Apex Legends Global Series Is Missing a Crucial Component

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 26th 2020

Apex Legends is nearing two significant milestones in its history, despite being currently less than a year old. The first is reaching its first anniversary while the other is seeing the launch of the long-awaited Global Series.

First Season of Apex Legends Global Series Kicks Off Soon

Even though we are still rather early in 2020, the first season of the Apex Legends Global Series is about to kick off soon. This series is a first-of-its-kind for the game that previously didn’t have much esports support officially in its initial year of being on the market.

The first major event set for the last weekend of January 2020. it is going to be an exciting time for players around the world as they compete. The first online tournament is going to set the stage for the series is all about.

From there, we are going to have numerous events throughout the year that will chronicle the first season of the Global Series. All these events and the series itself are hosted officially by EA, making it a massive esports community that players have the chance to be part of.

What Is the Apex Legends Global Series?

With that said, there are some Apex Legends Global Series improvements we would like to see for the series even though it hasn’t even begun. But before we get into all of that, this all begs the question of what exactly the Global Series is and who it is for.

The Global Series is EA’s answer to the official esports competitions that other online games have currently. It is a massive collection of official, highly competitive events that will bring together competitors of all skill and professional levels from around the globe.

Unfortunately, the competition is only available for those players on the PC platform. Still, it is excellent nonetheless as it opens the way for players to enjoy esports competition no matter how pro or amateur they are. If you feel that you are ready to rise to the challenge and compete, the wonderful news is that you can.

The series is composed of 12 global live events that will happen throughout 2020 and will allow players to watch them as they happen. The events that you will see in the year are broken up into different categories, some of which will be live-streamed and others that will not be.

It all starts with the online tournaments, the first of which will kick off the first season of the Global Series at the end of January. This is touted as the entry point for most players in the series. The requirements for entering one of these tournaments isn’t that harsh at all.

This means that players who never competed professionally will have the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with some of the other players from around the world in hopes of winning some prizes and making a name for themselves.

The online tournaments allow players to earn series points for how well they do during the event, used to determine if they can qualify for one of the main live events that will happen later in the year. The Premier events follow this.

In these events, only the top teams from around the world who did exceptionally well during the online tournaments will be invited to it. These are global live events where players in each global region will be competing against one another.

They will be able to earn even more series points and possibly get an advanced placement invitation to the Majors; more on this in a bit. Another set of live events that leads to the Majors is the Challenger events that are also considered to be live ones.

In these events, local talent in certain regions of the world will have the chance to show their stuff and possibly earn a reserved spot in an upcoming Major event. Lastly, we have the Majors themselves, of which there will be four throughout the whole year.

These are the biggest events of the year where only the top teams from around the world will compete live. The fourth and final Major event will be a particularly special one where the top 60 teams will compete in the Global Series Championship to see who the best in the world is.

Apex Legends Global Series Improvements

With that hefty description out of the way, it is no doubt that the Global Series is a step in the right direction in terms of esports for the popular battle royale game. However, even with its detailed and expansive format, there is still room for some improvements.

Though the season has yet to get started, there are some significant Apex Legends Global Series improvements that we would like to see soon. For the most part, though, it comes down to one specific component that is crucially missing from the season.

What the Global Series does right is create something that anyone can compete in if they want to. A player who has never been able to travel far away before and compete in an official event in a major city will have the chance to prove their skills online and, hopefully, become something great.

This is amazing. There is no understating how important this is for the esports community. It is something that we hope more games like this one start to emulate in the future. But it also makes it so that the spectacle of it all could potentially fade away into the background.

What makes the physical sports of soccer, football, basketball, and the like so popular is that teams and players know by name. There is a team that you love based out of a city or country in the world, and they resonate with you on a certain level.

This is an excellent feature of physical sports leagues. It is something that esports is beginning to grasp. With stuff like the Call of Duty League and the groundbreaking Overwatch League, fans and players are beginning to have an experience that is not unlike traditional physical sports.

But this Global Series is missing that feature from its first season. So, the Apex Legends Global Series improvements we would like to see come down to the fact that we think there needs to be an official league of some sort or some other competition that is just for the pros out there.

How an Official Esports League Could Help the Global Series

An official esports league for pros in the Global Series would compete the trifecta of offering amateurs who have never been to a competition, semi-pros looking to prove themselves, and existing professionals a chance to all shine in their own ways.

It seems odd to have them mixed under one roof where they could create an unbalanced environment. There are already pro esports organizations out there that have established pro teams to compete in the Global Series.

Though some invitations will be sent out to some of these teams, it doesn’t alleviate the fact that we will see newcomers battling it out against the best of the best. This is contrary to other esports leagues where there are both competitions for amateurs and for pros alike.

Take Magic: The Gathering, for example. Players have the chance to prove themselves online in the digital version of the card game and make their way to one of the Mythic Championships or qualifiers. This is great for those who think they have what it takes.

At the same time, though, the pros in the game have their chance to shine in the Magic Pro League that exists wholly outside of the realm of the Mythic tournaments. It gives everyone the chance to do something great and make a name for themselves.

The Global Series could benefit from this by simply adding a pro league for those esports organizations that already have dedicated teams. Also, it would break ground as we haven’t seen this happen before for a battle royale game on this level.

Even Fortnite has yet to figure out an esports league like this, which is honestly saying something. If the Global Series could pull this off, it could easily become one of the biggest esports competitions in the entire world.

Truly Putting the Global in the Global Series

Along with possibly putting the popularity of the Global Series on a world level, it could put the global in the name that it touts. We know that there will be competitions around the world, but the esports league could have its global aspect of it.

One of the issues with some esports leagues is that they focus too much on the Western side of the world, namely North America and possibly Europe as well. A lot of times, they fixate on those locations and ignore other parts of the world where there are talented players as well.

The Global Series is already fixing this by allowing players from so many countries to enter the competition. It would be great to see this same wonderful aspect be translated to a potential esports league, too. This could not only open the gateway for exciting competitions but be revolutionary.

Like the World Cup, we could see teams from around the world in certain regions have their leagues to compete in that is reserved to those pro players who have already proven themselves in other competitions or past Global Series seasons.

Each region could have several franchised teams that could compete every week during the season, culminating in one or two winning teams per region or country. Then those teams could turn around towards the end of the year and compete in a world tournament to see who the best team in the world is.

This could coincide or be near the Global Series Championship, where we get to see the two aspects of the series happen right around the same time. It would give equal attention and love to the players who made their way from the ground up and pros working their tails off all season.

Better yet, the pro esports league would be a milestone for the best of the best players in the Global Series to reach towards. Their competitive journey wouldn’t end at the Global Series Championships as their accomplishments there could earn themselves a place on one of the existing pro teams in the league.

While the addition of this isn’t a requirement or something that we expect to happen in the first year of the Global Series, it would be a welcome feature in the coming years as the series grows. For now, though, we do have an innovative and detailed series to look forward to, nonetheless.

The whole series kicks off soon with the first online tournament on January 25, where players from around the world have the chance to show their skills and, hopefully, make it to one of the live events. The first Major event is March 13-15, where we will get to see how great and competitive the Global Series is.


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