Apex Legends Broken Ghost Quest: How to Complete This

by in Apex Legends | May, 14th 2020

Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends Season 5 earlier this week, offering players one of the most expansive and interesting new seasons of battle royale. It includes a ton of new features and one of the biggest ones is the release of the Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest.

Apex Legends Season 5 Introduces Quests

Apex Legends Season 5 is here and it allows players to enjoy the new content available as part of it. Many of the new features and content are exactly what you would expect from the battle royale title, including a new legend Loba who is an intriguing new hero in the title.

On the other hand, there is more content available like the battle pass, map changes for the original Kings Canyon map, and the new quests that are part of the game now. These quests are a new type of content for the popular free to play title that pushes the game in a new and exciting direction.

Players now have the chance to enjoy something that is somewhat in other online multiplayer games and, regardless, brings the title to a fresher place that could even point to other things in the future. Considering that I dedicated a whole post to how I think Apex Legends should have a PvE or singleplayer story mode, the Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest is very exciting.

What Are Quests?

But before we can ever get to that, we have the Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest now. It is the first quest ever for the game and it is a season-long extravaganza that will have players interested. It is unlike the challenges and missions that exist in the game already, and differ considerably from just about everything we have seen in a battle royale title.

Yet again, Respawn Entertainment has done a great job of implementing a new feature that is wholly new to us or at least to the battle royale genre. Quests are essentially the story-driven sections of the game that will not offer unique rewards, but a chance to learn more about the lore.

Players will have the chance to learn about the various legends and characters in the world of Apex Legends, plus do some exciting content in the process. The quests aren’t like the normal challenges you have, as the Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest introduces new content just for this.

How Quests Were Created

The way that the season quests came about in Apex Legends is because of the release and announcement of Season 4 earlier this year. It might seem odd to bring up the previous season when a new one just started, but Season 4 was the catalyst for the quests that we have now.

Before Season 4 released, the initial announcement revealed that the new legend for the season would be none other than Forge, a melee-focused fighter. The twist came, though, and Revenant murdered Forge in a cinematic trailer, leading to him joining instead.

This was one of the first and most important cases of Respawn Entertainment embracing the lore of the battle royale title and expanding the game into a more story-driven way, despite the fact that it has no singleplayer mode at the time of publishing this.

In addition to that, though, there was the Grand Soirée arcade limited-time event that was going on around the same time at the end of Season 3. This exciting event paved the way for other events of its kind and gave players many reasons to come back to the game every day.

Put those two objectives and results that came from these seemingly unrelated moments in the history of Apex Legends and you have the basis for the Apex Legends quests. They not only fill in the gaps about the lore, but they also offer some new type of gameplay that we haven’t seen before.

How to Get the Treasure Packs

The basis of the Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest is that the player is trying to collect nine mysterious pieces of some strange artifact. Along the way, as the season progresses and you collect more pieces, you will not only earn some rewards but learn more about the world of Apex Legends.

The crux of getting the nine mysterious pieces is through the daily treasure packs. This is where the quest will start each day for players as they log into the game. Treasure packs are a new lootable item that you can get in the various battle royale matches that you do.

Doing matches in the game modes of duos, trios, limited-time modes, and even ranked will give you the option to find these new loot items. You will want to look for them on the map and when you find one, it will automatically be collected when you pick it up.

These treasure packs aren’t like the other items that you will find in a battle royale match. It doesn’t go into your inventory at all and, instead, will just show up in the lobby when you leave that particular match. The catch is that you can only get one treasure pack per day that you play the game.

This is to encourage you to keep coming back for more action every day during Season 5 so that you can get the next treasure pack that you need for the Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest. There are 45 treasure packs in total, so you will need to likely login and find one each day for about 45 days.

If you do happen to already have the treasure pack that you need for that day, you can just ping it for one of your teammates and they can grab it so that they can join in on the daily treasure pack fun.

How Weekly Hunts Work

From the daily treasure packs come the weekly hunts. This is the main content that you are going to actually be completing in the Apex Legends Broken Ghost quest. The treasure packs will reward you with different items as soon as you leave the match that you pick it up in.

These items could be battle pass experience, Apex packs, and so on that you will get. Once you reach the fifth daily treasure pack that you have found in the game (so, basically after five days of doing this every day), you will receive your first weekly hunt to complete.

This is entirely new content that is in Apex Legends in Season 5. It isn’t just some reward or story content, but there is something that you have to physically complete in the game in order to get one of the nine mysterious pieces of the artifact in the Broken Ghost quest.

This is actually PvE content, too, so you don’t have to worry about necessarily competing against other players and can enjoy something that is a much different feel from the rest of Apex Legends. The weekly hunts are incursions that you take into the Kings Canyon map.

They are little missions that don’t take very long but are challenging and take place in the nighttime version of the Kings Canyon map. In these weekly hunts, you are tasked with finding the specific piece of the artifact that you are trying to find.

Basically, you will have a target location on the map that you have to go to and you will find the piece there. You need to extract it and take it to your ride to get out of the dangerous Kings Canyon night map. It is dangerous not because of other players but the NPC enemies you will find.

The map features prowlers introduced during the Bloodhound event in the past and they will try to stop you from reaching your destination. Thankfully, you don’t have to do the weekly hunts in the quest alone.

You can actually do them in a team of up to three players in total. You can do it alone, though, and you will have some respawns available in case the prowlers eliminate you. If you are with a team, while you won’t have the respawns, you will be able to pick up your teammates who get knocked out.

When you complete each weekly hunt in the quest, you will get the next piece of the artifact, an exclusive weapon charm to equip, and the next chapter of the Broken Ghost storyline. In addition, if you like this content enough, you can replay it as much as you want even if you’ve beaten it already.

The first hunt this season will kick off May 19 and you will have the whole season to do all of them. Every new story hunt will release a week after the previous one until all nine are available. In addition, you get a new weekly hunt after every five daily treasure packs that you find, so you are encouraged to show up nearly every day this season.

How the Story Works

With each of the nine weekly hunts that you do, you will get the next part of the main story in the Broken Ghost storyline. This story revolves around the current state of the gamer where Revenant and Loba are at the center of it all, with the tales of revenge that the two are involved in.

Loba is on her personal quest to take out Revenant for killing her family when she was young and ruining her life in the process, so she has joined the Apex Games. The question remains: How will the Broken Ghost artifact play into her plans for getting that revenge on him?

It also teases that one legend — with no mention of their identity — finding out the truth of what is really going on. Respawn even teases that the end of this tale will cause some changes for everyone involved where the lore of Apex Legends will never be the same again.

Rules: What to Do If You Fall Behind, Etc.

Of course, there is so much to the Broken Ghost quest and any future seasonal quests that happen, so there are understandably some questions. Thankfully, we have the answers to most of them as Respawn has given a handy dandy FAQ to answer any remaining details.

For instance, one of the biggest questions is if you fall behind with the daily treasure packs. No matter what, you are only able to pick up one per day. But there are 45 of them. Unless you are on top of this, you are running the risk of not having enough time to get them all by the end of the season.

As such, there is one option available to you in this case. You are able to purchase the treasure packs that you have missed by spending 25 Apex coins for each of them that you have missed. You can only buy ones to catch up as you can’t get ahead of everyone else this way.

Lastly, there is the question of if you do a hunt with a party of players. Everyone in the group will get the same reward for that particular hunt, but only if they have unlocked the hunt for themselves through getting the required number of daily treasure packs needed for it.

If they don’t have enough of them, they will just help you out and not get anything for it really. But this is a great way to play and keep up with your friends so that you can work together in these PvE missions to get the pieces of the artifact together and find out more about the lore of the game in the process.


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