EXCLUSIVE: All-Star 2019 Interview with League of Legends Player Jankos

By Isaac Chandler

December 24, 2019


Jankos G2

One of the greatest junglers in the world, Jankos helped push G2 to new heights, earning them back-to-back LEC titles this year, the region’s first MSI title, and taking them to the Grand Final at Worlds 2019.

We sat down with Jankos at All-Star 2019 here in Vegas to see how the offseason has been going and what G2 is doing ahead of the 2020 season.

How are you doing today, Jankos?

Well, hello, everyone. I’m feeling good.

Awesome. How are you enjoying Vegas so far?

Well, I’m not much into gambling, so I didn’t do a lot of that. I didn’t do any of that. I was mainly preparing for the 1v1 and talking with my team, hanging out since I didn’t see Caps and Mikyx ever since Worlds. We had some catching up to do. Caps is super tryhard about the 1v1 tournament we were talking about that and catching up, just making jokes like always.

Everyone is intensely focused on the 1v1’s I see.

Yeah, well, it seems like it. I’ve never been as much into 1v1’s because I’m a jungler, so it’s not my thing, but everyone else is super tryhard about it like Bwipo and Mikyx. So, it leaves me under some pressure where I want to play good too because if they’re trying, then I should at least try to win some games too.

The next game I’m playing against Levi. I’m playing against a jungler again, so I’m hoping for a win. If I do win, I’m hoping to beat Caps and actually smash him.

So, you’ll become the new G2 mid laner?

Yeah [he laughs].

So, following up on your teammates. How did you guys feel after making it to the Finals? I know it was a rough ending, but you guys made it very far. You guys were so close to the Grand Slam, the first team ever to do so.

Yeah, I mean the year was very long for us and the last week of scrims during Worlds were kind of bad, and our performance in the finals was not very good. I feel our drafts, and our play was not very good either.

I’m happy with the year because we did win two European splits and MSI, but I’m also disappointed thinking about the resulting the Final. We could have at least had a better showing. I don’t know if losing 3-2 would feel worse or if losing 3-0 would, but at least we would know how much worse we are.

But at the same time, if we’d lost 3-2, I could look back it and say at least we put up a good fight but we didn’t. So, I’m hoping on 2020 we can be even better.

How was the mentality of G2 after that? Are all of you doing well?

Well, all of us took a break right. We are not playing the game, or at least not as much, and we are chilling with our families. I went on vacation, too. I didn’t play League since Worlds until I came here. So, I’m first timing everything.

I didn’t know the patch, I didn’t know anything, so that’s kind of fun to play because it’s new stuff. I didn’t know that Drakes are different. But our team is kind of a machine. Everyone took it kind of badly at first but obviously after some rest things got better.

We’re staying together as a team. We still want to win and perform well in 2020, so we are not going to kill ourselves over what happened in 2019. We are going to come back. Maybe not come back stronger, but we’ll come back rested and try our best again.

How are you feeling about the LEC since franchising? Are you guys enjoying franchising, or do you guys kind of wish it stayed in the previous system?

Well, I think franchising is good. I feel the competition has improved and the production stepped up so hard this year. So, I’m happy with how is LEC doing right now. I’m also happy with the smoothie bar that we got at the end of this year. I used it a couple of times before the year ended.

I think for Europe it was never a better time, not only about the competition but also about the production. I’m glad of how we stepped up, how the franchising is going so far, and I’m very excited to see what is going to bring in the future.

How do you feel about changes other teams have made?

I think for LEC the strongest would be Fnatic. They got Selfmade. I feel that will improve the team because him and Nemesis play with each other a lot. I know that they played with each other before and they like each other. I assume they will be happy together. That could bring the team morale up and maybe they would play better as well.

Then there’s also Rogue with the addition of Han Sama and the rookie getting experience on stage. I feel that the team can also be strong going into next year, like a top-three team.

I think Spylce is dead now because everyone left their team, but OG doesn’t seem too shabby either. I think those four teams including us will be exciting to watch.

Splyce is rebranding to MAD Lions next year, taking over the Spanish org name, so that should be exciting.

How are you feeling about EU Masters, especially for the likes of the Polish teams? I know one of your friends recently got a spot in the LCS.

Well, right now, especially in the EU Masters system, I think that we have a lot of European talent. I don’t even think it’s just the Polish scene. I think the European scene is good. We have a lot of rookies coming in that are strong. From Poland we have Selfmade that came up this year and was very strong. We had Inspired that also started playing. He’s 17, so he’s super young. And then we have players like Jacktroll, Vander and me that have been playing for the longest time, but I’m still not to shabby.

I feel we have a lot of good Polish players all of us are either supports or junglers, but it’s pretty exciting to see. I think we will have even more and more Polish talent. But yeah, I think talent in EU is very strong compared to NA because a lot of lot of people in EU are tryharding and trying to be the best because they want to be pro. In NA, I see more people going for an entertainment kind of thing like going on to be streamers.

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily an easier job, but I’d say it’s a bit more relaxed. You can choose your hours of working time and you don’t need to move to a gaming house or spend that much time with a team. So, I see why this could be more comfortable.

I feel EU solo queue is more competitive and maybe that’s why we also have better rookies, but maybe something else is wrong.

How do you feel about your former teammate FORG1VEN coming back into the LEC coming back after a while in his military service?

Yeah, I for sure want to play against FORG1VEN. We didn’t leave the team on the best terms. But, obviously, I respect him as a competitor and a player. So, I’m excited to play against him again as I did in the past. I don’t think he will be dominant as he was in the past, but I’m still curious of how he will do. So, we will see and I want to beat him honestly.

Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the community or any question you want to pose them to think about?

I would like to thank everyone obviously for supporting G2 Esports and me. I still didn’t get over Worlds, but I’m going back after All-Stars. I am going to grind on League again since I had a long break. I’m also going to stream English, so I would like to welcome the game and also have fun.

And all I can say from my side is that G2 will try the hardest again in 2020 and we’ll try again to dominate. We will again be cocky and flame everyone and have fun. So, if you like that kind of stuff you should follow us, and we’ll see how it goes. Thanks to all of you for being with us. We’ll see you all next year.

Awesome man, thanks for the interview. I hope you had fun at All-Star 2019!

That concludes our coverage of the All-Star 2019 tournament, thanks for reading. We’ll be back next year with more League of Legend news, articles and interviews, so stay tuned!

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