Apex Legends Olympus Map Guide: Where to Land, Tridents, More

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 5th 2020

Apex Legends has released Olympus, the third battle royale map for players to enjoy. The map is available right now with a lot to unpack in one of the most game-changing maps to date. As such, here is our complete Apex Legends Olympus map guide to get you started.

Olympus Is Only the Third Map in Apex Legends

First and foremost, Olympus is only the third map ever to be released for Apex Legends. This is a significant occasion as we have only seen two maps join the game after its launch. World’s Edge was just over a year ago. Now, we have Olympus joining the ranks at this time.

This makes Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus the only three maps that you can play in the game. However, at the time of writing this post, we are still in the very early stages of the current seventh season, so only Olympus is open.

About two weeks after the Apex Legends Season 7 launch, World’s Edge will make its grand return to the game and give players who prefer that map over the new one a chance to play there. As for those of you (like us) who are fans of the original Kings Canyon map, you will have to wait a little bit longer as that map will not even be in the seventh season at all.

But this only makes this Apex Legends Olympus map guide much more important as you will be required to play on this map if you want to enjoy the game for the first couple of weeks. It is a requirement for those of you who like ranked matches as well.

The ranked version of Apex Legends will follow only the new Olympus map for the first half of the new season, with World’s Edge being the main map later on in the second half of the current season. This season will focus on World’s Edge as well, but the main event is Olympus. Here is our Apex Legends Olympus map guide to help you get used to this new location.

All Named Locations List

First things first, there are the named locations that you can find on Olympus. Sixteen named locations in total are on the island, which is quite a lot. It is a very dense place with plenty of named locations to visit, loot, and land across the matches you do here.

Here are all 16 named locations that you can visit on Olympus:

  • Docks
  • Carrier
  • Oasis
  • Elysian
  • Estates
  • Hydroponics
  • Turbine
  • Rift
  • Power Grid
  • Energy Depot
  • Hammond Labs
  • Solar Array
  • Bonsai Plaza
  • Gardens
  • Grow Towers
  • Orbital Cannon

As you can see, those are many areas, and the map has it so that you don’t have to go too far to be in a new named location suddenly. Though this is more of a city-based destination, it has some widespread greenery spots and other locales that are somewhat surprising.

The Olympus map layout is interesting as it has a massive ring of many locations being around the outside of the map, with several key ones being in the middle of the island. It is an interesting design choice that feels tailored to a specific style that Respawn encourages.

But as our Apex Legends Olympus map guide will show you, there are several different ways to play on the new battle royale map. You could find unique rotations for this map outside of the recommended ones the map focuses on.

How to Best Learn the Map: Olympus Preview

But above all else, there is something that players should keep in mind when playing this brand Apex Legends map, and that is that there is an excellent way to learn how to play it right now. There is a brand new limited-time game mode that is available at the start of Season 7.

If you are reading this later on in the season, it is possible that this isn’t available anymore. Still, the Olympus Preview limited-time mode is the perfect way to get acquainted with the new battle royale map without having to worry about the stress of winning a match.

This game mode is essentially an exploratory one that isn’t focused on eliminating other players or winning the battle royale match. Instead, it is all about just trying to run around the map and learn everything about it to prepare for the standard battle royale modes.

Olympus Preview sets up to 30 players onto Olympus’s floating island in the sky and allows them to run around the map doing whatever they want. You can loot, explore the scenery in peace, or check out all of the various available locations.

It is a peaceful game mode in which you can do whatever you want and chill with your friends if you’d like to. Olympus Preview does act like a normal battle royale match, though, and has the circles that will randomly appear in different locations.

This allows you to figure out the various rotations of looting in one spot and then finding your way to the next circle and so on. Each match of this limited-time mode will allow you to experience three different “matches” in total with the same group of people.

It is one of the best ways to learn the map since there are no eliminations, so you should explore and learn the different landing spots you prefer. This is an excellent way of introducing players to a new map in a not-so-frustrating way.

Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment has made it clear that the new Olympus Preview limited-time mode will only stick around in the game for a single week after launch. Once that week is up, it will leave the game for good. That is not a lot of time, and at least two weeks would have been better, if not just sticking around for the first half of the season.

Trident Vehicle Locations

Beyond just the named locations that you will visit in Olympus, there are some unique gameplay features that you will only find here. The first of these is the first vehicle to show up and be playable in Apex Legends battle royale.

The Trident vehicle is a brand new one that fits up to three players, so your whole squad will be fine, but it is mainly for traveling purposes. You can shoot from the vehicle if you are a passenger, but that isn’t the vehicle’s main function since the driver can’t do too much to fight.

That said, it is fast and is a great way to get around Olympus’s floating island city. The vehicle, designed for traveling, is completely indestructible. The players inside can be damaged, of course, but the vehicle itself will not be destroyed no matter what you do.

The Trident vehicle is an exciting addition to the Apex Legends repertoire, but only if you can find it on the map. The vehicle spawns randomly on Olympus, so you aren’t guaranteed to find one in every match you do, but there are some tips for finding one that we know of.

For the most part, you are likely to find a Trident vehicle in or near some named locations. We have found a couple in the middle of a place that isn’t a named location, but they are pretty rare, so focus on visiting specific locations.

Furthermore, it seems that the Trident vehicle only really spawns on the outside of the arena with the ring of named locations that are on the edge of it. This is likely to encourage players, as we mentioned before, to play the game in a certain way.

You should start on the outside of the island and move towards the middle, depending on how the circles go.

Phase Runner Locations

But the new Trident vehicles aren’t the only main part of the Olympus map that you should know about. There is another movement-based system that you can use throughout your matches. Some new Phase Runner locations are basically like teleporters that you can use anytime.

These teleporters give you access to different parts of the map instantaneously rather than having to run there yourself or use one of the Trident vehicles. This is a great way to quickly reach a circle if you are running out of time (or even health).

The three Phase Runners on the map are set and remain the same across all battle royale matches that you do. They are at the named locations of Hydroponics, Hammond Labs, and then the final one is just around the corner from the Energy Depot named location.

For the most part, they are two different parts of the map, despite being three of them, so most players will probably be concerned with switching from Hydroponics on the outskirts to either Hammond Labs or Energy Depot on the right-middle side of the map.

But keep in mind that the Phase Runners can not only be a benefit to help you get out of tricky fights or away from the closing circles, but they can also harm you. We suspect that there will be many players who will camp around these runner locations to take out those who are, well, running to use them.

We could see a situation where a team holds one of the Phase Runner locations and uses it as its base or even one where they stand at the entrance and wait to take anyone out who comes out of it. You should keep this in mind and be ready for future matches as more and more players learn the Olympus arena.

Best Quiet Places to Land

Finally, in our Apex Legends Olympus map guide, there is the subject of where to land on the map. There are 16 named locations, which is a lot, so choosing where to land in each match can be tough. The map encourages a certain way of doing it, and this has worked thus far.

Thus far, the general design of the map has encouraged many players to start from the outskirts and move inwards as time goes on. As such, you are likely to find some of the outer named locations are extremely popular at the start of the match but less as time goes on.

Simultaneously, though, some central locations are pretty popular due to their nice access to every part of the map. The three locations that have the Phase Runners closest to them are going almost always to be one of the most popular destinations for starters.

Turbine’s central location and the strange Rift are also really popular, so keep an eye out when landing at them. Outside of those, it varies, but locations near those above are likely to be popular, too.

If you like to run into a ton of fights and enemies, head to one of those locations. However, if you are a player who likes a relaxing few opening minutes where you can loot mostly in peace, your best bet is the outer edges that aren’t too popular.

These are places like the Oasis and Carrier section, as well as the Orbital Cannon area. They are pretty far out of the way. We don’t see too many players going to these locations first outside of curious ones exploring them for the first time.


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