Apex Legends Tier List 2020: Loba, Revenant Included

by in Apex Legends | May, 22nd 2020

It has been about a year since we last dived into Apex Legends and offered you our picks for the best characters in the battle royale title. Since then, a few more additions to the Apex Legends tier list 2020 have appeared like Crypto, Revenant, and the newly released Loba in Season 5.

Apex Legends Is Much More Varied in 2020

Going into our Apex Legends tier list 2020, the battle royale title is now more than a year old and approaching a year and a half at this point. This means that there have been five seasons of battle royale content and new legends for players to check out over time.

As we enter Season 5, one of the biggest and most unique seasons thus far, players in a pretty good spot with the game as its metagame is fairly set at this point and there are two maps to play on. Though the game mode options could still use some work, Apex Legends is doing quite well.

There is a lot of variety to the title that has made it one of the premier battle royale games around in 2020. With the coronavirus situation still affecting the world at the time of publishing this, there are even more new players jumping in to experience what Apex Legends is all about.

Apex Legends Tier List 2020: Criteria

To help with this, we are going to give you our Apex Legends tier list 2020. This updated tier list includes everything from S tier down to the C tier. And also, it includes every legend that has been released up until May 2020 when Season 5 dropped alongside Loba.

Both Loba and Revenant, from Season 4, are some of the most unique characters that we have ever seen in the game. While much of the tier list that we have for you today is largely the same as it was before when we did it, the spots we have for the new additions are interesting.

Our criteria for this tier list is based on many factors, beginning with the characters themselves. How powerful or useful are their abilities? How strong are they in combat and how do they do when it comes to being part of a team or even going solo?

Also, there are other factors like how they hold up well with their teammates, how they compare to others in their category (like defensive tanks), and how any buffs, nerfs, and changes over time have affected their place on the battlefield.

As such, we have a pretty varied list this time around with four different tiers that the 13 total characters fall into. Fortunately, no matter who you choose in Apex Legends, no character is a bad one, at least at this time. As such, if you spend a lot of time and effort on any character, you can turn them into a viable option for competition online.

Apex Legends Tier List 2020: S Tier

Our Apex Legends tier list 2020 kicks off with the S tier. This is the top tier, the best of the best in the battle royale game. You will find that these are the characters that you cannot go wrong with at all, and that some of them are the most popular around. While not completely broken, the abilities these characters have do offer some advantages over the others.

Wraith is a flexible character that has made her one of the most popular for a reason. She is one of the best when it comes to a solo, aggressive play style in matches. Her first and main ability is to turn invisible and be impervious to damage during this time.

Though you can still be tracked in this ability, it is useful for escaping damage, recovering, sneaking up on enemies, and making it to the circle without being damaged too much. It is here that she can solo well, having the ability to disappear and reappear in various places to take out foes.

Her passive helps in this, too, as the voice inside her head will warn her if she is targeted, which gives you a chance to dodge. Her ultimate is helpful for teams, too, allowing her to boost in speed some and create two portals for players to teleport through. With such versatility, Wraith continues to be among the best of the best.

Next up on this list is Gibraltar. He used to be one of the worst characters in the game, but has since been greatly buffed to be more helpful in teams than ever before. Gibraltar is a defensive tank that keeps your team alive with his crowd control abilities.

His main ability is a shield that he can put down that blocks all damage while you are standing in it unless the enemy comes inside the shield. This creates chokepoints for your team to use to your advantage or just take a moment to breathe and recover.

His ultimate, though, is similar to Bangalore in that he launches missiles from the sky. However, his missiles land on the map and take some time to go off. But when they do, they both damage and slow down the enemy. He is another support character who pairs well with aggressive fighters.

The next hero, Lifeline, is one of the most consistent in the whole game. This support character is all about keeping teammates’ lives up. Her basic ability is a solid one, summoning a robot companion to heal up friendlies who are in the area.

Her ultimate, though, is where she shines as she can summon a drop ship that comes with three pieces of fantastic loot. Does someone still not have purple armor on your team? This drop will likely include one plus other possible items like a Phoenix Kit, weapon attachments, and more.

Lifeline’s abilities make her a great asset for teams and a decent character when you are the last one standing for your squad. This is because Lifeline is excellent at keeping herself and teammates alive with healing and drops. While she isn’t the best loot support for the team nowadays, she still ranks among the best.

Apex Legends Tier List 2020: A Tier

When it comes to the A tier characters, these players are great and come just shy of being in the S tier. It could be that they are just slightly less powerful or they have one minor issue that is holding them back. Regardless, you certainly can’t go wrong with playing as one of them.

First up in this tier is Revenant, one of the newer characters introduced in Season 4. While somewhat controversial among some players in the community, Revenant remains one of the best in my opinion due to his unique abilities.

This unique character can silence the abilities of enemy teams with ease, giving your team the upper hand if you can use yours and they can’t. Also, he is capable of respawning your team in the chance that a fight doesn’t go as planned. Though there are downsides to this ability at times, Revenant is a solid addition to any team.

Next up is another new character in the game: Loba. She is relatively new when we wrote this, so she is likely to change in the future as players figure out more ways to use her in combat. But at the core, Loba is a beautifully complex but flawed hero.

This thief is all about loot and can use her passive and ultimate to help the team get some awesome loot in the process. While she outranks Lifeline in this regard, her ultimate does feel like a waste. The passive alone is great for loot, so it feels unnecessary right now for her ultimate to be dedicated to that, too.

That said, Loba has one of the best tactical abilities that we have seen in the game, more than making up for the lackluster ultimate. With the ability to teleport, she not only outranks Lifeline but Wraith, too, in terms of aggressive scout and solo play with her ability to jump in and out of combat.

Wattson is a defensive support character who is similar in some regards to Caustic but so much better than him in every way possible. Her main ability that you will be using the most is planting electrical fences around your team.

Wattson can use electrical pylons to connect two at once and create an electrical trap for unsuspecting foes. This allows her to control the battlefield as players who pass through the fence are slowed and damaged, allowing your team to finish them off for good.

Also, her ultimate blocks incoming damage from missile strike ultimates, bombardments, grenades, and the like. It forces players to use guns alone. This allows Wattson to excel as a team player, especially in the early and late game moments. Having her on your team can improve your chances of victory.

If we were to give an award for the most improved character on this list, it would go to Caustic. In our previous tier list, we ranked him at the very bottom and stand by that decision. But through some intense buffs and changes, he has become one of the best around.

This tank is able to use gas traps to corner and take out enemies. With some really recent changes in Season 5, his abilities are what they should have been from the start. No longer will your Caustic harm his teammates, too, when he uses his abilities as it will only affect enemies.

Also, the damage that the gas gives to enemies isn’t completely useless now, so it is possible to get some serious advantage over another team that doesn’t have Caustic when it comes to narrow, indoor fights.

Apex Legends Tier List 2020: B Tier

Moving past the A tier, we come into B tier territory. These characters are still good and can be excellent in the right hands. When it comes to them, changes aren’t required at this time but they would go a long way towards giving them a boost to the A or even S ranks.

Mirage was one of two heroes that you had to unlock manually at the start of the game. When Apex was still in the early stages, Mirage was one of the fan favorites like Bloodhound. But over time, players saw through his magic tricks and became a not recommended teammate.

The main ability of Mirage is to send out a copy of himself to confuse other players. Fortunately, like Caustic, Respawn listened to the players and fixed this ability and his ultimate.

Copies now do what they should do and mimic everything that Mirage does in combat, making him more believable and interesting. We honestly cannot wait to see what players do with him now with these awesome changes.

Pathfinder might not be as helpful as Lifeline, but he is a worthy teammate nonetheless, especially for newcomers to the game. The crux of Pathfinder’s main ability is to create ziplines to maneuver around the map with ease and even reach higher points.

He is also able to view the next circle in certain locations, the usefulness of which can’t be understated. You will have the advantage over other teams as you can know where to go to be prepared for what’s about to happen.

Pathfinder can help your team figure out positioning and movement around the map so that you can plan your next attacks as easily as possible. But he doesn’t work extremely well as a solo player, making him lower in the Apex Legends tier list ranking than others like him.

Bloodhound is another legend that can work well alone or with teams. Bloodhound’s main and ultimate abilities are all about tracking down enemies.

Bloodhound is a hunter, able to assassinate, sneak up, and surprise foes with ease. The problem with Bloodhound, though, is that the character was once overpowered at the start of the game when no one knew how to counter them.

Since then, though, Bloodhound has found a decent spot in the B tier after going through some hard times where they were one of the worst. Unfortunately, buffs haven’t been as great for Bloodhound as they should have been, but they have been enough to bring them out of the bottom three.

Apex Legends Tier List 2020: C Tier

We come to the final three characters in our Apex Legends tier list 2020. C tier isn’t a bad tier, as there are no bad legends in the game. Instead, these are decent characters who simply have the most flaws or lack of versatility compared to the rest of the character roster, the latter of which pertains to the first one on this list.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Octane has two main abilities, both of which are quite versatile. The first is his ability to give himself a speed boost that would rival Sonic any day. This is an ability that only affects him, making it great for solo players trying to run away or make it to the circle.

It’s also helpful for teams if you are trying to make it to the respawn to bring back your fallen comrades or sneak up on enemies attacking your team from behind or the side. His second ability is great for both himself and teams, too, creating a launchpad to leap in the circle or to surprise opponents.

However, the awesome parts of Octane end there. Once one of the best characters in the game, Octane’s flaws have appeared more and more as time has gone on. Sure, he might be the best at mobility for himself and the team, but he does nothing else beyond that. While others can at least help out strategically, defensively, or offensively, Octane can do none of those. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

If you are playing Bangalore, it’s all about getting kills and doing it with style. This is not a character you play as to sneak up on enemies but rather charge in guns blazing.

Her main ability is to throw a smoke grenade that explodes and will block the view of enemies. You can use this to start fights and surprise enemies before taking them out. If that doesn’t work, her ultimate is useful, bringing down a barrage of missiles to take down other teams in the area.

Unfortunately, like Octane, Bangalore is a bit of a one-trick pony. She is aggressive, sure, but other legends do everything she does much better. Her ultimate? Gibraltar has that, too, and can defend his teammates at the same time.

Her aggressive nature? Loba and Wraith have that, too, and can help their team out in some supportive ways at the same time. Bangalore was one of the better fighters in the game, but has since fallen by the wayside as others get improvements and she remains largely the same.

Last but not least, we have Crypto. Ranking among the other two in this tier as one of the worst fighters in the game, Crypto’s main problem is like the others: he is only good at one thing. Sure, the drone is rather unique and cool, but it does very little outside of scouting.

That information is vital, still making him a good legend nonetheless, but even the few buffs Crypto has gotten don’t do enough to bring him out of the pit he is in currently. In the right hands, Crypto can do some interesting things, but it takes skill level and time that many players don’t have. Crypto is problematic and needs some more variety in the future.


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