Apex Legends Loba Guide: How to Play Loba

by in Apex Legends | May, 14th 2020

Apex Legends Season 5 is finally here. The second new season of the year has arrived and it is quite the doozy. It is one of the biggest seasons and updates for the popular battle royale title yet, with the release of the new character in the form of Apex Legends Loba.

Loba Is Here in Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5 dropped earlier this week as part of the new, huge update for the game. We already covered this update in great detail earlier this week when it dropped, going over the various parts of it like the new legend, map changes, bug fixes, and more.

However, each new season is marked by the release of a new character that players can play as. In the case of this season, the legend wasn’t that surprising at all as we all expected it to be Loba at this point. And we weren’t wrong as that is exactly who Respawn released for the game.

The long-awaited arrival of this new legend is here and she can enact her revenge against another legend already available in the game. With a new legend, though, there is a lot to unpack regarding her abilities, how she plays, and the best uses for her on teams.

That is exactly what we are going to do in this Apex Legends Loba guide for you today. We are going to go over all of the abilities that Loba has available to her plus how to use them properly as solo or as a team, and how she works with some of the other legends in the roster. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump right in to answer: who is Loba anyway?

Who Is Loba? Lore and Backstory

Before we jump into the abilities that Apex Legends Loba has at her disposal and all that, the question remains: who is this character and what are her motivations joining the Apex Legends battle royale game? For starters, there is the fact that her real name is Loba Andrade, some that will come up later.

She is 34 years old at the start of her joining the Apex Games and she has no homeworld (for some reason). Known as the “high society thief,” she looked on as her father and mother were killed right in front of her at the age of nine years old.

This was not some random one-off event, either, as it was done by Revenant himself, the legend introduced at the start of the previous season. You can watch this happen in the cinematic trailer that introduces Revenant to the game and his motivations.

Interestingly enough, that is where we all began to speculate that Loba would be the next hero to join the battle royale title as she is seen near the end of the trailer, angry as she looks over her father’s dead body. Unfortunately, this moment left her with nothing at all.

From here, the nine-year-old girl had to survive on her own, picking pockets to make it by. As her skills improved in stealing, she used everything she could to get out of the hole she was in. At one point, she broke into a supposedly impenetrable facility and took the Jump Drive inside.

This teleportation bracelet was her most prized possession and she was able to use it to steal various items with ease. She could have lived the high life again if it weren’t for Revenant joining the battle royale games. This caused her to join the fight, too, and take down Skull Town and Thunderdome in the process.

How to Unlock Loba in Apex Legends

Before you can ever use Apex Legends Loba in battle, you will have to unlock her in the game. This is the standard procedure that every character that was introduced post-launch of the game required. You have two main ways of unlocking Loba and it depends on whether or not you want to spend cash.

The first way is by spending 12,000 legend coins that you can get in the game just by leveling up your account. Over time, you will earn these coins and if you’ve been saving them up for a while, you might already have enough to purchase this awesome new thief.

That said, you might not have the tokens for that at this time. If this is the case, the only other option is to use 750 Apex coins. These do require you to spend real-world money, though, to get them unless you already have some saved up from previous purchases.

If you don’t, you will likely need to spend at least $10 if you want to get enough coins to unlock Loba. That said, we do recommend that you test out Loba before purchasing her. She is a strange and unique character, so try her out first for free in the training grounds where you can even try out tricks with your friends.

Passive Ability and What It Is Used for

Now, moving on from unlocking Apex Legends Loba, we can start going over her abilities. The first one is her passive ability, which is active at all times and does not require you to do anything to activate it. This ability, known as Eye for Quality, takes advantage of her thief capabilities.

Loba can automatically see nearby epic and legendary loot through walls. This means that you could enter a building or walk by one and you will see the epic and legendary loot inside of it if you are close enough. This is great and will save you some valuable time in the process.

You can approach a building and see if there is any valuable loot inside. If there isn’t, this can allow you to skip it and not waste any time looking inside for nothing. This is especially great as a team if you have the Loba player act as the team’s scout, which I will get more into later.

Tactical Ability Explained

The tactical ability that Loba has is Burglar’s Best Friend. Like other tactical abilities in Apex Legends, this is the skill that you will likely use the most in the game and it happens to be her most useful one as well. This ability takes full advantage of the Jump Drive bracelet that she has.

What it does is let you use the teleportation bracelet to teleport to a certain location. To activate this ability, throw the bracelet at a destination and teleport there. This can allow you to reach places you wouldn’t normally be able to easily get to or even escape trouble.

Burglar’s Best Friend is one of the most useful tactical abilities that we have seen in a long time, especially for solo and scout players. You can easily escape from a fight if you are outnumbered or about to die, or you can even use it for offensive attacks if you want.

There is so much utility to this tactical ability for Loba that makes her a lot better than she would have been. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of her passive and ultimate as they are just okay. The passive is better, but the ultimate is a downright travesty for this character.

Ultimate Ability Explained

The ultimate ability that Loba has is Black Market Boutique. This ability is a strange one that uses her thievery skills, but perhaps, not in the way that we would have hoped. You put down a portable device that allows you to steal or teleport the nearby loot to your inventory.

Every friendly and enemy legend that is nearby can also use this to take up to two items for their inventories. It is a strange skill that honestly doesn’t seem worthy of the “ultimate” moniker. It feels more like a tactical ability that is slightly more amped up.

Loba could have done better with just about any other ability out there, but I do understand that the thief nature of her is probably the reason why this ability exists. However, it just pales in comparison with the already useful passive for finding loot and excellent tactical ability. It just feels like a waste to me for now, though I fully expect players to come up with some interesting ways of using Black Market Boutique.

Does Loba Work Best Solo or as a Team?

With her abilities explained, it remains the question of how exactly to play her. Does she work best as a solo player or as part of a team? For now, my evaluation is that she works pretty well as an even mix of both, capable of going it solo while also being able to work as a team.

In many ways, this comes down to the fact that Loba is best used as a support or scout type of player. She can fill the role of other characters like Octane and Wraith who are capable of moving around a little bit faster than the other characters are, allowing her to scout ahead.

In this way, she can work as a solo player. If you lose your teammates, she is one of the better legends for trying to get around the map, pick up the tags, and revive your teammates. Or, if you have no other choice, she is also good at going solo period if you end up all alone.

She can move in and out of fights better than most, letting you escape when necessary while also being able to get the sneak attack as well, with both options using the awesome tactical ability. That said, this is mainly a team game, so working as a team is important, too.

In this way, she can be a scout but also a support character as well. Not a support in the way that defensive characters like Gibraltar and Wattson are, but more like taking the place of someone like Lifeline. She can help your team get equipment while still being a versatile quick-moving fighter.

Who She Works Best With

When it comes to using Loba as a team, there are some legends that she works better with than others. In most matches (at least until Respawn finally gives us more game mode options other than the normal trios), you are going to have Loba and two teammates.

The optimal team makeup at this time is Loba as the scout/support, another attacking character, and a defensive tank. In this way, Loba will work best with the tanks like Caustic, Gibraltar, and Wattson who can help her defend while she runs out and attacks and comes back from danger.

At the same time, her second partner should be someone who is another attacker like her or a more ranged fighter. There are a couple of these that come to mind, but it mainly comes down to characters like Crypto, Bloodhound, and, yes, Revenant.

Crypto and Bloodhound, in a way, because they can complement each others’ strengths like the fact that she can scout ahead for both of them and help them out. But for Revenant, he is ironically one of the best characters to pair up with Loba, despite the awkward circumstances.

His ability to silence enemies allows Loba to go in there with her teleportation and have the upper hand on enemies who can’t use their abilities. And then there is the fact of his ultimate, which can keep her and the team alive if she does die somehow. So, the optimal team at the launch of Season 5 is Loba, Revenant, and a tank character. At least, for now.


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