B-Hopping in CSGO: How to Do It, And Its Uses In a Match

by in CS:GO | Apr, 8th 2021

Counter-Strike is considered the grandfather of esports, retaining a loyal fanbase since the series inception, and continues to this day with its current iteration Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, something that has stayed true to all games made by Valve is the concept of bunny hopping, or Bhopping for short. Today, we’re going to take a look at the history of bhopping, how to do it in CSGO.

How Does Bhopping Work?

To answer that, we need to talk about game mechanics, going back to the original Quake in 1996. The way Quake’s movement system works is that when you press the W key to move forward, you accelerate to a maximum velocity, and you can’t go any faster than that. However, when you turn a corner or strafe, you’re pushed past the speed limit, while turning the camera with the strafe makes the player go even faster. This concept, combined with the fact that jumping in the air does not slow the player down, sets the stage for bunny hopping. Walking forward and jumping, then turning the camera slightly while strafing, followed by jumping again as soon as you hit the ground, starts a bunny hop.

Fast-forward to the original Counter-Strike, a mod for the original Half-Life, which used extremely similar mechanics from Quake, and had its own, very similar version of bunny hopping, Which functions in the same way.

In an effort to stop bunny hopping, Valve has made it less effective in CSGO than usual. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all.

How to Bhop in CSGO

Here’s how to do it. When in a game, walk forward and jump; once you jump off the ground, let go of the ‘W’ key, and turn the camera either to the left or the right slightly while holding either ‘A’ or ‘D’ at the same time. This will boost your speed and is called “Air Strafing.” Then as soon as you hit the ground, jump again and repeat the whole process. To make things easier, I recommend binding the jump key to your scroll wheel, so you can spam the jump button and not have to worry about timing your jump.

Uses for Bhopping

Bhopping can be a great addition to your arsenal if you’re able to master it. While not as fast as it was in the game, it’s certainly useful when you’re attempting to make a quick getaway or trying to round a corner quickly. While it’s not useful enough to sneak around the map in a matter of seconds like in the original Counter-Strike, it’s used in a lot of CSGO bhopping maps. Having a whole community dedicated to making obstacle courses with the sole purpose of brushing up on your bhopping skills.

Other Games That Have Some Implementation of Bhopping

If you’re looking to widen the scope of your bhopping prowess after playing some counterstrike, look no further than Apex Legends. Respawn’s Game engine has DNA from CSGO and its Source engine, making it possible to bhop, albeit you need to slide first and then hold crouch while you perform the trick. It proves to be a bit easier to scoot around and heal at the same time.

Bhopping might not go away anytime soon, as the idea of learning the skill-based movement system resonates with players. However, that will not stop the developers of games from holding players back from going faster than they intended to.


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