A Simple Firebase Z Guide for Cold War Zombies’ Main Quest

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 2nd 2021

Firebase Z is surprisingly the first wholly original map in the Aether Universe for Call of Duty’s Zombies storylines. The last map that that could be considered wholly original was Black Ops 3’s “Gorod Krovi” Here is a simple to understand guide on how to complete the Main Quest in Cold War’s latest map: Firebase Z.

Step 1: Turning on the Power

When you and your team hop out of the car and into the map, you’ll be placed in a small village. The only way to the firebase is through the portal on the roof, which should be marked by the game. Don’t forget before you leave to talk to Ravenov, as doing it now will make it quicker to activate the Pack-A-Punch machine later.

Entering the Firebase, you’ll be greeted by Dr. Peck, a former American scientist who defected to Omega Group and is holding your friend Samantha Maxis, hostage. He asks you to turn on the three generators around the map, which will also be marked on the HUD by the game. For now, continue through the map as normal, and the game will guide you to turning the power on. Once complete, you must return to The Village where you started, and activate the Pack-A-Punch Machine, as the voice lines to continue the step won’t trigger.

Step 2: Creating the Truth Serum

Once you’ve activated the Pack-A-Punch, head back to Mission Control and speak with Peck, he’ll be behind a window in a office. Also, be sure to not shoot any zombies during this exchange in dialogue. Treyarch programmed the game to make the zombies ignore any players who stand in front of the window while Peck is talking, unless someone shoots them. This is imperative for getting more than one step done in a single round.

Peck will tell the players that he threw Samantha into the Dark Aether, trapping her there. He’s not too interested in helping the team save her, so it’s up to you to convince him to spill the beans. Luckily, Ravenov has a plan. Return to The Village and interact with Ravenov (the zombies will also ignore you in this dialogue exchange as well). He’ll explain that there’s a truth serum that will help you force Peck to explain how to open the portal. With that, he’ll hand you a keycard.

Place the Aerosol Delivery System on this air conditioner

With the keycard now in your inventory, you’re now tasked with retrieving the three samples of the truth serum for Peck. The first location to the sample is still in the village, located in Equipment Storage. The second sample is in Engineering. The third and final sample is in The Colonel’s Office. All three lockers should look identical, so when you find the first locker, you5 will be able to find them all.

After this, head to the Field Hospital, and interact with the chemical mixer. Doing so will mix the chemicals to make the serum, but it’ll also spawn the Hellhounds from previous Call of Duty games. Similar to the Plauge-hounds from Die Maschine, they’ll leave a lingering fire effect on the ground, which will burn you if you stand in it.

After the chemicals are done mixing, interact with them two more times to pick up the aerosol distribution device. Then, head to The OPC and hop the fence on the left side of the OPC to put it on the air conditioner. This area seems like a place you can’t normally access, but you’ll be able to jump over to it and place the dispersal machine. Dropping down again to see Peck, you can watch him start to hallucinate, and dance around in his room. Interacting with him when the game tells you will allow you to continue onto the next step.

Step 3: Finding the Activation Codes

Peck will instruct you that to save maxis, you’ll need two activation codes, and a miner tag from three people. Brahms, Sokolov, and Zabin. The problem is, all three of them are mimics now. And it’s up to you to find them. I recommend turning on subtitles for this step, so you’ll know if you have the right character when you get to the next part.

Head to The Data Center and activate the Memory Transference machine. This will allow you to pick up an essence trap to capture and process the mimics and get the codes. They function like a mix between C4 and the ghost trap from Ghostbusters. To use them, whittle down an enemy’s health and once it’s really low throw the trap down and double tap the use button to capture them. Then, you have 3 minutes to take them back to the machine and insert the trap.

 The Mimics will appear around fake items like this.

Now, my recommendation is to head back to the Helipad and stay there until the end of the round. Then if you’re playing with a friend, trap a zombie and hold him. That will buy you three uninterrupted minutes to capture one of the mimics.

While mimics will spawn during rounds, there are three locations where the mimics you need to capture can hide. They’ll only spawn there, and you can tell if you found the right place if there’s a handful of fake items lying around. For the locations, here’s where you need to check: Military Command and the Skybridge, The Motor Pool, and The Second Floor of the Courtyard Building¸ where the Bizon wall buy is.

Whittle the health of the Mimic down and capture it, then take it back to The Data Center and insert it into the machine, you don’t have to listen to it. Weaver will tell you if you are right or not. If you have subtitles on, you can tell right away. Once you capture the three mimics and get the required information, the machine will spit out a floppy disk. Pick it up and head onto the next step.

Also, save any essence traps you haven’t used yet, as they won’t respawn anymore. And you can keep them for other steps. Now, if you don’t already have it, it’s time to get your hands on the new wonder weapon.

Step 4: Building the Rai-K 84

The Rai-K 84 doesn’t have any upgrades like the Die Shockwave from the last map, you can just put it in the Pack-a-Punch machine like you would any other weapon to increase its firepower. Aside from being a AK-47 that shoots lasers, it also can fire an energy ball which can be shot for explosive damage. Here’s how you get your hands on it:

Get the Schematics

Inside the Weapon Lab, you’ll find a glowing yellow schematic for the Rai-K rifle. Picking it up will activate the quest and you can continue to find the rest of the parts.

Obtaining Kuhlklay’s Eye

Next, you’ll want to move to Scorched Defense. Leaning up on a tank near the right side of the area is a zombie, and next to him is a piece of intel that is also glowing yellow. Interacting with Kuhlklay’s body will make your character go into a cutscene, perfect for being invulnerable in a tight spot. During this cutscene, your character will retrieve Kuhlklay’s eye. The zombie will then come alive, but your character will stab it through the head. However, this will spawn more zombies to attack you, and you’ll have to fight them off if you already have one in the essence trap. Return to the Weapon Lab and interact with the computer directly next to where you found the blueprint to continue the step.

Playing Darts

Once you interact with the computer, it will give you a key. Pick it up, we’ll use it for later. Now, interact with the computer again: this will display a pie chart on the screen, and a fraction of the pie chart will move around the circle. Take a mental note of where the light stops and in what order, as this will be needed for what you’re about to do next. After memorizing the placements of the pie chart, return to the Village.

Just to the left of the Pack-a-Punch machine and the WunderFizz, you’ll see a dartboard. You need to shoot the spots from the computer in the same order they were shown to you, finishing by shooting the bullseye last. It’s recommended you use a single fire weapon or have a very steady trigger finger, as more than one shot on the same space will force you to restart. If done correctly, the middle of the dartboard will open, and you’ll be given another part to the Rai-K.

Opening Lockers

­Next, head to the Barracks in both barracks there are thin grey lockers between the beds, start interacting with them using the key from the previous step to open them. One of them will make the sound that a Mimic makes when it spawns, and that is because one did spawn. Shoot the Mimic to get your hands on the next part of the Rai-K. It’s recommended you do this second, rather than right after you get the key, as when I was playing the mimic did not drop the quest Item.

Make sure the Mimic spawned from the locker drops this, or else you can’t make the Rai-K

Breaking a Mangler

The Manglers from Gorod Krovi are back, and you need to obtain a part from them. Wait until one spawns and focus your fire on the cannon they have on their right arm. When the Mangler dies, it will drop the last piece of the Rai-K that you need, the Clip.

Charging the Clip

Take all the parts back to The Weapon Lab and place the Rai-K clip into the charging station next to the big bomb on the side of the room. Wait a couple rounds, as it takes time for the clip to receive full charge. Once it’s done, you should be able to build the Rai-K where you found the blueprints allowing you to use it for the next Easter Egg step.

If you’re playing with more than one person, or you want to skip the entire building process and get it early, you have two options. For one, you can spin the Mystery Box over and over until you pick it up. You can also complete challenges early into the game and try to pull it out of the legendary reward located at the Helipad. I recommend doing this for your whole party when playing this map as a group.

Now it’s time to continue to the next step.

Step 5: Gathering the Atherium Containers

Now that you’ve gotten your hands on the Rai-K 84, take the floppy disk from the Mimic step to the Planning Offices and insert it into the Quantum Mainframe located on the right side of the wall looking at the OPC. After doing so, go to The OPC to open the portal and save Maxis.

You’ll discover that the portal fails to open, so it looks like you need to talk to Peck one last time. Head back to Mission Control and he’ll tell you that you need to insert atherium crystals into the generators to draw enough power to hold the portal open and save Maxis. Ravenov will give you a code to the locker just to the left of Peck’s window. You don’t need to memorize the code, as interacting with the locker after the dialogue exchange will open it automatically, giving you the Aethermeter.

Now, it’s time to collect the canisters. But before you do that, you need a shovel to dig them up. Head outside of Mission Control to Scorched Defense. In the Hut on the left side of the area, directly across the door from where Peck is, there’s a shovel, it wont light up yellow until you get really close to it. Once you pick it up, It’s time to retrieve the Canisters.

Canister 1: The Open Lot

Head to The Open Lot and approach the bottom door of the area, you’ll hear beeping coming from the Aethermeter. The canister can be dug up in the corner under the stairs. Be sure to save a zombie during this step, as you’ll need to focus on this step. Once the crystal is dug up, a good number of nearly identical Atherium Canisters will appear around the area, as well as in the building, all giving off the same beeping you heard before. Only one of them is the real canister and the rest are mimics. Attempting to pick up the wrong canister will result in every wrong canister to turn into a mimic and attack you. You can tell easily which canister is the right one by looking at them. Every fake canister has black smoke flowing around the crystal, while the real one, does not. Picking up the right canister will cause the fake ones to disappear, and you’ll be safe to continue onto the next Canister.

 This is what an incorrect canister looks like.

Canister 2: Jungle Defense

The second canister is located in Jungle Defense I recommend holding a zombie again, as this step is a bit tricky. Head to the middle lane at the front of Jungle defense and use the Aethermeter to find the canister underground. Interacting with the canister will make it rise up, but it will also cause you to be trapped inside a dome, forcing you to engage in a holdout sequence. If you’re holding the last zombie in an essence trap, only Manglers and Hellhounds will spawn, all coming from the jungle. All you have to do is survive until the dome disappears. Once it’s over, pick up the Canister and continue onto the last one.

Canister 3: Barracks

Head over to the Barracks. On the far right side of the field hospital, there’s a door next to the stairs to the Data Center. Using the Aethermeter, dig up the last canister. Once it spawns, it’ll zip away to another part of the Barracks. Walking up to the canister and attempting to pick it up with your bare hands will result in it escaping yet again. To stop this cycle and actually obtain the canister, you’ll need to use the Rai-K 84. Switch fire modes on the Rai-K and use the grenade launcher attachment to hit the canister, as long as it’s in the area of effect, you should be okay. The orb of energy from the Rai-K’s attachment causes the canister to freeze. Allowing you to pick it up. Once you have all three it’s time to move onto the penultimate step.

Step 6: Aligning the Satellite

Now with all three aetherium canisters in tow, this is Where I recommend stopping your progress to prepare for the boss fight. Unlike Die Maschine, this is a actual boss fight, so you’ll need to be prepared. I recommend Upgrading the Rai-K to Level 3 and using your salvage to purchase a Artillery Strike, and a Self-Revive. I also recommend having one or two of your teammates changing their Field upgrade to Ring of Fire, if they don’t have that set already. The extra damage will help. If your loadout doesn’t include a Rai-K find a RPG and upgrade that as much as possible.

Once you or your group is ready, go to all three atherium generators and interact with them to insert the canisters, then head to the OPC to finally open the portal to save Maxis. The OPC will overload, causing the whole facility to lose power. Peck will call you one last time, telling you that the serum wore off while you were doing the steps, and he tricked you into blowing all the generators, making you unable to save Maxis. Once he hangs up, nobody will talk for a short amount of time. This is the game tricking you into thinking you did everything wrong, and that there’s nothing else to be done. This is incorrect, some patience will cause Weaver to think up a new plan.

The space laser powering the facility

Once weaver is finished pitching his idea, head to The Planning Offices and interact with the computer in the corner of the room. I recommend holding one last zombie with an essence trap if you’re doing this solo, as it genuinely helps with this step.

Reminder, this is The Point of No Return make sure you are ready before using the computer.

The computer will guide you on how to align the satellite needed for starting the power again, move the cursor from star to star, looking at the flags in the bottom right corner. One star should have a question mark instead of a flag. Align the satellite with that star, and step outside to see the spectacle, as a giant space laser will shoot down from the sky, powering everything, including the OPC.

An infinite wave of zombies will spawn, so your job is to book it back to The OPC. And interact with the console on the right side of the OPC’s chamber. Once you do so, you’ll be treated to a cutscene where Maxis exits the portal, and is saved.

However, your problems are not over yet, because the facility will start to fall apart, and your characters will run back to the village.

Step 7: Fighting the Orda

Once you return to the village, a car will arrive, your characters will jump in to leave, but their path is blocked by a massive monster called the Orda. It’s time to fight the boss, and escape!

The boss will shoot projectiles at you, as well as spawning hellhounds both Mimics and Manglers will spawn and attempt to chase you around the area as well. My recommendation for groups is to stay next to the car where the boss fight starts and focus on using the Ring of fire and artillery strikes to maximize damage on the boss and other enemies.

If you have Ring of Fire upgraded to tier 3 it will also block any projectiles that the Orda and the Manglers will shoot at you. The Ring of fire will also take ammo from your stock rather than your clip, so you can fire for as long as the ring of fire is active if you have the ammo.

Do not get close to the boss at all and keep your distance, as it will use it’s big club hand to smash you, and that is a instant down. With this strategy it’s almost too easy to take the boss down granted if everyone has an optimal setup. for Solo players, you can use the strategy from before to put a hefty dent in it’s health before the enemies start spawning. But you might be forced to run away if things become too hectic.

My suggestion is to head to the Pack-a-punch building and go up to the balcony where the Mimic was in the previous steps. This not only keeps you away from the Orda, but provides a good training route with enough open area to take shots at the Orda as well. Finishing off the boss will cause a cutscene to start where the characters escape, and with that, you will have competed Firebase Z!


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