Apex Legends Rampart Guide: Skills, How to Play, More

by in Apex Legends | Aug, 19th 2020

Respawn Entertainment has released Apex Legends Season 6. This latest season is here in the popular battle royale game, and it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, for sure, but it is an iterative update to the metagame with a new weapon, map changes, and the new Apex Legends Rampart character.

Apex Legends Season 6 Brought Us Rampart

With the release of the new season in Apex Legends, there is a ton of new content for players to enjoy. The map of World’s Edge has vastly changed, adding several new named locations and replacing other ones with new destinations that players have never visited before.

But, for the most part, this new season is a pretty standard one. It has the expected map changes, a single new weapon in the Volt, and a new legend for everyone to check out. That new hero is Rampart, the latest legend added to the game and one that brings some impressive firepower.

Like in past seasons, we already knew who the legend would be this season as it was clear from the various leaks and rumors that it would be Rampart. We even got a glimpse of her abilities most recently, and they weren’t too far off of what her actual skill set, despite it being disregarded by someone working on the game.

Per usual, Rampart is a new character who doesn’t unlock immediately for every player who has Apex Legends. Instead, you will need to either pony up the standard currency in the game that you have built up over time, or you will need to spend some real money to unlock her.

Who Is Rampart?

But who exactly is Rampart, the latest legend in the game? Well, Apex Legends Rampart is known as Ramya Parekh for her real name. She is 21-years-old in the game’s lore and is a British Indian. She is a blue-collar worker herself who has worked her way up to owning her own private business.

She knows her way around guns and not just using them, but doing some impressive work on them and a crafter of sorts. Respawn touts that all she needs is a big gun and a backpack full of scrap metal, and she will get by pretty easily in the Wild West-like world of the Outlands where the battle royale matches happen.

Her love for guns and how to use them and make them is what she brings to the table in Season 6. She has brought with her some modded shields and a massive heavy weapon unlike anything else in Apex Legends to date. She happens to call her minigun Sheila lovingly.

Rampart Abilities Explained: Passive

Sheila and the modified shield all play a huge role in the abilities that Rampart brings to the table. Though they are slightly different from the leaks that we had in the past, for the most part, the rumors were pretty spot on when it comes to what kind of character she is.

Now that Season 6 is here this week, we have our first chance to get our hands-on with the Apex Legends hero Rampart and finally see what her abilities are truly like in battle. For the most part, she is like a one-woman buffing army capable of not only holding down a location but also decimating enemies in the process.

It all begins with the passive ability that Rampart has at her disposal. While you are running around in battle royale matches as her, you will benefit from the Modded Loader passive ability that is active without you having to press any buttons to make it happen.

This passive gives Rampart an increased magazine capacity and faster reloads overall when she is using specific guns. Those guns are light machine guns and the minigun Sheila that we will cover in much greater detail in a little bit.

Modded Loader allows her to essentially have more room for bullets in each of those two weapon categories so that she can keep firing for a longer time than other players can. And then, when she finally runs out of bullets in the magazine, she can reload and start firing again faster.

But the benefits of the Modded Loader passive does not stop there. She is even able to make the powerful L-Star a better weapon when she is using it as well. While using this weapon, this passive increases the number of shots that she can shoot before it overheats and improves the overall cooling when it does finally overheat.

Rampart Tactical and Ultimate Abilities Explained

After her passive ability, we then have the tactical one that she can use in the game. This is the one that has the lesser cool down between it and the ultimate, so you will likely be using this quite often in combat. Her tactical ability is known as Amped Cover.

Similar to what we heard about in the rumors leading up to Season 6, Amped Cover allows Rampart to become like a mini-tank of sorts for the team by creating a cover wall at will that will protect the team from incoming shots while it is around.

The wall is rather short, only being around crouch-level height, so players will need to be crouched or prone to take full advantage of the shielding. What the Amped Cover can do is block incoming shots that are going towards the shield, protecting anyone behind it in the process.

But it does not end there, as the shield can then allow anyone who fires from it to have amped outgoing shots that will be more powerful than usual. So, it is a strong tactical ability used both defensively and offensively to get the enemy’s edge. The restrictions of the Amped Cover is that she can only have five of them deployed at a single time.

Last but not least, we come to the ultimate ability that is the defining characteristic of Rampart: Emplaced Minigun. This particular ultimate ability could change up the metagame of Apex Legends considerably, especially when paired with her passive and other teammates.

The Emplaced Minigun is lovingly known as Sheila to Rampart, so we will use it from now on. Essentially, the Sheila ultimate ability allows Rampart to place a mounted machine gun that anyone can use on the battlefield.

This is no ordinary gun as it is extremely powerful with a very high ammo capacity for shooting for a long time, but a long reload time to counteract the power of this weapon. Rampart is only able to deploy three Sheila miniguns at once in a single match of Apex Legends.

One particular catch with this ability is that she has a very long reload time, so it will leave you vulnerable as you try to put more bullets in the gun and start shooting again. But the other caveat with this ability is the fact that literally, anyone can use it.

And when we say anyone, we truly mean it. Rampart can throw down the mounted minigun and then let her teammate take over while she does other things like throwing down cover. But this also means that an enemy can take over the minigun and use it against your team.

There is a complicated nature to the Sheila minigun that somewhat keeps it balanced. It is an otherwise insanely powerful ultimate ability that is even more impressive when used together with Rampart’s tactical ability. Overall, she is one of the best new characters that we have seen released for the battle royale game in a long time, and we anticipate a ton of teams using her in the future.

How Rampart Works Alone and With a Team

Taking what we know about Rampart’s abilities, it is important to note how she is best played (and how good she is) when she is part of a team or alone in a battle royale match. Though Apex Legends is still a game purely focused on the trios experience, there are times when a player will inevitably be alone.

Whether your team has left you behind, you get one of those cruddier random teams online where everyone goes to different locations, or you lose your teammates in battle, playing solo will eventually happen. And then there is the fact that someday we will hopefully see the official and permanent release of a solos mode in Apex Legends.

When it comes to playing Rampart solo, we are honest in the fact that she is meant to be a team player. She sets up a lot of things that are there to benefit her, but her two teammates as well. That said, everything that she does is fully enjoyed on her own, too.

This isn’t a situation with someone like Revenant or Caustic, where you need some teammates to make the full use of your abilities. Everything that Rampart does can be executed alone, but it will make the vulnerabilities that she has all the more obvious.

We have our passive ability for starters, which is the best case for having her fight on her own in battle royale matches. She can boost her ability with light machine guns and the minigun, making her a terrifying threat, especially if the solo player favors the LMG weapon category.

Then, the tactical ability allows the user to put down some quick cover in the event that the enemy overruns them. And then, you can fight back finally with Sheila as the ultimate. The minigun is powerful enough for one player to dominate against a full team, so long as they know what they’re doing.

Rampart can certainly be one of the best solo fighters out there, as she is so offensively focused while not losing out too much on defense. But that said, she truly shines when it comes to team play. She is built for being the flexible support that so many teams need these days.

She is a strong fighter on her own with her passive, but she can lay down cover anytime and protect her teammates while helping them shoot down the enemy. And then there is the fact that she has an overwhelming ultimate that anyone on her team can use.

This allows teams with Rampart to find a well-fortified location on the map that is within the next ring and truly hold up there, defending against other teams. You can protect vulnerable areas with cover and the minigun to ensure that your team dominates, making her essential to late game fights.

Best Partners for Rampart

With everything so great about Rampart, it is important to know who pairs well with her. In all honesty, Rampart is one of the most flexible heroes out there in the game, so there is no reason you shouldn’t have one player as her on your team at all times.

For the most part, you really can’t go wrong with any team makeup with her on it as she can fill any role, be it defensive, buffing, or offensive, so we expect her to be essential to the metagame in the future. That said, some particular characters don’t mesh as well, in our opinion.

For one, there are defensive tanks like Gibraltar and Caustic. They are predicated on protecting the team, which she already does well, and Caustic’s gas traps are a little bit useless since Rampart is all about letting the enemy know that you are there with the minigun and cover.

But other than that, you really can’t go wrong with having Rampart on your team. You could even do some excellent combos of the newcomers with her protection. At the same time, Loba goes out to collect items for the team, and Revenant is canceling enemy abilities and ready to bring everyone back to the cover base with his ultimate at a moment’s notice.

Apex Legends Rampart is truly one of the best characters to ever release for the game.


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