All Black Ops Cold War Operators Ranked

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 1st 2020

Treyarch has crafted the next generation of Call of Duty with Black Ops Cold War. The game takes from many of its predecessors, including the Black Ops series, as well as last year’s Modern Warfare. One such inspiration from Modern Warfare plays a part in the best Black Ops Cold War operators 2020.

What Are Operators in Black Ops Cold War?

Operators are essentially the Cold War skins that you can equip and use in battle as your specific character. This system is very similar to the one used in Modern Warfare last year to have skins of a sort but not a customizable character for each player, too.

It isn’t the greatest way of handling the whole skins situation in an online multiplayer game, especially as there are so few options at this time, but it works at least. It allows for some good skins and a chance to play as some of your favorite characters in the entire game/series.

There are two main factions in Black Ops Cold War in which you can pick your operators: NATO and Warsaw Pact. In every single normal multiplayer match that you do, these two sides will be at war with each other and you will have an operator for each one.

At this time, there are no shared operators between the two sides, so you will have to have at least two operators you prefer for every match you do. You start with the basic default characters for each side and can unlock more operators as you complete various tasks.

Top 10 Best Black Ops Cold War Operators 2020

To help you decide which of the skins to select for your character online, I have compiled the list of the top 10 best Black Ops Cold War operators 2020. These are the currently available characters at launch. I ranked them from the least best to the very best.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many good skins in the game at this time. For some reason, they are just pretty mediocre overall with only maybe three or four good skins. It is an unfortunate situation that makes this best Black Ops Cold War operators 2020 list a bit harder to make.

There are 13 operators available at launch — seven on the NATO side and six on the Warsaw Pact side — and so three of them didn’t even make the cut. It remains to be seen if future operators will make up for the lack of quality ones, but we will have to wait and see.

When it comes to determining the top 10 best Black Ops Cold War operators 2020, I considered several factors. The character’s popularity if they are an already existing one, how cool they look, the outfit that they are wearing, any accessories that they might have, and so on.

I also made sure to include how to unlock all 10 of them as well. Let’s get started with the top 10 best Black Ops Cold War operators 2020.

10. Baker

Kicking off this list is one of the few unique characters in the entire game at this time. Hailing from the NATO faction, Baker is unique for being one of the only operators in the game who has multiple skins available.

But even though he has multiple skins available — five versions in total — that doesn’t mean that he is a good operator overall. This is a situation where less is more would have been preferable. Of the five versions, only two of them are interesting, and one is good.

Because there are so many uninteresting versions of Baker, it waters down this character who takes a while to unlock anyway. You have to get 100 kills with sniper rifles in multiplayer to unlock this character. That is a lot of kills for a character that isn’t too worth it.

9. Stone

If you read my top 10 Warzone operators list, you will know that I am a huge fan of the characters who hide their faces or wear cool helmets. Stone is the one mysterious character in Black Ops Cold War who tries to fill that role.

However, he is the perfect example of how not to do the mysterious character look. Stone is from the Warsaw Pact and has a weird outfit that could look good, but the green pouches in the front mar its visual quality. The same goes for the disguise that he is wearing.

He tries to cover his face as well, but it all just looks like something that he made in his bedroom as a kid to look cool in front of his friends. If you like this aesthetic, it might be worth picking him up by doing 15 finishing moves but, otherwise, there are quite a few more operators that are much more interesting.

8. Helen Park

Helen Park is the next one on the list. She comes from the NATO faction, specifically, as an MI6 operative. For those of you who play the other modes in Black Ops Cold War, she may very well be the first recognizable character who makes an appearance on this list.

Her rich black hair is beautiful and the beanie on her head is nice. The outfit that she wears in her skin is a simple one but clean and nice overall. For the most part, Helen is a pretty good operator that you can enjoy, but she falls into the same problem as most of them do not do a lot.

If you are interested in picking up Helen Park and using her in multiplayer, you will need to play some Zombies. The only way to unlock her at this time is to successfully exfil three different times in Zombies. That is when you choose to leave the match early or reach the final round and make it through the undead onslaught to escape.

7. Sims

Sims is another NATO faction operator that you can get. He, like Baker, is one of the few characters to have multiple options. But in his case, there are only two options to pick between his basic look that he has by default and a more hardcore, war-ready look.

While these two options are better than what Baker has, the default look still falls short of being that interesting. However, if you want to get this character in battle, the second option is a much better choice where Sims wears sunglasses, equipment and looks ready to tear the enemy apart.

If you are interested in picking up Sims for your loadout, you will need to unlock him by destroying 10 enemy vehicles or scorestreaks in multiplayer. This is a pretty easy one to do if you have the right equipment like launchers and the like, so make sure to do the larger game modes like Combined Arms.

6. Vargas

Next up, we switch back to the Warsaw Pact side. Vargas is the first default character on this list, which is saying something as the default characters are some of the best ones around, as you will see in a bit.

When you first boot up the game, you won’t have to do anything to play as Vargas. You will see him a lot in combat. For the most part, he suffers from the same issues as the other characters of being very generic and not having a lot of uniqueness.

That said, Vargas embodies the stereotypical soldier archetype pretty well with his camo hat, sunglasses, and ammo rounds equipped. But what helps him stand out a little bit more than the others is the nice touch of red around his neck that comes from the clothing underneath.

5. Beck

From here, I think that it is safe to say that these are the good operators that you can find in Black Ops Cold War even if they, too, have some problems that hold them back some. First up is Beck, one of the best characters you can play on the Warsaw Pact side.

Unfortunately, the NATO faction has the better operators overall, but Beck is one of the best for sure. He looks like a clean-cut soldier who has a bit of a nerdier side to him with his haircut and eyeglasses that give him a rather surprisingly sophisticated look for Black Ops Cold War.

If you are into that style and want to look fancy in battles, you might want to pick up this stylishly-dressed character. You can unlock Beck in the game by getting 200 eliminations in the Zombies mode using only Pack-a-Pack upgraded weapons, so not just any weapons.

4. Adler

Next up is another familiar face that you can unlock in the game for the NATO faction. If you played the singleplayer campaign, you likely know Adler pretty well. Though he is a newer character, he is one of the story’s stars this time around.

Adler has an instantly recognizable look that would work well in multiplayer, but this particular style holds back some, which is unfortunate. He is wearing a beanie and sunglasses that hide the fact that he is this popular character, making him not as good as he could have been.

That said, he still has the 1980s cool factor to him that makes him worth unlocking in the game if you want to play as him. To play as him, you will need to get 10 kills with scorestreaks or killstreaks, which isn’t too hard to do so long as you have some good ones in your loadout.

3. Powers

In third place, we have the very best Warsaw Pact member that you can play in the game. Though this faction has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to characters, Powers is one of the best ones around.

And lo and behold, she is yet another character who is one of the default options that you can immediately play as in the game. She is also one of the most common skins that I see in the game since players will almost always be playing as her when they are on this side.

Powers has a bit of a mysterious element to her with sunglasses and a head covering that keeps her appearance mostly hidden. That said, her outfit is a standard soldier one that, altogether, doesn’t do anything outstanding but looks right at place in Black Ops Cold War, hence her popularity.

2. Song

Coming up in second place is my favorite skin in the entire game and the one that you will see playing as the most when online. Song comes from the NATO faction and is, yet again, one of the default characters that you don’t even have to unlock in the game.

Right from the start, you can play as one of the best characters around and never have to worry about unlocking her. When it comes to the fabled cool factor that many of these skins go for, no one does it better than Song at the game’s launch.

She has the best aviator sunglasses in the game at this time, the cool bandana on her head, a scarf around her neck, and a headset. Her outfit is on point, too, basically only having this blue and gray color scheme that works well together and makes her surprisingly fashionable.

1. Frank Woods

And last but certainly not least, Frank Woods. He is the best operator you can get in the game currently. Though he didn’t get too much spotlight in the singleplayer campaign, Woods is perhaps the most popular Black Ops character for a reason.

And the best part is that you can look like him when you are playing online multiplayer, so long as you are on the NATO side at least. There isn’t much that I need to say about this character that you don’t already know, from his hardened look to his bandana to signature outfit.

Frank Woods will be one of the most popular characters moving forward online, but you can play as him, too, by unlocking him through a unique challenge. This is one of the harder ones for operators as you need to get five kills without dying 15 different times. That isn’t super easy to do, so make sure to get your favorite weapon and use it to take players out while staying alive.


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