Everything You Need to Know About the Apex Legends Battle Armor Event

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 28th 2020

EA and Respawn Entertainment have officially announced the latest limited-time event for Apex Legends. The new event is slightly different than what we usually have, but the new Apex Legends Battle Armor event will result in some new game modes to play and more.

Apex Legends Battle Armor Event Revealed

The new Apex Legends Battle Armor event comes just after the previous one that happened in the battle royale game, making the whole situation even more surprising.

The event is a very different one from other events that we have seen in the past year or so that the popular battle royale title has been around on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is less focused on new cosmetic items, rewards, and the like, which is much different compared to other events.

Instead, it is all about the game modes that it is offering as part of this new event. So, if you were coming into this expecting some new items to collect while Season 4 is still going on, you will, unfortunately, be a little bit disappointed by this.

That said, there are several different game modes (sort of) in this event, so you will have a good bit of content to enjoy for the next good while until we reach Season 5.

Original Leaks for the Event Were Slightly Wrong

While the Apex Legends Battle Armor event announcement is exciting, it does (expectedly) debunk a bit of the leaks that we heard about last week. We posted about how this event showed up in the game files and uncovered by a popular data miner.

While the event rumor was mostly true in the name and content of it, some factors weren’t correct. The main part was the dates of the event and when it would happen. The Apex Legends Battle Armor event will kick off for a limited time starting on April 28.

Now that the game is developed in what is likely a remote environment to protect employees from the COVID-19 global pandemic, there could be some issues that could prevent the event from starting on its initial start date.

The event is happening very soon, though, and it will happen across two weeks like most other events in the game until the start of Season 5. It is a full-length event that will give players something to do for a good while, as there are technically multiple modes available.

How the Battle Armor Event Works

The Apex Legends Battle Armor event will have the Battle Armor game mode at its crux. The whole event will be all about the game type and it is a unique one that is quite challenging. If you like highly competitive game modes that challenge you, this might be for you.

Every player will start the match with a set, default loadout that is the same. In the base version of this new game mode, players will have access to a pistol and armor set right at the start of the match. While that sounds good, there is a problem with this.

Perhaps taking some cues from the recently released Call of Duty Warzone spin-off battle royale title, you will have a pistol to fight with instead of just your fists. This is great since you will have something to your name to fight with, instead of getting shot at while you are still looking for a gun.

Also, you have shield armor right from the start, so you can be protected from the other enemies trying to take you out. Unfortunately, this does mean that all players in the match will have shields, so you do need to keep that in mind.

The shield armor that you will have in the base version of the game is the common, normal level one white armor shields. This only protects you from the base damage, so that is necessary to keep in mind. At the same time, you will have the P2020 pistol in your inventory, which isn’t too great either.

From there, the game mostly works the same but with some minor exceptions to it. All other armor in the game will be removed from the entire map, so don’t expect to find a new set of armor around the area to upgrade from your basic one.

Instead, you will have to take armor off of other players who die and find it in their deathboxes or use the shield cells and batteries to replenish your shields. Those items will still be in the game, thankfully, and be the only two ways that you can get armor back once you lose some.

Other than that crazy change to the normal battle royale game formula, the game mode will work mostly the same as you would expect. Players will fight until the end, gathering up weapons, loot, and other items to make sure that you can be the last team standing.

All of the weapons and other rarities will be in the game, except for any shield armor sets as they won’t be in the game at all. As such, players should plan accordingly as this could mean that you will be taken down by shots much faster than you would normally with better armor and so on.

Different Versions Explained and Event Schedule

What’s even crazier about this event is that the Apex Legends Battle Armor game mode has multiple versions to it. The event will evolve and get better throughout the event so that players have more game modes and stuff to do until the start of Season 5.

The first version of the game is the same standard one that we mentioned before where every player will have the same basic level one shield armor available to them. However, that is only the first version of the game mode with more to come throughout the event.

The two things that will keep the modes similar to one another is that all shield armor loot will remove from the game and everyone will start with the same P2020 pistol in their equipment. But what will change throughout the game versions is the armor type that you have.

While the first version will have only the white shields, the second edition of the game mode will evolve a few days later and offer the level two blue armor shield type to all players. Every player in the game will spawn with that shield armor available to them right from the start.

This is good as it will give further protection, even if it isn’t the best around in the battle royale game. The second version will be followed by the third version of the game that will give all players, you guessed it, the level three purple armor shield set.

This will be interesting as every player will have what was previously known as the best armor in the game. Having four full bars of shields is no joke and it will be interesting to see how the metagame changes when every player has all of them available to them from the start.

Needless to say, the P2020 pistol will not do you too well in this version of the game mode as you will have some drawn-out fights that will take much longer than they would have normally. But at the same time, you still have to be careful as there are no other armors in the game.

As such, you will still have to rely upon pillaging the armor from your fallen opponents or taking their shield cells for your own to replenish your weakened purple armor. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the final version of the game but the final one might not be what you expect.

The fourth and final version of the game will not be the golden legendary armor set as you might expect but it will be all about the new Evo Shield armor set that was added to the game recently. This new set of armor, for those who don’t know, is an evolving armor piece that is unlike anything else in the game.

The Evo Shield is an evolving armor set that gets better as you get better throughout the game match. The more damage that you deal to opponents, the better your shields will get. This means that you should be fighting well and doing it often enough to ensure that you aren’t left behind.

That said, you can always just take the evolved Evo Armor that someone else has off of their death box and equip it for your own. But you will still need to have shield cells and batteries at the ready to make up for the fact that you can’t find other armor sets around the island.

What is interesting about this mode is that it encourages players to be more aggressive and dangerous than in other game modes. After all, you don’t want to end up in the final moments of the match and realize you did nothing, so you have level one armor while everyone else is maxed out.

Because of how difficult this version of the game mode is likely going to be, Respawn is adding double-level experience for the top five placements across all game modes while this version of the game type is out. As such, players should take advantage of it while you still can.

The schedule for the event is that different versions will be around for a few days before switching to the new one. The first phase of the game mode with only level one armor kicks off on April 28. This will last until May 2 at 10 am PT when the second phase kicks off.

This will be followed by the third phase with purple armor, which will kick off on May 6 at 10 am PT and end on May 9 at 10 am PT. Finally, the Evo Shield version of the game mode will kick off on that day and last until the event ends on May 12 at 10 am PT.

Season 5 Start Date Delayed

The same day that the event comes to an end is a really special day in its own right. This is the same day that the Season 5 of battle royale will kick off for Apex Legends. Like previous seasons, this will likely result in massive map changes, metagame changes, possibly new weapons, and at least one new legend.

Whether or not that legend ends up being Loba or not, Season 5 is highly anticipated, especially by those players who are not a fan of Revenant or were wanting Forge to be the actual hero in the game before he was assassinated.

The end date of May 12 is also approximately when Season 5 of Apex Legends will kick off in the game. So, players have an awesome new event to look forward to and play through while waiting for all of that awesome new content to drop. This is not a surprising scenario, either, as similar events have happened at the end of the last few seasons as well.


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