Apex Legends Seer Abilities Guide: How to Play Seer in Season 10

by in Apex Legends | Aug, 5th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has begun the 10th season of battle royale for Apex Legends, so you know what that means: it is time for a brand new legend to join the cast of ever-growing, lovable characters. The new legend this time around is Seer, and we have the Apex Legends Seer abilities guide for you. 

Apex Legends Seer Is Here in Season 10

Seer is the latest legend to join Apex Legends. This comes as part of Season 10. This new season is known as Emergence, and it does seem that, though it is following the same procedures as the previous Legacy season, the new Emergence theme does not necessarily have to do with Seer. 

Instead, the new Emergence theme has to do with the World’s Edge map and the various changes. However, that does not mean that Seer is not a legend that is a huge focus of the upcoming season, as he is arguably one of the most exciting additions in a long time. 

If Valkyrie, Horizon, and now Seer are anything to go off of, it seems like Respawn has finally hit its groove with a solid selection of new characters who are reshaping the meta of the battle royale title every time they join the game.

It gives us much hope for the future and other new legends that will release in the future seasons. Seer is a recon class legend, so he will be a more scout-like character for players to get. He is also one of the best in his class that we have seen on the roster. 

This means that there are going to be plenty of players who will be wanting to unlock Seer. He follows the same general rule of thumb for most new seasonal characters. You can use one of two currencies to purchase him, depending on if you want to grind in the game to unlock him or outright purchase him immediately using real-world currency. 

Seer Backstory: How Obi Came to Be

Regardless of how you get Seer, we have everything you need to know about this character in our Apex Legends Seer abilities guide. Starting out, we want to break down who this character is as he has one of the most elaborate and best backstories that we have seen in the game to date. 

For starters, it is worth mentioning that the method that Respawn came about of revealing Seer was quite fascinating and a great way to bait and switch the audience. We already knew that Seer was coming to the game and what the general Apex Legends Seer abilities would be like, but not the character’s identity. 

The teasers began with The Moth and The Flame storybook trailers released on the official Apex Legends Twitter account. Broken up into three different, short chapters, it told a succinct but heart-wrenching tale of how love will never lose in the end. 

But that did not come without adversity. The story told of a princess who was blind and locked up in a tower due to her parents fearing for her safety and what would happen to her in the outside world. However, this does not stop Apex’s own Romeo from finding his Juliet, even while she was locked up. 

The two star-crossed lovers quickly fell for one another and began to plan their lives together, although the princess’ parents would not let her leave the tower. As the two began to plot how to escape, the parents caught on and captured the man, imprisoning him. 

The princess wept over the loss of her lover until she met a moth that she saved from flying into a fire. With the moth’s encouragement, she decided what she was going to do when her parents decided to burn the young man. 

When the time came to burn the young man, the girl and the moth joined together with him for all three to die together, thus beginning the moth’s curse. The moth, the curse, and the love of the two young people came together to form inside Obi when he was born. 

Because of his glowing blue eyes, he was cursed by society. He learned to live on the streets and see what others cannot. This has played directly into Obi’s Apex Legends Seer abilities as he has donned the name Seer for stepping into the Apex Games. 

Though he is one of the most exciting legends in the game to date, he is also one of the most unknown, with little to no connections to the other existing legends. This is unique for a new character. He is likely to be an equally game-changing legend in the overall meta of the title. 

Apex Legends Seer Abilities: Passive Guide

When it comes to the Apex Legends Seer abilities, you have your usual setup with three in total: the passive that is always available, the tactical that has a cooldown, and the ultimate that has a hefty cooldown. In the case of Seer’s passive ability, the Heart Seeker. 

This passive is a unique one that is going to take a bit to explain. Essentially what it does is reshape your aiming down the sights feature in the game to be a bit more useful than ever before. When you aim, you will be able to visualize and hear the heartbeats of other players. 

What this means in practice is that aiming down the sights will allow you to pinpoint the possible location of nearby enemies anytime at all. This is a great way to have instantaneous recon and scouting at any point without using other abilities to help with it. 

However, some players might be wondering what you would do in the situation in which you start the match. You have no guns yet to aim down the sights with. Fortunately, Respawn has thought ahead in this scenario. You can even “aim down the sights” to use the Heart Seeker ability when you do not have a weapon at all. 

Tactical Ability Guide

It does not stop there, either, because then we come to the bread and butter of the Apex Legends Seer abilities with the tactical, known as Focus of Attention. This is like an amped-up ability that lets players see the other enemies around them in an even better way than the passive. 

How Focus of Attention works is that when you use this ability, Seer will summon some microdrone companions that will shoot out a focused blast of energy capable of going through walls even. The purpose of this blast is not necessarily to deal damage, though, but to give information. 

The blast is delayed some, so there is room for error, of course, if the enemy team can detect it ahead of time, but the general purpose is for this beam to reveal enemies to you, so you know where they are. Given that this can go through walls, little can stop this tactical ability if you have a solid idea of where an enemy might be. 

Better yet, this ability will also interrupt their actions. If they are planning to use an ability of their own to get the drop on your first, you could use this to render them incapable of using that ability for a moment and have a chance to start the fight on your terms. 

But perhaps the best and most interesting part of Focus of Attention is that it will reveal the health bars of the enemies that are hit by it to you. This is currently the only way that players in Apex Legends can see the health bars of the enemies in the battle royale matches. 

As such, this will give you an unparalleled ability to know what is happening in the match and how close you are to taking someone out. While, sure, you can see when someone’s shields break, the health bar can help you immediately know who the weakest link is to go after first and plan around. It is an invaluable part of the Seer move set. 

Ultimate Ability

And last but certainly not least, we come to the ultimate ability that Seer has that is known as Exhibit. We have seen so many legends to date that have a widespread area of effect abilities as their ultimates. Seer is no different in that regard, except for this character’s ability. 

The Exhibit ultimate ability will allow you to summon your micro drones once more to use them to create a sphere of the area in which the footsteps of enemies who are running around will be revealed and the enemies who are firing their weapons in the area. 

This is an excellent way to immediately control an entire area since you will know everyone moving around and acting in it and where they are likely located. This will give you the chance to control the environment and have the chance to get the drop on enemies. 

While Exhibit does not do any damage on its own, and that is something that Seer does not do much of in general, this is a powerful technique that can give you the advantage in those fights, especially in the late game rounds where information is key to winning the match. 

How to Best Play Seer With Other Players

While I have already gone over the Apex Legends Seer abilities, it is also important to know about how this character works with others. Almost more than anyone else in the game, Seer is a character that you will want to build your team around. 

This means he does not work well on his own (at least in terms of his abilities) when his teammates die or leave the match. His abilities work best when paired with the right teammates who can take full advantage of the moves. 

Given that Seer is all about recon and finding out information (and is the best at this), you will want to pair with players who are aggressive attackers. With his recent changes, people like Wraith, Octane, Bangalore, Horizon, maybe even Fuse, and others who are focused on heavy-hitting will be solid here. 

The general idea is for Seer to be the scout, find out what is going on around them, and then have the other teammates go in there and take them out. Alternatively, you could have Seer, an attacking character like Wraith, and a defensive tank as well in a group. 

If you work well together, having a Gibraltar or Caustic could be a great way to chase down enemies you know about before they know you are there. For the most part, I would say that you do not want to partner Seer with other recon or scout-like characters. 

Valkyrie is an okay exception, though, as while she is great with her jetpack at finding out info, there are just enough differences between the two to work. However, I do think other legends would make more sense here overall. 


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