Best Call of Duty Players 2021: Who Is the CDL MVP?

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 17th 2021

The Call of Duty League is approaching the end of its year at the time of writing this. The normal season is over. All that is left are the playoffs, in which the best team of the season is crowned the new (or returning) champion. But this leaves us asking who the MVP of the year is and the best CoD players 2021?

Best CoD Players 2021 MVP List

In actuality, the most likely scenario is that MVP for the year is not necessarily someone who becomes champ. That was a little different last year, where the rookies on the Dallas Empire reigned supreme in the end and completely dominated the overall season. 

This year, it is a bit different as the rookies are still a dominant force, but it is more spread out with talent across all 12 of the Call of Duty League teams. Even on the worst teams, some amazing players showed their skills and deserve a better lineup when the 2022 season begins. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that the CDL comes up with its MVP for the season and one for the playoffs, but we have our list, just like we did for the 2020 season where we declared the best players for that year. This is completely separate from the official list and will likely differ in some areas. 

Before we get to our picks for the best CoD players in 2021, it is worth going over the five picks that the CDL has nominated for the season. A whopping three of them are the Atlanta FaZe, which is honestly no surprise since that team has ruled almost the entire season, Shotzzy from Dallas, and Cammy from Toronto Ultra. 

I think these are almost your top three teams in the CDL (I do not think that Dallas is number three in my books this year), so, understandably, the MVP list would be full of players from them. If I were to pick from this group, I would select Simp as the best player of the year. 

But is Simp also our pick for the 2021 CDL MVP in our best CoD players 2021 list? That is something that you will have to wait and see. We have compiled our list not just based on K/D but also leadership, improvements, consistency, communication, teamwork, key plays, and more. 

Many elements go into selecting the best CoD players 2021 list, so it should be mentioned that we tried to keep the list down to one player per team or two for the very top squads that deserve it. This list is also in no particular order or ranking, except for the MVP at the end. 

Rookie of the Year

But before we get to the best CoD players 2021 list, I have something else that I want to do first: select the rookie MVP of the year. 2021 had many MVPs, but I would argue not enough, honestly, and they were well spread out this time across many of the CDL teams. 

You have players like Insight from the Toronto Ultra, Standy from the Minnesota Rokkr, Hydra from the New York Subliners, and more. These players shifted the state of their teams and helped them to rise beyond what they would have been otherwise. 

It is also important to shed light on these players since they may not make it to the best CoD players 2021 list below. They are just starting, though, and have so much potential that I cannot wait to see where they go from here.

I’ll go ahead and say that my rookie MVP for the 2021 season is Hydra. In overall K/D (via Breaking Point), Insight slightly edges out over the other newcomers for the season, but it is not all about stats. After all, Insight benefited from being on a consistently spectacular team this year, whereas this other contender was on one of the more inconsistent teams.

That rookie MVP of the year that we have selected is Hydra from the New York Subliners. Coming in at fifth place in the overall season in terms of K/D, Hydra is not only one of the deadliest SMGs in the entire business right now but also a star player. 

I would argue that he is unequivocally the best Subliners player and one of the season’s stars. He is also one of the most consistent in the season in a fantastic way. The Subliners are a great team that I once considered one of the best contenders for champs this year, but they have since fallen.

But no matter how bad this team does, Hydra has excelled and been a leader in the team, despite just coming over here from France and the many obstacles his team has faced. He has been unwavering this entire time and is the player I look forward to seeing more from in the future. 

Best CoD Players 2021: Simp

Starting off the best CoD players 2021 list is Simp from the Atlanta FaZe. If I had to pick a runner-up for the MVP this season, it would be him. Everything about Simp breeds excellence, such as his stats, power, skill, and the plays that he commands. 

There is no better SMG player out there. Simp may have just had his best season yet. Though the ending for Atlanta was not great in Stage 5, everything else was immaculate. Simp is an unstoppable force. He has not even reached his peak yet, giving him tons of potential to become the greatest player of all time one day. 


Hailing from the Toronto Ultra is our second pick in CleanX. Toronto has the best teamwork, hands down, in the league. Much of that is because of CleanX. This unbelievably talented SMG player plays smarter than almost anyone else on this list. 

CleanX does not always go into a match looking for kills, but rather, the opening for turning the tables to clear the way for his teammates. I think he is arguably the most underrated player on this list, but Toronto would not be as successful without his overwhelming talent. 


The Florida Mutineers had a lot of tragedy before the season started, which carried over into one of the roughest performances we’ve seen this year. Owakening was thrust into a leadership role, even though he is still relatively new himself. 

One of my favorite players from last year, Owakening was put in an extremely tough situation and did the best he could. His team struggled at times and made huge upsets at other times, but he was the steady, calm, cool, and collected player no matter what they faced. Owakening is one of the most cool-headed and wise players in the game, an extremely rare asset that will hopefully turn out better for him next year. 


Similar to Owakening’s situation are Octane and the Seattle Surge team. For most of the entire 2021 season, they were undoubtedly the worst team in the league, despite the immense talent on the roster. But even when his teammates were faltering, Octane always dominated. 

It is crazy that the worst team would have one of the best K/D players, but that was the case. Octane is consistently amazing, no matter what his roster is. That persistence paid off on LAN. Unfortunately, it was too late, but LAN proved that Seattle and Octane could have very well turned out much differently had it all been in person. Octane is one of the vets. There is still so much talent left in him, so here’s hoping he gets a better chance to show it next year. 


Speaking of players getting put in unfortunate situations, we have Vivid. One of last year’s rookies, I sang his praises all year long in 2020, despite being on the poor-performing Los Angeles Guerrillas. I hoped this year would turn out differently for Vivid and the Guerrillas, but that was not the case. 

No matter what, though Vivid was one of the best players in the business, he was rightfully deserving of his acquisition by the Dallas Empire. I believe he was the best player on the roster this year because even when the rest were still struggling, he showed his consistency in doing amazing and being a champion-like player in his own right. 


In terms of the players who were the most underused this year, I would give that to Drazah, someone who I also praised last year for doing well on a team that was not that great. The troublesome leadership at 100 Thieves still chose to drop him from the main roster at the start of the season. 

That was a huge mistake from the start. It showed in the Thieves’ performance. Fortunately, that was rectified eventually. The LA Thieves look better than ever with Drazah as a permanent member. There is still so much talent in this newer player that we have yet to see. He is unbelievably far from his peak. Here’s hoping that the Thieves do not make the same mistake in sleeping on the player who has the potential to be their best by a long shot. 


Our rookie MVP of the year, without a doubt, has a place on this list. I’ve already praised Hydra considerably, but he is a player who came in part way through the season and quickly elevated the Subliners to the peak of their 2021 season. 

With his unwavering talent no matter the circumstances, I believe that Hydra has the strongest potential out of any player in the Call of Duty League right now. Even early in his career, he is among the best. We are still so far from seeing everything he can do. Hydra is the most important newer player to watch in 2022.


Representing the OpTic Chicago team is their newest member this year and that Dashy. Bruce was a player who had a rough season last year, mostly because of the problematically inconsistent OpTic Gaming LA, and he finally got his recognition this year by being invited to the “real” OpTic team. 

In my opinion, he was the best player on the OpTic team as, once again, he was the player who kept going and doing his best even when OpTic was having one of their worst seasons ever at one point in 2021. However, he and the rest of the team improved, and they ended the season as one of the best in the league and no small part due to the overwhelmingly accurate killer that is Dashy. 


Arcitys getting kicked from Chicago last year was one of the best possible events to happen to him as he was, fortunately, picked up by the best team in the league: Atlanta FaZe. There, he has experienced his best season ever and showed that he is one of the best AR players in the league. 

Arcitys is one of the smartest and craziest players in the league. This man’s plays are outstanding. You can never truly guess what he will do next. His ability to read a situation, find a crazy angle that no one has seen before, and take out his opponent is unparalleled. All the while, he is one of the calmest, most lovable players in the game, creating one of the most talented players in the league in 2021. 

Our CDL 2021 MVP: Attach

My pick for the CDL 2021 MVP is Attach. Dillon “Attach” Price of the Minnesota Rokkr is our pick for the year’s most valuable player. To see the Minnesota Rokkr go from the possibly worst team last year to one of the best this year is a comeback tale that is no small part due to the talented roster that includes Attach. 

A veteran who is always relaxed, sharp, good-looking, and flexible, Attach is the quintessential Call of Duty player. He has talent just like the others on this list and the wisdom and versatility to use that skill in the best way possible, which sets him apart this year. 

This was his best season in his storied career. It shows that he may not have reached his peak just yet. Attach is a playmaker like no one else. He did not let down when the pressure was on in some of the most important moments and matches of the season. His positive personality and terrific professionalism make him this year’s MVP and a true face of the Call of Duty League in 2021. 


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