EXCLUSIVE: All-Star 2019 Interview with League of Legends Player Goldenglue

By Isaac Chandler

December 17, 2019


All-Star 2019 Goldenglue Golden Guardians

The only native mid laner in the LCS for 2020, Goldenglue carries the weight of an entire region’s mids on his shoulders coming into the season. We sat down with Goldenglue during All-Star 2019 Las Vegas to see what he thinks of being NA’s last hope, and how he feels about his new team, Golden Guardians.

Hey Goldenglue, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. How are you doing today?

I’m good. It’s the final day of All-Star. It’s been a fun event, definitely Vegas is an exhausting city, so I’m about ready to go home.

How have you been enjoying Vegas so far?

It’s been fun. It’s been interesting being here since. Like normally you will go to Vegas for pleasure, and I feel like I’m wanting to make sure I’m making good use of my time here and, you know, networking and doing all the interviews so it’s been more a work trip than pleasure but it’s been fun as well.

My next question for you is, you moved to Golden Guardians recently from C9 Academy, how are things going right now getting along with everybody everything going good so far?

So far everything is going really well, I’m really excited for the setup that Golden Guardians have. We have a membership to like the nicest gym in town, our apartment is across the street and then our office is in the same building as the gym.

So, basically my day becomes very simplified and I just walk across the street, I get a workout and then I get to go play League all day, so I’m really excited for the setup and so far I like the atmosphere and the people there, I mesh with them really well.

Nice, glad to hear things are going well for you there. Keith recently moved from ADC to the Support role. How has that been for the team. How’s he doing? Is he picking it up quickly and is he enjoying the role?

Yeah so, he and FBI are currently in Korea boot camping. They’re practicing and making sure they build that synergy. Keith gets to practice in the new role and so they’re playing a lot of games.

I’ve seen them there. I’ve been watching their OP.GG account some days they’re playing 20 games a day. So, they’re really grinding. We’re going to have to wait till spring to actually start, but I’m pretty confident that the move will work out in the long term.

Nice, I’m excited to see it. I always like seeing player swap roles, like CoreJJ going from ADC on Dignitas to winning world’s Support for Samsung. The offseason is winding down and most teams are sorted out at this point. How do you feel about the teams for next year? What is your ranking for all the teams in the league?

Team Liquid looks super strong. I don’t know their jungle so an upgrade or a sideways move because I think Xmithie is also good, and they’re also still a powerhouse.

I think after Team Liquid though, it gets a lot more confusing. It’s hard to say what’s the second-best team, what’s the third-best team, I mean a lot of the rosters looks really solid. A lot of people are trying new stuff out, so it’s going to be interesting.

That’s good, I saw all the roster moves and it’s probably the craziest offseason season I’ve ever seen, especially with the amount of new people coming into the League or moving into new roles. How do you feel about being the only Mid left in NA?

It’s pretty cool. I mean, there’s a lot of added pressure being the only North American. A lot of people are watching me to see if I do well or do poorly. People are going to be using that to portray a whole country [mids], you know, so that’s a lot of pressure. But I do think it’s awesome. I hope I can prove everyone wrong about getting this.

Well in my opinion, if it’s anything like last time we saw you in the LCS when you rotated in with C9 and took on Liquid, I think we’re in for a good show this year. So, with the 2020 season and you making it back into LCS, what’s your personal goal for yourself for the year beyond making playoffs or Worlds?

This is gonna be a really challenging and difficult year, I think. There’s gonna be a lot of responsibilities on me for the team. I think there’s a lot of pressure. If I do well the team can do well and if I don’t do well, the team won’t do well. I have that along with the pressure of being the only NA Mid, so my goal is really just to do the best that I can. I have some tangible goals like you said, maybe playoffs and going to Worlds, but really I’m just gonna be focusing on my individual performance. I want to make sure that I prove that I can be a world-class player this year.

And that’ll be interesting to watch. As the only NA Mid, is there anyone in the mid lane that you’re looking forward to playing against, like Jensen or your former fellow teammate Nisqy?

I’m definitely looking forward to playing against Nisqy. Him and I have a pretty good relationship. He’s hilarious and I also want to crush him [he laughs].

Without giving away strategies or anything your team has come up with yet, how are you feeling about what you’re seeing with the preseason and everything about the meta going into next year? Do you think we’re gonna see a big shakeup or more of the same as we saw this year, like Xayah and Kai’Sa at ADC, especially in mid lane?

I don’t know exactly how the lane changes are gonna hold up, but I will say, though, I do really like the dragon change. The game feels pretty fun to play right now, the coves in the side lanes can be kind of useless. But they’re fun and create some fun moments.

Overall, I really actually enjoy playing the game right now. It’s hard to say, you know, since you never know what stuff Riot is going to nerf or buff. So, it’s hard to say what’s gonna be meta, but I’m excited regardless.

Nice, this has definitely been a lot bigger of a preseason than last year with all the changes. So, going back to what we talked about earlier, with you being the only NA Mid. There’s been this big talk this year about the lack of NA players and the lack of talent in NA that teams are trying to draw from. What do you think about the talent in NA and how can we as a region improve to start seeing more NA players? What can players do to get themselves either ready to be in the LCS or show themselves off to teams?

Well, from a player perspective, it’s kind of hard because the practice conditions in NA solo queue is kind of not the best. If you’re like an Academy player in North America you’re living in Los Angeles. You’re practicing solo queue on 60 ping and there are fewer players than all the other regions.

I think all you can really do is focus really hard while you’re scrimming. Improve from scrims, watch VoDs of your own games and other regions, and sign-up for in-houses. We’re starting to do more in-houses and that’ll be good practice against pro players. But, you know, it’s definitely hard to tell we get like an LA server.

True, I’ve heard many players during interviews and downtime during this event talk about how different it is in NA and how they feel NA players take it less seriously. But over in our amateur scene, whereas opposed to Europe where they have European Masters, a lot of our amateur players are locked behind the Collegiate League. Do you think there’s a reason why teams aren’t often looking at collegiate players as much as, say, other amateur teams where players in the collegiate scene are already playing in collegiate tournaments?

Now, that’s interesting. I don’t really think much about the collegiate scene when I think of pro play. I know some players in collegiate that want to go pro, but I also think there’s a good amount of them that just want a degree and want to play League on the side. It’s something a lot bigger of a commitment to do full-time.

I think it’s always a good idea to look at collegiate, but you are just basically asking a lot of the players to sacrifice. I know Stunt on 100 Thieves. When we picked him up a long time ago, he actually quit college to join a team, so it does happen, it’s just kind of rare I suppose.

Yeah, I remember famously back in the day on Team8, CaliTrlolz, after two years of play, quit to go back to med school. It’s always something interesting, especially with other American sports where collegiate is the path into the pro scene.

Now for one of our last two last questions, is there any champion that you want to see come back into the mid lane meta for the next year, or that you want to play that you might not see as much?

I’ve been playing a lot of LeBlanc recently; I’m enjoying a lot of that. I don’t know if she’ll be good two months from now, but I love playing the Leblanc. She’s so flashy and does crazy plays. So, I would love to be able to play her next season.

Stylish Leblanc plays. Now for the last question for you which is a bit more fun: How are you feeling about the food in Vegas? There’s food all over the world here, so how are you enjoying it?

I’ve been to like one or two buffets since I’ve been here. You literally have anything you want and it’s all high quality. You pay quite a bit and you end up eating too much, but I think it’s pretty cool seeing all these different nationalities. I’m not a picky eater. I pretty much like almost all food, so it’s kind of hard for me to choose between all that amazing food that’s here.

Awesome, well thank you so much. I really appreciate the interview and I hope you had fun at All-Star 2019!

That’s it for our interview today, thank you all for reading. An especially big shoutout to Goldenglue for taking the time to talk to us out to do this interview during his offseason. We’ll be back tomorrow with another exciting All-Star 2019 interview, so stay tuned!

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