Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020

by in Apex Legends | May, 23rd 2020

Respawn Entertainment has created a really good place for Apex Legends at this point. The battle royale title is at an all-time high with players in the community loving the game and the content coming out for it, being among the best that we have ever seen for the game as you will see in our Apex Legends weapon tier list 2020.

Apex Legends Has No New Weapons in Season 5

But there is one thing that you won’t find in Apex Legends at this time and that are new weapons. There are no new weapons for you to grab in the game right now. Unfortunately, the game is just not getting any new weapons anytime soon.

This might seem strange for other games like Fortnite where it often vaults older weapons in favor of something new and exciting. But that is not what Respawn Entertainment wants to do with Apex Legends at this time. Instead, it is all about keeping the excellent balance that already exists.

As such, Season 5 was one of the first seasons in the entire history of the battle royale game to not launch with a brand new weapon or two. This was surprising to everyone who likes the game and plays it regularly as we are used to there being new weapons at the start of a new season.

However, the reason behind this is because the game is supposedly balanced in such a good way that Respawn doesn’t want to break that balance by adding something new in there that could mess it all up. Of course, the game could go the Fortnite route in this case and that would solve it.

It could simply remove a shotgun like the Peacekeeper, for instance, and trade it for something new that feels and looks different. That would certainly work in this case, but there is a problem with that, too. You see, Respawn wrote itself into a corner with how it handled this game.

Instead of just having general weapon skins like Fortnite and some other games do, it decided to give different weapon skins for each of the weapons in the game. So, if it removed a weapon, players would suddenly not be able to use a skin they spent their hard-earned money or currency on.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020: Criteria

But given the state of Apex Legends right now, this is good for creating a list like this one. I can give you our Apex Legends weapon tier list 2020 and it will likely hold for the better part of this year and into the next, so long as Respawn continues down this path.

For the Apex Legends weapon tier list 2020, the criteria that I used for it includes the general stats of the weapon and how useful it is in combat on its own for getting eliminations. However, I also used comparisons to the rest of the guns in its category to determine each category.

I broke up each weapons category (pistols, assault rifles, etc) down on its own and ranked each of the guns within that particular category so that you can see how each one stacks up against one another. That said, that doesn’t mean that the best weapon in the game is the best.

Because many of these weapons aren’t very good at all, like in the case of most pistols in the game. That said, without further ado, let’s get started with my Apex Legends weapon tier list 2020, beginning with the not very good and undesirable pistols.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020: Pistols

First off in the Apex Legends weapon tier list 2020, we have the pistols section. This is the worst of the worst when it comes to the guns in Apex Legends. I don’t know how, but Respawn has created some of the worst pistols in first-person shooter existence, and refuses to fix it.

Whereas in other games, you could easily go with a pistol for a good while, I don’t even pick up one of these at the start of a match if I find one. I might if I think nothing else is around, but for the most part, I will just go elsewhere until I find anything but one of these, well, except for one.

Starting with the best and going to the worst, we have the Wingman. This is the only pistol that you should ever be caught using in the game. The Wingman is extremely powerful — if your aim is good, you can drop an enemy in just three shots.

This weapon is also great because it’s ammo efficient. It’s not full-auto, so you won’t fly through bullets. Just make sure you have around 80 rounds of heavy ammo in your inventory, and you’ll be okay. The Wingman, in a skilled player’s hands, is one of the best weapons in the game, but its major downside is that it doesn’t work for most players if their aim isn’t amazing.

The RE-45 is only useful in the beginning of the game (if that), but it’s at least better than the next gun on this list. It’s a full-auto pistol with a pretty small magazine, but best used as a close-range weapon. The hip-fire from this is decent, so if you hear an enemy nearby, get up in their face and shoot from the hip for a potential kill if they don’t have a better gun.

Lastly, we have the P2020. It’s one of those weapons you only pick up if there are no better options after you land at the start of the game. It’s a semi-auto pistol with a small magazine, and it has low base damage, so make every shot count or your opponent will most likely kill you.

The one positive part about this gun is that it’s pretty effective as a long-range weapon. Bullet drop isn’t much of an issue with it, so if you’re ever in a troll kind of mood, put a 3x scope on this and you can at least fire decently far away. But it will still likely be a waste with this gun.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020: SMGs

SMGs are in a weird place in Apex Legends. Straddling the line between pistols and assault rifles, these weapons are all so very different from one another. While most of them are pretty bad, there is one that is good and can stand toe-to-toe with the assault rifles.

That weapon is the R-99. The best of this bunch, it has a very good rate of fire, magazine size, and damage. The best part is that it can have decent range, too, making it a nice assault rifle replacement if you ever need one. It gets even better when you throw in some attachments.

While it is great, the rest of its category isn’t really. You can find the other two SMGs below:

  • Prowler: Can be alright, but not the best burst weapon around
  • Alternator: Too unwieldy, avoid this one

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020: LMGs

Though the assault rifles aren’t my favorite category in Apex Legends (yet another category that isn’t that great in this game), the light machine guns are excellent in this battle royale title. They rank among the best and they are easily some of my favorite weapons for matches when I usually don’t go for them.

There are only three but you can’t go wrong with any of them. That said, the best one is the Spitfire. Its default magazine capacity is solid (35 bullets), and with a purple extended magazine, it reaches 60 bullets, which might seem small for an LMG but is more than you need.

And even though it’s a full-auto LMG, it functions well as a ranged weapon, too; throw a nice scope on this, and you can easily pick off any long-range target without having to worry too much about drop-off. It has a good rate of fire, not much recoil, does a lot of damage, holds a lot of bullets, and is a good ranged weapon. The Spitfire is an amazing gun.

The rest of the LMG weapons include from best to still really good:

  • L-Star EMG: Great
  • Devotion: Also really good

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020: Shotguns

When it comes to the shotguns, there are four options here for you to choose from; well, if you include the Mozambique, that is. The shotguns in Apex Legends, like the LMGs, are surprisingly awesome and each fill a different role. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, except, well, the Mozambique, of course.

The best of the bunch right now is the Mastiff. Regularly, we would have said the Peacekeeper but one of the few major changes in Season 5 was moving the latter to be a supply drop weapon only while the Mastiff is now the regular shotgun that you can use.

While there are a lot of changes to how the Mastiff works to make it better suited to a regular loot item, it doesn’t lose too much of what made it awesome in the first place. It has strong damage, fill that traditional shotgun role, and will work well as a secondary weapon in your arsenal.

The rest of the shotguns:

  • EVA-8 Auto: Awesome
  • Peacekeeper: Still great, but less so now as a supply drop weapon
  • Mozambique: Just ignore it if you can

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020: Sniper Rifles

When it comes to the sniper rifles, there is a lot of variation now than there was for a very long time. At the top of the list is the Sentinel, one of the more recent additions to the unique game. Not only is this a powerful weapon that can deal some solid damage, but it has its quirk, too.

The Sentinel is capable of being that traditional bolt-action sniper rifle but with the ability of having charged shots. You can spend two of your shield cells to charge up your next shot for up to 90 seconds, guaranteeing that it will decimate the enemy shields without a doubt.

This is a great move, but one that isn’t even necessary to make the full use of the Sentinel either. You are also able to sufficiently use it to take out opponents if you have good aim with no more than two shots without the charge, depending on the situation.

The rest of the sniper rifles:

  • Charge Rifle: Awesome
  • Kraber .50: Really good
  • Longbow DMR: Really good in the right hands
  • Triple Take: Decent in the right hands

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020: Assault Rifles

With all of that, we come to the assault rifles section of this Apex Legends weapon tier list 2020. This is one of the more complicated sections of this list, because the assault rifles are so strange in this game. They aren’t the end-all, be-all that you would find in other games.

For the most part, outside of a couple of them, I will mostly go for another weapon combo like an LMG and shotgun, or sniper and shotgun, before I will usually use an assault rifle. That said, they do work well enough minus how weird some of them feel and you can’t go wrong with most of them.

In our opinion, the best of the bunch is the VK-47 Flatline. This assault rifle is the one that feels the most like what you would expect from a gun like this in any other game. Though it isn’t as fast as some of the others on this list, it is strong and bridges the gap between LMG and AR very nicely.

It is a strong weapon that has really good range and you don’t have to be an expert marksman to use this weapon well. On its own, it is very strong and useful, but can become one of the best mid-range weapons in the entire game with the right attachments.

The rest of the assault rifles:

  • R-301 Carbine: Fast, beloved, and great
  • Havoc: Used to better, but still pretty good
  • G7 Scout: Not good on its own, but decent pseudo-sniper rifle with attachments
  • Hemlok: Just okay, pretty forgettable


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