Apex Legends Tier List Including Wattson: Best and Worst Characters

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 25th 2019

Apex Legends has been around for two seasons now and has added a couple of legends to the game since launch. The crux of this battle royale game is different than others like Fortnite and PUBG in that the focus is on the abilities of the various heroes rather than building or simple survival.

In that way, Apex Legends takes a lot of cues from other games that aren’t battle royales like ability-based MOBA games and Overwatch. Yes, the premise of being the last trio standing in the match of 20 squads remains the same as other battle royales, but the abilities change things up.

No longer are you just trying to find loot and gear the quickest so that you can have the upper hand in battle, but you are also attempting to use your skills in the right way. Depending on how and when you use your abilities, it can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Apex Legends Tier List: Ranking

It’s key that you know who the best and worst characters are so that you know who to avoid when selecting your character. This is because this game is all about teams of three, and you can’t have two of the same characters on the team at the same time.

Some of these legends work better with others while some are better off going on their own. The playstyles of each of these characters on this Apex Legends tier list are different, so it’s important to find one that fits your specific likes.

It’s also necessary to understand the abilities of all of the characters in the game so that you are ready for anything on the battlefield. Even if you don’t have the desire to play someone like Caustic, it’s best to know what he does so that you are ready when you see his gas traps on the field.

This Apex Legends tier list is based on a number of factors when figuring out who is the best and who’s the worst. Unlike my recent tier lists for other games like Street Fighter V, this tier list works differently. It isn’t about putting the legends into tiers but ranking them overall.

Since there are so few heroes in this game (10, to be exact), it’s better to rank them and let you know why they each have the ranking they have. The factors that affected their ranking include the quality of their abilities, how well their abilities mesh with teammates or solo, whether or not their abilities can be countered well, flexibility of the character, and more.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Apex Legends tier list rankings from best to worst.


Apex Legends Wattson

Wattson is the latest addition to the legends roster and is not one to be trifled with. This electricity genius is already one of the best heroes in the game early on in season two. Though it will take some time for counters to be put into effect for her, it’s safe to say that Wattson will be a top hero for a long time to come.

Wattson is a defensive support character who is similar in some regards to Caustic but so much better than him in every way possible. Her main ability that you will be using the most is planting electrical fences around your team.

Wattson can use electrical pylons to connect two at once and create an electrical trap for unsuspecting foes. This allows her to control the battlefield as players who pass through the fence are slowed and damaged, allowing your team to finish them off for good.

In addition, her ultimate blocks incoming damage from missile strike ultimates, bombardments, grenades, and the like. It forces players to use guns alone. This allows Wattson to excel as a team player, especially in the early and late game moments.

Having a skilled Wattson on your team at the end of a match can result in strong chances at a victory. Because of this, she is number one at this time on our Apex Legends tier list.

If we’ve managed to convince you to give Wattson a go, check out our guide to learn more about the character.


Apex Legends Lifeline

Bumped down from her previous number-one spot is Lifeline. This support character is all about keeping teammates’ lives up. Her basic ability is a solid one, summoning a robot companion to heal up friendlies who are in the area.

Her ultimate, though, is where she shines as she is able to summon a drop ship that comes with three pieces of fantastic loot. Does someone still not have purple armor on your team? It’s likely that this drop will include one plus other possible items like a Phoenix Kit, weapon attachments, and more.

Lifeline’s abilities make her a great asset for teams and a decent character when you are the last one standing for your squad. This is because Lifeline is excellent at keeping herself and teammates alive with healing and drops. If you can’t have a defensive character like Wattson, Lifeline is your best bet.


Apex Legends Octane Transparent

Now it’s time to get into the more offensive characters. Octane was the new hero added with the launch of the first season in the game and, like Wattson, is a fantastic character that is a worthy addition to any team.

Octane has two main abilities, both of which are quite versatile in nature. The first is his ability to give himself a speed boost that would rival Sonic any day. This is an ability that only affects him, making it great for solo players trying to run away or make it to the circle.

It’s also helpful for teams if you are trying to make it to the respawn to bring back your fallen comrades or sneak up on enemies attacking your team from behind or the side. His second ability is great for both himself and teams, too, creating a launchpad to leap in the circle or to surprise opponents.


Apex Legends Wraith Transparent

Like Octane, Wraith is a flexible character that has made her one of the most popular for a reason. In fact, she is also the best at solo aggressive play. Her first, main ability is to turn invisible and be impervious to damage during this time.

Though you can still be tracked in this ability, it is useful for escaping damage, recovering, sneaking up on enemies, and making it to the circle without being damaged too much. It is here that she can solo well, having the ability to disappear and reappear in various places to take out foes.

Her passive helps in this, too, as the voice inside her head will warn her if she is being targeted, which gives you a chance to dodge. Her ultimate is helpful for teams, too, allowing her to boost in speed some and create two portals for players to teleport through.


Apex Legends Pathfinder Quicksilver Skin

The other support legend Pathfinder might not be as helpful as Lifeline, but he is a worthy teammate nonetheless, especially for newcomers to the game. The crux of Pathfinder’s main ability is to create ziplines to maneuver around the map with ease and even reach higher points.

He is also able to view the next circle in certain locations, the usefulness of which can’t be understated. You will have the advantage over other teams as you can know where to go to be prepared for what’s about to happen.

Pathfinder is able to help your team figure out positioning and movement around the map so that you can plan your next attacks as easily as possible. But he doesn’t work well as a solo player, making him lower in the Apex Legends tier list ranking than others like him.


Apex Legends Tier List Bangalore

Bangalore is the most aggressive fighter of the heroes on this list. If you are playing Bangalore, it’s all about getting kills and doing it with style. This is not a character you play as to sneak up on enemies but rather charge in guns blazing.

Her main ability is to throw a smoke grenade that explodes and will block the view of enemies. You can use this to start out matches and surprise enemies before taking them out. If that doesn’t work, her ultimate is insane, too, bringing down a barrage of missiles to take down other teams in the area.

Bangalore’s aggressiveness makes her a terrific vanguard for your team. She is the type of character who will excel when teamed up with defensive characters like Wattson or Gibraltar. She is a solid fighter for players who like nonstop action.


Apex Legends Gibraltar Transparent

The final great legend on this Apex Legends tier list is Gibraltar. He used to be one of the two worst characters on this list but has since been buffed to be more helpful in teams than ever before. Gibraltar is a defensive tank that keeps your team alive with his crowd control abilities.

His main ability is a shield that he can put down that blocks all damage while you are standing in it unless the enemy comes inside the shield. This creates chokepoints for your team to use to your advantage or just take a moment to breathe and recover.

His ultimate, though, is similar to Bangalore in that he launches missiles from the sky. However, his land on the map and take some time to go off. But when they do, they both damage and slow down the enemy. He is another support character who pairs well with aggressive fighters.


Apex Legends Bloodhound

Though Bloodhound is third to last on this list, this character is still a good legend. Bloodhound is another legend that can work well alone or with teams. Bloodhound’s main and ultimate abilities are all about tracking down enemies.

Bloodhound is a hunter, able to assassinate, sneak up, and surprise foes with ease. The problem with Bloodhound, though, is that the character was once overpowered at the start of the game when no one knew how to counter them.

Since then, though, Bloodhound has become one of the most predictable legends on the roster. Even the awesome ultimate ability can give your position away if you are playing as Bloodhound, which renders the hunter aspect of them null and void. With some minor changes, Bloodhound could rise through the ranks.


Apex Legends Mirage Transparent

Mirage was one of two heroes that you had to unlock manually at the start of the game. When Apex was still in the early stages, Mirage was one of the fan favorites like Bloodhound. But over time, players saw through his magic tricks, and he is no longer a recommended teammate.

The main ability of Mirage is to send out a copy of himself to confuse other players. The problem with this is that the movement of the copy is so predictable. It runs ahead and then stops at some point. It’s the same case with his ultimate that makes numerous copies.

Mirage is so predictable that no one other than newer players will fall for his parlor tricks. This will more often than not lead to his death rather than a victory for his team. Though he is bad, he’s not the worst on this ranking.


Apex Legends Tier List Caustic

The worst character on this Apex Legends tier list is without a doubt Caustic. Even with buffs and some changes, it hasn’t done enough to make a difference for this defensive character. Caustic’s main ability is to create gas traps to put around the area.

They can be hidden well and activate when another player gets near them. The problem is that they don’t do enough damage or add an additional effect to make them worth using. They are more of an annoyance than anything else, outside of an expert’s hands.

The same goes for his ultimate ability. At the end of the day, you are better off sneaking up on your opponents and using normal weapons than employing these abilities. With some key improvements to his abilities, he could stand toe to toe with the others, but for now, you’re better off playing Wattson.


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