Apex Legends Fuse Guide: How to Play Fuse

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 2nd 2021

Once again, it is that time for a new season of Apex Legends to release and new content to come out. All of the usual fixings are here in Season 8, including returning a fan-favorite map, a new weapon to use in combat and the new Apex Legends Fuse character. 

Apex Legends Season 8 Is Here

By the time you read this, Season 8 is already here, and you can start downloading it on your platform of choice. The update is going to a reasonably substantial one given that this is the start of a brand new season, something that only happens three to four times a year, so it might take you a bit to get it installed. 

That said, the eighth season’s content is more than worth it as it means that players will be able to check out the new map changes for the return of Kings Canyon, a new rifle weapon, and a new legend. A new season of the game would not be complete without a new character. 

The new character in Season 8 is Apex Legends Fuse, an explosive new playable hero who has an affinity for explosive weaponry if you couldn’t tell by his Apex name alone. There is no one like Fuse in the game currently since he takes what other heroes have done and amps it up to an extreme level.

To help you with this, we are going to give you our official Apex Legends Fuse guide. Like we’ve done for just about every other new legend in the game at the start of a season, we are going to break down his abilities, let you know how he works, and how to play him best. Let’s go ahead and get started. 

Apex Legends Fuse Guide: Who Is Fuse?

First off, who is Fuse? The backstory for the new Apex Legends character goes like this: Fuse is known in the real world as Walter Fitzroy, a 54-year old fighter who is from the home world of Salvo. He is a charismatic and fun character, a nice change of pace from some of the more saddening heroes lately or just those with super tragic backstories. 

Fuse is not like those at all as he is touted as a ladies man, a man’s man, and an all-around manly man who is joining the Apex Games. He is funny, likable, and loved by just about everyone. At the same time, though, he is a one-man wrecking crew ready to blow everything up by himself. 

While he doesn’t lack confidence, he doesn’t necessarily have a plan of action and goes with the flow. This is seen in his abilities as well. This character plays nicely with players who don’t have a plan up their sleeves at all times. 

He grew up in the rough world of Salvo alongside his pal Maggie. While she wanted to become one of the powerful warlords on the planet, Fuse was someone who thirsted for glory in battle and became a gladiator in the arena. He has now earned his right to fight in the Apex Games and is ready to do so. 

However, his decision did come at a price: he had to fight Maggie for it. In the ensuing fight, the two caused a massive ship to come down, and an explosion wrecked Kings Canyon to its core. When players choose Fuse or any other character on the returning map, they will find it will never be the same.  

Fuse Passive Ability Explained

Like all of the other Apex Legends characters in the game, Fuse has the basic three-part ability kit available to players. There is a passive ability, a tactical one that you will likely be using the most, and an ultimate ability that you will only be able to use every so often once fully charged. 

In the case of the passive ability, we have the ability that is known as Grenadier. As you likely already know by this point, Fuse is someone who loves explosives. Of course, his passive is all about ensuring that he can have as many of them as possible.

Unique to Fuse, he can stack an extra grenade per inventory slot compared to other fighters. So, while other legends might have a certain number of grenades available to them, Fuse will always be capable of holding one more than everyone else. 

But the Grenadier passive doesn’t stop there as he can fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately than other legends. This will play out uniquely, ensuring that players can launch grenades like never before when using Fuse. If you are an explosives fan like him, you will likely love this character. 

Tactical Ability Explained

From the passive ability, we come to the tactical one that you will be using quite often when playing as him. The useful tactical ability is known as Knuckle Cluster. This is his unique utility ability that sets him truly apart from the other legends on the roster. 

With the Knuckle Cluster tactical ability, you can launch a cluster bomb at enemies that will continuously expel airburst explosives upon impact. This is essentially an extra explosive ability that the Apex Legends character Fuse has available to him that no one else does. 

While some of the other legends have explosives that they can use in their ultimates, Fuse can have one for his tactical. You will be able to use this in battle quite often. It also helps that it is a cluster bomb rather than a single explosive.

This means that it will scatter some and deal some decent damage if you can land it well against opponents. We can see many great uses for this ability when it comes to moments in a fight where you are out of ammo and need to reload or want to surprise someone with a shocking entrance.

Ultimate Ability Explained

Last but not least, we come to the ultimate ability that Fuse has in his kit. The ultimate ability is known as The Motherlode. It certainly is that, bringing with it some intense explosive action that players will be able to use every so often when it is charged. 

In some ways, The Motherlode is quite similar to Bangalore and Gibraltar’s ultimates in that they are massively explosive and will decimate a nice wide area. But there are other parts to it to make it stand out and truly show that Fuse is the explosives master in the Apex Games. 

The Motherlode launches a bombardment of explosives that will encircle a decently-sized area in a wall of flames. So, not only will it deal some severe damage to anyone caught up in its blast, but they will be then likely dealt extra damage by the flames that are surrounding them. 

It is a powerful ultimate ability that will be useful for teams. Players will be able to deal some overwhelming damage to teams and potentially take them out without having to do much more than use this ability. Fuse will be one to watch out for in the coming days and weeks of Season 8. 

How to Play Fuse as Part of a Team

Now that we know how the various abilities of Fuse work, it is time to figure out how to play as him. For the most part, you are going to be playing as Fuse as part of a team. As such, here are our initial thoughts on how to use this explosive character as a team player in battle. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that he is built as an aggressive fighter when it comes to Fuse. If you are someone who prefers to stay back, plan and let the others on your team do most of the heavy lifting for you, then Fuse might not be the right character for you.

But if you like charging in there, dealing an insane amount of damage, and likely getting several kills in the process, then Fuse is likely up your alley. This is also how he is best played as part of a team, from what we can tell early on in Season 8. 

He is the team’s DPS, heading in there either first or together with the group and laying down some damage from the moment the fighting starts. Using as many grenades, tactical abilities, and so on to start the fight. Then laying down some heavy fire and/or The Motherlode once the fight has gotten going. 

While he isn’t necessarily a tank, he will draw the enemy’s attention a lot of the time and likely need someone to back him up for that. But, otherwise, you will want to be an aggressive fighter who is ready to blow up anyone who stands between you and the victory. 

How to Play Fuse Solo

From there, we come to how to play as him in solo situations. Though solo is not necessarily an option that Respawn touts at this time as the game is meant to be a team one, there will only be situations in which you are by yourself as Fuse. 

If your team is down and out for good or trying to revive them, your teammates have left the game for whatever reason, or you guys just aren’t coordinated, and everyone is separated, these moments will happen. 

More importantly, you will want to know how to play as Fuse during these moments in which you are by yourself. Fortunately, one of the great things about him is that he is an AOE character of sorts. Everything that he does is on a broader scale than a lot of other fighters. 

From the grenades that you have extra amounts of to the tactical to the ultimate, everything is built for dealing damage to multiple players in the surrounding area. As such, he can be one of the more compelling fighters in solo situations and a reasonably dependable one. 

It can make it look like you have more players on your team than you do as you lay down fire, but you shouldn’t get reckless at the same time. You are likely always outnumbered and should reserve your abilities for more self-defense when attacked rather than chasing down whole teams to fight. 

Regardless, when the going gets tough, he will be an excellent player, especially in those late-game circles where everyone is confined to small areas, and you can truly lay down The Motherlode, be it by yourself or as part of a team. 

Where Does He Fall in the Rankings?

In the end, many players are going to be wondering where Fuse falls at this time in the rankings. Since he just came out. We still see the viability of the character in matches. This is pretty hard to pinpoint at this time. 

However, the good thing is that we can give our predictions for where we think he will land at the end of the day once the dust has settled and the meta is pretty set in stone in Season 8 and beyond. In our opinion, he will be a good character, perhaps even a great one, but not necessarily ground-breaking or amazing. 

This could surprise us in the end as characters have before, but we think that Fuse is a pretty middle of the rankings character. He will not necessarily be at the bottom or be disappointing like someone like Revenant, but he won’t necessarily dominate the scene as Horizon has

Again, these are our predictions, but he will find a nice safe spot in the middle of the rankings, perhaps even in the upper-mid section. I think he will be a favorable character and one you can’t go wrong with, especially if you are looking to maximize battle damage. 


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