Best Android Gaming Tablets 2021: Samsung Galaxy A7, Amazon Fire HD

by in General | Nov, 6th 2021

One of the most successful parts of the business is the mobile side of video games. Mobile gaming has become a global phenomenon and one that many companies are itching to get into, leading to some truly amazing games that can be played on the best Android gaming tablets 2021. 

Tablets Are an Excellent Alternative, Kid-Friendly Place to Game

In general, tablets are among the best places to play mobile games, like the overwhelmingly popular Genshin Impact, since they have a lot going for them. While it might be odd for someone to have both a mobile phone and tablet simultaneously, there are many reasons why you would. For some, it might be the fact that tablets are generally larger. 

For others, there might be a lack of storage or the price point that makes sense to have a cheaper mobile phone and a more powerful tablet that is relatively cheap at the same time. Still, for others like myself, there is the venture of having a mobile device that is iOS or Android, and a tablet that is the opposite, therefore, having the best of both worlds.

And then there is one of the most important facets of the best Android gaming tablets 2021, regarding kids. For many parents, giving their young kids their very own cell phone might be, understandably, scary thought and one that they are not quite ready for at this time, so a table is great for check out the latest season of Fortnite

Or simply giving a phone that has only texting and calling available on it. Therefore, the best Android gaming tablets 2021 come into play for allowing the kid to have a more recreational device where they can play mobile games, watch shows on various streaming apps, and browse YouTube Kids. Overall, gaming on Android tablets is a very great place to do it. 

Best Android Gaming Tablets 2021

As such, we have come up with the best Android gaming tablets 2021 list that you should know about at this time. These are the very best gaming tablets mainly focused around the Android OS, rather than iOS or the Microsoft Surface devices, that you should know about. 

When coming up with the best Android gaming tablets 2021, we selected 10 devices that we think are the best that you can find in the mobile space this year. Some were selected for the premium factor, others for the gaming focus, and still more for their budget-friendly nature. 

There were a lot of factors that went into making the best Android gaming tablets 2021, so there is no definitive ranking. Instead, we mainly just listed them in no particular order. We also tried to have a wide range of tablets here that can appeal to very different groups. 

Some will appeal to the adults who wish to have the best gaming experience possible on Android, no matter the price, while others are for saving money, and others are there for those who want a sturdy product. We also think a couple of them are great for kids to help the parents out there. Without further ado, here are the 10 best Android gaming tablets 2021 that you need to know about. 

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Starting off this list, we have a real banger with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet. While this list was made without a particular order in mind, this is, without a doubt, our pick for the best overall tablet that you can purchase right now for gaming on Android. 

Samsung is the king of Android devices for a reason and that does not stop with the phones it makes. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a masterful device that blends the power that you would want from a dedicated gaming tablet and the price that does not wreck the bank. 

The battery life is amazing for its entry-level competitors. The performance is solid enough, even if it is not the best possible graphics. It is all bundled together in a compact design. If you’re looking to save some money but not lose out on gaming potential on mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the one for you. 

2. Amazon Fire 7

Another affordable tablet is up next with the Amazon Fire 7. Though technically not an Android product in the traditional sense since it runs on the Fire OS, it is still similar enough and one that is worth considering for certain tablet-seekers out there. 

The Amazon Fire 7 is not only the cheapest tablet on this list at roughly $50 for some. It is also one of the first that is meant for kids. Parents will be happy with the extremely inexpensive price point and that it can play some games, though not as good as some other hardware. 

The extremely low price does come with some immense drawbacks that should be considered, like the small storage space, lack of game selection compared to Android tablets, and the fact that the cheapest model has ads built in to make up for the price. But, for some, it might be a great first tablet for a kid. 

3. Dragon Touch Max10

The next tablet on this list is another budget-friendly entry with the Dragon Touch Max10. While not nearly as renowned or as much of a household name as Samsung and Amazon Fire tablets, it is a worthy contender for a low-price mobile gaming experience.

What is most notable about this tablet outside of the price is its design, ensuring that it is quite hefty and can withstand some ongoing use quite well, and the battery life. While the latter will not outpace some of the pricier tablets, it is noteworthy compared to other similarly priced devices. 

You will have some compromises in this regard, though, as most games will run decently well, but you will not be able to take full advantage of the visuals in them, likely requiring lower settings for the most demanding games out there. 

4. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

This company lives and breathes Android tablets, playing host to many different models and price points for Lenovo. One of the cheapest fantastic varieties for those looking for something on a very tight budget, we have the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

There are many customization options for this tablet, giving you some choice in making it slightly more powerful or giving it more storage while still saving a lot of money compared to other tablets. No matter what you pick, though, it has a solid octa-core processor that will be good for gaming. 

The lower price you are paying for this product does come with some notable drawbacks. For one, the battery is nothing to write home about, and the actual gaming performance can leave something to be desired for more demanding games. However, for someone who occasionally enjoys mobile games on a bigger screen than a phone, this is a decent, cheaper choice. 

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

The second of the three Samsung Galaxy products on this list is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. A bit older than most of the other gaming tablets on this list, the Tab S6 Lite is important because of the neat space that it carves in the middle of most of these devices.

In comparison to the newer entry in its lineup, it is not nearly as expensive, but at the same time, it is more powerful than the A7 that we mentioned earlier. In this way, it fills out a nice middle spot that makes it a jack-of-all-trades and master of none in a way. 

A select group of people will want more power than the A7 but not a terrifying asking price like the more recent S7 Plus, and the Tab S6 Lite will fill that niche nicely with its thoughtful design, solid performance, and great battery life. 

6. Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

One of the newest tablets on this best Android gaming tablets 2021 list is the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus. Yet another tablet in the ever-growing, massive lineup of Lenovo products (hence the three on this list alone), and the next one is the Tab P11 Plus. 

While not the best Lenovo tablet you can find, it is an interesting one with the premium feel of what the company is known for. With RAM kicking in at 4GB and an 11-inch display, it is a solid choice for some users out there. 

Overall, there is nothing too special about the Lenovo Tab P11 Plus outside of the impressive eight-core CPU. Because of the jack-of-all-trades nature, it is on this list, looking and playing great while not taking too much money out of your bank account. It’s an overall standard solid choice. 

7. Huawei MediaPad T5

Coming in slightly cheaper than most other gaming tablets here, we have the Huawei MediaPad T5. Another entry-level tablet that you can find for around the $200 price mark, it has a fair eight-core processor, a good screen, and a very impressive battery for this price. 

You will get a ton of gaming time out of a full charge on this device, likely upwards of around the 10-hour mark, which is great at this price level and when compared to other popular devices that can barely handle half of that battery life. 

At the same time, though, it does have some cutbacks to be as cheap as it is, including a measly 2GB of RAM, which barely cuts it. However, it is a great starter tablet that might be worth checking out for first-time buyers or even maybe kids. 

8. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Speaking of kids, the number one best entry-level tablet meant for kids is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. Similar to the other Amazon Fire that we mentioned, it runs on Amazon’s OS, not fully being an Android tablet like the other ones. 

However, it is a highly recommended option for parents of younger kids for a first-time tablet since it is built for just that. It is extremely cheap, is built very sturdy for kids who are liable to drop their devices consistently, and has the parental features you would want from it. 

The only downside is the price that can be upwards of nearly double some of the regular Amazon Fire models, so, for some, that might make the less kid-centric line more interesting. Again, the app selection  

It is limited compared to the more open Android platform on other tablets, but it is serviceable enough for a great birthday or holiday gift. 

9. Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

The third and final Lenovo product on this list is also the very best one, in our opinion overall. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 is no slouch, costing a decent amount but gives you some great bang-for-your-buck that more than makes the purchase worth the cost. 

Definitely not as expensive as some of the tablets on this list. It is a slightly cheaper premium tablet that includes some hefty power and visuals. The Snapdragon 870 5G is included, alongside 8GB of RAM that will make playing most, if not all, mobile games a breeze. 

The 13-inch display is beautiful and large, allowing for nice visuals no matter what game or show you are playing or watching. It is one of our favorites on this list, though it is one of the heftier-looking and feeling tablets at nearly two pounds in weight. This is a great choice if you can get past that and do not mind spending upwards of $700. 

10. Samsung Galaxy S7 Tab Plus

Finishing off this list, we are coming full circle with ending how we started: another Samsung Galaxy tablet. This time, though, we have the exact opposite of our first entry with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tab Plus, one of the most premium models on this list and also one of the best. 

Overall, we would consider the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tab Plus the runner-up for the best gaming tablet you can buy in 2021, after the A7 that brushes by just with its price. If you have no concerns about the amount you are spending, this is the tablet to get.

With a stunning AMOLED screen that makes colors, games and shows pop on it, the nice storage, and the top-end insides to maximize your gaming potential, this is truly the one for those who spend dozens of hours a week playing demanding mobile games. The price, almost triple that of its A7 cousin, is the only real drawback, but it is recommended if the nearly $700 price tag is fine with you. 


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