BenQ ScreenBar Plus Review – The Desk Light to Save Your Eyesight?

By Isaac Chandler

July 12, 2019


BenQ ScreenBar Plus Review

Disclaimer: This Benq ScreenBar Plus review was not a paid sponsorship, we only received a copy of the product to review.

BenQ ScreenBar Plus Review

BenQ ScreenBar Plus Review Pros and Cons

Desk lighting has become a serious issue over the last two decades, as the rise of computers has made the traditional desk lamp much less effective in keeping your space lit as screens, keyboards, and other accessories have begun to fill the space.

Much of that lighting has been replaced with light from our computer screens, but long periods of time staring at a screen can seriously damage your eyesight and cause fatigue from the difference in screen and room brightness.

BenQ is looking to answer this problem with its latest product, the BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp (ScreenBar Plus for short). The company recently reached out to us and sent one over to test and review and we have to say: we loved it!

The video version of our BenQ ScreenBar Plus Review

The Packaging

While Jake struggled a bit with it in our video above, the packaging itself is actually rather easy to open, with two round seal-stickers. The box itself is pretty standard for a computer accessory, with a nice plastic shell over a cardboard case, inside of which you’ll find the product neatly wrapped in plastic on top of a plastic insert. Of interest to note is that the cardboard case does not have a lid outside of the sleeve, though the entire box-shell combo was wrapped in plastic when we got it.

Inside the box is the LED light bar, the dial to control the light with an attached micro-USB/USB cable to plug into both the computer and light, a slip of paper explaining what each button on the dial does, and the hook to attach the light to the screen.

The Product

The product itself has a nice light gray plastic finish on the hook and dial front shell, almost matte-black but without the smudge-attracting side effect that sort of finish usually brings. The hook itself is a surprisingly heavy 1.5 lbs and has a flexible hinge to adjust for thicker monitors.

The dial itself is nice stainless steel, with a silver plastic running around the side, all of which appears to be coated in something that is preventing smudging. The dial controls the light’s brightness and temperature and has a light sensor and auto dimming function to allow it to automatically adjust the lighting in naturally lit rooms.

The light itself has the same silver finish encasing it and runs and runs a surprisingly small 17.72 in. in length. The light provided an excellent illumination of the desk we tested it on, balancing the room lighting there with the monitor’s light and putting less strain on our eyes.

We did, however, struggle a bit on another wider, multi-monitor setup we also checked it with, as glancing over at the side monitors still met us with less balanced lighting between the monitor and its surrounding space, indicating you may need an extra light bar or two for those sort of setups. For a standard single monitor, however, it works fantastically.

The light is powered by the dial-attached micro-USB/USB cable that connects both devices to the computer for power. The cable worked perfectly fine for our standard setup, but at a little less than five feet in length strained a bit to reach our bit more distant multi-monitor, high-desk setup. Again though, for your average desk, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Final Score

The BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading Lamp is a long-named, but fantastic little monitor light that is sure to bring more balanced lighting to your computer-desk space. While it struggles a bit with more extreme desk setups, more standard arrangements will be pleasantly enhanced by its controllable lighting, and its anti-smudge finish will keep it looking nice and pristine for years to come.

We give it a solid ★★★★✰

Thanks for stopping by our BenQ ScreenBar Plus Review! If you would like to purchase your own you can do so via this link or the Amazon button below.

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