Apex Legends Arena Mode Explained – How it Works & How to Win

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 26th 2021

Apex Legends newest season is right on the horizon, with big changes to maps, a new weapon and of course a new legend to play as. However, something else will be coming down the pipeline for players this May 4th, and that is Apex Legend’s new mode: Arena. 

What is Arena Mode?

Coming to the new season of Apex Legends, arena mode is a 3v3 Team deathmatch mode that has very little to do with the battle royale mode of the game. For starters, there is no conventional looting at all in the arena, as the teams get a CSGO styled buying phase at the beginning. Once in a match, players can find equipment boxes which hold consumables and currency for buying in the upcoming rounds.

Apex Legends Arena mode explained | Rock Paper Shotgun

The rules are quite simple aside from that, two teams of three enter the arena, each player has one life for the round, and whoever wins the most rounds wins the game. If both teams are good enough, rounds can last well past 5 rounds and possibly into a sudden death mode.

Arena will have 2 custom maps at launch, which include Party Crasher, which is a ship that’s crash landed in the middle of a metropolitan area. And Phaserunner, a map that focuses on long sightlines in a rural landscape. Arena will also have 3 maps made from the previous battle royale locations such as, Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from Worlds End, and Golden Garden from Olympus. The game mode also includes the same ring system from battle royale, aimed to push the players together if the round takes too long to finish.

Tips & Tricks to Win

With Arena on the horizon here’s some no nonsense tips and tricks that you should keep in mind for when you make the jump into the arena for the first time

Teamwork is Key

Like a regular Apex Legends game, teamwork is the one thing that keeps you and your friends out of the loser’s circle. And while it may seem like a great idea to run into these small maps guns blazing, it might be a better option to work together with your team just as you do in a regular battle royale map. 

Consider using callouts for the game, and not just “he’s over there” a mix of pinging and callouts using the in game compass is helpful to point out enemies to teammates who can help you get the jump on one or two unsuspecting individuals.

Buy Light Now, Light Em’ Up Later

A good idea is to save your money for later rounds, coordinated teams can rely on skill using weaponry that costs less especially since doing well in a round nets you more money to use later, and even if you lose a round or two, you could have enough money to bring out the big guns when the time is right. 

The Right Legend Can Make all the Difference

With smaller maps and a focus on 3v3, its no wonder that the meta of Apex Legend’s arena is going to fall upon whoever you decide to play with, characters like Pathfinder are going to be used less as moving large distances isn’t really an option, while characters like Bloodhound and Lifeline are going to be used specifically for reviving teammates and scoping out the locations of the enemy team. What is certain though is a good set of legends can make all the difference. 

Look forward for Apex Legends Season 9 when it launches on May 4th, and get ready for the new game mode as well since Respawn says it’s going to be a permanent addition to the Apex Legends game. 


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