Apex Legends Tier List 2021 Including Valkyrie, Fuse, Horizon

by in Apex Legends | May, 10th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has crafted one of the greatest battle royale games in the industry with Apex Legends, and a large part of that is due to the characters. Both inside and outside of the game, these legends have thrived and, when it comes to the game itself, we have our Apex Legends Tier List 2021 to share with you.

Apex Legends Tier List 2021

Like last year with the tier list of characters that we had in 2020, the updated version is once again time to include the new characters and legend changes that have happened over the last year or so in the battle royale game.

The Apex Legends Tier List 2021 includes all 17 of the currently available characters in the title, which is an insane number to think about, especially since the title has only been out for just over two years. Originally launching with around half of that, the roster has grown considerably.

Throughout nine seasons of writing this updated Apex Legends Tier List 2021, Respawn has gifted us with some new characters to unlock and check out. Some have been less than stellar, while others have managed to change up the meta for the game entirely and likely forever.

There are so many characters that it is hard to know who to pick and who to avoid. That is where our Apex Legends Tier List 2021 comes into play. This is not the end-all, be-all in terms of tier lists, but it is here to give you a nice idea.

From there, you can take the information and use it in whichever way you would like. Though some characters might be farther down the list than others, that doesn’t usually mean that they are useless, and a less popular character might be suitable for you when that isn’t the case for a large portion of the community.

That said, the ideas that I present in this Apex Legends Tier List 2021 are here to help you out when it comes to checking out these characters. It could inform you and help reaffirm that a particular character is or isn’t for you. And it can be useful for noting the changes since our last tier list a year ago.

There are some major changes since we last posted our tier list for the Apex characters. Four new legends have launched since then. They are all wildly different from one another. In addition, other legends have moved up and down the ranks due to the changes over the past year.

One of the biggest additions at this time is the new character known as Valkyrie. Introduced in Season 9, she quickly becomes one of the most popular characters. We will go over her and where we think she lands on this list at the time of her release.

The general criteria for this Apex Legends Tier List 2021 include how powerful the character is, the use and viability of their ability kit, how they compare to the other characters, how successful they are in matches, the changes that have happened for them, how they work as a team, and so on. Let’s get started.

S Tier Legends

First up on this Apex Legends Tier List 2021 is the best of the best around, and those are the characters in the S tier. The S tier is the greatest legends in the game, ones that you may see more than any others when it comes to your teammates and enemies. They may also be commonly the winners.

When it comes to the S tier, some major changes around, like removing a couple of characters and the addition of a new one. That is none other than Horizon, who is quite frankly the best character in Apex Legends.

The Season 7 legend has done what no other legend has been able to do since the game’s launch, and that is dethrone Wraith, Lifeline, and the others as the top character around. She is a capable, strong hero who can control the battlefield to an extent and do some seriously amazing combos with her gravity and space-like powers.

She also pairs extremely with just about anyone on the roster, making her a must-have at this time. If not the most popular characters with an unmatched win rate, she will be at the top for times to come.

Gibraltar is a character who didn’t start so good but shot through the ranks to become one of the best around when it came time for our tier list last year. Since then, there have been some changes to the character to lessen him, but they were necessary.

There were times where it certainly felt like Gibraltar was potentially overpowered as a tank. If you didn’t have him on your team, you were likely at a disadvantage against other teams. Though some of that has changed, he is still a must-have shield for your team that can soak up that damage and pave the way for the more aggressive players to take out the enemy team.

Wraith is a character who you are likely unsurprised to see in the S tier once again. This aggressive, fast, portal-hopping legend has been the winning character for many players since day one. Even two years later, that hasn’t changed at all.

Wraith is the combat-heavy character you want on your team to match your tank and be the damage-dealer capable of sneaking up on enemies or just running in with guns blazing. Either way, even the changes to Wraith have not stopped her from going strong at the top of the tier list.

A Tier Legends

When it comes to the A tier legends, these are amazing ones in their own right. Though they are not in the S tier, they can either be there or used to be there. They have some great elements of their own that are barely bogged down by a flaw or hiccup.

Lifeline is a hero who has been loved since day one and used to be a must-have. While I wouldn’t argue that every squad needs a Lifeline today, she is still one of the strongest legends out there. She is also the first to drop on this list from her S tier spot in the past.

This is due to the changes to the character that have removed her shield and taken away some of the more overpowered elements of this healer and support. They were arguably necessary, but it is still sad to see a legend bump down some. However, we think she is in a solid and balanced place these days.

Valkyrie is the latest name on this list, introduced in the most recent season, so much of her part here is based on her introduction. She is the second-best post-launch legend released in Apex, a strong recon character with some unique gameplay attributes.

Valkyrie is capable of having a jetpack that a player can use at basically any time with some minor restrictions. Furthermore, her ultimate is insane and can let teams move together across the map and learn some valuable info in the process.

Overall, Valkyrie is a must-have for most teams, especially those looking to win, as the information that she can gather is unparalleled. If you want to get the drop on other enemies, advance easily through the circles, and generally have the up on others, she is a necessary part of your team.

Wattson is a character who remains in the A tier, despite being one of the least popular legends around. You won’t see her too much, usually in the unranked play, but the higher-ranked play uses her greatly. She is one of the best endgame legends and a great tank to boot.

Her viability in the pro scene is pretty great and one of the main reasons she remains on this tier list in A. If you are serious about doing well in Apex, there are some benefits to choosing her and then learning her sometimes complicated strategies well, as it could get you far in the end with a solid team.

B Tier Legends

The B tier legends are great characters who have some flaws, but they are pretty awesome in the end. You will still commonly see them in the squads that win matches, which is the biggest group for a reason. Everyone that is here is at least worth checking out for most players.

Bangalore is a legend who is quite popular but has yet to go farther than she needs to. She is one of the best recommendations for aggressive players, but her abilities can still leave some to be desired. This is especially the case for her ultimate that falls short of Gibraltar’s, even with changes.

That said, she is a solid choice for attacking players who like her smoke bomb and the like. There is no reason not to continue to pick Bangalore if you like her, but she still has some possible room to grow.

Bloodhound has gone from being one of the best legends in the game back down to the middle part once more. They are another character who is a great choice for attackers due to the ability kit focused on finding legends, but there is an issue here, too. In a way, you might want to pick Valkyrie for that now, moving Bloodhound down the list some.

Octane has had some huge changes in the past year that have made the legend more niche in a way. He is far from the overpowered psycho he was before and someone who carries a high risk these days. The stim and super speed he has now require diligent strategy and won’t work for everyone. That said, experts at Octane can still be a terrifying adversary.

Loba has improved some since her messy arrival, one of the more disappointing ones in Apex Legends. Not quite the legend we thought she would be, she has grown into a support character capable of easily equipping the team and having some movement of her own. Some legends do both better or more efficiently, but she is still a fan favorite worth checking out.

Pathfinder is another character who suffers from the arrival of Valkyrie. He was great for helping the team move around the map and gathering info, but, honestly, you’re just better off with Valkyrie at this point. That isn’t to say that Pathfinder isn’t great as he is, but his ability kit feels so limited now with her around. Fans of this legend can still good reason to use him nonetheless.

C Tier Legends

The C tier legends are not bad as they are still good. They have problems with them that prevent them from being as awesome as the others on this list.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Caustic used to be one of the worst legends in the game, if not the worst, and then he grew to substantial levels with some necessary changes. But those changes turned out to be too much as he was too powerful with his gas tanks. Since then, the changes have lowered him considerably, and he is less recommended again.

Crypto has struggled to find his place in Apex Legends, which hasn’t changed even with the changes to this character. He is one of the least moving on this list. That is just because fans of him will continue to love him, but everyone else could look elsewhere for someone to play.

Mirage is a complicated character with an equally complicated history like Caustic. His mirages have been boosted in the past, but they have lost their luster in the past year. The community has found ways around it, and the copies lack the oomph they had before. Mirage is struggling once more to find his place, and it will be hard for him to climb out of being just good for some.

D Tier Legends

Sadly, the D tier has come back this year. We did not have it last year, but it has come back due to some problematic characters who aren’t bad, but they aren’t really good.

Fuse is the second-latest character on this list and one of the most troublesome as well. The Season 8 hero looked to be interesting at first but then turned out to be a dud. His explosions are fine, but he turned out to be a limited legend who does one thing well, and that is it. It’s not that no one should play him, but most explosive and aggressive players should look elsewhere.

Rampart is another newer character who did not turn out the way we hoped. The idea of building a turret that has a defensive position sounded awesome in theory but doesn’t work too well in practice in a game like this. Rampart needs some serious changes to her turret and kit, or she will risk potentially dropping further than this in the future.

Revenant is an especially problematic character for me. I loved Revenant when he first came out. The idea of his abilities sounded so awesome, but they fell flat in the end. As time has gone on, it has only intensified as the resurrection capabilities are too predictable and avoidable. He is in an almost bad place now, so here’s hoping Respawn can do something for one of the more unique characters in the battle royale title before he dips further into obscurity.


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