Battlefield 2042 Features We Want to See When It Releases

by in General | Oct, 12th 2021

Battlefield 2042 is the sixth mainline entry in the Battlefield series from DICE and EA, bringing us into the near future. After Battlefield V, it looks like DICE is done with the historical warfare for now, and will be bringing the franchise back into the modern-day, and this time more than 20 years from now with the new Battlefield 2042 features.

What We Know About Battlefield 2042 Currently

Before we jump into the Battlefield 2042 features that I would like to see come out for the game, it is important to go over what we know about the game currently. At this time, it is scheduled to release on October 22, 2021, making for one of the major blockbuster first-person shooter titles this year.

It will be available across both the current-gen consoles and the last-gen ones as well, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One, and PC. Furthermore, players are now able to pre-order the game early before its release and can participate in the upcoming open beta experience.

What is interesting about the sixth mainline game in the series is that it is going to be bigger than ever before, but only for those who are on the current generation of video game consoles. Players on the past generation of consoles will only experience up to 64 players per match.

However, if you are on PC or the newer consoles, you will be able to experience up to a whopping 128 players per match. While that is still less than the number of people in a Call of Duty Warzone battle royale match at times, this is something that is seen and felt in the maps themselves.

This means that maps will be so large that in the typical Conquest game mode, there will now be sectors of maps that teams will be fighting over. You will need to control all of the points in an entire sector to then have control of it and gain the benefits from doing so.

Unfortunately, though this game is going to be a full-priced AAA experience on almost every console and PC out there, it will not feature a single-player story campaign for the first time in a very long time. This is unfortunate as Battlefield games have typically had some pretty interesting ones.

But in exchange, there are new Battlefield 2042 features like the larger and crazier maps, the addition of weather systems like sandstorms and a massive tornado tearing through the map, and the grappling hook for getting to places much faster.

Even still, there are Battlefield 2042 features that have not been mentioned yet by DICE that we hope to see released in the full game in the future. These include more details about the new game modes that will be offered, cooperative aspects of the title, more about the classes, and, yes, battle royale.

Battlefield 2042 Features We Want: Battle Royale

Perhaps the most controversial part that we could talk about here is the element of battle royale, but this is still one of the main Battlefield 2042 features that I want to see in the game. As of right now, it is unconfirmed for the title, but I am still holding out hope that it will happen.

The main reason behind this comes from the fact that Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer game-only from what we know about it at this time. There is no single-player story campaign that will be offered, so DICE needs to make sure that there is enough content to make this worth checking out for players.

If there is not a story, it needs to do something similar to Black Ops 4 where there is at least enough content elsewhere to make up for that fact. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, Black Ops 4 is one of the worst games in the Call of Duty franchise, so that does have me a little bit concerned for this game.

To meet the bare minimum of content available, I do believe that a battle royale experience is necessary to make Battlefield 2042 great. As part of this, battle royale is something that the game needs to address and in some way, shape, or form.

I would understand if DICE went the Warzone route with making the mainline Battlefield games but having a separate free-to-play battle royale alternative. While that would not add value to 2042, it would at least take the engine and gameplay mechanics to turn into a battle royale experience, which is what I want.

Having 128 players, or even more than that, in a single match full of ships, planes, land vehicles, and more would be excellent. Throw in some of the tornadoes, in addition to the usual storm stuff, that we have seen for the multiplayer and we could have a unique experience that is unlike any other last squad standing game. It honestly just needs to happen.

Cooperative Story Missions

One of the elements that we know for sure that Battlefield 2042 will not have is a single-player story. That is unfortunate, though maybe there is hope that we could see some DLC of some kind in the near future. If not, though, there is something that I do hope to see: cooperative story missions.

Something that has been a significant part of past games, like 3 and 4, is a cooperative story campaign with several different missions that you could do with up to four players or so. This is something that I would like to see Battlefield 2042 implement as it could be a great addition to make up for the lack of a traditional story.

There may be no single-player, but hopefully we get a co-op story mode (credit DICE)

Maybe there are 10 standard missions of doing various activities alongside other players against computer enemies, and it could even act as a little tutorial segment for the multiplayer experience, if necessary. This would be a great way to check out some of the new features in a more detailed sense.

You could have rescue missions that require you to have a more stealthy approach and figure out how to use the grappling hook that is going to be key in multiplayer engagements. Maybe there could be more vehicle-based sections, or capturing and defending a point for a while.

The cooperative missions could even play around with the team numbers, too, like having up to 12 players in one or two of the missions or something like that. It could even culminate in a final mission that is a full-on multiplayer match, but with a story and certain special objectives for you and your squadmates to complete.

Exciting New Game Modes

I would also like to see some brand new game modes in addition to the usual ones like Conquest and Rush. We have already had some relative leaks that are hinting at what we may see in the Battlefield 2042 features when it releases, but I’m going to mostly stay away from those.

Except for the fact that there is the element of disaster in this game that I would like to see blown out into its own game mode in multiplayer. I’m going to show my weirdness here, but I have enjoyed playing Roblox in the past with my family and my favorite game there is Disaster Island.

It is essentially a mode where you survive on an island while random disasters, ranging from tornadoes to firestorms, rage for a few minutes. I would love to see a similar situation in Battlefield 2042. Maybe it is something where it is a free-for-all mode and you have to outlast the natural disasters in the match.

Maybe they go on for 10 minutes or something like that, and your job is simply to stay alive until then or make an early extraction using a convoluted means of doing it. As time goes on, it only gets more and more hectic, and the destruction rampages more and more.

You have to not only worry about the tornadoes, hurricanes, and other disasters that are happening in the match but the other players that you might encounter as well.

Beyond that, I would also like to see another cooperative mode that is something more similar to Zombies and Horde from other games to fill in the content gaps. Having a wave-based mode where you can upgrade and purchase equipment on a huge map would be a way to give some players like myself an infinite amount of enjoyment.

Survive not only your opponents, but the weather itself (credit DICE)

The third new game mode that I would like to see release is something that is more intimate: a ranked mode. This is something that would really benefit the game in the long term and make it something more competitively viable. To do this, though, the ranked modes would have to be something more stripped down and with smaller player counts.

What I really want from this, though, is to see Battlefield do its own twist on ranked mode by maybe making it a smaller experience, but still, one that is on a decently sized map with objectives and the like. Something like 16 or 32 players in a match would make it very intriguing. I even think that Rush would be an excellent game mode for ranked, with teams taking turns in quick rounds.

You could queue up maybe with up to three friends for a full squad of four, but you would not be able to control the other squads that will be on your team, for instance. This would add in some element of surprise and also balance the game somewhere you could queue up solo and not be guaranteed to be crushed by a team of four who are well-coordinated, like in other games since there are other players involved besides them.

Deep and Rich Classes

When it comes to classes, this is probably the most concerning element of the Battlefield 2042 features for me. The new specialists system is something that sounds too Apex Legends-like where you have a character, rank them up, and they each have their own specialties.

Yes, the regular classes are all back here, with each of the characters falling into one of them, but they have their own unique elements within each class. This could be really great or really terrible, depending on the implementation and I can see it go either way at this point.

What I think would be great is if you still have the deep systems of leveling up every single weapon in the game and that every class is able to use them. What I think would set the specialists apart than would be the one or two abilities that they would be able to use.

Within the support class where I usually like to play, I could see a situation where one character is great at quickly healing up players over a wider range while one is able to revive players faster (or perhaps two at the same time within a certain range) and yet another is capable of dropping explosive or buffed ammo of some kind.

Furthermore, you could level up those abilities, too, as you play the game more and then upgrade them to an extent. It does not have to be a really lengthy list of upgrades for every single ability, but having a few to unlock or having to pick between a few different versions could really help differentiate between loadouts.

Twists on Maps

And last but not least, I would like to see some twists on the new maps that are going to be offered in the 128-player matches. When it comes to the new maps that we get, I would like to see DICE do something new with these maps beyond the disasters that we already know are going to be there.

For one, verticality is something that Battlefield games have almost always had, but I want to see more of that. If there is a city center in the game with skyscrapers, I want to be able to traverse through every single building in that map area and all of the floors of it from the top to the bottom, including underground areas.

But I want to see verticality be taken to a new level as well, with something like airbases or floating warships that are stationary in the sky and are not actual vehicles. This could be where one of the Conquest points, like the middle one, for instance, would be located.

The only way to get up there is to take another vehicle to get up there and access the point or maybe some teleport spot on the ground. This could lead to some crazy developments where teams are trying to control the skies and gateway points while still having enough troops tackling the other points on the map.


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