Apex Legends Horizon Guide: Abilities, How to Play, More

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 5th 2020

Respawn Entertainment has revealed almost everything that will release in Apex Legends Season 7. It is looking to be the biggest battle royale season of all time for the game thus far. One of the season’s biggest parts is the new legend, so here is our Apex Legends Horizon guide.

Apex Legends Season 7 Is Here

By the time you read this, Season 7 of Apex Legends is likely already here for you to download and install. The season begins today, Wednesday, Nov. 4 but later in the evening for most of us in the U.S. and on Nov. 5 for many players in the rest of the world.

The new season of battle royale will include some of the newest content we have ever seen. The new Olympus map will be a major part of the game moving forward as only the third map will ever be released.

Then there is the first vehicle to come out for the game in the form of Trident and other changes to how ranked will work with the new map, the fact that Kings Canyon is now gone, and more. But one of the most important parts of this season is the expected release of a new legend.

That new legend is none other than Horizon herself. We will give you our full Apex Legends Horizon guide, so you know what to expect from her as she releases in Season 7. We will go over all of her abilities, how to play her, and how she works with others. But we are going to start with who she is.

Horizon Backstory and Lore

Horizon is the newest legend in the game. She is known as Dr. Mary Somers, with Horizon being her Apex name. Her story is one of the most tragic in the battle royale community’s entire lore as she was a famous astrophysicist on Olympus (the brand new map) nearly 100 years ago.

She was hired to find the solution to the energy crisis plaguing the Outlands and set out to work with her apprentice Dr. Reid. Over time, she discovered the element Branthium that was a possible solution to potentially limitless energy.

However, it was only found inside black holes, so Horizon and her partner set out on a perilous journey into the black hole to find this element. Before leaving, the hero promised her son Newton that she would find it and return safe and sound to him.

But this wouldn’t be the case after all as her apprentice betrayed her in the mission and stole the newfound element, leaving Horizon for death in the black hole. Fortunately, she could use her robot companion Newt, named after her son, to escape the black hole.

Unfortunately, she arrived in a very different place where time had passed a whopping 87 years since she had been gone. This also meant that she missed out on her son and now vows to go back in time somehow to fulfill her promise. Thus begins her journey into the Apex Games, now in her former home of Olympus.

Horizon Abilities Explained: Passive

Horizon’s tragedy and amazing backstory aren’t just for show as she has a moveset that reflects everything that we know about her. It seems that spending time in the black hole has helped her to understand gravity and black holes, leading to her unique and amazing skillset.

The first ability that she has is her passive ability known as Spacewalk. This interesting ability increases the movement control that the player has in the air and reduces the fall damage and impact. Overall, this changes how you will act in the air while playing as Horizon.

While you don’t have the full thruster capabilities that we were hoping for when it comes to the character, you can manipulate your air movements a lot better than other players. Making huge drops will allow you to control better where you will go and land.

This will help you even take out other players while in the air better than you could with other legends. The fall damage negation is pretty useless, for the most part, but the movement control in the air could lead to some interesting scenarios for players who take the time to master Horizon.

Horizon Abilities: Tactical

Next up in our Apex Legends Horizon guide is the tactical ability that you will likely be using much more often than the passive or ultimate. Horizon’s tactical ability is known as Gravity Lift and does largely what we see her do in the launch trailer for the new season.

She has the power to control gravity and can use her tactical ability to throw down a special item that will make those players in that area lift upwards into the sky. When the players exit the gravity area, they will be boosted outward and away from the area.

It is a strange and somewhat complex ability that has a couple of unique purposes. It is both offensive and defensive as you can use it to help your teammates lift up and out of bad situations or control enemy players’ movements and ensure that you can take them out while they are in a vulnerable state.

We expect to see some exciting combinations with this move and other legend moves in the future, especially when you mix in the ultimate ability that she has.

Ultimate Ability Explained

The most exciting ability to some players is the ultimate that Horizon has. You likely won’t be able to use it much during each match you’re in, but the few times that you can use it will potentially be key to your victory, especially with the one that she has.

The ultimate ability that Horizon has is known as simply Black Hole. Respawn didn’t even try to brighten up or hide this ability as it is clear in the name. Horizon’s time stuck in the black hole in her lore has helped her to command it alongside her robot pal Newt.

When you use the Black Hole ultimate ability, Horizon will get her companion Newt and throw him to a specified area to activate a mini black hole that will form. It will pull all players near it towards the black hole and limit the movement that they will have during that time.

As you can see, it is a very strong ultimate ability that rivals just about any other one in the game, but it does have a slight downside to it to keep it somewhat balanced online. There is a bit of time between Newt reaching the area and then activating the black hole, letting players escape it if they are swift enough to notice it and get away.

Even still, this is one of the strongest abilities in the game. It can bring players to a certain location so that you have the chance to get an advantage on them and decimate them in the process.

How to Best Play Horizon

With all three of these abilities known, it is important to know how to play Horizon, and that is what our Apex Legends Horizon guide is here for. First and foremost, it is clear to us what sort of character she is in the game. It is one that is highly unique compared to the rest of the cast.

While the other characters are more focused on tanking, strategy, offensive, scouting ahead, and so on, Horizon fills a somewhat unique space by being a crowd control kind of character. She is someone that you would see in other genres like MOBAs who can take control of the battle.

She is not necessarily there to deal with the massive damage that some other legends’ abilities are capable of. She isn’t necessarily there just for defensive maneuvers. Horizon is mainly there to manipulate gravity and the battlefield in the process.

Players who decide to check out Horizon will find that she is one of the most complicated characters around who is simple to understand from a glance and just reading her moveset but potentially hard to master. But I fully expect that pros who can master her will find that she is one of the most important characters in the competitive scene.

You are the one who needs to instigate the fights as you need to be able to throw down the tactical and ultimate abilities to control the fight, recenter the enemies, and make room for your teammates to go to town on the vulnerable opponents.

How Horizon Works Alone and With Others

When it comes to playing as Horizon, there are two scenarios that you will find yourself in: playing as her alone or with a team. Though Apex Legends is a team game, there will be moments every once in a while when you are playing by yourself and you have no one to rely upon.

It could be that you lose your teammates and are all by yourself against the rest of the players or that you end up with a terrible team that divides up and doesn’t want actually to communicate or do anything together. Regardless, it is important to know how she will work on her own.

In many ways, Horizon will possibly be one of the least favorable characters to play as on your own. Her abilities, much like Wattson and some others, are meant to be used with other players as that is where they are most useful, but you could use them on your own.

Since Horizon is all about crowd control, you could use this to your advantage, especially if you are outnumbered. You can use her tactical and ultimate to take on groups bigger than yourself and surprise them by gathering them all up in one location and then using everything you have against them to, hopefully, win the fight.

You could also possibly use the tactical ability to escape losing battles if you need to from what we can tell thus far. As for playing as a team, this is where Horizon shines. She can bring enemies to a specific location that the teammates can use weapons and abilities to finish them off while they are exposed.

There are many possibilities and combinations that you could do with Horizon’s powers in team fights, like even helping your team escape if you know that you are probably going to lose.

Best Teammates for Horizon

Horizon will pretty much work well with anyone as her abilities are pretty complete on their own. However, there are some teammates that she would work well with. Some of the defensive teammates will work pretty well since they can tank and keep attention while controlling the enemies.

The same goes for aggressive characters like Bloodhound and Wraith and can back them up and assist them in their attacks on unsuspecting teams. Simultaneously, she could work well with the heavily movement-based characters like Octane and Pathfinder, too, as she could boost their speedy natures.

She is so flexible that she can work with just about anyone. I could see some excellent scenarios, even with Revenant using him as your last resort in keeping everyone alive. Simultaneously, Horizon manipulates the field and leaves an opening for a quick escape, if necessary. There are many options out there. I can’t wait to see what the community does with her in the future.


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