The 5 Most Important Heroes of the Storm Objectives

by in General | Nov, 21st 2018

When it comes to Heroes of the Storm (HotS), it’s not enough to know every map and hero—you also need to know which maps have the most important Heroes of the Storm objectives.

Heroes of the Storm is an objective-oriented MOBA based around the concept of having several unique maps as opposed to just one or two. This means different maps have different metas and their objectives can have a huge impact on the game. All Heroes of the Storm objectives are important, but some are more important than others.

Here’s our list of the top five most important Heroes of the Storm Objectives.

5. Infernal Shrines

While players don’t control the Punishers lumbering out of Infernal Shrines, these beasts do huge amounts of damage and are really hard to defend against. Some even have crowd control abilities.

Punishers prioritize attacking nearby heroes, making them a great teamfight tool. If you’ve won a shrine after a skirmish or a teamfight, the Punisher’s snowball advantage is massive.

Heroes with good AoE effects or splash damage are great at capturing an Infernal Shrine, especially if they also have good poke. You don’t even need to win a teamfight to get the shrine—skirmishing around it while slaying the minions guarding it is enough to nab you a Punisher.

4. Garden of Terror

This map has gone through some changes over the years but is now at a point where controlling the giant plant can win games all by itself.

While controlling the plant, big bulbs spawn around enemy structures that prevent them from firing. This even works on the enemy’s Core. When the Garden Terror dies, the Hero piloting it needs to be in a good position to escape. Even when they’re caught, the terror’s sheer pushing power will give a huge advantage.

The Terror works as a comeback tool, too. Terrors are great at evening the building differences in the mid and late game. By the late game, a Terror is simply game ending; the enemy won’t be able to counter-push before all their structures fall. The Terror is a symbol of inevitability, landing it in our number four spot as one of the most important Heroes of the Storm objectives.

3. Blackheart’s Bay

Just like Sky Temple, capturing the objective on Blackheart’s Bay will cause the map to siege enemy structures. However, unlike Sky Temple’s dinky lasers, Blackheart fires his massive cannons on enemy structures. I’d consider this one of the most important Heroes of the Storm objectives for Blackheart’s pirate voice alone!

Like other map objectives, collecting coins requires map control. The map’s two-coin camps and the five-coin chests are crucial to winning Blackheart’s favor, and you can keep track of the enemy team’s coin count using the scoreboard.

Managing the turn-in spot is critical to holding the advantage because if you can snipe a low-health hero carrying coins, you can get your team a massive swing. This is similar to how gems are capped in Tomb of the Spider Queen.

Another pro-tip: think about how much health a structure has left before rotating lanes. If a structure already has low HP, you probably don’t want to waste your cannonball on overkill.

2. Cursed Hollow

This map is perhaps one of the most feel-good objectives in the whole game, because it turns any hero (even supports) into wave-clearing, tower-pushing monsters.

Collecting three tributes afflicts the enemy team with a curse that leaves their minions at 1 HP and prevents their structures from firing. This makes Hollow’s curse possibly the biggest snowball effect in HotS.

Getting the first curse will give your team huge experience and build advantages that are hard to recover from. Moreover, it makes team fighting over the next tribute extremely difficult for the other team. Compare this to a stage like Warhead Junction, which often involves ignoring warhead capturing in favor of catching players out and preventing teams from using the warheads together.

However, even Cursed Hollow isn’t the most important Heroes of the Storm objective, all because of one unorthodox map…

1. Towers of Doom

You probably saw this coming. This is the most important HotS objective by far. You literally can’t win without capping it. Even if you sieged every single one of their buildings and got every single jungle camp, you actually cannot end the game without getting the eponymous towers.

Lanes are shorter because there isn’t a traditional base structure on either side of the map. There’s a core, but it can’t be touched—passing a certain line toward the enemy base instakills any hero. The core has a health meter that can only be damaged by capping towers or the boss. When keeps are destroyed, they respawn as hostiles under the enemy’s control.

How many points you get depends on how you keep control. Controlling every keep periodically drains points from the enemy Core. However, the bulk of core damage will always come from capped towers.

Experience gain plays a weird role on this map as well. Because of the regenerating buildings, push rotations become a little strange. It’s important to “time” overall lane health, similar to the way you would time a jungle camp.


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