5 League of Legends Supports to Help You Climb in Ranked

by in League of Legends | Jul, 26th 2018

When you play League of Legends, the role that you probably want to opt out on is support. The first thing that usually comes to my mind when I think of the word “support” is boredom. You spend the entire time doing things for other people whenever you could be doing things for yourself.

Instead of dealing damage and looking for picks, you’re stuck with an AD Carry who you have to put your trust in and you have to follow and do whatever they’re doing. This does not seem fun. Playing tanks and carries seems fun since not only are you getting kills, you feel like you’re contributing to the team.

However, no matter how boring support may seem, it’s actually one of the most important roles in the game because you’re directly responsible for helping your AD Carry become the “carry” that they need to be in order to win team fights and win the game.

But what if you don’t know anything about support? What if you were auto-filled into the role? What do you do now? Luckily for you, I have five supports that are easy to use and have the utility you’ll need in order to help you and your teammates succeed.

All five of these are useful in their own way and different in terms of what they bring to the table. But, one thing brings them all together: their potential. You don’t have to be an extremely good player to play these champions. You just need to know what you’re doing in the game and you’ll be set.


Soraka can either be your best hope or your worst enemy. It depends on whether she’s an enemy or if she’s a teammate. If she’s a teammate, she can be the difference between life and death. If she’s an enemy, you’re going to find yourself having a tough time killing anyone on the team.

Her kit is based around mainly healing champions. Her Astral Infusion (W) sacrifices a chunk of her own health in exchange for healing an allied champion an amount based off of how much ability power she has. Her Starcall (Q) is a skill shot that, if hit, slows the enemy champion and heals Soraka and slows the enemy champion. Her Equinox (E) creates a small circle that silences all enemies inside and after a period of time, roots anyone still inside.

Her ultimate, Wish (R), heals every ally on the field for an amount scaling with how much ability power she has. However, it’s 50% more effective on allies who are below 40% of their health bar, meaning that it can heal for more than its set amount.

That being said, it’s very hard to fail on Soraka. Even if your team is losing, your main job is to just heal your allies. To make it easier, the heal isn’t even a skill shot. It’s a point-and-click ability which takes less than a second to cast.

Furthermore, her Starcall and Equinox may be considered skill shots if you want to see it that way but they’re mainly used for peel and have no effect other than that. In fact, her Equinox is actually quite strong and can prevent any assassins from unloading their full burst potential on your AD Carry since it silences them for a brief period of time.

Her Starcall can also be used as a way to gap close onto a low-health enemy champion as it provides a strong slow and bonus movement speed for Soraka. These two abilities alone already make her an asset that the enemy team will struggle to deal with.

In laning phase, all she has to do is heal her ally back up after trades so that they can continue to farm and fight. If the fight goes too far in the enemy’s favor, then she can simply use Starcall or Equinox to ensure that they can’t get too close.

In team fights, as long as she stays away from the enemy assassins and carries, she can make sure that the carries on her team stay nice and healthy. However, if things get too out of hand, then she can use her ultimate, Wish, to rejuvenate the entire team and keep them in the fight for a little longer.

All in all, Soraka is a simple champion with a simple way. She just heals her teammates and keeps them alive. She’s the perfect champion to pick up for anyone who’s looking to have an easy role with little to no pressure on their shoulders.


Crowd-control is a key factor in team fights. It keeps assassins and bruisers from getting too close to the key targets of a team while also opening up opportunities for their own assassins and divers to get in and take out whoever they need to.

Leona is the perfect choice for this. She has three different stuns in her kit. Her Shield of Daybreak (Q) is an auto-attack that deals bonus magic damage as well as stunning the target. Her Zenith Blade (E) is a skill shot that stuns the first enemy hit and lets Leona dash to them, making it a gap closer as well.

However, her most powerful stun is her ultimate which is an area-of-effect beam that stuns anyone inside the circle that Leona casts. All in all, three different crowd-control abilities makes it near impossible for any diver to get in close to the AD Carry or mages.

Furthermore, at the same time, her stuns can be used as an engage. Her ultimate can be used to hold down enemies in their place so that they can look to engage while her Zenith Blade can be used as a way to gap close onto a weaker opponent.

This also makes her the perfect pick for a support that’s looking to engage on enemy champions during the early game. For example, if your jungler is looking to come down and gank you, Leona is the perfect champion to keep them in place till the jungler comes down to help.

You can Zenith Blade onto the enemy champion, use your Shield Of Daybreak to keep them in place once the first stun is down and, if they look to get away, you can use your ultimate—Solar Flare—to stun them yet again so that you, your AD Carry, and your jungler can kill them.

That being said, she is easily my favorite champion when it comes to playing someone that can have a big impact on how a team fight starts or goes without exerting too much effort and knowing too much about the role of support.


Janna is another mage that you want to learn because she provides a utility set that is similar to Soraka’s but has more potential to it. On the other hand, you need to be a little more skilled in order to fully master the kit and understand how it works.

Janna is based around poke, shielding, and disengaging. That being said, she’s perfect for indirectly controlling how a team fight goes while also being able to keep opponents off the important players in the fight.

Her Howling Gale (Q) sends out a tornado that she can charge up. Once she sends it out, it knocks up any enemy champions in the way. Imagine it being like a Yasuo tornado but it knocks players into the air longer. Her Zephyr (W) passively gives her increased movement speed and the active version of Zephyr sends out a point and click slow that deals moderate damage. However, those two abilities aren’t what make Janna such a powerful champion.

It’s the Eye of the Storm (E) that really defines who Janna is. The Eye of the Storm allows her to shield her allies based on base stats plus how much ability power she has, meaning that the shield has a wide range of magnitude.

However, that’s not the biggest piece about it. If left untouched, the shield will stay, decaying little by little for five seconds until it is fully gone. During this time, the shielded champion also gains extra attack damage based on base stats and how much ability power she has.

Her ultimate is the perfect disengage ability. Monsoon (R) shoves back all enemies within the range and heals all champions inside the zone range for three seconds. Her kit is perfect for disengaging and controlling the team fights.

If one player is underperforming and taking too much damage, Janna’s Eye of the Storm can help bolster up and deal extra damage thanks to the buffs it provides. It makes people like AD Carries and bruisers a much bigger threat than before.

If divers or assassins get too close, her Howling Gale and Monsoon can give her carries time to back up and recuperate while the crowd-control locks them down. Moreover, the ultimate Monsoon gives the team time to replenish and refresh their cooldowns if the fight gets too hectic and isn’t going their way.

She has everything Soraka has but better. Her slow is much more effective and it deals better damage. Her crowd-control is stronger and she provides more buffs than just a mere heal. Of course, this all comes at a price and that’s a higher skill set needed to play Janna.

Of course, once you learn how to play Janna correctly, you’ll be a true threat on the battlefield. Everyone will fear what you can do and sometimes, you might even be prioritized in team fights since they know that you alone can control the team fight from where you are.

But fear not. With such a loaded kit and every tool possible at your disposal, Janna is the perfect pick for anyone that’s looking to make a strong impact on the game in the role of support. She may not seem like much at first but when you get to know how Janna works, she’ll be everything you need.


If you’ve played League of Legends long enough, you’ll know how frustrating it is to get hit by one of Morgana’s binds and the insane kit that she has to lock down enemies and keep them where she wants, all while keeping her own teammates safe in the process.

It’s one of the most frustrating things in the game but if you learn how to utilize Morgana properly, you can become the threat that no one saw coming. I’ll go ahead and explain how her kit works and the ways that you can use her abilities.

What makes her unique is her Dark Binding (Q), a skill shot that roots the first enemy hit. While this may not seem like an ability that is entirely different and unique, its stats are what make it the ability that defines Morgana.

At rank one, her Dark Binding will root any enemy for two seconds. That’s right. At rank one, her Dark Binding will root you for two seconds. A crowd-control ability that lasts two seconds at rank one is already more than a threat.

It deals high damage as well. At rank one, it deals eighty base damage with ninety percent of your ability power also going in as extra damage. At maximum rank, it deals three hundred base damage and ninety percent of your ability power as extra damage while also rooting for three seconds.

Her Tormented Soil (W) lets her drop a circle on the ground dealing damage per second to anything or anyone standing on it, increasing based on the target’s missing health. Her Black Shield (E) gives any ally a shield that blocks out a certain amount of magic damage for a few seconds while also making them immune to crowd-control.

Her ultimate, Soul Shackles, ties chains to every enemy champion within a certain range. After three seconds, enemy champions still within that range are stunned for 1.5 seconds. The only way to prevent being stunned is by either killing Morgana or leaving the tether chain range.

Morgana is the only champion I know to this day that has a crowd-control ability with a two second root at rank one. This makes her a viable pick for the early game and late game. Like Leona, she has an ultimate that can stun in an area rather than just a single target.

Her damage is stronger than most supports, making her a great pick if you’re looking to output insane amounts of damage while also being a good utility champion for your teammates. You have a shield that can neutralize any magic damage and crowd-control for a set period of time while also having a root that can keep anyone from getting too close.

All in all, her kit is extremely frustrating to play against. However, if you can utilize it to your advantage and fully incorporate all the powers that she has, then you’ll be the biggest threat on the field and that’s as a support.

Morgana has some of the highest damage stats in the game, plus is a matchup against mid laners and carries without any problem. She can deal as much damage as an Orianna or Annie if given the opportunity and her utility doesn’t fall short either.

With a root and and an area of effect stun inside her kit, she can lock you down if you get too close to her or her teammates. That being said, you don’t want to mess with Morgana unless you’re the one playing her, the perfect reason as to why you should pick her up.


Taric is the champion that you play if you want to make sure that you can keep your teammates healthy while also being able to engage without having any fear of it going wrong. His kit is different from Janna’s and Soraka’s because, while it does empower the AD Carries and keeps them alive, he is mainly focused around engaging instead of sitting back.

The two parts which make up his kit are his Dazzle (E) and his ultimate, Cosmic Radiance (R). The Dazzle is a skill shot stun that sticks with Taric and after a brief delay stuns anyone within the skill shot range. His ultimate gives a brief delay and then makes everyone within a zone invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

His Bastion (W) also gives one marked ally the ability to use the abilities he uses. So, whenever Taric uses his Dazzle, the same skill shot will appear on the ally’s body, meaning that he can stun more than once. The same goes for his ultimate, Cosmic Radiance.

Bastion also gives bonus armor and shielding for the ally, meaning that the AD Carry will not only be a force to be reckoned with but also a force that is hard to kill. To top it all off, his Starlight’s Touch (Q) also grants a heal that can keep his ally alive, meaning that he has the sustain, crowd control, and abilities necessary to make sure that his team wins the team fight.

If his team need someone to engage, Taric can simply cast Bastion on a nearby tank ally and use Dazzle so that his stun has twice the chance of hitting an enemy champion. Then, to give his allies extra sustain throughout the fight, he can use his Bastion to shield allies while also healing them up.

Finally, if the team fight starts looking grim, then Taric’s Cosmic Radiance can give his team just a few more seconds to fight off anything else coming their way. Taric is the perfect pick for anyone looking to be able to engage on the enemy team without having the risk of a fight going bad.

He also has a tank-like structure, meaning that he won’t die as quickly, especially if the enemy team starts to focus him down. He’s one of my favorite supports to use whenever I’m looking for something that really changes up the battlefield and he should be one of your favorites as well.


I get it. Support can be a boring role, but with these five support champions I’ve just listed for you, things are going to get more exciting. Each of these champions brings something unique to the field while also being a big impact on the field.

At first, support may not rub off on you as an important role but as time passes by, you’ll soon learn how crucial the role is when it comes to team fighting and the early game. Luckily, no matter how new you are to the role of Support, these five champions can help get you through anything.


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