Andaseat Jungle Chair Review

by in General | Dec, 16th 2021

The Andaseat Jungle chair is a unique presence in the gaming chair market. Featuring the traditional racer style silhouette, the Andaseat Jungle chair manages to look clean and professional with a faux leather finish and tasteful detailing. It features adjustable armrests and removable back as well as headrests as well as impressive reclining capabilities. Priced at $300 USD retail, there’s a lot to love with the Andaseat Jungle chair, however, a buyer’s mileage may vary based on their seating preferences. In this review of the Andaseat Jungle chair, we’ll be taking a closer look at everything from day-to-day comfort to functionality and more, so join us to find out if this is the gaming chair for you! 

Easy on the Eyes | Andaseat Jungle Chair Review

The first thing that many will notice about the Jungle chair is the choice to veer away from the occasionally garishly bright colors found on many other gaming chairs on the market. Instead opting for a clean, modern black with refined texturing. This is nicely offset by contrasting white embroidery on the Andaseat logos that can be found on the chair itself as well as the head and backrests. 

According to the product’s specs, the Andaseat Jungle Chair is made of PVC leather that is both scratch and stain resistant which we’re happy to stand by in our review. In fact, our chair survived an office move with not so much as a blemish. 

The Jungle chair is also fairly easy to assemble. You can easily have a well-put-together chair within 30 minutes, although you may want to bring a friend to help you lift/position the heavier components. 

Excellent Form, Decent Function

While the Andaseat Jungle chair is certainly visually appealing, we of course couldn’t leave the nitty-gritty details out of our review. In terms of comfort, your mileage will likely vary depending on your preferences. There are two words that perfectly encapsulate sitting in this chair, firm support. With just enough give to avoid being uncomfortable and raised edges on the side that wrap around your body, you won’t find yourself slipping and sliding in this chair. If you’re the type of person who prefers a somewhat solid and resistant chair as opposed to a mesh or something with a bit of bounce then you’ll feel right at home here. That being said, if you prefer a chair that conforms to you and allows you to truly sink in this is not the gaming chair for you. The armrests are a fairly standard affair at a glance, but the finish on the material as well as the slight elasticity will ensure that your arms won’t be sore even after sitting for a few hours. Something that certainly can’t be said of all chairs on the market. 

The detachable back and headrests are a nice addition as well. Allowing a pleasant amount of customization to your chair. The headrest in particular has become a mainstay throughout our testing period. It comfortably supports your head and neck in a way that feels completely natural and it’s easy to take on and off as necessary. Unfortunately, we can’t quite say the same for the backrest in both of the previously mentioned aspects. It’s difficult to take on and off as you have to force the straps through the seam where the back of the chair meets the seat. If that sounds a bit difficult considering the tight fit you would be correct. The backrest is also much stiffer than the headrest and in our experience pushes you a bit too far forward for comfort. 

Impressively, the Jungle chair reclines nearly vertically, giving users plenty of flexibility in finding the perfect position. That being said, it came as a surprise to us that the Jungle chair is always locked into place when adjusting your recline position meaning if you’re the type of person who likes to lean forward and back in your chair with the option for it to adjust as needed you’re out of luck here. You’ll have to manually adjust your position using the handle on the right side of the chair. The armrests also lack the ability to move any direction aside from up and down which, while not a deal-breaker, is less than ideal. Especially at this price point. 

Overall, while the Andaseat Jungle Chair certainly isn’t a must-buy gaming chair, it’s a solid offering. Especially for those who prefer their chairs to support them very firmly.


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