Apex Legends Revenant Guide: How to Use Abilities and Play Revenant

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 10th 2020

Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation is finally here. Developer Respawn Entertainment crafted one of the most exciting seasons of the game yet as the battle royale title also celebrates its first anniversary. There is a lot of new content to check out this season on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Revenant Drops as Part of Season 4 Launch

The Season 4 launch of Apex Legends began on February 4. The new season came out at just the right time, too. The game celebrates one year since it was announced and released for free in a short window of time.

Like with other seasons, you can expect some map changes for World’s Edge, a new weapon to mess around with in the form of the Sentinel sniper rifle, some changes to the ranked series, and a brand-new legend: Revenant.

This aggressive robotic assassin is one of the most interesting characters to join the game in a very long time. He will likely change up the metagame significantly from here on out. We are going to give you our Apex Legends Revenant guide, so you know everything you need to about the new fighter.

Revenant is the fourth post-launch legend to be added to the game and the 12th character in the roster overall. Before this, Season 1 saw the addition of the speedy Octane, Season 2 saw the defensively focused Wattson, and Season 3 released the drone pilot Crypto.

Revenant is quite unlike all three of those other characters with abilities, a playstyle, and personality that changes up how many players play this game currently. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive right in to look at our Apex Legends Revenant guide for everything you need to know about him.

Who Is Revenant? Backstory, General Info

For starters, who is Revenant? Unlike his fellow robot Pathfinder, Revenant was once actually a human and one of the greatest assassins the galaxy has seen. However, got turned into a mechanical monster without much of a will of his own and sent to kill his masters’ targets for them.

Since becoming this new robotic creation, Revenant took control of his own will and used it to start hunting down his targets: people who played a part in him becoming this monster as seen in the most recent launch trailer for the character.

His bloodthirst for taking out his enemies even led to him killing Forge, originally the new legend this season on behalf of Hammond Robotics. With the removal of Forge, another aggressive character, Revenant took his place in the battle royale game.

However, the lust for revenge that Revenant has might have blinded him to the possibility of creating his enemies. In the launch trailer for the game’s Season 4 debut, he took out a wealthy man who leaves behind a young girl also hungry for revenge. She is likely to play a part in a future season.

How to Unlock Revenant in Apex Legends


Before you can play as Revenant in the game, though, you need to unlock him. Being that this is a free-to-play game with microtransactions, there are only so many heroes that you can play as without having to spend money on the rest.

There are a couple of ways that you can go about purchasing Revenant in the game. Before you choose how you’re going to do it, we recommend that you fire up the firing range and check him out for yourself.

The great thing about the firing range training area is that you can check out any legend you want there, even the ones that you don’t currently own in the game. This is great for taking his abilities out for a test drive as detailed in our Apex Legends Revenant guide before making that important decision.

Once you are ready to purchase Revenant for your collection, the two ways that you can buy him are based on whether you want to spend real cash or not. The first option is using the legend tokens that you can earn throughout your time playing matches.

You need 12,000 of them, which can be difficult to save up unless you haven’t bought any of the other legends in the game previously. If you don’t have enough, your other option is to purchase the new legend for 750 Apex Coins, which is the premium currency.

That equals around $7.50. There is no way to buy that exact amount, so you need to spend around $10 or so to get enough currency to purchase the legend. This is unfortunate but at least you have some leftover for the next potential legend like the rumored Loba.

Apex Legends Revenant Guide: Passive Ability

Our Apex Legends Revenant guide begins with the abilities that the shadowy assassin has at his disposal, the first of which is his passive ability. You don’t have to activate this skill to use it as it is always available to you from the start of the match until the end.

The passive ability, known as Stalker, allows him to walk while crouching faster and climb up walls even higher. In this way, the passive ability accentuates the assassin nature of the character as it encourages you to stay stealthy and fight from the shadows.

The crouch walk is pretty good for Revenant, so if you want to get around quietly but efficiently, it isn’t a bad way to maneuver around the map. Also, his wall-climbing is fantastic. If you see a wall you think you can climb; chances are that you really can within reason. This gives you some solid vantage points.

Apex Legends Revenant Guide: Tactical Ability

Then there is the tactical ability that Revenant has known as Silence. You need to activate this main ability throughout your matches. This ability changed the meta the most. Silence lets you throw an orb-like device at enemy players.

If players are affected by the device, they will be damaged and lose their abilities for 10 seconds. The impressive ability is used quite often within matches. It gives you a significant advantage. The orb device affects the small area around it and can deal insignificant damage if it hits someone directly.

Like with some of the other legends like Octane, you can use the Silence ability while doing other things like shooting, healing yourself and so on. It is even possible to aim the device yourself by holding down the associated button for the ability.

Being able to disable all enemy abilities for 10 seconds is impressive, bringing those fights down to pure weapon skill alone as you and your team will have the advantage over the enemy. This can also be an excellent defensive maneuver to protect yourself while you are healing up.

Apex Legends Revenant Guide: Ultimate Ability

Finally, we have the ultimate ability called Death Totem. This ability takes a few seconds to accomplish but lets you set up, quite literally, a death totem. The totem protects anyone who uses it from death for a period.

Instead of downed or killed, the player teleports back to the totem with minimal health available. Once you have made the death totem, players need to physically come up to it and interact with it for the effects of the ultimate ability to go into place.

This creates your shadowy form where your shields will not take any damage. This is great for preserving them, but it also means that you will “die” or return to the death totem faster. Also, returning to the totem means that you will only have one health point left.

The ultimate ability is a decent ability but one that must be used in the right situations. For instance, if you are going into a big fight ahead, there is no reason not to use it as it means that you will wear down the enemy, return to the totem, and then be able to do it all over again. Of course, it’s also good for just retreating when outnumbered and needing to escape.

How to Play Revenant: Solo and Teams

With the abilities now known, here’s how we recommend that you play as Revenant. an aggressive assassin, so your best bet is to play as someone who is seemingly reckless and make sure to play at mid to close range mostly.

Here, Revenant excels with his abilities and play style. His tactical and ultimate abilities lend themselves well to that range with long-range, open fighting not being his strong suit.

Of course, this battle royale game is mainly about trios, but that doesn’t stop situations where your teammates fall. You are the only one left. In cases like this, you are better off playing it quietly and like an assassin. You are certainly able to take out whole teams as Revenant.

Sneak up on the weakest or loneliest link of a group and take them out first before picking off the rest of the group. When you find yourself in a pinch or outnumbered, you can use Silence to even the playing field some and keep yourself with the advantage.

The death totem ability best pairs with this. If you lose the fight, no big deal. You revive somewhere else. The placement of the totem is important, though, as you want it somewhere hidden where you can heal yourself up with a med kit quickly.

As a team, Revenant can play similarly to being alone as the scout of sorts for the team. The player can sneak up ahead, let the team know what’s in front of them, and attack or wait for the group. Revenant is also essential to those key struggles with the chance of increasing the survivability of the group with Death Totem.

Best Teammates, Revenant’s Weakness

With all of that said, Revenant works best with some teammates. Knowing that he is an aggressive assassin, he works well when paired with someone who plays like that, too. Characters like Octane, Bloodhound and Wraith are solid partners for taking on opponents together.

At the same time, though, Revenant is also best paired with someone like Wattson, who is defensively focused and can round out the group nicely. You can send the two offensive party members to attack a group while the Gibraltar or Wattson stays back and keeps everyone anchored.

This does bring up the weakness of Revenant, though. He is great at mid to close range, but he is lame when it comes to long-range. You can sneak up on roofs and use sniper rifles to take out opponents from afar, but this does you no good in the open areas of World’s Edge.

To combat this, we recommend landing and taking the fight mainly to the city and town locations on the map at least until Kings Canyon comes back later this season. As we mentioned, the other option is to sneak up high somewhere and pick off enemies with a sniper rifle.


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