Apex Legends Old Ways Event Guide

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 7th 2020

Respawn Entertainment has announced and released a new limited-time event for players to check out in Apex Legends Season 4. The latest season of battle royale includes a new lore event in the form of the Apex Legends Old Ways event. It brings with it a ton of changes and additions.

Respawn Releases Apex Legends Old Ways Lore Event

We haven’t had a lore and character-focused limited-time event in a long time and the new Apex Legends Old Ways event aims to change just that. It focuses entirely on a single character who has done yet another town takeover and brought with them some major changes to the game.

In some ways, the new Old Ways event is one of the biggest ones for the game ever but not necessarily just because of the event mode itself. There are two permanent additions to the battle royale title that fulfill some long-awaited requests from the community as a whole.

Players can start enjoying the Apex Legends Old Ways limited-time event right now as it is available today, Tuesday, April 7 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Just make sure to update your game accordingly to make sure that you are up to date with the latest patch version to enjoy all of its contents.

This particular event focuses on the mysterious and fascinating Bloodhound. Unlike the other characters on the roster who are pretty clear in how they act and pretty much who they are, Bloodhound is very different. Refusing to show their face or much of their personality in general, this event is certainly welcome.

For the first time really, we can learn more about Bloodhound’s character and why they fight in the battle royale games. It all begins with the cinematic trailer that was launched alongside the event, showcasing some of the lore and backstory surrounding the mysterious assassin and their companion.

New Addition: Permanent Duos

But even though this new event is all about Bloodhound, it has brought some major changes to the battle royale game as a whole. While we expected these changes to happen eventually, we certainly did not expect them to happen so soon and as part of a random limited time lore event.

After all, the lore events are meant to focus on a singular character and give a temporary change to the game’s map to show off their likes and dislikes. The focus on them usually also means we learn more about their character and they get some sweet cosmetics to boot.

Such was the case with past takeovers like with Mirage taking over the luxury yacht in the past and Octane taking over one of the towns. That said, the Bloodhound town takeover event is much different since it arrives with some permanent features that have been long-requested.

The first of these is the permanent addition of the duos game mode in battle royale. No longer will the memes of Apex Legends only having one game mode offered to be valid. Finally, more than a year after the launch of the title, we have another game mode to enjoy with a different squad size.

While it isn’t, unfortunately, the permanent release of the solo game mode as you might expect, it is welcome nonetheless as the new duos mode is finally here. Players will now be able to grab their favorite battle royale partner and jump into the game for some competitive action.

As of now, it looks like the duos game mode will be unranked from what we see in the initial announcement about the event, though it could certainly be part of the ranked series in the future. Regardless, it is welcome as it changes up the pace of the game considerably.

Instead of several teams of three players each, players will now have tons of teams of two players each where you have to know how each other players and what to do in situations. This will likely encourage players to pick two characters who complement each other well for tough situations.

Persistent Map Rotation

While the welcome addition of the permanent duos mode is already here in the Apex Legends Old Ways event, that isn’t even the only other addition to the battle royale game. Players will also be able to finally play both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon in the game through map rotation.

We already have both maps in the game because of the split in Season 4 that allowed for World’s Edge to switch to the back burner as the unranked game map while Kings Canyon became the permanent Season 4 split map for the current ranked series.

This allowed players to play through both maps if they wanted to at the same time in the same season. The caveat and one problem with this, though, was that the King’s Canyon map was only available in the ranked series mode of battle royale.

That means if you had strong nostalgia for the Kings Canyon map and those first two awesome seasons of Apex Legends, then you had to play through the ranked mode where the competition is the most fierce. This can be a massive and understandable turn off for many players.

After all, there are a lot of players who are just there to have fun, get better, and hang out with friends online, and the ranked mode isn’t the best place to do that in all honesty. Fortunately, there is now a permanent map rotation that allows for both maps to coexist simultaneously from now on.

Players will now be able to pick between both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge for the unranked game modes. You won’t have to wait for another split or anything else as both will be available to everyone as it should have been a long time ago.

Also, you will be able to play on both battle royale maps in both the original trios game mode that Apex Legends is known for and the new permanent duos game type as well. This Apex Legends Old Ways event is all about giving the choice and options to players that they have always wanted.

Town Takeover: Bloodhound’s Trials

Even though these major battle royale changes and additions are important, there is also the Apex Legends Old Ways lore event itself to go over. Those other things are permanent, so they aren’t affected by the temporary nature of the new Bloodhound lore event that will only be around for a limited time.

Like with previous lore events, it is focused on Bloodhound and they have taken over a section of the battle royale map. In the case of this new event, they have taken over a portion of the World’s Edge battle royale map. This means that you will need to play on it to experience these changes.

Fortunately, you will still be able to likely complete challenges and earn cosmetics on the original Kings Canyon map but if you want to see what’s new for this Old Ways event, you’ll need to take a look at the World’s Edge map while it is still going on.

The lore of the event surrounds the fact that the Apex battle royale games were brought to the World’s Edge map and took out a large portion of the large predators that hunted in that area. Because of this, it left the prowlers on the map and they have since exploded in population.

Bloodhound saw an opportunity in this explosion of the prowler population to pit the humans against the beasts that now roam the battle royale arena. In the northwestern portion of the map, players will now find themselves with more to worry about than just the other duo or trio teams.

In this northwestern section, there is a nest of prowlers where players and their teammate(s) will now have to battle against a hoard of prowlers to claim high-tier loot as the reward for hunting them down. In this way, it fits the assassin hunter style of Bloodhound perfectly.

But players won’t just have to worry about the new prowler enemies here either as there is the constant threat of the other teams as well. This isn’t a massive area so there will be other players heading here to try and score some sweet loot, too.

As such, players should be careful of the fellow Legends who will want to scavenge those goods for themselves. They could be competing against the wildlife enemies but they also might wait until you are weak and caught off guard to try and take you out for some easy eliminations and loot.

It is highly recommended and teased that you should bring along a Bloodhound player with you to the prowler enclosure as you explore it in the moments of quiet. You might likely get some interesting tidbits directly from the normally quiet Bloodhound regarding their lore and backstory.

New Event Prize Track

Like with the last couple of events in Apex Legends, there is a new prize track that players will be able to progress through. There will be daily challenges throughout the Old Ways lore event that you can complete to earn points towards completing the prize track.

The way that the challenges and points will work is fairly similar to the System Override recently. You will be able to earn up to 1000 points from each of the challenge sets and the sets will refresh daily. This means that you will have the chance to earn up to 1000 points per day.

That’s certainly a lot of points considering that the prize track doesn’t require too many. What’s great is that you will still be able to complete your prize track in a decent amount of time as you only need 4000 total points to get every free cosmetic item in the event.

There are around 11 exclusive cosmetic items that you can get for free just by playing through the new limited-time event. With the rate of up to 1000 points per day in each batch of challenges, you could certainly get all of them in potentially no more than four days if done right.

New Direct Purchase Items

As with any event, free items are being offered and there are other ones that you can purchase directly. In the case of this event, they are mostly exclusive skins that you can buy in the item shop. There is a large mix of both rare and legendary skins that players can get.

They will rotate throughout the event, with new items coming in and the old ones leaving every few days or so. It all starts today on April 7 with the first batch of cosmetic items that will stick around until April 11. They include the Young Blood and Wise Warrior skins for Bloodhound, the Redemption Havoc skin, and Static Maiden Wattson skin. The first three cost 1800 points while the last one is only 500.

This will be followed up by the second batch of items April 12 through April 16. It will feature the same Young Blood Bloodhound skin plus the Safety First Charge Rifle weapon skin for 1800, the Raven’s Watch Prowler skin for 1000, and the Azure Gaze Crypto skin for only 500.

Finally, the last section will happen April 17-21 and feature the same Young Blood Bloodhound skin for 1800, the Norse Code Mozambique weapon skin for 1800, the Copperhead EVA-8 skin for 1000, and the Exploration Bloodhound frame for 1000.

The event will also include the return of the legendary hunt skins. All eight of the original skins will be available for direct purchase plus the two recolored variants of the Wraith and R-301 skins will also be available. However, those last two will only be for the paid battle pass owners.

Those skins are also event-exclusive so you won’t see them for too long. The Apex Legends Old Ways limited-time event will happen starting today, April 7, and will run for about two weeks until April 21. It could be the final event for Season 4, so players should check it out while they still can.


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