Apex Legends Valkyrie Abilities Guide: How to Play, More

by in Apex Legends | May, 5th 2021

Apex Legends is entering a new era with the release of its next season of battle royale content for players to enjoy. With the new season comes a new legend, of course, and this time around, it is Valkyrie. To help you out, we have broken down the full Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities and more. 

Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Is Here

Apex Legends Season 9 is the ninth new season for the battle royale game, but it also represents the new naming convention for seasonal content. Rather than sticking to the numbered entries like the past eight seasons, this ninth one is dropping the number in favor of solely themed names.

In this case, the theme and name of the season is Apex Legends Legacy. This new Legacy season will offer the first major map changes for the third map Olympus as well as a new weapon in the form of a bow and much more. But one of the most important additions is the new hero.

The new hero that is joining the cast is none other than Valkyrie. Fans may know this character quite well already, or at least her dad, especially if you are a Titanfall 2 fan. The beloved single-player campaign from Respawn Entertainment had several villains. One of them was Viper. 

After he died in the campaign of that title, the Apex Legends backstory goes that Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara salvaged the remains of her father’s Northstar Titan. With the help of none other than Season 6 star Rampart, she reconfigures the titan into a jetpack item. 

This jetpack is at the core of who Valkyrie is as she enters the Apex Games to compete and honor her father’s legacy, hence, the name of this season. In addition, Respawn naming it is honoring its legacy in paying tribute to the ill-fated Titanfall 2. 

Apex Legends Valkyrie Abilities: Passive Explained

With her new jetpack in tow, we have Valkyrie in the game now, which means that we finally have a grasp on the Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities. The ability kit that she has is like everyone else in that it is composed of three main parts: the passive, tactical, and the ultimate. 

In the case of the passive ability, hers is known as VTOL Jets. The jetpack isn’t just for show, as the item allows the player controlling her to pull off some unique maneuvers that no other character has. You can use your jetpack to reposition and/or reach higher-up places. 

This is done by simply jumping up in the air using the specific button or key, depending on your platform of choice, and then hitting the jump button again to start using the jetpacks. So, in a way, you could even argue that it isn’t necessarily a passive ability since you are activating and deactivating it.

What is important to note about the passive ability is that the jetpack is limited in terms of fuel, so you are not able to keep soaring nonstop in the match. In addition, you are unable to use weapons while flying as Valkyrie, so it is solely there for repositioning and scouting tactics. 

Furthermore, the default setting for the jetpack is toggle, meaning that just activating it will keep it activated until you press jump again. However, you can switch it to hold in the settings if you would prefer to hold down the jump button to fly, and then it stops when you let go of the button; whichever method works best for you. 

Tactical Ability Explained

Next up in the Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities is tactical. As you probably already know, this is generally the one that you will be activating the most often when it comes to a legend due to its importance and cooldown. But that might be a little different with the jetpacks that she has. 

However, the tactical here is pretty important as it is known as Missile Swarm. In general, one of the more noteworthy features that you will find about this legend is that she is more movement-oriented when it comes to her ability kit. 

However, the Missile Swarm is the main aggressive part of her and what it does is fire off a swarm of mini-rockets which damage and disorient the enemy. Overall, it is similar to the other explosive tactical abilities that exist out there and isn’t too special. 

That is likely because of her other abilities. Still, it is one worth mentioning as it is your main method of offense and potentially defense when it comes to the Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities. I don’t expect this to be a hugely game-changing tactical, but it is worth mentioning. 

As we’ve seen in the past with Fuse, the explosive tactical ability only goes so far with a character. That said, we imagine that a lot of players will use it going into battles. 

Ultimate Ability Explained

From there, we come to the third and final portion of the Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities: the ultimate. The ultimate that Valkyrie has is known as Skyward Dive. While it sounds very offensively focused, that isn’t the case at all. 

Skyward Dive takes the player to the skies to allow them to reposition a long-distance across the map. It is essentially a super-powered version of the jetpack that allows you to soar into the sky and then go elsewhere on the map if you would like to. 

It is a great repositioning tool and perhaps the best one that we have seen in the game to date. The best part is that your teammates can benefit from this as well, joining with you and moving across the map, too. Step aside Pathfinder, as we may have a new movement and repositioning star here. 

What is important to note about the Skyward Dive is that it has to do with movement only. This means that it is not an attack on its own, but you could pair with other strategies and characters to get the surprise drop on a team that is not suspecting a squad to fall out of the sky on them. 

How to Play as Part of a Team

With the Apex Legends Valkyrie’s abilities noted, it is time to figure out how to play Valkyrie. We are still early on in the season, but we can see how she will likely work for the foreseeable future. Valkyrie will most likely be one of the best legends in the game and a highly recommended addition for your squad. 

Valkyrie is not the super aggressive type of character. However, we expect some players to find some interesting uses for her abilities, and this is because she is focused on movement. Like Pathfinder and Octane, it is all about how she is moving around the map.

In Valkyrie’s case, she can do the best recon and scouting that we have seen for a character, and she should be that for a team. She should be the one who is constantly on the move, seeing what’s around the group and scouting the next location for the team to head to on the map. 

When the coast is clear, she should be flying up with her jetpacks to get a quick vantage point of what is happening. She can also be the biggest asset in helping the team prepare for the upcoming fight by noting enemy positions and the best entry point into an area. 

She is also the repositioning person for the squad and should be able to do this both as a getaway person and an attacking member. You can use Skyward Dive in one of two main ways: to get away from a losing fight/the closing circle or to get into a fight shockingly and crazily with your squad. 

I can see some aggressive teams out there working wonders with Valkyrie to get into a fight quickly and end it before the other team can figure out what just happened to them. This can apply to the early rounds of battle royale matches and even the late game moments in tiny circles.  

How to Play Solo

While the bulk of Apex Legends will see you playing the game as part of a team, there are inevitable parts where you will be on your own. You may get some cruddy teammates who leave, or your pals just get decimated in a battle, and you are the only one left standing. 

When playing solo as Valkyrie, she is one of the best for reviving teammates at the respawn beacon. She can reposition so well and scout around to make sure that the coast is clear. And if it isn’t when your teammates come back, Skyward Dive could be there to help you grab everyone and get away quickly. 

At the same time, as she is one of the more movement-based characters, she is pretty good when it comes to solo play. For the most part, her abilities are meant for team play, but the ability to move with such ease can help solo players get away, gain information, and stay alive better than some of the other legends. 

This is especially key in the new Arenas game mode that has been released this season. This is a three on three round-based mode where you fight with only one life per round. It is a strategic Team Deathmatch of sorts. You could find yourself alone in these fights many times as Valkyrie, so her movement is going to be your best friend in these situations. 

You may find that you will be outnumbered in some rounds and need to scout out the team, find out their locations, and hopefully sneak upon them. This is where the jetpack is a double-edged sword as it can gain information, sure, but it can also reveal your location at the same time. 

Who She Pairs Well With on Teams

Team synergy is key in a battle royale team-based game like Apex Legends. While you could roll with whomever in matches, it is best to try and match your characters to one another if you want to do well. For now, we have a few recommendations for teaming up characters with Valkyrie. 

She is a great movement-based legend, so this means that there is little need for some characters like Octane, Pathfinder, and Crypto if you use her. I would even argue that Wraith and Horizon are a bit in the middle for me as they aren’t necessarily that useful, either, as they have some similar attributes in terms of movements to an extent.

But I would say that both Wraith and Horizon are certainly good additions if you would like them on your team. What I highly recommend is that you have some tanky like Gibby or Wattson. Then the third member should be a bit more aggressive in playstyles like Bloodhound or Bangalore. 

I think the main thing to focus on has a tanky character to complement Valkyrie well. She is the fast scout for the team who can drop into the fight with everyone in two. The tank can keep the focus while Valkyrie and the third teammate try to take out the enemies.


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