All Hearthstone United in Stormwind Cards Revealed So Far (Up-to-Date)

by in Hearthstone | Jul, 21st 2021

We recently announced the next Hearthstone expansion is coming, “United in Stormwind” and its 135 cards. On Aug 3, the second expansion of the “Year of the Gryphon” will launch. There’s so much cool stuff in this expansion so far, too. We’ve got new keywords, new mechanics, new ways to use the weapon slot, and it will also have a Mini-Set, to be revealed later. If you log in now, you also receive a free copy of the Legendary Flightmaster Dungar. The above link has greater details on the expansion and what’s coming, but in summation, here are the new features, before we go into the cards:

Tradeable: A New Keyword, these cards shuffle into your deck after cast, and are replaced with a drawn card for 1-mana.

Questlines: Cards that start in your hand, and have three requirements and rewards. Finishing these grants a Legendary mercenary minion. Some very cool stuff awaits in Questlines.

Profession Tools: These are weapons with special effects, in lieu of attack stats. If you gather the crafting requirements for these you get awesome new effects.

We’re going to keep you updated with the new Hearthstone United in Stormwind cards as they come to light, so make sure you keep it locked in on Esports Talk!

Demon Hunter


Jace Darkweaver (8-Cost Minion): Right now, Jace Darkweaver is mediocre at best. In the future, when there are more Fel spells though? This will be a game-winner. A 7/5 for 8, and when it’s cast, it casts every Fel spell you’ve cast this game and targets enemies if at all possible. If we suddenly get a flood of Fel spells, this could be powerful. But right now, I have a feeling this is a card for later in the expansion.

Final Showdown (1-Cost Spell – Questline): To be honest, this feels like a kind of difficult questline to complete, as you have to draw a lot of cards turn after turn. But the rewards are great. The cards you draw get a reduced mana cost, so it’s at least interesting. How far does this go though? Let’s take a look:

Final Showdown: Draw 4 cards in one turn. Reward: Reduce the cost of the cards drawn by 1 mana.

Gain Momentum: Draw 5 cards in one turn. Reward: Reduce the Cost of the cards drawn by 1 mana.

Close the Portal: Draw 5 cards in one turn. Reward: Demonslayer Kurtrus.

Demonslayer Kurtus is (sorry to repeat myself) a 7/7 for 5 mana. But for the rest of the game, the cards you draw cost 2 less mana. That is absolutely brilliant. Now, this sounds really difficult to pull off. But you can include cards like Crimson Sigil Runner, Spectral Sight, Feast of Souls, or even a new Neutral Common? There is a 1-cost Common, Peasant. At the start of your turn, draw a card. It’s going to be an immediate target since it’s a 2/1, but it can certainly help you get a few extra cards.


Felgorger (4-Cost Minion – Demon): Simple and to the point, the Felgorger is a 4/3 Demon that draws a Fel spell and reduces its cost by 2 mana. That means you can cast Chaos Leech for 1 Mana. That’s a Lifesteal spell that deals 3 damage to a minion, and if it’s Outcast, you deal 5 instead. Huzzah, more life gain for Demon Hunter!

Lion’s Frenzy (3-Cost Equipment – Weapon): Given that Demon Hunter’s being aimed at drawing a lot of cards in a turn, Lion’s Frenzy could be fun. It’s a 0/2 and has Attack equal to the number of cards you’ve drawn this turn. So this could get really ugly.


Persistent Peddler (4-Cost Minion): A Tradeable minion for Demon Hunter, you can trade it for another card for 1 mana. Or you can play this 4/3 for 4 mana. It has Deathrattle: Summon a Persistent Peddler from your deck. Since it specifies “from your deck”, you aren’t going to keep infinitely shuffling them back and never run out, which is nice. But I like the card for sure.



Sheldras Moontree (8-Cost Minion): I would like this more in another class if I’m honest. There are some interesting possibilities here. It reminds me of Ancient of Lore though, and that’s a good thing. A 5/5 for 8 Mana, its Battlecry has you do something potentially game-breaking. The next 3 spells you draw are Cast When Drawn. You could draw into some big 8-10 Mana cards, and immediately cast them/put them into play without paying any mana for them, and I adore that. It could also give you a bunch of nonsense. I’m just glad it’s not “this turn”. If you just spent 8 mana, you aren’t going to be doing a lot of card draw right away, most likely.

Lost In The Park (1-Cost Spell – Questline): All you need to do to start this chain going is to gain 4 Attack on your Hero. That’s the crux of this questline. Is it worth it though? What are your tasks and final rewards? Well, let’s talk about that.

Lost In The Park: Gain 5 Attack on your Hero. Reward: Gain 5 Armor

Defend the Squirrels: Gain 5 Attack with your Hero. Reward: Gain 5 Armor and draw a card.

Feral Friendly: Gain 6 Attack with your Hero. Reward: Guff the Tough.

Guff the Tough is the ultimate reward for Druids. An 8/8 Taunt/Battlecry for 5, and it gives your Hero +8 Attack this turn, and you also gain 8 Armor. So potentially, this could be really amazing with a Melee Druid deck. We’ll just have to see, but if nothing else, it’s a cool concept.


Oracle of Elune (3-Cost Minion): Potentially, this is going to be amazing. When you play a minion that costs 2 or less, you summon a copy of it. Do you know what deck this immediately screams at me for? Token Druid. A deck where we have a bunch of essentially 0-cost creatures. I am a big fan of this card from a mechanics standpoint, and I just wish I could put it in certain Hunter decks too. It’s a good thing.

Composting (2-Cost Spell – Nature): This is a card that belongs in Demon Hunter, I think. You grant your minions in play Deathrattle: Draw a card. I’m a big fan of drawing as much as I humanly can, so I can see this being pretty useful.


Kodo Mount (4-Cost Spell): Oh boy, buff spells in Druid! This is potentially a fun bomb to go in Token Druid. It grants a minion +4/+2 and Rush. When that minion dies, you also summon a Kodo. Not sure how powerful it’s going to be, but I like the idea behind it.

Park Panther (4-Cost Minion – Beast): A 4/4 for 4, it has Rush and has decent value. Whenever this attacks, your hero gains +3 Attack for the turn. So you can potentially have a pretty aggro Druid deck. We’ll see if there’s synergy here.

Vibrant Squirrel (1-Cost Minion – Beast): More Druid Deathrattle! This one just floods your board with even more minions – sorta. When this 2/1 dies, it triggers shuffling 4 Acorns into your deck. When drawn, it summons a 2/1 Squirrel. So it just makes more minions! Thankfully it’s not more Vibrant Squirrel, because that would essentially infinitely create tokens by hoarding all those Acorn cards. It’s a neat enough card and could find a home in Token Druid maybe.


Best in Shell (6-Cost Spell): A Tradeable spell for 6, so I like it. When you cast this though, you summon a pair of 2/7 Turtles with Taunt. Or, you can spend 1 mana and shuffle it back into your deck and get something else instead!

Wickerclaw (2-Cost Minion – Beast): I’m so used to tokens, that it’s weird to see so many Beasts. But it helps you attack in its own way. After your Hero attacks, Wickerclaw gains +2 Attack, so the more aggressive you play, the bigger this is gonna get. You can also buff it through cards like Sow the Soil. That spell gives your minions +1 Attack, or Summons a 2/2 Treant.



The Rat King (5-Cost Minion – Beast): No, not the villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is going to be really annoying, as a 5/5 for 5. Especially since it has the Beast tag, so it can be pulled out of your deck, cloned, buffed, et cetera. It has Rush and Deathrattle: Go Dormant. When 5 friendly minions die, this card is revived, and you can use it again! This also might be fun in some kind of Token deck. We’ll have to see, but I’m wildly excited. We’re seeing some sort of new stuff in Hunter.

Defend the Dwarven District (1-Cost Spell – Questline): What a mighty questline for spell Hunter. This turns your deck into a Gatling gun, spilling bullets onto anything that annoys you. It starts with a pretty simple request and culminates in a Legendary minion that changes how you play for the rest of the game. Here’s the scoop:

Defend the Dwarven District: Deal damage with 2 spells. Reward: Your Hero Power can target minions.

Take the High Ground: Deal damage with 2 spells. Reward: Set the Cost of your Hero Power to 0.

Knock ‘Em Down: Deal damage with 2 spells. Reward: Tavish, Master Marksman.

Here’s what Tavish, Master Marksman does. He’s like the others, a 7/7, and for the rest of the game, spells you cast refresh your Hero Power. Thank goodness your Hero Power doesn’t count as a spell, I imagine. You just cast it over and over until you win. This is awesome though for a way to win as a Spell Damage Hunter.


Rats of Extraordinary Size (6-Cost Spell): Lots of high-cost cards right now! Do you have a full board, but want a backup army? Rats of Extraordinary Size summons seven 1/1 Rats. Any that can’t fit on your board go to your hand, and gain +4/+4. This could be creating a fun new archetype for Hunter: Overflow Hunter! This is a cool concept, and you can be aggressive, while also having a backup of even more aggression.

Imported Tarantula (5-Cost Spell): Hunter has a sort of neat Tradeable spell here. A ⅘ Beast for 5 that’s also Tradeable, if you play it, it has Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Spiders with Poisonous and Rush. So it will provide even more damage and frustrating creatures. Poison/Rush is a dangerous combo that can kill any creature without Divine Shield or Indestructible. If it can deal damage, the enemy creature falls. I love this as a way to defeat big, threatening cards in the mid-game.


Ramming Mount (3-Cost Spell): The Hunter mount spell is wild. A 3-cost spell, it gives a minion +2/+2, and Immune while attacking. Place this on your big, heavy attacker, and watch the game end nice and quick. Sure, they can still be hurt on your opponent’s attack, or with spells, but as long as we’re doing the swinging, it’s immune to harm. When this creature dies, summon a Ram.

Leatherworking Kit (2-Cost Equipment – Tradeskill): The Hunter Trade equipment has a pretty major amount of value in it if you’re running a small number of Beasts. After three friendly Beasts die, you draw a Beast and give it +1/+1. Then this 0/3 Equipment loses 1 Durability. You could use this to play Token Hunter, let those aggressive jerks die, and draw into the big, powerful Beasts that you need to win. I can certainly see this being used in aggro decks as a powerful tool.

Devouring Swarm (0-Cost Spell): A 0-cost spell that’s really useful? That’s right! You choose an enemy minion, and your minions all attack it. Any of your minions that die return to your hand. Why is that so great? Think about minions that would have Battlecry buffs that are very useful! It would be great. I think this would still allow for Deathrattle to trigger too, which would let you use the Deathrattle triggers again and again.


Rodent Nest (4-Cost Minion): Now this could be fun with Devouring Swarm! Your Rodent Nest, a 2/2 minion dies, and it triggers Deathrattle: Summon five 1/1 Rats. Suddenly, Rats were everywhere! Now you can play those minions that went back to your hand at your leisure, and this also means you can play Rodent Nest again. Even more tokens later! Pure value, non-stop!

Aimed Shot (3-Cost Spell): Wait, is that League of Legends’ Ezreal on this card? Only with a gun? It kind of looks like it. This spell deals 3 damage, and our next Hero Power deals 2 more damage, so there’s a lot to love about Aimed Shot.

Stormwind Piper (3-Cost Minion – Demon): Oh I’m a huge fan of this card. A ⅙, whenever it attacks, you give aloof your Beasts +1/+1. Having one of these amid a flood of Beasts or Beast Tokens could be a real blast.



Sorcerer’s Gambit (1-Cost Spell – Questline): A 1-cost spell, it’s the first Questline I’ve seen. In order to complete this, you have to cast a Fire, Frost, and Arcane spell. Your reward is to draw a card. LIke all questlines, it has three phases, the one above being Step 1.

Stall for Time: Cast a Fire, Frost, and Arcane spell. Reward: Discover one.

Reach the Portal Room: Cast a Fire, Frost and Arcane Spell: Reward: Arcanist Dawngrasp

Arcanist Dawngrasp is a 7/7 for 5, and for the rest of the game, you have Spell Damage +3, which is wild. In an all-spells deck this could certainly be feasible to make happen, but you have to cast a lot of low-cost spells a turn. I still think it’s a little clunky. I want to see what the rest of the expansion offers.

Grand Magus Antonidas (8-Cost Minion): If your opponent has no minions on board, this is 18 damage straight to the face. A 6/6 for 8, this card’s Battlecry reads “If you’ve cast a Fire spell on each of your last three turns, cast 3 Fireballs at random enemies.” So you have to plan ahead and keep your opponent’s board as clear as possible with Fire spells as possible. As it happens, there’s so much fire support in this expansion. You may as well be specced as a Fire Mage now. I’m a pretty big fan of this as a potential game-ender if you prep for it.

Clumsy Courier (7-Cost Spell): This minion is very expensive for a ⅘. That’s okay though, it brings some serious firepower. What it does, is has you Cast the Highest Cost spell from your hand. No matter what it is, you drop it on the board. You could do some hilarious free damage with this, in addition to having a creature in play.

Ignite (2-Cost Spell – Fire): Ahh, Ignite, I remember you. It deals 2 damage and shuffles an Ignite into your deck that deals 1 more damage. A DOT, of sorts, in Hearthstone! That’s pretty neat. Simple enough, very useful, and a Fire spell you can use to prep other combos.


Sanctum Chandler (5-Cost Minion – Elemental): Huzzah, card draw in Fire Mage! After you cast a Fire spell, draw a card. Now that’s pretty exciting. It’s already pretty sturdy, as a ⅘ Elemental, and its mana cost makes it more viable to play I think.

Celestial Ink Set (2-Cost Equipment – Tradeskill): Sounds like Mages also have a way to make their spells cost significantly less, thanks to this. After you spend 5 mana on spells, you reduce the cost of a spell in your hand by 5. I do not know if you get to pick or not though. You also lose 1 Durability off this 0/2 equipment.

First Flame (1-Cost Spell – Fire): Very straightforward, First Flame deals 2 damage to a minion and adds a Second Flame to your hand. Second Flame also costs 1 mana and deals 2 damage to a minion. This makes building 5 mana for Celestial Ink Set really easy.


Fire Sale (4-Cost Spell – Fire): A new Tradeable spell, you can choose to shuffle this back into your deck for 1 Mana. Or if you need it, you can cast it for 4 mana, and it deals 3 damage to all minions. I love this because if you don’t need it/can’t use its effect, you can shuffle it back into your deck and draw something else that might be better. As far as the Hearthstone Stormwind cards go, I love the tradable mechanic for moments just like this.

Prestor’s Pyromancer (2-Cost Minion): If you partner this with First Flame, it could be hilarious. This ⅔ has your next Fire spell deal Spell Damage +2. Huzzah, free damage for a Fire Spell! You will probably want to make Hot Streak cast before this since it counts as a Fire Spell. It makes your next Fire Spell cost 2 mana less. Less cost, more damage? Love it.



Flightmaster Dungar (3-Cost Minion): A free legendary for everyone, if they log in, when it comes into play, you choose a Flightpath and he goes Dormant. He awakens with a Bonus when the Flightpath is complete!

Westfall (0-Cost): In 1 turn, summon a 2/2 Adventurer with a random bonus effect.

Ironforge (0-Cost): In 3 turns, restore 10 Health to your hero.

EasternPlaguelands (0-Cost): In 5 turns, deal 12 damage randomly split among enemies.

Dungar will see play, and you can mark my words on that. His abilities are incredible for so many decks. In Warlock self-harm decks? Play that Ironforge! I can see so many possibilities for this useful Neutral.

Varian, King of Stormwind (8-Cost Minion): This could be a lot of fun for aggressive decks. A 7/7 for 8, when he is put into play, you draw a Rush minion to gain Rush. You do this again for Divine Shield and Taunt. If you have those kinds of cards in your deck, you can potentially make Varian a World Beater. Very niche, but I think it will still see play in certain decks. Maybe Paladins?

Cornelius Roame (6-Cost Minion): A neat card for card draw, that’s for sure. Maybe for Handlock? At the start and end of each player’s turn, you draw a card. So yeah, I like this a lot for decks where I want to draw and cast a lot each turn.

Lady Prestor (6-Cost Minion): What an absolutely interesting card. I’m trying to think of a practical use for it. This card is a 6/7 for 6 and transforms the minions into your deck into random Dragons. They keep original stats and cost, but now they’re a random assortment of dragons. This could be absolutely devastating if you get dragons with quality special abilities.


Elwynn Boar (1-Cost Minion – Beast): Oh. Oh no. Oh no. . .Elwynn Boar decks. This 1/1 for 1 has a Deathrattle: If you had 7 Elwynn Boars die this game, equip a 15/3 Sword of a Thousand Truths. Now you just need a way to keep flooding the board with these. The Sword of a Thousand Truths is a 10-cost 15/3, and when you attack, destroy your Opponent’s Mana Crystals. It’s a meme card, and I absolutely love it. I desperately want to figure out a way to make this work.

Cheesemonger (4-Cost Minion): I can see this being used in a variety of decks, to be honest. Whenever your opponent casts a spell, add a random spell with the same Cost to your hand. A constant stream of potentially powerful spells? Love to see it. It’s also a 3/6, so it’s probably going to stick around for a while.


Mailbox Dancer (2-Cost Minion): A 3/2 for 2, it adds a Coin to your hand when it’s played. Then when it dies, Deathrattle triggers and you get another one. This is a serious Mana Ramp for 2 mana. I really like it, and I think it’s going to fly under the radar for a little bit.


Spice Bread Baker (4-Cost Minion): Here’s a great card for not just Handlock, but for virtually every deck. A 3/2 for 4, this Baker restores Health to your hero equal to your handsize. It’s not going to be a humongous amount, but the more cards you’ve stored away, the better. This could also be fantastic in Demon Hunter decks, where you’re drawing and casting tons of cards each turn. At least, if you’re running the Demon Hunter Sidequest. If nothing else, it’s a pretty great way to stay in the game just a bit longer.

Pandaren Importer (2-Cost Minion): This is an interesting enough little card. I’m not sure what deck I’d want to use it in, but you Discover a card that didn’t start in your deck. It’s nice and chaotic, so it could be virtually anything. I like the idea for it, and would be interested to see if other decks wind up using it.



Seek Guidance (1-Cost Spell – Questline): And here we have the Priest Questline! This class’ quest reward may be the strongest in the game, but it’s incredibly difficult to get to. The ultimate reward, Purified Shard destroys the enemy Hero. No fussin’, no “deal damage”, it just defeats the other player. You get the Shard through the actual Ultimate reward, Xyrella the Sanctified. She shuffles it into your deck. So here are the steps:

Seek Guidance: Play a 2, 3, and 4 cost card. Reward: Discover a card from your deck.

Discover the Void Shard: Play a 5 and 6 cost card. Reward: Discover a card from your deck.

Illuminate the Void: Play a 7 and 8 cost card. Reward: Xyrella, the Sanctified.

Xyrella, the Sanctified is a 7/7 for 5 with Taunt and shuffles that Purified Shard into your deck. Purified Shard costs 10 mana and destroys your opponent. Simple as that. I love this in a slow, control deck, but I don’t know how viable it is.

Darkbishop Benedictus (5-Cost Minion): This card has a Start of Game trigger, and it’s interesting. If the spells in your deck are all Shadow, enter Shadowform. Shadowform is a 2-cost Shadow spell, and it changes your Hero Power. Now it reads “Deal 2 damage.” so you can play an evil, damage Shadow Priest if you want! It’s about time, to be honest. The card itself is a ⅚ for 5, but the big reward is Shadowform.

Rise to the Occasion (1-Cost Spell -Questline): The Paladin Questline brings back Dudeadin! Potentially, at least. I really really love this quest chain. What are the rewards though?

Rise to the Occasion: Play 3 different 1-Cost cards. Reward: Equip a ¼ Light’s Justice.

Pave the Way: Play 3 different 1-Cost cards. Upgrade your Hero Power.

Avenge the Fallen: Play 3 different 1-Cost cards. Reward: Lightborn Cariel.

Lightborn Cariel is a 5-cost 7/7 (surprise!), and for the rest of the game, your Silver Hand Recruits have +2/+2. I haven’t seen how your Hero Power upgrades though, but I still like it.

Highlord Fordragon (6-Cost Minion): Good God. Highlord Fordragon is wild. Combine this with Lothraxion the Redeemed, and you have the biggest minions you can imagine. This 5/5 with Divine Shield has the following: After a friendly minion loses Divine Shield, give a minion in your hand +5/+5. Bear in mind that this happens for all friendly minions, so including Highlord Fordragon. Lothraxion makes your Silver Hand Recruits receive Divine Shield for the rest of the game. Henceforth, as long as you keep Fordragon in play, your opponent is going to have to see some massive minions.


Lightbringer’s Hammer (3-Cost Weapon): A Lifesteal weapon that can’t attack heroes? Eh, it’s okay I suppose. But at least you can get the life back (some of it possibly) thanks to the lifesteal. It’s okay.

First Blade of Wrynn (4-Cost Minion): Could this be a part of Dudeadin decks? Possibly. If this comes into play with a Buff, it has Rush. A ⅗ with Divine Shield, if it comes into play with at least 4 Attack, its Battlecry is triggered and will activate Rush. Divine Shield/Rush is another really powerful combo, to be honest. It’s one of the combos that can virtually guarantee you safely remove a threat from the board.


Elekk Mount (7-Cost Spell – Mount): Give a minion +4/+7, and Taunt. Okay, big fan of that. When it dies, you also summon an Elekk. I mostly like this because I’m a huge fan of Taunt shenanigans. I would like to see this used, even though it’s a very expensive 7-cost spell.

Prismatic Jewel Kit (1-Cost Tool): Prismatic Jewel Kit is a Tool of the Trade for Paladins. After a friendly minion loses Divine Shield, all minions in your hand gain +1/+1, and this loses 1 Durability. In a heavy Divine Shield deck, this could be a whole heap of fun.

Catacomb Guard (3-Cost Minion): A lifesteal minion that deals damage based on its attack to an enemy minion, thanks to Battlecry? If you get this in your hand with Highlord Fordragon in play, you could batter an enemy for 10/15 damage, and gain that much life.

Noble Mount (2-Cost Spell): Even more access to Divine Shield! This grants a minion +1/+1 and Divine Shield and when it dies summons a Warhorse. So this all ties together to do some absolutely vile things with Fordragon while also creating some very nice aggressive opportunities.


Alliance Bannerman (3-Cost Minion): Draw a minion. Give minions in your hand +1/+1. Love that, for sure. Just nice, simple, to the point.

City Tax (2-Cost Spell): Our tradeable Paladin spell, it’s actually affordable! It has Lifesteal and deals 1 damage to all enemy minions. If you aren’t seeing a lot of minions, you can trade it away and pull it later. You can get some pretty great life back on this, and potentially clear a weak board. You can also use it to drop enemies who have Divine Shield.

Blessed Goods (1-Cost Spell – Holy): Discover a Secret, Weapon, or Divine Shield minion. Good lord. That’s a lot of variances, but I’m a fan of it anyway. Mostly because I saw “Divine Shield” minion, and that was basically my first ever Hearthstone deck.



Call of the Grave (1-Cost Spell – Shadow): Now this is an interesting card to grant some Deathrattle effects to Priest. For 1 mana, you Discover a Deathrattle minion. However, if you have enough Mana to play it, you immediately trigger its Deathrattle effect. It doesn’t mean you have to play the card this turn, only that you get its power right off the bat. Then you can play it, and hopefully, double up! Quite frankly, this is an incredible card, whether you play Holy or Shadow Priest. It’s not overpowered, but it has useful features in all facets of the game. It also grants you potentially (likely) cards that you normally wouldn’t have access to.

Voidtouched Attendant (1-Cost Minion): A whole heap of fun can be had with this since we want people to take some extra damage. The Voidtouched Attendant makes both heroes take one extra damage from all sources. So from attacks, spells, you name it! You attack your opponent and take some damage anyway. It’s interesting if nothing else. But at least the opponent takes extra damage too.

Psyfiend (3-Cost Minion): This should have been a Demon, honestly. Maybe that’s bias talking. After you cast a Shadow spell, this deals 2 damage to each hero. So it will be easier to trigger their questline with this minion. It’s also a ¾, so it’s a decent statline for 3 mana.

Shadowcloth Needle (2-Cost Equipment – Tradeskill): With this equipped, it loses 1 durability after you cast a Shadow Spell, but it deals 1 damage to all enemies. So, naturally, we want to pair this with something like Void Shard, which is a Lifesteal spell that deals 4 damage to a target for 4 mana.


Twilight Deceptor (2-Cost Minion): When this comes into play, if any hero took damage this turn, you draw a Shadow spell. Thank God it isn’t an every-turn thing, right?

Shard of the Naaru (1-Cost Spell – Holy): I know most of this expansion has been Shadow magic, but we have a new Holy spell! A Tradeable one, too. You can trade it, or you can cast it for 1 mana, and Silence all enemy minions. This could be potentially hilarious and frustrating in a control deck.



Maestra of the Masquerade (2-Cost Minion): People are going to sleep on this card, I can feel it. Maestra of the Masquerade is a card that has you appear as a different class at the start of the game. Until you play a Rogue card, you count as a different class. The real question is if you can use that other class’s Hero Power or not. The power of this card is that you can force someone to mulligan incorrectly. If you see a Priest, you think “Oh, maybe it’s control Priest, so I need to swap this and this out.” Then suddenly, they reveal themselves to be a Rogue! It’s absolutely brilliant. Meme card? Sure. Amazing? Also yes.

Find the Imposter (1-Cost Spell – Questline): It’s time to look at the Rogue card quest! There’s some decent potential in it too. This card is built around playing the SI: 7 cards through the course of the game. You don’t have to play a bunch of them, but you need enough of them to make sure it all goes according to plan:

Find the Imposter: Play 2 SI: 7 cards. Reward: Add a Spy Gizmo to your hand.

Learn the Truth: Play 2 SI: 7 cards. Reward: Add a Spy Gizmo to your hand.

Marked a Traitor: Play 2 SI: 7 cards. Reward: Spymaster Scabbs.

Spymaster Scabbs is a 7/7 for 5 mana, and his Battlecry adds one of each Spy Gizmo to your hand. The next question that has to be asked is “What are Spy Gizmo cards?” These cards all cost 1 mana and range from Spells, to a Mech, Beast, and a Weapon. Here’s what you can pick from:

Fizzflash Distractor: Return an enemy minion to its owner’s hand. They can’t play it next turn.

Spy-o-matic: Look at 3 cards in your opponent’s deck. Pick one to put on top.

Noggin-Fog Generator: Give a minion +2 Attack and Stealth.

Undercover Mole: Stealth. After this attacks, add a random card to your hand (from your opponent’s class).

Hidden Gyroblade: 3/2 Weapon. Deathrattle: Throw this at a random enemy minion.

Undercover Mole, attack, and then Noggen-Fog it to Stealth it again? That’s 6 damage and two cards from your opponent’s class. These cards aren’t especially overpowered, but they are annoying and can be fun, for sure.


Counterfeit Dagger (4-Cost Weapon): An excellent Deathrattle Rogue weapon! This gives a random friendly Deathrattle that triggered this game. This is from among your Deathrattle triggers, mind. If you only use one or two Deathrattle triggers, you can pick and choose to get whatever ability twice that you desire. Love this card.

Garrote (2-Cost Spell): A simple, but effective card, Garrotte deals 2 damage to the enemy Hero. Then you shuffle 3 Bleeds into your deck that deals 2 more damage when draw. Brilliant, that. In decks where you can draw tons of cards at once, you can potentially deal 6 damage for free.


SI: 7 Assassin (7-Cost Minion): This costs 1 less for each SI: 7 card you’ve played this game. So this could in theory drop for a lot less, which is money on a 4/4. It also has Combo: Destroy an enemy minion. I’m a pretty big fan of this, for potential ridiculous shenanigans.

SI: 7 Extortion (1-Cost Spell): Rogue’s Tradeable card can have you deal 3 damage to an undamaged character for 1 mana. Honestly? That’s a pretty great spell. It also counts as an SI: 7 card, for the purposes of our other triggers.


Contract Killing/Sketchy Information (3-Cost Spell): Deathrattle Rogue may or may not be the strongest in the meta right now, but this could certainly go a long way to help. For 3 mana, you draw a Deathrattle card that costs 4 or less and triggers its Deathrattle immediately. You get a free use of a Deathrattle effect, which can be devastating! We just need to have a 4 or less-cost Deathrattle effect that is worth triggering this for, but I have a good feeling about it. I have two names for it, because I’ve seen two, and am uncertain which it is.

SI: 7 Informant (4-Cost Minion): A 3/3, when it comes into play, it gains +1/+1 for each SI: 7 card you’ve played this game. There’s plenty of synergy for these combos, and I like it. Shame the Loan Shark isn’t an SI: 7. It gives your opponent a Coin, but on Deathrattle, you get two. So they get some mana ramp, but you get more.

SI: 7 Operative: Normally, minions start with Stealth, but this 2/4 with Rush gains Stealth after it attacks a minion. So as long as it survives, its next attack will essentially be unblockable.



Bolner Hammerbeak (2-Cost Minion): Oh my. This is a power I’d like to see for other classes more, but I like it. After you play a Battlecry minion, repeat the first Battlecry played this turn. Sounds like it can be repeatedly triggered each turn for some really devastating results. I think this might be a powerhouse later in the year too.

Command the Elements (1-Cost Spell – Questline): This Questline might be the most varied of them all. On the final step, you don’t need 3 Overload cards played, but 2. This is probably because Overload cards are a hamper on your gameplay (since you have less mana to use the next turn). It’s nice to see that it doesn’t recover your Overloaded Mana Crystals each time too. That would be fearfully overpowered.

Command the Elements: Play 3 cards with Overload. Reward: Unlock your Overloaded Mana Crystals.

Stir the Stones: Play 3 cards with Overload. Reward: Summon a 3/3 Elemental with Taunt.

Tame the Flames: Play 2 cards with Overload: Reward: Stormcaller Bru’kan

Stormcaller Bru’kan is going to be how you win the game in Elemental/Damage Shaman. A (not shockingly) 7/7 for 5, it gives you, for the rest of the game “Your spells cast twice.” For every single spell you cast, not just the first spell each turn. So Tiny Toys would fill your entire board with random 5-Cost,2/2 minions. Or you can use it with direct damage spells.


Overdraft (1-Cost Spell): Overload is a really fun mechanic in Shaman. But what if you don’t have to suffer those Overloaded Mana Crystals? This Tradeable card is a 1-cost spell, and it unlocks your Overloaded Mana Crystals, and deals that much damage to a target. This card is incredible, and will 100% get used in decks that feature Overload.

Tiny Toys (6-Cost Spell): I like this in theory. You summon four random 5-Cost minions and change their stats to 2/2. This ideally pulls cards with Battlecry or similar effects. Stuff that doesn’t rely on the cards stats, but the abilities the minion has. Again, it’s very chaotic, so I like it in theory.


Granite Forgeborn (4-Cost Elemental): This is a pretty rad card for Elemental decks. This ⅘ for 4 Reduces the cost of Elementals in your and deck by 1 mana. You really can’t go wrong with present-and-future Elementals all costing less. I especially like this when paired with Canal Slogger which defaults for 4, and is a 6/4 Rush/Lifesteal/Overload (1).

Charged Call (3-Cost Spell – Nature): This spell has you Discover a 1-Cost minion and summons it. This is upgraded for each Overload card you’ve played over the course of the game! Pair this with cards like Investment Opportunity, which draws an Overload card.

Auctionhouse Gavel (2-Cost Equipment): A solid weapon (2/2), it reduces the Cost of a Battlecry minion in your hand by 1, after your hero attacks. Hello, Granite Forgeborn! That can create a sort of chain of reduction, and I’m glad to see it.


Spirit Alpha (4-Cost Minion): What a good Spirit Wolf! Surprised it’s not an Elemental or Beast. After you play a card with Overload, you summon a ⅔ Spirit Wolf with Taunt. Oh this is amazing in an Overload deck, that is the truth.



The Demon Seed (1-Cost Spell – Questline): Oh my goodness. The ultimate reward for this Questline makes Warlock terrifying. Now, the rest of the game, damage you deal to yourself now hits the opponent instead. Oh lord. But how do we get there? We gamble, of course.

The Demon Seed: Take 6 damage on your turns. Reward: Lifesteal: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.

Establish the Link: Take 7 damage on your turns. Reward: Lifesteal: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.

Complete the Ritual: Take 8 damage on your turns. Reward: Blightborn Tamsin.

Now, this is going to be hard to do without serious Lifesteal. It’s possible, and it could be a lot of fun. The ultimate reward is a 7/7 for 5, and she makes your opponent take all damage you would take on your turn instead. Suddenly, all of our self-harm spells are incredible.

Anetheron (6-Cost Minion – Demon): If you have a full hand, this 8/6 for 6 costs 1 Mana. We’re definitely seeing some Handlock content this expansion. Between this and Dark Alley Pact, it’s going to pay to have heavy, full hands of cards. Dark Alley Pact is a 4-cost spell, that summons a Fiend with stats equal to your hand size. So you could drop two huge cards on turn 5 with this and Anetheron, provided your hand is full. Big fan of that combo.


Remote Control Golem (4-Cost Minion – Mech): Want more free minions? Remote Control Golem is the secret. For 4 mana, you get a 3/6 Mech. After it takes damage, you shuffle 2 GolemParts into your deck. These summon 2/1 Mechs. It reads like it will do it each time it takes damage. Since you can damage your own minions easily enough, it can provide some quality-free creatures to attack with.

Provoke (0-Cost Spell): Simple and to the point, you can cast this for 0 to make all the enemy minions attack one of yours or pay 1 to trade it in. If you have a huge creature that could easily take a few things with it, or if you want to force a Deathrattle proc to go off. I adore Provoke, and I think it will surely see play.

Dreaded Mount (3-Cost Spell): It’s just the “Song that doesn’t end”, only it’s a Mount. This spell gives a minion +1/+1. When it dies, you summon an Endless Dreadsteed. What is an Endless Dreadsteed? Also known as Tamsin’s Dreadsteed, it’s a 1/1 with Deathrattle. At the end of the turn, you summon Tamsin’s Dreadsteed. It just comes back over and over…

Entitled Customer (6-Cost Minion): Do you want some dangerously powerful board wipe? Step right up, the Entitled Customer. When this minion hits the field, it deals damage equal to your hand size to all other minions. With a full hand, this is devastating. I’m all about this kind of board wipe. Sure, it harms yours too, but that’s probably fine.


Runed Mithril Rod (3-Cost Equipment): One of the new Tools of the Trade, after you draw 4 cards, reduce the cost of cards in your hand by 1 mana. You lose 1 Durability. So you can do this twice. An excellent way to make expensive cards less so.

Touch of the Nathrezim (1-Cost Spell – Shadow): Speaking of needing lifegain, Touch of the Nathrezim deals 2 damage to a minion. If it dies, it restores 4 health to your Hero. Careful targeting will keep you in the game.


Demonic Assault (4-Cost Spell – Fel): Huzzah, summoning Demons! This deals 3 damage to a target and summons two ⅓ Voidwalkers with Taunt. In the mid-game, it could really keep you from taking excessive damage.

Shady Bartender (5-Cost Minion): Warlocks’ Tradeable minion is a 4/4 for 5 mana, and grants your Demons +2/+2 thanks to Battlecry. Or you can trade it back to your deck with Tradeable, and use it later. Either way, this is going to be a very powerful to help win games.

Bloodbound Imp (2-Cost Minion – Demon): Remember that self-harming questline? Bloodbound Imp is going to really go a long way to help that. It deals 2 damage to you, anytime it attacks. It doesn’t have to deal damage or anything. All you have to do is have it attack, and you can put some damage down towards your ultimate goal.



Lothar (7-Cost Minion): At the end of your turn, attack a random enemy minion. If it dies, gain +3/+3. Good heavens. If you can keep your opponent’sLothar (7-Cost Minion): At the end of your turn, attack a random enemy minion. If it dies, gain +3/+3. Good heavens. If you can keep your opponent’s minions weak, this 7/7 can just grow over and over without end. I’m a pretty big fan of Lothar, and how powerful he has the possibility to be. minions weak, this 7/7 can just grow over and over without end. I’m a pretty big fan of Lothar, and how powerful he has the possibility to be.

Auctioneer Jaxon (2-Cost Minion): All those Trade cards suddenly got way more interesting. Whenever you Trade and she’s in play, you instead Discover a card from your deck. Now you get to pick between three cards, instead of drawing something random. Oh yeah, I like her. I don’t know how viable Tradeable cards are going to be competitively, but I think this will help.

Raid the Docks (1-Cost Spell – Questline): The Warrior Questline is all about Pirates. Pirates as far as the eye can see. It honestly doesn’t seem like a bad card, to be honest. It culminates in drawing a weapon, dealing damage, an amazing legendary, and a constant source of pirates and damage:

Raid the Docks: Play 3 Pirates. Reward: Draw a weapon.

Create a Distraction: Play 2 Pirates. Reward: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy twice.

Secure the Supplies: Play 2 Pirates. Reward: Cap’n Rokara.

Cap’n Rokara is the same as the other Legendaries from these Questlines (7/7 for 5), and her Battlecry summons The Juggernaut! The Juggernaut is an effect that triggers on the start of your turn: Summon a Pirate, equip a Warrior weapon, and fire two cannons that deal 2 damage! Excellent, love that. This feels like it would belong in an incredibly aggressive deck, that’s for sure.


Shiver Their Timbers! (1-Cost Spell): This spell rewards you if you are controlling a Pirate. Normally, this deals 2 damage to a minion for 1, but if you control a Pirate, now it’s 5 damage! A new tool for Control Warrior? Could be!

Two-Faced Investor (3-Cost Minion): At the end of your turn, reduce the Cost of a card in your hand by 1 Mana. However, there’s a 50% chance that it will increase instead. Are you willing to gamble? That’s a big risk here, but the reward could be amazing. I’m not sure that I would want to try my luck, personally.

Cargo Guard (3-Cost Minion – Pirate): We need Pirates, so let’s start with the Cargo Guard. A 2/4 for 3, it gives you 3 Armor at the end of each of your turns. The longer we can go without being attacked, the more difficult it’s going to be to defeat us. Huge fan of the Cargo Guard.


Heavy Plate (3-Cost Spell): A tradeable spell that I can’t imagine wanting to trade away. For 3 mana, you gain 8 Armor! Why wouldn’t you want Armor? There’s got to be a reason why would want to trade this away. I’m curious to see the synergy.

Stormwind Freebooter (3-Cost Minion – Pirate): Another Pirate! This one gives your Hero +2 Attack this turn when played thanks to Battlecry. Just all-around useful.

Harbor Scamp (2-Cost Minion – Pirate): Harbor Scamp also has a useful Battlecry: Draw a Pirate! That’s right, even more Pirates for our Questline! Huzzah!

Cowardly Grunt (6-Cost Minion): I wasn’t sold on this at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I like it. We’d put it into a Control Warrior deck with a few minions, but each one is incredibly important. So, while I didn’t like it, I’ve really come around.

Writers Note: During this article, I have discussed the game’s technical achievements and updates, but I can’t leave out the environment in which this game, and other Activision-Blizzard titles, were created. We in no way condone the actions of Blizzard Employees that have come to light in the recent lawsuit.


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