Apex Legends Character Concepts That Could Help Meta

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 19th 2020

Apex Legends is a growing game that continues to provide new content for players to check out in the battle royale title every season. There are some things that you can expect with each new season, like map changes and a new legend. To help this, I have some Apex Legends character concepts.

Not All New Legends Contribute Much to the Metagame

While I’m not expecting Respawn Entertainment to take my ideas and run with them for actual use in the game, the reason that I came up with these Apex Legends character concepts was to, specifically, address some gaping holes that are in the metagame currently.

You see, each new season comes with a new legend to play as and unlock, but not all of them equally contribute to the game. Some are excellent and add to the overall gameplay with some fresh and exciting ideas, while others are just kind of there or are offshoots of existing characters.

Over the last five seasons (at the time of writing this), I would say that only about two-three of the five new legends introduced post-launch have helped the metagame out. It all depends on who you talk to, but I think that the most game-changing ones are Wattson, Revenant and Loba.

When it comes to Octane and Crypto, that isn’t to say that they are bad characters by any means — though Crypto could certainly use some help — as Octane is an okay character, they don’t add anything to the game that would fundamentally change the team format or style.

This is especially unfortunate in the case of Crypto, who could have acted as a unique scout for the team with his drone companion that could have been much more interesting and useful overall. But that kind of fell flat in the end and some might say the same thing about Revenant, though I think he does an awesome job of providing some cool support and attack tactics.

Apex Legends Character Concepts That Could Help Fill the Gaps

Overall, I wouldn’t expect Respawn to release a banger of a new legend in every single season that comes out. However, to say that Loba, Wattson and maybe Revenant (depending on who you ask) are the only beneficial ones that have been added besides the base characters is unfortunate.

This means that the metagame is relatively unchanged by and large, besides the fact that Respawn Entertainment has been buffing and nerfing existing characters since launch, making lesser legends like Caustic more viable and popular ones like Wraith a little less strong.

But because of these (necessary) changes, the metagame as a whole has been left relatively intact from the launch of the game. The same general characters that do the same general things are the ones who make up the biggest portion of how each match is shaped.

It is high time for some Apex Legends character concepts that are specifically built to either address the gaping holes in the meta or to offer something wholly different and unique that hasn’t come before it in the game. That is what I aim to do in this post.

I am going to go over a few Apex Legends character concepts that I came up with to help the game out. For the most part, except about one, these characters are not too out there and make sense within the confines of the game.

I’m not going to go into too much detail on each of the characters, like creating their moveset and stuff. Instead, it is the general idea of the character that I think needs to happen, so the actual abilities and skills can be left largely up to Respawn. Let’s get started.

Apex Legends Character Concepts: Invisible Assassin

The first character in this list that I would like to see added to the game in the future is by far one of the most important ones to me: an invisible assassin of some sort. There aren’t many aggressive, silent assassins in the game currently besides Bloodhound and maybe Revenant and Wraith, depending on how you use them.

This is a problem, especially because Bloodhound isn’t in the best place currently in the metagame. Some changes have been made to their character, but they are still fundamentally not as interesting or effective as they could have been otherwise.

So, in this way, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that there isn’t a truly great assassin legend in the game, which is unfortunate. I would like to see one join the game and I think the best way to, specifically, handle a legend like this would be to have one is an invisible hunter of sorts.

This should be a character whose primary tactical ability should involve going invisible for a limited time. Perhaps they would use the same invisibility style that Mirage has in the game, but this would be for more of an aggressive approach.

The tactical ability would have to be balanced in such a way that the character would only be able to go invisible for a few seconds or until they attack or attacked by someone, and then they are shown. This allows them to get the drop on enemies, but only at the start of the fight.

For excellent fighters, this could be all they need to get the upperhand and win a fight. This would allow them to be not only a great solo player but also a fantastic scout to run ahead of the team and either start a fight or join it late when the enemy has their attention focused on the others.

For me, the tactical ability to sneak around invisibly would be great, so I don’t care too much about the ultimate or passive, though the passive could be something simple about being silent while sprinting.

Shield Healer

This next one is to address a specific gaping hole in the metagame currently, much like the invisible assassin. There is a healer of sorts in the form of Lifeline, who remains one of the most popular characters to play as and for a good reason.

But the problem with Lifeline is that her healing abilities are rather limited in nature to a certain location and only the health bar. This makes the shields, which could be arguably more important in fights, be vulnerable as you don’t have a legend who can help with that.

I would like to see a shield healer of sorts who can heal shields only join the fight in the future. Hopefully, this person would be more focused on healing than Lifeline, as she is also divided between that and giving the team loot with her ultimate.

There are ways to make the game broken with a shield healer, so the way it is done has to be treated with grace and tact. Personally, I would like to see their tactical ability be a bit more balanced in a way where they can heal shields often enough but in a limited fashion.

Perhaps they are limited to two healing shield shots per use of the ability, so it can be used on both teammates if necessary. And each shot only heals one bar of the armor or two, at the most. Then the ultimate ability could be something more extravagant that affects the entire team.

Perhaps, it fully heals everyone’s shields to max and then grants them a two or three-second bonus armor section to keep them alive in fights. Maybe that would be too broken, but the general shield healing aspect is what I would like to see regardless so that teams can choose between bringing Lifeline and this character along.

Support/Tank Hybrid

Next up is a more strange and general idea than any other on this list. I don’t necessarily have as specific an idea as the past few for this one, but I think it would help the game out a lot. I would like to see someone who is a hybrid between a support and a tank.

What I mean by this is to have someone who takes aspects of supporting the team in combat like Revenant and Lifeline while also being able to defend them at the same time a la Gibraltar and Wattson. This could turn out overpowered, which is why I don’t have anything specific except one thing.

The main thing I want to see in this tank and support hybrid legend is the ability to buff characters as their support method and then defend them in another way. We don’t have too many things in the game that buff the team, which needs addressing.

This legend could buff the characters with a defensive boost or shield for a while, or even be able to give them a bonus to attack as well. On the other hand, maybe the ultimate would be saved for the tank part where they could do something crazy like become invincible for several seconds or all damage done to the teammates in a time are redirected at them.

The possibilities are seemingly endless for a character like this, but the general idea of buffing the team is something that I would like to see. Perhaps, I am coming up with an idea for two different but similar legends after all, but the idea still stands as something that could help the game.

Melee Character

Oh, Forge, taken from us far too early. While we have had five characters added to the game to date, there was to be a sixth — Forge — before he was struck down by Revenant. Little was known about his abilities, as he might have never had a full moveset created in the first place.

But what we did know was that he was an athlete who would primarily focus on his fists for fighting in combat in some form. This is awesome and game-changing. It is a darn shame that we didn’t get to see this truly happen when Season 4 rolled around.

Revenant is great, but Forge presents something that would have been different from anyone else in the game as everyone is focused on using guns. While I’m okay with letting Forge remain in the grave, someone (perhaps close to him) needs to fill the gaps.

This needs to be a melee-focused character of some kind who can choose to use either a gun or their fists/whatever melee weapon they have to attack the enemies. They don’t have to be a boxer, either, as this could easily be a samurai-like character.

I envision them as someone who can move fast and close the gap between them and the enemy quickly. This could be through a speed boost or teleportation technique, but something that lets them get up close and destroy the enemy in quick motion.

I want the melee technique to be fairly; please forgive me, broken in a way to balance out the fact that they have to get up close. Perhaps one hit takes full armor, and another hit takes full health, meaning they can decimate an enemy in two quick hits if they can get close enough. The rest of the abilities are mainly up to Respawn to ensure it is balanced.

Magic User

While the first four characters on this list were necessary ones that I think would help the game out a ton, this last one is kind of a pie in the sky wish of mine. I would like to see some magic user, perhaps a technomage of sorts who can use ranged attacks to fight other enemies.

You might ponder why this is necessary in a game that already has ranged attacks in the guns, but I think it would be cool if they had some magical abilities that they could use. For instance, the tactical ability is a magical explosive fireball of some sort that could one-hit down an enemy, but you have to have excellent aiming and maybe it has to be fully charged to down someone.

Explosives are limited in Apex Legends and this could be one way to remedy this problem. Then maybe their passive ability is something that makes it, so they fly or hover over the ground all the time or something like that. And then I want an ultimate wild ability that is magical and chaotic.

Perhaps it is something where the player can rain down lightning all across an entire area in random locations for 20-30 seconds or something like that but might be vulnerable. Who knows? The sky’s the limits, literally, here for some space wizard that is a control DPS god. I realize that this one is far-fetched, but I thought I’d throw in it here anyway.


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