepower. Whether we’re talking about sheer killing potential in NiKo and coldzera, or that extra bit of game sense and experience in olofmeister and rain, or the youth spirit in broky, FaZe Clan has it all. Even though they won two notable events in 2019 (BLAST Pro Series Miami and Copenhagen), I expect far greater things to come in 2020, and a much better overall placement than the ninth spot.

  • Current Ranking: 9th
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: Two BLAST Pro Series titles
  • Key Player: NiKo

8. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves logo

100 Thieves came back to CSGO by acquiring Renegades’ roster on October 31. Since the acquisition, 100 Thieves competed on three events and had a pretty good overall run. Right after the acquisition, 100 Thieves almost went all the way in Beijing, on the Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV event. They ended with the runners-up award after losing against Astralis in the grand finals.

Apart from that, jkaem and the boys qualified for the ESL Pro League and had a solid run (7th-8th finish) in Odense. Overall, Nadeshot and the board will have relatively high expectations from their CSGO endeavor in 2020. The thing is, I’m not quite sure if the current roster can be anything more than a tenacious top 10 competitor. It might just be me, but I don’t think the quality is there. These players do play well off each other, but if they want to be a proper top 5 contender and take a few trophies each year, I’m afraid they’ll have to invest in another top-flight player.

  • Current Ranking: 7th
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: 2nd on IEM XIV Beijing
  • Key Players: Jkaem and Liazz

7. Vitality

Team Vitality Logo

NBK is no more. After more than a year playing for the French side Vitality, the 25-year-old French CSGO legend said his goodbyes. Shortly after, he signed for OG and is looking to start off a new project with some resounding names in the roster. As for Vitality, they’ve had a solid season considering the fact ZywOo has been playing on its own for the most part.

The biggest achievement in 2019 is undoubtedly the ECS S7 Finals win in June. But, alongside that, Vitality had a few more exceptional outings, mainly referring to EPICENTER (winners), DreamHack Masters Malmo (2nd place), and ESL One Cologne (also 2nd place).

As I hinted above, the biggest problem of this Vitality roster is the fact that they’re still relying on ZywOo to do the dirty work. Yes, the 19-year-old French superstar was the leading player in all of their notable outings last year. Still, it isn’t fair to continually expect top-class performances from him, especially alongside players who are often failing to do their part.

  • Current Ranking: 6th
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: Winner of Esports Championship Series S7
  • Key Player: ZywOo

6. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere Logo

When talking about the best CSGO teams, you can never skip Natus Vincere! I’m not the biggest fan of the Russian/Ukrainian team, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Realistically, Natus Vincere has been the most dominant CIS side for quite some time. Led by one of the world’s greatest players, S1mple, Natus Vincere is always in the discussions when it comes to potential winners of the biggest events. Unfortunately, they are known for underperforming. Quite drastically, mind you.

As you all know, Zeus retired in September and GuardiaN was switched to make a comeback to Natus Vincere and take Zeus’ position. On paper, this move was a superb one for the CIS side. We all know Zeus was a fine IGL, but his aim was outright terrible. Now with Boombl4 handling the IGL role, GuardiaN, and S1mple were free to provide the killing havoc they all know and love. Plus, they had in-form electronic beside them, who was a consistently good figure for NaVi throughout 2019.

Unfortunately, even this new NaVi roster with Boombl4 and GuardiaN onboard hasn’t performed the way it was supposed to. Not a single win in roughly three months of playing together. The best result they got was a semifinal finish on ESL Pro League S10 Finals. I believe we can all agree this roster is capable of more.

  • Current Ranking: 8th
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: Winner of StarSeries Season 7
  • Key Players: S1mple and electronic


Fnatic Logo

It’s official: The legendary Swedish side is back in business! Even though Fnatic is a long way from their glory days, their recent campaigns suggest better things to come in 2020. Need I remind you, Fnatic finally won a proper tournament in 2019. Their fans had to wait till October for their favorite team to get another taste of success at the DreamHack Masters Malmo.

Roughly three weeks later, Brollan and the boys almost had another major title. Unfortunately for them, Evil Geniuses got in their way to winning the StarSeries Season 8 Finals. Even though Fnatic’s ECS S8 Finals campaign wasn’t the best (third/fourth finish), they ended the year on a high note with a grand finals finish on EPICENTER 2019. Mousesports was the team that took the title right in front of them. They’re coming right up at the fourth spot!

  • Current Ranking: 4th
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: DreamHack Masters Malmo
  • Key Player: Brollan

4. Mousesports

Mousesports Logo No Text

Mousesports has been one of the best CSGO teams in recent months. Even though they started 2019 on the wrong foot, thanks to roster alterations, the fallen European giants got back up on their feet and are looking outstanding.

Mousesports conquest began in late November when they won CSGO Asia Championships after beating the likes of EG and ENCE on their way to the trophy. The ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals followed shortly after. It’s one of their biggest achievements.

They almost went all the way at EPICENTER 2019 too, but were beaten by Vitality in what was a tightly contested bo3 contest with a wicked decider map. Overall, the current Mousesports roster is looking great. They’re in stellar form. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are among the biggest surprises of the inaugural BLAST Premier Spring 2020 season.

  • Current Ranking: 3rd
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: Winner of Intel Grand Slam Season 2
  • Key Player: EliGE

3. Team Liquid

Team Liquid had the perfect summer last year when their players established themselves as one of the best CSGO teams of all time! The boys in blue won seven notable trophies in three months. Yes, that includes the shiniest of them all, the Intel Grand Slam Season 2, which yielded $1 million in prize money that went straight to the players.

And when everyone thought Team Liquid was finally going to win a Major, Astralis showed up for the occasion and took it right in front of them. Yep, Astralis vs. Team Liquid in Berlin was probably the most highly anticipated quarterfinals of any CSGO Major Championship thus far. And it didn’t fail to deliver, that’s for sure.

Team Liquid was just never the same after their StarLadder Major “debacle.” Not only did they not win anything after the Major, but they also didn’t have any particularly fine outings either. I guess we can say runners-up finish on BLAST Pro Series Global Final and ECS Season 8 Finals were the only two decent campaigns after the Major.

In 2020, I honestly don’t expect much from Team Liquid. They’ll be a tough team to play against in the BLAST Premier Spring Season, but I don’t expect them to win any notable trophies. At least not anytime soon.

  • Current Ranking: 2nd
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: Winner of ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals
  • Key Players: Woxic and ropz

2. Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses Logo

HLTV has placed Evil Geniuses at the fifth spot, because of their recent decrease in form. EG deserves much better than that! They’re surely capable of much more than that, too.

After the acquisition in September, the former NRG roster took it upon themselves to become the best team in North America. Shortly after, they had a splendid run of form in which they won StarSeries Season 8 and ESL One New York. Not only was that enough for them to become the best team in NA, but the best team in the world, too.

In 2020, I expect even greater things from this Evil Geniuses roster. Yes, the scene will be even more competitive than before, especially with the likes of OG and Gen.G acquiring solid rosters, but I can only see Brehze, CeRq, and the boys continue to develop into world-class players. If they do, only the sky is the limit for EG in 2020, you’ve heard it here first!

  • Current Ranking: 5th
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: Winner of StarSeries Season 8
  • Key Players: Brehze and CeRq

1. Astralis


As if it was ever in question, Astralis is still the best CSGO team at the moment, and realistically the greatest CSGO team of all time! We’re talking about the team that won four Majors in total, with three consecutive titles and still running strong, hoping to make it four in Rio de Janeiro. The Great Danes finished the season off with six notable trophies, two of which are CSGO Major Championships, the biggest of the bunch.

Even though many predicted 2019 would be the end of their era, and in a way it was, Astralis came back stronger and conquered the show in Berlin the way they know best. Device was, once again, the complete player all year long. Even though there was a heavy competition at the top, I firmly believe Device is the best individual performer in all of 2019.

As for Astralis, I expect their new era to “consume” the first quarter of 2020, but I also expect another slip-up somewhere around summer. No matter how good you are, you’ll start to feel the burn eventually. The question is: Which team will show up for the occasion this time around? Will it be Team Liquid or another fierce competitor like Mousesports or EG? Only time will tell, I’m afraid.

  • Current Ranking: 1st
  • Most Notable Achievement in 2019: Winner of two CSGO Major Championships
  • Key Players: Everyone

Top 10 Best CSGO Teams Wrap-Up

That’s about it as far s our list of the best CSGO teams goes. Unsurprisingly, Astralis is at the top spot. The Great Danes’ era is still going strong, but it will be under extra scrutiny in 2020, due to plentiful heavyweight contestants.

If you want a different take on CSGO Power Rankings for early 2020, feel free to check out Thorin’s collaboration with Dexerto. If you’re looking for knowledgeable, stats-driven insight on CSGO, Thorin is the man to go to!

There’s still a bit of time to go until the first notable CSGO events of 2020. No worries, we’ll cover them in our usual Event Preview fashion. You can expect the first piece covering the upcoming DreamHack Open Leipzig to come in the next few days.

Until then,

Thank you for reading!


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